We, the undersigned, urge the governor of Oklahoma, Brad Henry (D), to stop the manufacture and sale of "The Rod" by Slide's Manufacturing Company of Eufaula, Oklahoma.  The sole purpose of "The Rod" is to whip babies and children.  Sales of "The Rod" encourage child abuse, and no company should be making a profit from hurting children.

  1074 signatures

Petition started May 22, 2004 - Closed May 5, 2005

NOTE:  Clyde and Twyla Bullock, who were responsible for manufacturing, advertising, and selling "The Rod" to whip babies and children, have decided to close their whip-making business, at least for now.  This petition is closed, unless it is discovered that they have again started manufacturing, advertising, and/or selling whips or other devices to beat babies and children.

We invite you to sign our other petition against devices that are still being sold to whip babies and children, at this webpage:

Rod advertisement
The Rod
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1.  Stephen Lawrence, Arlington, MA, USA
  "It's hard to believe that the sale of the these devices is legal in this country.  This should certainly be stopped."

2.  Ramona Merlet, Orlando, FL, USA, Merlet Homeschool
3.  Susan Lawrence, Arlington, MA, USA
  "Please stop the manufacture and sale of these horrible whips.  It is absolutely appalling.  Normal-thinking individuals do not believe these whips are 'The means prescribed by God.'  I weep for the babies and children being whipped with 'The Rod' and I believe Jesus does too!'"

4.  Debbie Haskins, Denton, TX, USA
  "As long as we as a society tolerate any kind of hitting of children, for whatever reason, we will continue to have child abuse and the ensuing injuries, disorders and deaths.  Protecting children on every level can only help to produce a kinder, wiser society.   When I am old, I hope our world will be led by humans who have been nurtured and respected in their youths, not by those who have been punished, hurt and filled with anger."

5.  Jackie Holcombe, Morrisville, NC, USA, Homeschooling Mom of Special Needs Child
  "It would be nice if the manufacturer would also recall the whips previously sold."

6.  Cheryl McCoy, Round Rock, TX, USA
  "This has got to be stopped."

7.  Jennifer Riedy, Allentown, PA, USA

8.  Tanya Wynne, Rosharon, TX, USA
  "This is an instrument that if it was used on an animal it would be animal cruelty, but this is now being allowed to be used on defenseless children and it is considered a parent's right.  How sad that an animal has more rights than a child."

9.  Dr. Teresa Whitehurst, Nashville, TN, USA
  "You have a wonderful opportunity as Governor to be a friend of children and an example for parents.  We hope that you will take action immediately to halt the manufacture of child-abuse weapons."

10.  Norm Lee, Thatcher, AZ, USA, Parenting Without Punishing
  "The beating of children is a vestige of our ugly history of childrearing, one I myself suffered as a child in the Thirties.  Every stroke of that 'rod' will be paid for in the trauma suffered by the child.  Striking a child is a cowardly act, one that sentences a child to lifetime suffering.  Anyone in a position to prevent it must do so.  Please shut down the business of these misguided people.  Billions in taxes are already paying for the results, as shown in crime, violence, broken families, mental health services, and job failure."

11.  Karen Murray, Park City, UT, USA, Homeschooling Mom
12.  Sue Murdock, Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA, mother
  "I think it's sad that people believe they actually have to beat their children into submission.  I believe Jesus weeps every time "The Rod" is used..."

13.  Deirdre Chisholm Stephens, Portland, OR, USA
  "It is hard to accept that in 2004 there are parents who still believe violence is an acceptable part of raising children."

14.  Jennifer Shaw, Olympia, WA, USA, mother
  "The cycle of violence will never stop if people are advertising and selling disgusting things such as "The Rod" and the ideas that go with it."

15.  Sarah Johnson, New York, NY, USA
  "Barbaric and definitely NOT what Jesus would have used."

16.  Crinna Burt, Corvallis, OR, USA, Mother of two
  "This is not what Jesus intended for children."

17.  Keith Lubell, New York, NY, USA, Parent
  "'The Rod' helps to explain some of the bizaare pictures we are seeing out of Abu Gharaib."

18.  Kathleen Wolf, Arlington, MA, USA, RN
  "Dear Gov. Henry, I do not live in your state but this rod is being sold all over the country and is of great concern.  Articles in the magazine in which it is advertised (Home School Digest) recommend the use of a rod for very, very young children.  Here are some direct quotes, 'It is much more effective to keep several rods handy - one in every room - and be ready to administer one or two licks within seconds of the transgression.'  'Those who wait until a child is two or three to start spanking are definitely waiting too long.'  Please help to put a stop to this.  Respectfully, Kathleen Wolf."

19.  Adrianne Weremchuk, New York, NY, USA
  "I'm shocked and appalled that it is legal to sell and use this item to abuse children."

20.  Cindy Bradbury, Fort Wayne, IN, USA, Christians for Nonviolent Parenting
  "So sad."

21.  Leila Yoder, Brunswick, GA, USA
  "It is the duty of the state to protect all members of society, including children, from violence and assault.  The use of this "rod" goes far beyond acceptable discipline or "spanking"--it is assault, pure and simple."

22.  Tom Johnson, Nashville, TN, USA, Parents and Teachers Against Violence in Education (PTAVE)
  "How does aplication of "The Rod" compare to scalding hot water in terms of pain intensity?  A medical doctor's opinion would be welcome."

23.  Sarah Sheehan, Queensland, AUSTRALIA

24.  Juliet Martinez, Chicago, IL, USA
  "This is horrifying!  I am sickened at the thought."

25.  Donna Lomp, Newton, MA, USA, mother of two
  "'The Rod' is barbaric.  Child abuse is illegal.  Please stop it."

26.  Debra Baker, Downington, PA, USA
  "As a Christian and mother of eight children and a grandmother I beg you to do what you can to end the making and marketing of a weapon whose sole purpose is to beat young children.  We are better than this."

27.  Nadine Block, Columbus, OH, USA, Center for Effective Discipline
  "Hitting small children with plastic whips is not only morally abhorrent, it is dangerous to their physical safety.  It's time to get rid of them and to spend the time and effort helping parents with effective, non-violent means of raising children to be caring, responsible, and productive adults."

28.  Thomas E. Sagendorf, Hamilton, IN, USA, Pastor
  "Selling the Rod for adults to whip children is no different, and no less harmful, than selling drugs to children."

29.  Wade K. Meyer, Columbus, OH, USA, President, Orakem, Inc.
  "With so many organizations, including the American Academy of Pediatrics, opposed to corporal punishment, what will it take to educate people?  But, of course, Jesus came 2000 years ago and showed us the way, and look how we still treat each other in this world."

30.  Shannon Rizzo, Belmont, CA, USA
  "The people who manufacture - and purchase these - should be prosecuted for child abuse.  There is no justification for this product being in existence."

31.  Adele Carson, Glendale, CA, USA

32.  Linda Rosa, Loveland, CO, USA, RN

33.  Andrea Bird, Waltham, MA, USA
  "This represents child abuse, pure and simple.  No company should make a profit on children's pain."

34.  Lindsey M. Ondrey Gruen, Dayton, OH, USA, Wright Patterson AFB
  "I am appalled that this company would provide this product as a "Christian" method of discipline.  It is pure and simple child abuse hiding behind misuse of Scripture.  Hitting a child of any age is horrendous and child abuse.  If an adult were to hit another adult with such an object, they would be arrested immediately.  Why is it that parents are being allowed to hit their children with such things and have no repercussions?  This company has no morals and should stop production of such an object immediately."

35.  Rosslyn Kooser, Baltimore, MD, USA, School psychologist
  "Using any kind of whip, "rod", or other implement to physically punish children in any way should be illegal in our civilized country."

36.  Lisa Wilson, Lee's Summit, MO, USA

37.  Brenda Eells, Lake Arrowhead, CA, USA
  "I think the horror that is "The Rod" speaks for itself.  Please do everything in your power to see that a product made specifically to hit infants and children is removed from the market."

38.  Jake Terpstra, Grand Rapids, MI, USA
  "If a child hits a child we call it aggression.  If a child hits an adult we call it hostility.  If an adult hits an adult we call it a crime.  If an adult hits a child we call it discipline.  The word 'discipline' means 'to teach' and has the same root as 'disciple.'  Can you imagine Jesus hitting children?"

39.  LaVonne Carlson, Ph.D./University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, USA
  "Disgusting!  A country that promotes family values and nonviolence will not censor organizations that sell instruments of torture of little children."

40.  Jesse Wilson, Palo Alto, CA, USA, Senior Executive Management Administrator
  "'Spare the rod, and spare the child,' please.  The beatings within my family have only split the family apart over the years.  Treat others as you would have them treat you."

41.  MaryBeth West, Modesto, CA, USA, educator
  "I'm saddened and amazed that this is acceptable to so many people.  Please shut down this company."

42.  James C. Talbot, Granada Hills, CA, USA, Child Advocate
  "The majority of chld abuse cases involving physical injury to children occur duing acts of physical punishment...ESPECIALLY when weapons are implemented to strike children.  (By legal definition, any object becomes a weapon when used to strike another.)"

43.  Rachel Johnson, Kansas City, MO, USA, Author
  "There are no words to describe the horror and sickness I feel about 'The Rod.'  There is no call EVER to whip a baby."

44.  Al Crowell, San Francisco, CA, USA, Christians for Nonviolent Parenting
  "If this isn't illegal it should be.  California law makes it illegal to hit a child with anything but the open hand.  Even spanking is so old fashioned and dangerous.  Any state or country that allows this form of child torture and calling it loving is completely going in the wrong direction.  We have so many more effective and respectful ways of setting limits for children."

45.  Doyle Weaver, Dallas, TX, USA, Citizens Against Corporal Punishment
  "I still believe there may be a law against this sick, sadistic, money making, evil market of hurting childrens' body and spirit in order to cross the palms of the abusive peddlers with cash.  If no law is on the books, we need to file in court on the grounds of child abuse and the promotion of child pornography.  It is almost like these whipping freaks are standing on the church house steps saying, 'Give me money for this tool to put stripes and bruises on the butts, back and legs of your children and tell them that the pain or agony they feel is "love."'  Sick, sick.  Maybe the real God will chase them away as Jesus did when he found salesmen and peddlers using the church for their deeds.  One thing I know for sure and that is that I would not want to be in their shoes when they stand before God on Judgement Day.  They need to fall on their knees and repent before it is too late."

46.  Lorena Bowen, Dallas, TX, USA
  "We should report anyone we know who has used this rod to the Child Protective Services.  Why would any normal human being pay money for something to hit a child with?  They must already be in an abusive state of mind when they order it.  We must convince Child Protective Services that the very act of paying money for something to hit a child with is enough to warrant an investigation.  If CPS refuses to investigate, we must hold them responsible when children are injured with this weapon."

47.  Heather A. Rodriguez, Seattle, WA, USA
  "1) The very idea of selling child abuse in a "cute little package" is disgusting to me.  2) Saying it is the way of God is only adding insult to injury.  Spare the rod in the real context of the bible is not talking about something to beat your children with!!!  It is a reference to guidance (often illustrated by the Shepherd's Crook) which is used for herding and guiding sheep or nudging them in the right direction.  NOT BEATING THEM!!!!  3) Parents are their childrens' first role models; hitting teaches hitting; children can't think like adults therefore can't understand the difference.

48.  Sharon McDonald, Hueytown, AL, USA
  "I am honestly speechless that such an item is available."
49.  Robert McDonald, Hueytown, AL, USA

50.  Nancy vonBargen, Norman, OK, USA

51.  Jan Hunt, Sunriver, OR, USA, Natural Child Project
  "All children behave as well as they are treated, and deserve to learn compassion by example."

52.  Sophia Sayigh, Arlington, MA, USA

53.  Madeleine Y. Gomez, Ph.D., Evanston, IL, USA, President, PsycHealth, Ltd.
  " Used against an adult, this would qualify as a deadly weapon - children deserve the same rights to protection from violence as are afforded the rest of us."

54.  Janet OBrien, Evanston, IL, USA, Administrator, PsycHealth, Ltd.
  "This is not what Jesus would want!"

55.  Claudette T. Silas, Maple Grove, MN, USA
  "This kind of treatment is outrageous!"

56.  Robin Bruscato, Chicago, IL, USA, New Bridge International Learning Center
  "Shocking!  Please find my support to ban this instrument of torture of children."

57.  Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD, Phoenix, AZ, USA, Executive Director
  "Thank you for having the courage to speak against this deplorable product.  It is a known fact that hitting a child causes damage to mind, body and spirit."

58.  Kristi Hanson, Elgin, IL, USA

59.  Pat LaCocque, Milwaukee, WI, USA, Greenfield School
  "This is barbaric.  We must teach peaceful, non-violent resolution of problems.  The "ROD" encourages a barbaric way of dealing with children's behavior."

60.  Francine Mojica, Evanston, IL, USA

61.  Susan Wendelborg, Evanston, IL, USA, Case Manager, PsycHealth Ltd.
"Please take the only appropriate action and ban this product."

62.  Ernest Zambrano, Evanston, IL, USA, Comptroller/PsycHealth, Ltd.
  "It is very disturbing that in our society there are people who believe that violently hitting a child is acceptable.  Please stop the manufacture of 'The Rod.'"

63.  Israel Centron, Evanston, IL, USA, PsycHealth, Ltd.

64.  Shivan Mehta, Evanston, IL, USA, Provider Relations, PsycHealth, Ltd.

65.  Seth Ebeling, Fort Eustis, VA, USA, US Army
  "The rod is sick, stop hurting children and start loving them!"

66.  Daniel M. Potter, MS, Chicago, IL, USA, President, Potter Center for Development
  "This is absolutely outrageous."

67.  Jennifer Simmons, Springville, UT, USA
  "What a sick and disgusting tool of abuse.  Used against adults, the user would be prosecuted.  Jesus would never NEVER hit a child (or an adult, for that matter).

68.  Katie M. Jones, Chicago, IL, USA, Coldwell Banker Residential
  "I cannot believe such an item is being produced in this day and age."

69.  Dr. Charles L. Kyle, Chicago, IL, USA, Principal, H.B. Stowe Fine and Performing Academy
  "I strongly oppose any form of corporal punishment or violence against children."

70.  Ren Allen, Pensacola, FL, USA, LIFE unschooling support group
  "No matter what your religious or spiritual beliefs, it ought to be appalling to all of us that children are treated as lesser beings.  Hitting of any kind needs to END today!"

71.  Melanie Walenciak, Tulsa, OK, USA
  "That someone has actually figured a way to profit from the beating of a child.... well, it just breaks my heart.  We cannot let this continue.  This is not the way the biblical rod was used!"

72.  Doris N. Ayala, LFI, Chicago, IL, USA
  "It would be wise for people to begin to consider the effects of child abuse on our children.  Using the rod is definitely a form of child abuse."

73.  Milva DcDonald, Medford, MA, USA

74.  Christina Croft, Clearwater, FL, USA, Youth Director
  "Is this thing for real?  I just can't imagine the abusive parent that would use such a horrible thing."

75.  Carol Visser, Martin, MI, USA, Resource Families of Michigan
  "I have fostered children for 21 years without having to resort to corporal punishment.  Psalm 23 states "thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me" - referring to being led and guided by God's rod and staff - not beaten by them."

76.  Lisa-Marie Parsons, USA

77.  Jordan Riak, Alamo, CA, USA, Executive Director, Parents and Teachers Against Violence in Education
  "I see no difference whatsoever between those who produce, promote and distribute instruments of child torture and those who produce, promote and distribute child pornography."

78.  Christie Smith, Garner, NC, USA
  "No child, or even DOG for that matter, should be subjected to this kind of treatment!"

79.  Cheryl Shoults, Arden, NC, USA
  "'Training' is for dogs.  Actually, dogs get better treatment in this country than many children.  It is time for us to treat human children with dignity and respect.  Please obtain a list of everyone who has bought this implement of torture and have them investigated for child abuse.  Then arrest the manufacturers for aiding and abetting the crimes."

80.  Steve Coe, Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA
  "This is despicable.  If you hit an adult with such a weapon (which is what this is) you would be charged with assault.  Anyone using this device on a child must be psychologically damaged."

81.  Laurie A. Couture, M.Ed., Exeter, NH, USA,
  "Corporal punishment is barbaric, draconian and the antithesis to Jesus' teachings of love and non-violence.  Anyone who calls themselves non-violent, yet assaults chilren under the guise of 'discipline' is a hypocrite."

82.  Don Fisher, Carson, WA, USA

83.  Ann Lahrson Fisher, Carson, WA, USA
  "All children deserve loving guidance and patient direction, not whippings."

84.  Kay Brick, Redmond, WA, USA, Concerned Parent
  "If we want society to become less violent, we must start with our youngest members."

85.  Donna Skiba, RN, Westchester, IL, USA
  "Jesus teaches love not torture.  We must stop violence in our homes first then peace in the world will follow."

86.  James Berkery, Berkeley Heights, NJ, USA, CIO
  "I thought this product was a joke.  There are plenty of sick people in the world many of which, if not 'all' were abused.  Brad Henry - if your state allows such a device to be sold you are as culpable as the manufacturer, distributer and advertisers that are selling such an idiotic device."

87.  Maria Simmons, Plantation, FL, USA

88.  Pamela Miller, Frederick, MD, USA, Parent devoted to non-violence
  "To date, no evidence has been discovered that suggests children benefit from corporal punishment.  Mountains of evidence exists, however, indicating that corporal punishment hurts children and all of society.  Many people don't believe the research.  Why?  People used to believe the earth was flat and cigarettes weren't harmful too.  Research is our best tool so believe it."

89.  Margaret Goldstein, Jacksonville, FL, USA
  "'The Rod' has nothing to do with sensible child rearing.  It is an instrument of cruelty and must be banned.  Any parent using 'The Rod' should be arrested on the spot, and I don't care if they have 'Reverend' preceding their name."

90.  Karla Smith, M.A., Alamo, CA, USA, Educational therapist
  "It's a shame that this petition is even necessary.  Shame on those who made it so."

91.  Mary L. Burke, RN, BSN, LBSW, Lisbon, IA, USA
  "Allowing this company to continue to produce and market these archaic torture devices is comopletely untenable.  Frightening as it is that there is enough of a market for them to even begin to stay in business, it is even more frightening that it is sanctioned by law.  Would we tolerate it if it were advertised in order to train our dogs?  Our wives?  NONSENSE."

92.  Jim Sutton, Hemlock, NY, USA, On The Road Youth Ministry

93. & 94.  Angel Lee and Glen Lee, AK, USA
  "Jesus wouldn't hit a child; why would anyone else?"

95.  Santash Kulkarni, WE, Pune, Maharashtra, INDIA
  "Immediate steps are needed to stop such manufacturing companies who promote child abuse.  I am surprised how Govt. is silent on this.  I suggest that people should gather and arrange a Rally to the Slide's works/governor's office to make an appeal to the owner/governor to stop this manufacturing immediately."

96.  Alicia Gauthier, Saint Clair, MI, USA
  "Anyone who allows this product to be sold, used, or even legal--they may as well be abusing children themselves.  It's time to put a stop to this!"

97.  Anthony Neal Schneider, Sr., Universal City, TX, USA, Father of 2 of God's Miracles in the Circle of Life

98.  Hal Albert Smith, Danville, PA, USA, BS Economics Bloomsburg University
  "Please do not allow hitting babies with vicious objects."

99.  Robin Grille, Sydney, NSW, AUSTRALIA, Psychologist
  "I am totally disgusted.  How dare these people sell this instrument of torture.  They are making money from child abuse."

100. Alice Sheehan, Boca Raton, FL, USA, Mom
  "I think it's deplorable.  Children are our future.  What right does anyone have to strike another person's child?  My son was hit by his music teacher and I'm still trying to get justice for him.  That teacher still works at the school and now my kids have to go to a new school.  It's not right for anyone to hit our kids."

101. Herve Colas, Evreux, FRANCE, regular reader
  "Disgusting, cruel, sadistical, stupid, IQ = 0...  This is what this weapon makes me think about the ones who sell it and the ones who use it."

102. Magen Smalley, St. Clair, MI, USA
  "Child abuse is wrong!"

103. Brent Turville, Port Stanley, Ontario, CANADA
  "A ROD TO BEAT CHILDREN!!  When did child abuse become legal??  If you beat a cat or dog with this THING you would go to JAIL.  Also, you can't beat inmates in a jail with this horrible whip!!   GIVE....ME....A.....BREAK!"

104. Lynne H. Schultz, Gainesville, FL, USA, Earthward (
  "If you have to use a weapon, it's no longer "spanking" as most people understand the term.  The Rod IS a weapon made specifically for beating children in order to cause physical pain.  Unfortunately, the children who would be most harmed by this product do not have the power to complain, and abusive parents almost never report their own abuse."

105. Robert Dentan, Buffalo, NY, USA, Professor, State University of NY
  "I've spent my life studying the behavior this sort of 'discipline' produces.  You get very timid and/or very violent adults, prone to authoritarian and antidemocratic politics--and often to child and spousal abuse.  The last tendency comes because, whatever you say to the kids, they all learn that it's Do we want to teach it's OK for a large person who believes in his/her own righteousness to hurt a small one, badly?  That's a bad lesson for citizens, and is a legitimate matter for the state to concern itself with.  For which there are many more effective alternatives."

106. Laura Sheppard, San Diego, CA, USA
107. Casimiro Gauthier, Clermont, France
  "I know what many american people think of France, but still, in my country, this 'Rod' would be a national scandal and most likely prohibited.  And I don't think our kids are less well-balanced.  There's a huge difference between education and child abuse.  'The Rod' belongs to the second category."

108.  Alex Cooke, Davis, CA, USA
  "I find it hugely offensive to my Christian faith that 'The Rod' is being sold with reference to the Bible."

109. Roy Jacobs, Swatara Tw., Steelton, PA, USA
  "Dear Governor Henry,
Word of your progressive ways have reached far around the country, even here in Pennsylvania.  I realize that in a society of free enterprise, the role of government is llimited.  However there are times when government should take a stand, especially when it involves the welfare of children.  Using 'rods' on children is abuse, and government must fight abuse.  Our nation became upset over the mistreating of prisonersin Iraq, who are our enemies.  So I can't imagine the American people accepting 'rods' for children's behinds.  Please do what you can to stop this craziness.  As a Christian, I am apalled at the way the Bible is being used to promote child abuse."

110. James W. Prescott, Ph.D., Lansing, NY, USA, Institute of Humanistic Science

111. Lorrie L. Shenenberger, Leola, PA, USA, Lancaster County Unschoolers
  "This is sickening and it must be stopped!!"

112. Crystal Blackwell, Covington, GA, USA
  "This is horrible!  We should take up child abuse charges against the schools that use this and the parents that condone it!"

113. Sean Blackwell, Conyers, GA, USA
  "This should be considered promotion of child abuse.  'Spare the rod, spoil the child', much like many passages of the Bible, is METAPHOR.  It means that a child without discipline will not grow to accept responsibility, not to actually use a rod for discipline."

114. R. Morrow, Pocatello, ID, USA
  "I looked this up on before coming to this site -- I can't believe that someone would manufacture, advertise and sell such a thing.  This is absolutely disgusting."

115. Amanda Gauthier-Parker, Bakersfield, CA, USA
  "It breaks my heart that there are parents who believe the God of Love wants them to physically hurt their children.  Whatever their religious intentions, this is still child abuse."

116. Fran Morris, Oklahoma City, OK, USA, Oklahomans Opposed to Corporal Punishment
  "What an embarrassment to Oklahoma to be seen around the world as a place that supports such disgraceful behavior toward children."

117. Katrina Flaws, Murphy, NC, USA, mother of two
  "This is an absurd attempt at selfish parenting - this really makes me sick to my stomach to think about - some people shouldn't be blessed with children."

118. & 119. Kelly and David Pollard, GA, USA

120. Chris Henden, Luton, Beds, ENGLAND, Psychotherapist
  "Hard to be brief on this one, but one thought is to ask how much love and respect would an adult feel if a child were to attach them with 'The Rod.'  Also it seems bizarre that anybody could believe that violating another being could be a good thing.  I would love to engage with anybody who has this viewpoint.  But the reality is that this is something that is re-enacted down generations without due thought and reflection."

121. Elizabeth Baer, Baltimore, MD, USA, homeschooling mom
  "This ad is the reason I won't subscribe to Home School Digest."

122. Madeline Rains, Mansfield, GA, USA
  "I find it horrifying that one can hit a child and expect their child not to be violent themselves; not to mention using a torture device on a child!"

123. Samantha Paquette, St. Clair, MI, USA

124. Lisa Olschewske, Cartersville, GA, USA
  "HMM the shepherds used the 'rod' to guide their sheep....not beat them with it.  They loved their sheep.  As we LOVE our children."

125. Laura Smith, Arlington, MA, USA, parent and psychotherapist
  "I belive God wants us to use our intellect and our love for our children to find more creative and effective ways of setting limits with our children than methods which inspire anger and set a poor example of how to manage disagreements."

126. Helen Megennis, Amawalk, NY, USA

127. Randy Cox, LCSW, Little Rock, AR, USA, Director

128. Doug Brown, Arlington, VA, USA
  "As a Child Protective Services' professional I see the physical and emotional injuries inflicted on children by use of such weapons.  As a Christian I cringe at the thought of this being advertised as consistent with God's will for our children.  Thank you for your vocal disapproval of this, and may I hope the local United Methodist Chruch, which has recently recommended the refrainment of corporal punishment, gets involved in this cause."

129. Kay Russell Lauffer, Hendersonville, NC, USA
  "This brings tears to my eyes as a grandmother of 6 beautiful babies."

130. Ronald Goldman, Brookline, MA, USA

131. Chuck Culbane, Buffalo, NY, USA, Western New York Peace Center
  "Fear and punishment are not instruments of instruction, but of destruction, destruction of trust and communication.  Anna Freud said the roots of aggression can be found in violations of trust.  To beat children may produce obedience in the short term, but at the cost of love and care in the long term.  Children often adopt their parents' actions and philosophies.  Teach the little ones patience and kindness, not harshness bordering on brutality.  We should have learned that lesson by now."

132. J. Valentino, Ft. Hood, TX, USA
  "I think the rod is an appalling and horrible thing to use on a child and then to use God's will as a justifiable reason to use it!"

133. Michelle Eurgatis, Melbourne, FL, USA

134. Jennifer Malicher, New Providence, NJ, USA

135. Nicholas Tornaritis, Groton, MA, USA

136. Jeff Idelson, Walnut Creek, CA, USA, Psychotherapist/College Instructor
  "'Christians' and other advocates of biblical references to 'disciplining' children conveniently ignore other biblical commands, such as killing disrespectful children, selling daughters, owning slaves, and so forth.  Dysfunction is dysfunction, no matter how it is accessorized or referenced biblically."

137. Sondra McCoy, Covington, GA, USA
  "This has the potential to injure children of all ages."

138. Tanya James, Summerville, SC, USA, Mother

139. Nancy Collins, Arlington, MA, USA

140. Christina Garner, Atlanta, GA, USA
  "This is disgusting!!!"

141. Lillian Jones, Sebastopol, CA, USA
  "I cannot even manage to reduce my feelings on this matter into mere words - it's self evident that such a device should not be legal."

142. Susan J. Lee, Psy.D., Arlington, MA, USA, Clinical psychologist
  "Child abuse damages the spirit of children even more than their bodies and can require a lifetime of work to heal.  If we can prevent the damage, we will build a healthier world."

143. Dr. Carolyn Newberger, Boston, MA, USA, Children's Hospital
  "There is now ample evidence that hitting children teaches them the lesson that hitting others is acceptable, with the consequence that children that receive corporal punishment are more likely to be violent against others.  Please don't enable the use of an instrument that is used for hitting children.  Thank you, Dr. Carolyn Newberger"

144. Shannon Barney, Tulsa, OK, USA

145. Jami Mclean, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
  "What a disgusting concept.  :(   "

146. Kathryn Elder, Oxford, GA, USA, Teacher

147. Cheryl O'Connor, Bedford, MA, USA
  "Children are meant to be molded, not scolded... and certainly not ever hit with anything."

148. Jennifer Walenciak Stryker, Roseville, MI, USA
  "Thanks horrible.  I can't believe they got that licensed to market that.  I was abused when I was a kid, and I thought my Dad's leather belt was sufficient enough.  Sincerely, Jennifer W. Stryker  Keep the Peace going!"

149. Ron Houston, Amherst, NY, USA
  "Please stop promoting violence on our innocent ones."

150. Jason P. Waite, Carthage, IL, USA
  "How would they (the child abusers that made these weapons) feel if someone twice their size beat them with 'The Rod'.  PLEASE, stop the madness!  Ban the damed things!"

151. James Whitlock, Buffalo, NY, USA
  "When parents set examples with 'The Rod,' why are we so surprised about the barbarities practiced by our troops in the middle east?"

152. Susan Keller, Baldwinsville, NY, USA
  "This device would be cruel for animal use, let alone to indulge lazy human parents!  This product exemplifies a sad trend of parents reneging on their responsibility to embrace the blessing of children from God.  Common sense and compassion should outweigh convenience.  Parenting is not convenient, and children are NOT wild animals or automatons, and should not be treated as such.  If we want a kinder, gentler country, we need to start by exemplifying such behavior with our children, our future leaders and decision makers."

153. Janet Rosenbury, Sioux City, IA, USA, Volunteer
  "Let's stop 'The Rod' as quickly as possible.  It is hard to believe that it is being manufactured."

154. Gene Hill, Sioux City, IA, USA, Parent
  "I just finished the Sioux City Police Department's Citizens' Academy.  We saw graphic pictures of children who were victims of beatings.  It's bad enough that adults have to abuse children physically, but to think that there are weapons for sale to aid and abet them is appalling.  Please, Governor, do what you can to halt the sale of these weapons of child destruction."

155. Doug Swan, Bronson, IA, USA, Treasurer, CHILD Inc.
  "As governor talk to this man and urge him to stop.  Honestly he even wants a soft cushion for the adult's hand while brutalizing the child!  Couldn't this weapon leave easily detected welts and bruises on the child?  Jesus taught (disciplined) by word and example.  Plead this company to stop."

156. Rachel Keck, Muskogee, OK, USA
  "I cannot imagine Jesus, who spoke very highly of children, approving of such a cruel device for torture.  He has already taken the corporal punishment for everyone's sins (including children).  People who approve of something like this makes it easy for me to see why there is so much violence in the world!"

157. Patrick Farenga, Medford, MA, USA, President Holt Associates Inc.

158. Rachel Hyde, Arlington, MA, USA
  "How can anyone possibly imagine that beating a child could remotely be considered 'parenting in Jesus' footsteps'??!  What an insult to Jesus, that gentle lover of children!"

159. Faith Ferguson, Lexington, MA, USA
  "This is horrible.  It's grotesque.  What kind of person would use an instrument on a child?  Please make them illegal."

160. Brent Ramalli, Acton, MA, USA

161. Tonya, Long Beach, CA, USA
   "Disgusting and absurd.  How sick can people get."

162. Teresa Kander, Fairborn, OH, USA
   "Please stop the manufacture and sales of an item which encourages child abuse.  Thank you!"

163. Rosemary Squires, Melrose, MA, USA
  "It is obvious that these people are misguided and on some kind of control trip.  Luckily for me, I do not have a difficult child, but perhaps that is because I understand that violence just teaches, and leads to, more violence."

164. Therese J. Sundberg, Gothenburg, SWEDEN
  "'See that you do not look down on one of these little ones.  For I tell you that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father in heaven.'"

165. Lisa, Swainsboro, GA, USA
  "My husband and I are Christians and do believe the scriptures teach us to guide our children with a 'rod' but not this kind of rod!  A shepherd leads his sheep and protects them from danger and this is what the rod is for.  It is not used to abuse and bruise their little bodies.  I know first hand about this so called 'rod' because my husband bought one many years ago.  When it arrived I was horrified by it and I told my husband it would not be used on our children.  I got rid of it and I pray everyone who ever bought one will do the same."

166. Maritha Jingnert, Gothenburg, SWEDEN
  "Violence breeds violence."

167. Katherine Shorey Herold, Arlington, MA, USA
168. Nicholas Herold, Arlington, MA, USA

169. Sune Sundberg, Gothenburg, SWEDEN
  "Love has nothing to do with fear!"

170. Tiffany Brown, Newfield, NY, USA, Mother
  "To reduce all my thoughts & feelings about this weapon to a mere few words is impossible....  Horribly horrifying is about all it comes down to.  Child maltreatment is illegal & beating a child is maltreatment!"

171. Robert E. Fathman, Ph.D., Dublin, OH, USA, President, National Coalition to Abolish Corporal Punishment in Schools
  "The purpose of this weapon is nothing other than to hurt children.  It 'works' by causing deliberate pain.  There is simply no other purpose to which this is put, and the manufacturer would agree with this statement.  I urge you to do all in your power to make your state unwelcoming to such a sleazy business."

172. Yvonne Parma, MEd, LMHC, Medford, MA, USA
  "My 30 years experience as a psychotherapist has shown over and over again, that hitting children results in emotional pain that seriously compromises the mental health of these abuse victims."

173. Rita Swan, Sioux City, IA, USA, President, Children's Healthcare Is a Legal Duty
  "How barbaric!"

174. Elizabeth Abbott, Norfolk, VA, USA
  "Heinous instrument.  We need more love, patience, and understanding - not violence."

175. Regina Till, St. Louis, MO, USA
  "The fact that there are buyers of these instruments is horrifying enough, but to live in a 'civilized' society where such instruments are sold legally, for the purposes stated in the advertisement, equates the stage of childhool as inferior even to that of animals.  The fourteenth amendment of our constitution put an end to slavery among adult citizens of the U.S.  It is clear that those rights need to be extended to children.  Until then, such instruments of subjugation should never be made available or encouraged in any way.  Stop the advertisements, sale and manufacture of The Rod."

176. Kandy Johnson, Pflugerville, TX, USA, Homeschool Mom
  "We have to stop the production and sale of this horrible invention!  This is purely for the sick satisfaction of child abusers!"

177. Malin, Gothemburg, SWEDEN

178. Kenneth Jansson, Alingsas, SWEDEN
  "Totally fu**ed up...."

179. Kari Williams, Frankfort, KY, USA, homeschooling mom

180. Tim McLarnan, Richmond, IN, USA
  "Surely further comment is unnecessary."

181. Abigail Green, Cambridge, MA, USA, Stand For Children
   "This is absolutely disgusting.  The idea that children aren't *legally* safe in their own homes is terrifying.  Something must be done."

182. Stephanie Babcock, White Hall, MD, USA
  "This device is horrid, and can definitely cause severe injuries in the hands of someone who misguidedly believes they are doing as 'God' prescribes.  Additionally, I believe the Greek meaning of the word discipline, as used in the bible, means 'to train,' and the rod was a device used to GUIDE sheep not beat them.  I believe many Judeo/Christian religious followers who use the bible as their main source of religious information misinterpret such verses to asume God wants them to beat or even spank their children.  I don't think any 'God' would ever advocate such physical means.  It's an insult to 'God' to assume that his most wondrous creation (people) need such dense and insensitive directing.  That's man using man's limited mind to attempt to understand 'God,' by treating him (God) as if he has the physical and mental limitations of those of us here on this physical plane."

183. Ed Baird, Farmington, PA, USA
  "This is completely outrageous!"

184. Desiree McMurry, Franklin, MO, USA
  "I wonder if the individuals using this against kids would want to be hit with it?  My guess would be a definite 'No'."

185. Mary McCarthy, Yacolt, WA, USA, Mom
  "Been trying to get this one put out of business ever since I saw the first ad several years ago.  Really makes your state look bad, as an advocate of whipping infants and children is permitted to operate without anyone stepping forward and putting a stop to it.  Or is whipping infants and children acceptable in OK?"

186. Chrissie Johnson, Chickasha, OK, USA, homeschooler
  "I do not condone spanking.  There are other ways to deal with children."

187. Meleasa Carley, Oklahoma City, OK, USA
  "The Bible is very clear that the 'rod of discipline' should be used on our children however discipline means training, teaching, guiding, correcting - not punishment and certainly not hitting a child with something as barbaric as this thing.  Governor, please listen to us and get this rod off the market and quick!"

188. Nadine Tilbury, Lafayette, LA, USA
  "Hitting children with an implement is a dangerous practice.  These implements are designed specifically for inflicting pain on small children.  The mere fact that this product exists endorses child abuse.  Children should be disciplined with love and gentleness, not with bodily harm."

189. Edwin H. Peart, Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA, Concerned Christian
  "Jesus Christ never told us to use corporal punishment on children.  Let's start following him instead of the advice of King Solomon.  The Jews don't go running to the Old Testament to justify hitting their children and neither should Christians."

190. Dianne Nickson, St. Thomas, Ontario, CANADA
  "This is a weapon, and using this is assault on the individual.  If you used this on an adult you would go to jail...why is it not assault when you use it on a child?  Don't fool yourselves it is assault.  It is criminal."

191. Jennifer Hall, Roseville, CA, USA

192. Donna Lamerson, Stone Ridge, NY, USA

193. Robin Saunders, VA, USA

194. Shawn Stewart-Maddox, Tulsa, OK, USA, Home educator

195. Cheryl Wheeler, Tulsa, OK, USA

196. Kris Schueren, Tulsa, OK, USA

197. AnnMarie Gillilan, Burlington, VT, USA, Homeschooling mom
  "I'm sick to my stomach after viewing the picture of the hand holding the rod let alone the thought of someone using it to abuse a child.  Please stop this."

198. Deanne Rosselli, Stuart, FL, USA, Homeschooling mother
  "Child abuse is illegal, and so sale of instruments to implement it should be illegal as well."

199. Shay Seaborne, VA, USA
  "Child abuse, pure and simple."

200. Jane Stafford, Ashburn, VA, USA, Homeschooling Mother
  "Being a parent isn't easy.  Life changes drastically once you hold your first baby in your arms.  And from then on you take one step at a time, learning (often through mistake) with each 'stage' how to raise your child to be a responsible, caring, etc. person.  A person you enjoy having around, when you grow older.  This ROD is a heartbreaking weapon, which adds nothing to the growth of a child.  On the contrary, it teaches that it is alright to hurt a weaker being.  Dear Governor, please break the cycle of violence and make this form of abvious child abuse illegal.  You will contribute greatly to the future of this wonderful country."

201. Prudence Mathews, Front Royal, VA, USA
  "The inventor of the 'rod' should be beaten to the pulp with it."

202. Jessica C. Martin, Norfolk, VA, USA
  "This is an incredibly brutal, abusive instrument.  Children who are abused grow up to be abusive to others.  Please stop the manufacture of this product!"

203. Amy Wilson, VA, USA
  "This is a product which, when used as intended by its manufacturer, causes physical injury and psychological damage.  Its manufacturers advocate physical assault on minors.  From a legal standpoint along, this cannot be allowed to continue -- someone with legal standing needs to sue and shut them down.  Seems like an appropriate task for a state attorney general.  But in the meantime, children and their families suffer.  Do it NOW!"

204. Karen S. McCoy, Tulsa, OK, USA, R.N. - The Children's Hospital at St. Francis
  "I am absolutely APPALLED that greed-driven individuals can market and profit from beating children, in the name of GOD no less!  What a blight on the State of Oklahoma.  Rest assured, those of us who TRULY love children will call just as much attention to this as we possibly can until the marketing of this device goes down the sewer where it belongs."

205. Brandy Bergentsock, Newport News, VA, USA
  "This is disgusting.  Unless you would like to be punished with this thing, then don't punish a child with with it.  If another adult hit me with 'the rod', it would be assault, and it's not different if you hit a child!!  Stop the sale of this abusive item."

206. Mary C. Spinks, Woodbridge, VA, USA, BS, Homeschooler
  "Horrible, pitiful, ridiculous, and embarrassing.  It's hard to believe that there are parents, my contemporaries, so ignorant as to purchase and use the 'rod'."

207. Barbara Jermstad, Hampton, VA, USA
  "Shepherds in the Bible used a rod to gently guide their animals (sheep).  NOT BEAT THEM!"

208. Pat Leduc, Warwick, RI, USA, christian unschooling parent
  "To advocate child abuse in a magazine and then try to put the reasoning for it on God, is completely unacceptable and disgusting.  Please stop the sale of this."

209. Maryanne Sango Shanley, Clarks Summit, PA, USA
  "Those ads are absolutely sickening.  Words fail me."

210. Jolynne G. Bockman, Fairmont, MN, USA
  "This is absolutely sick.  Stop these monsters from marketing such a device."

211. Heidi A. Sanders, USA
  "Unbelievable!  I am at a loss for words that such a thing even exists!"

212. Brenda Johnson, Rapid City, SD, USA
213. Maureen Keith, Dayville, CT, USA
  "I'm just shaking my head..."

214. Tina Clark, RN, Valdosta, GA, USA
  "Discipline means 'to teach'.  Children are God's gift to us to look over and protect not to hit.  We are here to teach and nurture our children not to TRAIN them!"

215. Kelly Wright, Greenwood, IN, USA, Southside Secular Homeschoolers
  "The ad's implication that a rod is somehow better than a spoon or belt is ridiculous!  They are all instruments of abuse used to humiliate and hurt children that can't protect themselves."

216. Kathleen A. Bruner, Whiteland, IN, USA, Christian mother/grandma
  "Using an instrument of punishment on a child is blatant child abuse and is NOT scriptural.  The 'rod' of the Christian Bible is symbolic of God's discipline (which means to disciple or teach)."

217. Naomi Carder, Oxford, NC, USA
  "As a child that grew up in fear of 'spanking' from my mother and her 'board of education', I am appalled that an item like this is for sale.  I don't care what you hit a child with...the child still knows they are being hit by their parent and the parent has taught the child that hitting someone smaller than you is the correct way of resolving an issue (i.e.: how to get your way).  Please stop the sale of this abusive product.  Thank you."

218. Mary Quantrall, Greenwood, IN, USA, Empowerment Strategies
  "No excuse for 'The Rod.'  Modern child-rearing techniques utilize strategies which do not, as the rod will, result in the victims growing up to become the abusers."

219. Jennifer Casselberry, Chicago, IL, USA
  "Please do not allow this to be sold to parents and guardians who can cause irreparable harm to children."

220. Karen Poston, Mililani, HI, USA

221. Abigail Mastin, Pontiac, IL, USA
  "Stop the Rod."

222. Andi Pierce, Chesterton, IN, USA

223. Reba Boyd Wooden, Greenwood, IN, USA, Humanist Friendship Group of Central Indiana
  "Hitting children is bad but doing it in the name of religion is even worse."

224. Max Poston, Mililani, HI, USA

225. Natalie Haraway, Jenks, OK, USA

226. Joseph Woodard, Arlington, TX, USA
  "The idea of using this device, which is similar in diameter and flexibility to a fiberglass fishing rod, on any child, including toddlers (per the manufacturer's 'instruction brochure') is incomprehensible."

227. Susan Nunn, Erie County, PA, USA
  "What would the public reaction be if a person sold a hitting instrument for men to 'train' their wives?  There would be outrage.  It is too bad that children are overlooked when we talk about 'domestic violence.'  The harm of hitting children is unfortunately denied by many, because facing it would mean realizing the extent of their own buried rage at being hit by the ones who were supposed to love and protect them.  Any time a human being is hit by another, there is anger involved in the response.  Yet children are not allowed toexpress anger toward a parent, and most keep it from their conscious minds, because they are so dependent on their parents for their survival.  So this rage is submerged, and returns later in other forms:  depression, substance abuse, sexual problems, compulsive eating, masochistic behaviors, or violence toward others.  If we want to end violence in our society, we must start in our childrearing practices.  The sale of this 'rod' should be banned and any other similar tool."

228. Mary Keck, Muskogee, OK, USA, student
  "This device should not be allowed in a country that is considered 'civilized'."

229. David Keck, Muskogee, OK, USA, USA, student
  "It gives Oklahoma a bad name since it's manufactured in Eufaula.  Using the Bible to justify such means of child abuse is outrageous!!"

230. Don Cummings, Greenwood, IN, USA
  "Once again, religion is used to justify violence."

231. Jennifer Parr, Waynesboro, VA, USA, Homeschooling Mom
  "This product makes me ill.  I cannot believe that a torture device of this kind is being sold in the United States.  The people who are manufacturing and selling it, as well as the consumers, ought to be jailed for abuse."

232. Sabrina Alexander, Surprise, AZ, USA

233. Linda Levine, Atlanta, GA, USA, Homeschooling mother
  "Another signer has already said it best: "It is the duty of the state to protect all members of society, including children, from violence and assault.  The use of this 'rod' goes far beyond accedptable discipline or 'spanking'--it is assault (and therefore illegal), pure and simple."

234. Lacy Epstein, Atlanta, GA, USA
  "The Rod is sick and should not be sold to promote child abuse.  Beating chldren should hold the same contempt that child pornography does.  Both abuse babies and children."

235. Rev. Marilyn Washburn, MD, MDiv, PhD, MPH, Avondale Estates, GA, USA
  "What a terrible terrible twisting of the Gospel and of Scripture!"

236. Mitzie Goldman, Atlanta, GA, USA
  "I believe that this teaches our children that violence is a means of power and a way to get what they want or to get their point across.  This is a bad thing!!"

237. & 238. John and Christy Brothers, Alpharetta, GA, USA

239. Lily Green, Alpharetta, GA, USA

240. Romana Cozzolino, Marietta, GA, USA, Homeschool parent
  "It's apalling."

241. Holger Hagemann, Brunsbuettel, GERMANY, Pastor/Lutheran Church

242. Desiree Ferland, Kissimmee, FL, USA
  "This is an outrage!  To allow this to be advertised and sold for the intent they perpetrate should be punishable by jail!"

243. Kathleen Toomey, Kissimmee, FL, USA
  "Close this store down.  Clean their shelves of such items.  Toss them in jail.  Stop them!"

244. Anna Schuette, Doraville, GA, USA

245. Tina, Massapequa, NY, USA
  "Unbelievably appalling."

246. Kate Corkern, Lafayette, LA, USA, Homeschooling mother

247. Carrie Landry, Berwick, LA, USA
  "This is outrageous.  I cannot believe that company.  Children are innocent and only repeat what they have learned and have been taught.  I don't see them making ADULT ***mistake*** rods.  Those poor babies and children.  I pray that god will put his hand on them and keep them safe from demonic ideas that are advertised."

248. Ann McDavitt, Beech Grove, Indiana, USA, Human Mother
  "How unbelievably sad that this weapon could even remotely be associated with God's love.  Why do people believe that hurting and humiliating another human being would make that person feel and behave any better?"

249. Maurine Elbert, Wauconda, IL, USA

250. Elizabeth Gilchrist, Decatur, GA, USA
  "Encouraging physical abuse is inexcusable.  There should not be a product advertised to carry out parent's anger at their children."

251. Linda Villatoro, Van Nuys, CA, USA
  "This item is being marketed as a tool for the training of babies and young children.  The instructions which come with The Rod clearly teach parents to use it to whip their children.  If this is not illegal, it should be."

252. Michelle Williams, Holiday Island, AR, USA
  "We don't allow adults to hit one another & children deserve at least the same protection (if not more).  Labeling something discipline doesn't change the fact that it's hitting.  This 'tool' is disgraceful."

253. Kris Vaitkus, Rockville, MD, USA
  "The 'rod' is barbaric.  I have had no doubt that weird things go on behind closed doors, but to have the advertising of such a weapon in a homeschooling magazine and to consider it Christian is beyond my reality.  Beating someone...where is love?  Where is respect?  If someone 10 times bigger than me came at me with a whip like that...Please don't endorse this perversity."

254. Peter DePaoli, Chicago, IL, USA, DePaoli Custom Carpentry
  "This device is utterly and completely unacceptable."

255. Gaylene Gallagher, Norwalk, CT, USA, MOTHER
  "Any parent that needs to use 'the rod' to discipline their children clearly shouldn't be parents at all.  This is promoting child abuse and quoting the bible as a sales pitch!  How dare you!!!   I'd love to get the rod and use it on YOU!"

256. Jennifer McAllister, Mesa, AZ, USA
  "There's nothing to say other than EVIL.  Anyone who could even say that the bible intended for a child to be beat is seriously ill.  The company should be put out of business."

257. Stephanie Bartlow, Topeka, KS, USA
  "This is horrible, I can't believe they still sell stuff like this.  Talk about encouraging parents to beat/abuse their children."

258. Louri, Chicago Suburg, IL, USA, SAHM
  "This cannot be real!  What kind of parent could use such a thing?  How can these people get away with manufacturing this and actually are getting sales?!?!?!  Please HELP STOP the CHILD ABUSE, STOP THE ROD!"

259. Keri, Blaine, MN, USA

260. Laura Wright, Richburg, SC, USA, Homemaker and mother of 2
  "This tool should be illegal.  To think that people spank their children with this is horrendous.  Please make 'the rod' illegal."

261. Victoria Moody, Baldwin, NY, USA

262. Marie Curfman, Louisville, KY, USA
  "OMG I am absolutely APPALLED!!!!!!!!!!!"

263. Brenda, Buffalo, NY, USA
  "It's horrible that anyone would want to promote such a device for punishing a child.  WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU SICK PEOPLE!!!  MAYBE SOMEONE SHOULD WHIP YOU WITH THE ROD AND SEE HOW YOU LIKE IT!!!"

264.  Tracy, IL, USA
  "I can't believe something like this is out there.  This is child abuse and anyone that uses this needs to have their child taken away from them."

265. Misty Albright, Dallas, TX, USA, Mother
  "That is just wrong!!!!!!!  These are our children.  Why on earth would any one want to use this thing on our little gifts from God."

266. Jodi Lynn Palmer, Redding, CA, USA, Mommy
  "This saddens me!"

267. Danielle Boyle, Upper Darby, PA, USA

268. Joan Lindrman, Gaithersburg, MD, USA
  "If a parent feels they must strike their child they should use nothing more than a feather."

269. Marina, Little Rock, AR, USA
  "Horrible!!!  You shouldn't need to TRAIN a child.  Just love them."

270. Julia, Albuquerque, NM, USA
  "It even has a cushioned grip, so you don't hurt your hands while you BEAT your CHILD.  This makes me sick.  Absolutely sick.  Never thought I'd see an advertisement for a product designed to help parents ABUSE their children.  Anyone who would buy this is a monster, and so are the people who created it."

271. Annette Frontz, Williamsport, PA, USA
  "This is truly one of the most disgusting items I have ever seen for sale.  Babies and children are for loving, not beating."

272. Lindsay Baker, Corvallis, OR, USA

273. Amanda, VA, USA
  "Words can't explain how sad it makes me to see an item like this for sale."

274. Jennie Sweeney, Weatherford, TX, USA
  "I used to work with a committee for prevention of child abuse years ago as a volunteer.  I can honestly say that things like the rod will spur more violence, more hardened criminals.  Were an adult to use this on another adult he or she would be charged with felony assault and do jail time.  Why is it ok for this to be used on small defenseless humans?  Please help take this off the market."

275. Heidi Foss, Asheville, NC, USA, Mom
  "This ad literally brought tears to my eyes.  This item itself is not the offense.  It is the barbaric and moronic idea that hitting children teaches anything other than fear.  Things like this give good Christians a bad name."

276. Julie McMahon, Tulsa, OK, USA, Assistant Public Defender
  "Parents are not only using 'The Rod', but other household items as well.  This abuse starts at age four months.  It lands the parents in prison, where they should be, and it lands the children in foster care.  I think it is time the manufacturers of this idea pay.  Anyone who contributes to it is contributing to child endangerment and they should be held accountable."

277. Nicole Morse, Weybridge, VT, USA, Aspen Grove Homeschool
  "I am horrified that this product is being marketed.  It needs to be stopped, now."

278. Margie Bekoff, Weybridge, VT, USA, Homeschool Mom
  "I'm shocked that a company would manufacture and sell a product llike the Rod.  Thanks to all who have brought attention to this issue."

279. Reverend Andrew Gibson, Woburn, MA, USA Universal Life Church

280. Nicole Yeary, New York, NY, USA, Student

281. Melissa Jensen, Coalville, UT, USA

282. Jared Jensen Coalville, UT, USA

283. Charlotte Jensen, El Paso, TX, USA

284. Kay Jensen, Coalville, UT, USA

285. David Jensen, El Paso, TX, USA

286. Dan Jensen, Coalville, UT, USA

287. Karen (Kitty) Larkowski, South Dennis, MA, USA
  "Hitting a baby or child with ANYTHING is disgusting and abusive.  Stop the rod!!"

288. Susan Schumacher-James, Seattle, WA, USA,
  "Why is it okay to hit a child with one of these but if you hit an adult it would be assault?"

289. Olga, Raleigh, NC, USA
  "Please do all you can to have The Rod taken off of store shelves!!!"

290. Amber Curtis, Tucson, AZ, USA, Latter Day Learners Homeschool Association
  "I urge you to take action to stop the manufacture and sale of a tool whose sole purpose is to abuse children.  In a day and age where children need to be protected and nurtured, where we claim to be civilized society, an instrument such as the 'Rod' is abhorrent.  Please protect our children!"

291. Beth Thorne, Los Angeles, CA, USA
  "This is really sad and depressing.  Please forward this petition to everyone you know."

292. Cindi Wilding, Aurora, CO, USA, Mom

293. Diane Engelking, Lebanon, IN, USA
  "In biblical times, rods were used to guide and direct the sheep, NOT BEAT THE SHEEP!"

294. Many Johnson, Norfolk, VA, USA
  "You should ban the sale of any item that can directly be linked with abusing children."

295. Kyra Arnold, USA, Mother
  "I think the inventor and the endorsers should be 'trained' with this."

296. Kimberly DiNoto, Havre de Grace, MD, USA
  "This is cruel and unusual punishment.  What could a child do to ever deserve to be hit with anything, much less something like this?  I would never use anything like this on an animal and to think they make these for use on small children is outrageous!  BAN THE ROD!"

297. Carie Thomas, Urbana, OH, USA
  "What a ridiculous product.  I can't believe it's actually manufactured."

298. Carissa Dollar, Indianapolis, IN, USA
  "Unbelievable that something like this is being produced and marketed to inflict physical punishment on children.  This is irresponsible and encouraging out and out abuse.  Please do your part to cease the production and marketing of this item."

299. Jessica Knight, Indiana, USA
  "This is just horrible.  That is not a way to correct your child.  That is abuse pure and simple."

300. Rabiya Marden, Streamwood, IL, USA

301. K. Beaune, Spruce Grove, Alberta, CANADA
  "That is disgusting and a total misrepresentation of what the Lord meant.  He would NEVER and will NEVER condone that kind of abuse of the little ones!!"

302. Dawn Downs, Indianapolis, IN, USA
  "The shepherd used the rod to guide the sheep not beat them with it."

303. Liesl Berger, Garner, NC, USA
  "The ultimate in immoral acts."

304. Kathy Evangelista, Latrobe, PA, USA

305. Sandra Alexander, Snohomish, WA, USA
  "Stop enabling abusers to believe this weapon is ok."

306. Charity Short, Indianapolis, IN, USA
  "This is no way to correct children at all.  These companies are encouraging child abuse and corporal punishment.  I look at this like it is corporal punishment.  And these companies in the USA are saying it is okay to beat your child no it is not.  Corporal punishment is illegal in half the states anyway so the companies should stop."

307. B. Laakso, Akron, OH, USA, Ethical Parent
  "The Rod should get 'the shaft'."

308. Kim Reyes, Sterling Heights, MI, USA, Homeschool Mom
  "As a Christian homeschooler I am saddened and disgusted that this is being marketed to other Christian homeschoolers.  How can those who use this abusive device expect to raise their children to be warm and loving, kind and considerate people?  Jesus set an example that we are called to follow and I do not believe that if he used 'The Rod' the little children would have come to him (Mark 10:13-16).  Please outlaw this brutal weapon!"

309. Heather, Columbus, OH, USA
  "The rod is disgusting and should be outlawed.  How can a company make something like this?"

310. Melody Ward, Eastpointe, MI, USA
  "Teach them right in the first place and no rod would be of use."

311.  Leslie Kleinsmith, Westland, MI, USA
  "This is the sickest thing I have ever seen!!!"

312. Stefani E. Barner, Mt. Clemens, MI, USA
  "Child abuse should not be condoned under the guise of free enterprise!"

313. Mary C. Reyes, Sterling Hts., MI, USA
  "This 'method of correction' only creates frustration and a deep seated anger in a child which is never resolved.  It will manifest itself in child or spousal abuse in adulthood."

314. Phyllis Porter, Brownstown, MI, USA
  "Absolutely disgusting!"

315. Shawn Wilder, Shelton, WA, USA
  "The devil smiles every time people use 'The Rod' on God's precious little children."

316. Angela L. Swain, Swansboro, NC, USA, Homeschool Mom of two boys
  "I can't believe that some onewould make such an awful product to sell!!  I am even more appalled that this was in a Home School Digest magazine.  We as homeschool parents do not like this at all.  There are other more meaningful ways in order to tell children right from wrong.  We have enough child abuyse going on in America I also can not believe they are talking about using the 'Rod' on babies.  I mean come on!!  Babies!!!  I hope you other parents out there that are homeschooling will get this company off the market because seeing how it was in a homeschool magazine they(the government) is going to link us to child abuse.  We love our children and that is only one of the reasons why we homeschool."

317. Nora Yarborough, Stella, NC, USA

318. Cindy Toler, NC, USA

319. Will Ireland, Sydney, AUSTRALIA
  "Disgusting.  What kind of person would use this product on a child.  Perhaps more importantly, what kind of company would make such a product!  xxxx fascist christians."

320. Kimberly M. Van Der Meid, Midland, NC, USA, New Beginnings School #2
  "It is despicable as a Christian to see that this is for sale in our country and that it is shown as a representation of Christianity!"

321. Canesa Dent, Vancouver, WA, USA, Medical Assistant
  "This is one of the most disturbing things I have ever read.  I can not believe that these people have not been arrested and had their kids taken away already.  This is CHILD ABUSE plain and simple.  These people need to do some serious jailtime."

322. Janelle Alford, Arlington, TX, USA
  "Inhumane!  An assault to children!"

323. Annie Levine, Brooklyn, NY, USA
  "A disgrace!!!  Children are little people.  Who hits little people????  I am sick over this."

324. Barbara, Concord, NC, USA
  "This is so unbelievable!  My husband didn't believe it until I showed him this article.  I wonder if the people that recommend this 'rod' would allow us (the petitioners) to use it on them when necessary?"

325. Heather Martin, Jackson, MI, USA
  "The 'rod' of the shepherds in biblical time was for herding the sheep, keeping them gathered and keeping predators at bay.  I do not recall one passage stating that the sheep were struck!!!"

326. Lynn, Brooklyn, NY, USA
  "This is an outrage."

327. Scarlet K. Long, Indianapolis, IN, USA, R.N.; Mother; Grandmother
  "Sick stuff, indeed."

328. Jill Dufek, Las Vegas, NV, USA
  "I am in awe that something like this would be on the market for sale.  Being a mother I'm completely saddened to think that parents use this on their kids.  This is NOT ok."

329. Elain Miller, PA, USA
  "This is nauseating; this company making money on selling an object that should not be allowed to sell.  Personally, I don't know how the owner of this company and its employees are able to look at themselves in the mirror every day.  I vote that this should cease and desist right now!"

330. Donna Maria O'Donnell, Wharton, NJ, USA

331. Mrs. Jennifer Nolen, St. Louis, MO, USA

332. Kimberly Campbell, WV, USA
  "I am speechless...This is so disgusting, I can't even believe there actually has to be a petition on this, that someone wouldn't have immediately done something about this!!  The makers of 'The Rod' need to be STOPPED!!!"

333. Nicole Hensley, Kodak, TN, USA

334. Ilaria Keogh, AZ, USA
  "Sick and pathetic.  If I agreed with an eye for eye, I'd use the Rod on the manufacturers myself."

335. Mary Oehler, Seattle, WA, USA
  "Manufacture of 'The Rod' is encouraging and validating child abuse."

336. Tammy Kozoris, Prince George, British Columbia, CANADA
  "This is absolutely unforgivable.  I wouldn't whip my enemy never mind my child.  My heart cries out for those children who have had this used upon them :( "

337. Jackie, Chicago, IL, USA
  "What kind of sick SOB does this to a baby?!  This needs to be stopped IMMEDIATELY!"

338. Annete Sweeney, Omaha, NE, USA, special education teacher
  "To believe that God wants people to deliberately hurt children is outrageous.  The Bible is full of figurative language; 'the rod' symbolizes correction, guidance, and direction--it's not an actual weapon.  Do not allow people to use The Bible as an excuse to inflict pain, much less on small children.  I sincerely hopeyou do not allow your state to be known as the only one that allows the sale of tools intended for child abuse."

339. L. Thompson, Tacoma, WA, USA

340. Aimee B., Rochester Hills, MI, USA

341. Jean Daley, Wendell, MA, USA
  "A cushioned hand grip?  My, My, beat your baby and be comfy.  This is sick!"

342. Danielle Day, Lake Worth, FL, USA
  "This is sick, and so obviously child abuse that I don't know what to say." - see especially #6

343. Patricia R. Robinson, Charlotte, NC, USA, Children's Advocacy Against Violent Discipline
"No one has the right to hit another individual except in direct physical self-defense. Hitting is violence.  The repetitive violence against children is abuse.  Stop the use of this tool of abuse."

344. Nicole Hollinger, Bixby, OK, USA, Christian schooling mother
  "'God is Love' not the Rod."

345. Amy H., Surprise, AZ, USA, Mother of 2 chlidren, who are not spanked EVER!!! & A Child Advocate for Human Rights
  "This is DISGUSTING!!!  Shame on the makers of this product, shame on the people who buy it and shame on the people who support this.  STOPPPPP hitting, slapping, smacking, spanking, tapping, pinching, biting and START teching!!!!  Such actions DO NOT speak louder than words."

346. Myra A., Cottonwood, AZ, USA
  "Sick!!  Ban 'The Rod'"!!!

347. Regine Nickel, Brooklyn NY, USA, MA  Homemaker
  "cruel, immoral, inhumane, willfully ignorant of the Truth of Jesus' teaching"

348. Linda D. Mills, Gainesville, TX, USA, grandmother
  "This is must be stopped"

349. Kathy Marie Cooper, Gainesville, TX, USA, Security Officer
  "A child is a gift, it is not the child that did anything to deserve that kind of treatment, why are they even allowed to sell this."

350. Christy K. Hebron, MD, USA
  "I'm appalled that 'the rod' is being sold as a 'training' tool for our children.  I'm especially appalled that this is marketed under the guise of being biblically mandated--the God I know is loving and gives us Grace and Mercy as His children.  I'm a Christian and I don't believe in physical punishment for our children.  If this product was marketed for animals, there'd be an instant uproar.  It's amazing to me that we seem to hold animals in a higher regard than our own children.  Very shameful indeed."

351. Cass, San Diego, CA, USA, For Family's Sake
  "If an adult were to be whipped by "The Rod" we would cry out about the injustice.  What makes you think that because a child is small, and acting his/her age, that he/she deserves to be whipped?  This device makes me physically ill.  Corporal punishment results in children lying and blaming others (because they don't want to be caught).  It does not result in the child thinking 'what happened?  what was my part? and what will I do differently next time?'  The children are thinking 'this isn't fair, it wasn't my fault, I hate mom/dad!!'"

352. Robert Carroll, Matteson, IL, USA, Teacher
  "Who was the genius at this magazine that accepted this advertisement rather than reporting the manufacturer to the State of Oklahoma's division of consumer and/or child safety for marketing an inherently dangerous and abusive product?"

353. Barbara Abatti, Varese, ITALY

354. Marilynn Buehler, Kattskill Bay, NY, USA, Glens Falls/Saratoga Homeschoolers
  "I'm still finding it hard to believe this actually exists, it's so appallingly evil.  How does something like this even find its way to market???!!!!"

355. Jessica Bolstridge, Lynchburg, VA, USA, Student
  "This is a horrible 'thing' to use on children.  How dare anyone resort to violence!"

356. Amy Matthews, Henderson, NC, USA, mother
  "I can't believe that these people are being allowed to torture, beat, neglect, and destroy children.  This is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen that relates itself to Christianity.  I am appalled."

357. Garrett Hussion, Newark, NJ, USA, Student
  "The rod is fxxxxx up.  I can't believe people would actually hit their children.  They should be ashamed."

358. Cynthia Bray, Oklahoma City, OK, USA, Concerned Mother
  "If I were to hit an adult with this object I would be arrested for assault."

359. Wendy Stiner, Winterville, NC, USA

360. Letitia Davis, Woodstock, GA, USA

361. Steve, London, ENGLAND
  "Can't believe it's actually allowed."

362. Jean Hathaway Ewart, Reno, NV, USA
  "My children and I discussed this issue and began to cry for the parents who think this is the only way to raise children.  Life can be hard, but children make living life an adventure.  God could not possibly want us to whip the spirit out of his children.  Protect and educate the young and find another way to teach them your rules and proper manners other than whipping them.  Parents should not be terrorists."

363. Debra Michael, Grove, OK, USA, Homeschooling Mom
  "Once again, someone making a profit by twisting the words of the bible.  Please help to stop this!"

364. Barbara Sparrow, Austin, TX, USA, Adjunct Professor of Psychology
365. Belinda Howell, Austin, TX, USA, RN, JD
  "Even the implicit implication that it is prudent to strike a child in any fashion, with any instrument, is heinous and every effort should be made to make the manufacture, sale, or use a criminal act."

366. Jennifer Slatton, Gainesville, FL, USA, concerned mother of 3
  "Please help protect babies and children by outlawing the sale of this 'device' as it is currently being advertised.  This tool reflects a truly warped understanding and use of biblical text.  Were 'the rod' being advertised to abuse adults it would have ben pulled off the market immediately.  How much more do defenseless children need us to do this for them.  Please act quickly on your conscience!"

367. Sarah Johnson, Austin, TX, USA, Mother, Graduate student in Education
  "The sale of this product should be stopped."

368. Jacqui Ainsworth, Pflugerville, TX, USA
  "Absolutely disgusting!"

369. Stacey Bell, Austin, TX, USA, Mother and advocate for children's rights
  "Please stop the sale of this barbaric tool!"

370. Penny Chastain Muskogee, OK, USA

371. Sherry Galster, Nevada, MO, USA
  "How awful, I think someone should take 'THE ROD' and use it on the manufacturer!"

372. Lori A. Fast, Austin, TX, USA
  "How appalling that this is marketed as a 'Christian' method of discipline."

373. Nicole Wardall, Port Washington, WI, USA
  "I cannot believe that in the United States of America a petition has to be signed to cease the manufacturing and sale of this product.  I am thoroughly disgusted that humankind would even imagine the idea for this product, let alone market to people using god as a scapegoat.  Horrid, awful company."

374. Sandra Mort, Baltimore, MD, USA, homeschooling mother
  "How sad that we should even need to say this is wrong..."

375. Maggie Sullivan, Austin, TX, USA, Mother and Family Counselor in Training
  "Please stop the manufacture and sale of this dangerous product!"

376. Piaf Azul, Austin, TX, USA
  "This should be stopped."

377. Allie Porter, Austin, TX, USA
  "We need to treat children as we would like to be treated.  Their behavior reflects their treatment.  How could a product like this ever lead to a loving, kind, gentle person?"

378. Tiana, Round Rock, TX, USA
  "This makes me sick to my stomach!!!!  I can't believe someone would ever use such a thing on someone they claim to love so much."

379. Jennifer Ryan, NY, NY, USA
  "I weep for the children whose parents would even consider such a thing."

380. Robin Clochard, Paizay Naudouin, FRANCE

381. Summer Whitten, Austin, TX, USA, Mother

382. Somer Tramba, KS, USA

383. Nancy Nance, Austin, TX, USA
  "I hope that no more children are hurt and frightened by this tool marketed solely for the purpose of hitting them."

384. Alana Miller, Rochester, NY, USA

385. Kerry Joyce, Austin, TX, USA

386. Jennifer Mandaville, Grants Pass, OR, USA
  "The only persons that could possibly deserve 'THE ROD' is the manufacturers and consumers of it.  DISGUSTING!!!"

387. Margret Lewis, Austin, TX, USA

388. James Dolan, New York, NY, USA
  "Church and state separate, now and forever."

389. Karen, Austin, TX, USA

390. Brooke, NJ, USA
  "This is sick.  Would Jesus approve of hitting a child with a rod?  Wasn't 'spare the rod, spoil the child' before Jesus' redemption touched us?  Instead of beating your child, think of what Jesus would do.  Wouldn't he reason with a child?  Wouldn't he embrace the child and teach him right from wrong by example instead of from coercion?  This is a cheap evangelical tool for God-mandated child abuse.  Yet another example of how the Christian right twists the words of Jesus for their own purposes.  Beat your children, bomb Iraq, deny health care to poor people, etc.  Jesus would be ashamed of how His name is used these days.  Jesus is a Democrat."

391. Stella Kerl, Austin, TX, USA
  "It appears to be a product attempting to profit from the abuse of children."

392. Karen Jo Agnello, Austin, TX, USA, mom
  "I firmly believe that the government should be decreasing involvement in our lives, especially regarding capitalism, however, this is over the line and needs to be stopped."

393. Michele Holt, Georgetown, TX, USA

394. Tricia Mitchell Kim, Austin, TX, USA

395. Lauren Sheppard, Austin, TX, USA
  "This sadist is promoting child abuse to make a buck.  Despicable.  Deplorable.  Depraved."

396. Marie Franks, Round Rock, TX, USA, MOTHER
  "This is WRONG and child abuse!!  Stop this now!!"

397. Amy Metzger, Eugene, OR, USA
  "The 'rod' spoken of in the Bible is a measuring rod, you idiots!  NOT a weapon for beating children!  God is a God of grace and forgiveness.  Try actually READING the BIBLE!"

398. Jessica Powers, Austin, TX, USA
  "This product is very disturbing.  I feel physically ill just thinking about it.  There are already so many things that hurt children in the world, we should not be selling and advocating more stuff especially filth like this.  The makers of this should be put in jail!"

399. Amy Barry, Sisters, OR, USA
  "This is child abuse and it is illegal and immoral and the thought of using this on a child horrifies me."

400. Dyanna Larson, Austin, TX, USA, Loving Mother
  "Simply put, they are manufacturing and selling an object designed for the sole purpose of violating the law (child abuse).  How is this legal and lock picks aren't?"

401. Jack Holt, McMurdo Station, ANTARCTICA, professor
  "The advertising and sale of this device for use on children is an abomination.  Please put a stop to it NOW!!"

402. Lydia Jalagonia, Augusta, GA, USA, Home Engineer
  "The use of this instrument is a despicable and vile perversion of the word of God.  God is a God of grace and mercy, who loves children and would never wish to see them abused in this way."

403. Katalina Pierce, Austin, TX, USA
  "This sickens me, it should be illegal.  This needs to be stopped and the people responsible should be thrown in jail."

404. Beth Foster, Louisville, KY, USA, Christian mother of 3
  "This is appalling, and certainly does not promote loving Christian values.  Ignorance, and lazy parentingis what causes the 'need' for this item.  You can discipline without spanking!  It's done all of our adult lives, when we get too 'old' for spankings."

405. Maria I. Bracht, Winston-Salem, NC, USA, President, Homecrafts, Inc.
  "An abomination!!  A repulsive reminder of our ignorance."

406. Mary Corgey, Jasper, TX, USA

407. Rachel Gill, Austin, TX, USA

408. Diana Edgar, Austin, TX, USA
  "The 'rod' referred to in the bible was GUIDANCE.  A means which pointed the sheep in the right direction.  It was not used to beat the animals.  Hitting is wrong.  Children, dogs, adults..."

409, 410 & 411. Danny, Anne and AJ Garza, Mexico City, MEXICO
  "PLEASE stop the manufacturing and sale of this evil weapon!!!"

412. Heather Nichols, Austin, TX, USA, Mother of two
  "I don't even know what to say...this is so horrific!  Children are disciplined much better by love and  guidance as opposed to violence and abuse."

413. Danielle Hammon, Big Bend National Park, TX, USA

414. Heather Jackson, Tucson, AZ, USA, CPS Investigator
  "I am appalled that this weapon is now being marketed as an implement of punishment.  I saw a similar weapon in a home that the owner told me was sold at a gun show and was labeled 'whup ass stick.'  I am very disturbed by the fact that should an adult hit another adult with this stick, they would most likely be arrested for assault or a domestic violence charge, yet clearly children are being injured with this weapon and there are no legal repercussions for the manufacturer or the abusers.  Governor, you have a tremendous opportunity to send the message that child abuse will not continue to be trivialized or become a profitable activity.  This is exploitation at its basest level."

415. Sandra Jackson, Austin, TX, USA
  "This is disgusting!"

416. Gwen Macdougall, Toronto, Ontario, CANADA
  "Sickening and disgraceful"

417. Nadine Myers, Dornsife, PA, USA, homeschooling mom to 5

418. Jennifer Haller, Waterloo, Ontario, CANADA
  "It is hard to believe anyone could use such a device on a child."

419 & 420. Sanford and Melinda Marble, Austin, TX, USA

421. Brooke Smith, New York, NY, USA
  "What has this country come to?  Are we really going back in time?  Of course, we live in NY and didn't vote for Bush so we still find things like this shocking."

422. Earl Dimmock,  Jasper, TX, USA

423. Shirley Dimmock, Jasper, TX, USA

424. K. Dunn, Leander, TX, USA
  "Absolutely horrifying that someone is manufacturing and selling a way to beat babies & children.  Stop this!"

425. Martine Weber, Humble, TX, USA, Mother
  "There should never be any reason to physically touch your child other than to love.  Hitting a child is the laziest way of discipline.  It takes work and lots of time to show a child the right way to act.  They all have their own personalities.  Thank goodness."

426.  Paula Scafe, Austin, TX, USA
  "As I understand the Bible, 'spare the rod, spoil the child' is referring to a shepherd's staff, which is used to GUIDE.  'Discipline' means 'to teach' and I'd bet that if Jesus beat his disciples, he would not have had any."

427. Karen Herbert, Austin, TX, USA
  "This is appalling!  Hitting children with anything, even a specially designed whip with a 'safety tip' is not discipline or correction.  It's abuse."

428. Krista Kilbane, Austin, TX, USA, LMSW

429. Brenda Beth Taylor, Brookeland, TX, USA
  "A terrible instrument to be sold for the purpose of disciplining children."

430. Karen Wilson, Cedar Park, TX, USA
  "It is unacceptable that we allow products made and advertised for the purpose of abusing children.  If this were child pornography, it would be illegal.  This sort of abuse is no less harmful.  Please stop the sale of objects meant to torture children."

431. Ann Reynolds, Ft. Leonard Wood, MO, USA

432. Michelle Melani, Indianapolis, IN, USA
  "When the Bible talks of 'spare the rod, spoil the child' it is within the context of shepherding.  A shepherd uses a rod to guide and protect the sheep, not to beat them.  Hitting people is wrong, and children are people too.  Please don't allow the sale of a weapon whose sole use is to beat children."

434. Cory Walsh, Los Angeles, CA, USA
  "Just when I think the 'Christians' of the world can't get any less like Christ, they come up with something like this.  It's inconceivable the harm and death perpetrated in the name of religion all over this world.  It makes me sick.  Anyone can pull a sentence out of that horrible and laughable book of lies and use it to their advantage.  When are these people going to wake up?"

435. Maureen Maddern, Orange, CT, USA
  "If this is real it is unbelievable--what kind of sick mind came up with this?"

436. Karis Booth, Lancaster, CA, USA, MFCC Intern
  "Wow. How stupid are we becoming?  What a horrible barbaric 'too'.  Read the Bible correctly and learn how Jesus felt children  should be raised and treated."

437. Nilsa Compton, Santa Fe, NM, USA

438. Jennifer Howerd, Los Angeles, CA, USA

439. Georgeann Erhardt, Derby, CT, USA, a mother/grandmother
  "No reason ever to be used."

440. Melinda Russett, Leander, TX, USA
  "I am horrified that people treat a child like this.  Why is it legal to strike a child with anything, especially an object like this?  I think people that use this should charged with assault just like they would if they hit another adult with it."

441. Jeannine Josias, Ansonia, CT, USA
  "I am appalled at this.  I wouldn't believe it if I didn't see it!  How DARE you!!!!!!!!"

442. Howard B. Josias, Southpport, NC, USA, retired
  "What will they think of next?"

443. Bethany Prescott, Austin, TX, USA, Professional Counselor and Educator
  "Children learn from every action we take, every word we say, every touch we lay on them.  The child that grows in a home where 'the Rod' is an acceptable demonstration of discipline, will learn that they are deserving of pain and suffering...that their little bodies are not respected and cherished, but are abused and tortured.  Please love your children, please respect all children.  Stop all sales of this abusive product."

444. Martine Gordon, Humble, TX, USA, retired
  "As a grandmother, I can not see any normal human being using this horrible thing.  It reminds me of the cattle rod used to make cattle move faster.  Children are not animals.  They are a gift from God."

445. Ginger Collins, Derby, CT, USA

446. Chandi Meyer, Milwaukee, WI, USA
  "SICK SICK SICK!  When did Jesus use a rod to discipline??  YOU ARE ABUSING INNOCENT CHILDREN!  THAT my friend is enough for me to say, GO TO xxxx"

447. Rosemary Weber, Houston, TX, USA
  "It is so fitting that the handle is cushioned.  We sure wouldn't want the user to be hurt, now would we?  Whoever invented this should be the first one on which it should be used."

448. Sharon, CT, USA
  "This is absolutely disgusting and whoever is manufacturing it should be beaten with it."

449. Albert M. Dimmock Sr., Derry, NH, USA

450. Melanie De Assis, Los Angeles, CA, USA
  "This should not be used on ANY living creature!!!"

451. Michele Hobbs, Inian Harbour Beach, FL, USA, Mama that does not HIT!
  "Hmm  IM SPEECHLESS!!!!!!"

452. Barry D. Baker, Salem, MA, USA

453. Lynell Hunt, Austin, TX, USA
  "This is appalling."

454. Jonathan Link, Derby, CT, USA
  "I thought this was a joke at first because I couldn't fathom this item being sold here in the U.S.A.  This is sick.  While you're at it, how about a child cage, or even leather restraints."

455. Janney Gordon, Beaumont, TX, USA

456. Tara, Beaumont, TX, USA

457. Melody Sanislo, Wendell, MA, USA
  "I am disgusted beyond words."

458. Mary Van Deurse, Norton, MA, USA
  "If parents take the time to talk and listen to their children devices like the rod would not be necessary.  It takes patience, compassion and understanding to be a good parent, not abuse."

459. Kathleen Walsh, MA, Miami, FL, USA
  "'The means prescribed by God'????  To exactly which god are these poor, deranged souls referring?  (And it isn't it great that the handle is cushioned for the abuser?)"

460. Mike Cimmarrusti, Los Angeles, CA, USA

461. Suzanne McWhorter, Austin, TX, USA

462. Jessica Delvalle, Stratford, CT, USA
  "I believe in disciplining a child but I do not believe in disciplining with a device.  That is cruel and unusual punishment and I do not wish for it to be manufactured in the US."

463. Norma Jean Jackson, Austin, TX, USA
464. Charlene Galyon, Houston, TX, USA
  "Please do not glorify beating children in the name of God."

465. Deirdre Caruso, Seymour, CT, USA
  "Anyone that feels that this is appropriate, should be forced to have THE ROD used on them!"

466. Leslie Buckens, Shelton, CT, USA
  "I am so saddened to see something being sold to 'train' children.  I haven't seen anything like this being sold to train animals!"

467. Nicole, Calcium, NY, USA
  "I can't believe this kind of device is actually being produced.  Whoever thought of this is a sick individual!!!!!"

468. Jami Nielsen, Branford, CT, USA

469. Alicia Lawson, Elgin, IL, USA

470. Denise Klenotich, Palm By, FL, USA
  "That is horrible.  What about a nice talk telkling your child what they actually did wrong instead of beating them."

471. Dana Fleetham, Dayton, OH, USA
  "This product is a disgusting excuse to abuse children.  I hope no one buys it!"

472. Vicki Shawl, Charlotte, NC, USA, LLL - member, AP - parent, MA, NCC - certified counselor
  "Children deserve respect and modeling.  Hitting teaches that 'I am more powerful, bigger, and stronger' .  If I model hitting with or without the rod, I am not teaching my child how to resolve her problems, how to reason with her words.  I want my children to know that violence does not solve problems, it only exacerbates them.  To give my child the example of nurturing, learning to voice opinion and modeling 'do unto others as you would have others do unto you' I am giving my child the opportunity to feel self confident, grow with my respect that she is a human being deserving of that.  The ROD simply put is a tool for abuse, and that should not be legal in this country!"

473. Alison Alexander, Charlotte, NC, USA

474. Shirley Smith, Grapevine, TX, USA, mother
  "It is unbelievable that someone would hurt something as precious as a child, God's gifts to us, and that someone would develop something like this."

475. Patty Lacoss-Arnold, St. Charles, MO, USA
  "The idea that someone is making money off of a torture device for small children just makes me ill.  I am a member of a conservative Christian denomination and I can find nothing in the bible or elsewhere to support the use of this device."

476. Kristin Pettler, Charlotte, NC, USA, Mother
477. Mrs. Hadas Dvir, Long Beach, CA, USA
  "I am disgusted by this product!"

478. Debra Borrelli, Derby, CT, USA, mother of 5 children (Christian)
  "Please Ban the sale of this Product!  Children need a balance of love and discipline.  NOT ABUSE!!!!"

479. Kristy Trahan, Houma, LA, USA, Mother of two daughters (age 2 and 4)
  "I was referred to this site by a friend and my stomach is sick just looking at 'The Rod' and the advertsement for it.  I am a mother of two daughters (ages 2 and 4) and a firm believer in POSITIVE DISCIPLINE.  I couldn't imagine hitting my children let alone using something like this on my children.  Please do what you can to put a stop to this.  Thank you for all of your efforts."

480. Sue Trapp, Houston, TX, USA
  "This product needs to be eliminated from our society immediately."

481. R. Pierre, McAllen, TX, USA
  "The Rod is another style of 'Child Abuse'!  I raised my younger sister and brothers and later my son without having to physically discipline them.  Educate the parents!!!!!!!!!!"

482. Elizabeth Barrow, Sugar Land, TX, USA

483. Leif C. Hatlen, Houston, TX, USA

484. Muriel Stubbs, Houston, TX, USA
  "Only the American Taliban would even think of peddling such a thing.  Jesus would be appalled."

485. Nancy Patumanoan, Houston, TX, USA
  "Please don't allow 'the Rod' to be available to hurt our children."

486. Victoria Hawkins, Houston, TX, USA

487. David Wolfson, Austin, TX, USA, Spoon Films

488. Beth Zeffert, Houston, TX, USA, Mother, Grandmother and Wife
  "Where is the love for our innocent children?  Where is the morality in this?  This is child abuse and it has to be stopped now!"

489. Betty Jacobs, Granbury, TX, USA, Cogdell Academy
  "HITTING IS WRONG!  Did Christ use a rod on his Disciples?  NO.  He led by example.  A never changing example of LOVE.  If more parents would be more Christ-like in their example so would their children.  I wonder what Jesus would have become if Mary and Joseph had used corporal punishment."

490. Sylvia B. Pollack, Seattle, WA, USA
  "When Jesus said 'suffer the little children to come unto me' he did not mean to MAKE children suffer."

491. Aimee Tullos, Denton, TX, USA, Mother & Empath of All Children
  "May the wondrous light that is the universe fold itself in loving comfort around every child who meets such hypocrisy and injustice from those who are supposed to love them best.  Instruments of child torture MUST NOT be a profitable, viable business in your state or any other!!!  God help us all."

492. Amy Long, Flower Mound Texas, USA, RN, BSN
  "As a nurse, I would be required BY LAW to report anyone who used such an implement on a child to Child Protective Services as it meets the guidelines for abuse."

493. & 494. Glen and Sandy, Nebo, NC, USA
  "That 'rod' is a WEAPON, not an instrument for correction."

495. Pam Hameed, Flower Mount, TX, USA

496. Jim Sydnor, Denton, TX, USA
  "In the late 1800's items were sold in catalogues for disciplining the 'wife.'  We have really not come too far in over 100 years.  Children are people and as such deserve physical protections from those that would seek to harm, them, even 'for their own good.'"

497. Alva Buxenbaum, Brooklyn, NY, USA, Educator
  "I am appalled at the manufacture of such a device to encourage child abuse.  What kind of christian ethics is this?"

498. Sabrina Buza, Camillus, NY, USA, university student
  "I can't believe this is legal!"

499. Katherine Keith, Norman, OK, USA
  "It is hard to believe that someone can make a profit off of a tool that is used to abuse children.  I remember how proud my uncle was when he figured out that if he drilled holes in his wooden paddle, you could swing it harder and faster.  It takes a really sick person to do these kinds of things."

500. Laura Arnold, Stillwater, OK, USA
  "Governor Henry, you have proven yourself to be friend and ally of the families and children in our state.  I hope you can help once again in this appalling situation."

501. Lisa Williams, Norman, OK, USA
  "When are we going to stop beating our children in the name of 'God'."

502. Kristen Russell, Norman, OK, USA, Center for Children and Families, Inc.
503. Michelle Newman, Norman, OK, USA

504. Susan Cogan, Norman, OK, USA
  "This is appalling.  I am even more sickened by the thought of people who think that beating children is 'moral'."

505. Tiffany Parker, Oklahoma City, OK, USA

506. Tiffany Wylie, Norman, OK, USA
  "I add my voice to the others who cry out against 'The Rod'."

507. Andrea Cole, Oklahoma City, OK, USA
  "A travesty that something like this would be considered acceptable and effective child rearing."

508. Maka Laughingwolf, Norman, OK, USA
  "I am in tears.  This is the most outrageously cruel device I have ever seen advertised as a parenting tool.  It should be outlawed.  Does one have to be an adult to have a right to protection against assault and battery?"

509. & 510. Rick & Bunni Barrett, Newalla, OK, USA
  "Gov. Henry, would you allow this to be used on YOUR children?  Please stop this product, it's no different than a whip used for flogging."

511. Denilyn VanGundy, Norman, OK, USA, Center for Children and Families Inc.
  "Sparing the rod and nurturing the child are giving a child what they need.  We must eliminate the punishing mentality as well as the punishing tools."

512. Richard Morris, Norman, OK, USA
  "This guy should be locked up."

513. Dr. Aurolyn Luykx, Norman, OK, USA
  "I am shocked to hear of this.  Are we becoming Afghanistan?"

514. Kristen Burkett, Cleveland County, CASA, Inc., Norman, OK, USA

515. Mary L. Sharp, Norman, OK, USA, student in Masters of Social Work Program at OU
  "This is the most disgusting idea--selling rods with which to abuse children!  I am embarrassed that people might connect this backward and extremely harmful 'tool for chastening' to our great state of Oklahoma.  I have seen children who have been beaten with extension cords, adult fists, and whatever else sick parents had on hand.  Please don't encourage more violence by allowing the Slide Manufacturing Co. to get away with selling this criminal, vicious tool to anyone!  They should be taken out and 'chastened' with their own product!"

516. John Knehans, Norman, OK, USA, University of Oklahoma student

517. Tammie Burton, Lawton, OK, USA

518. Ashley Campbell, Sapulpa, OK, USA
  "With the information availale at our fingertips today, it's plain laziness that leads to hitting."

519. Marilyn Metzger, Norman, OK, USA, Family Advocate Mary Abbott Children's House
  "Painful beatings are not tools of learning no one can learn when they are hurt, angry embarassed or frightened.  This cannot be promoted in a State trying to be modern and attract new business.  We must raise our children to be a part of new business.  Beating them will not especially buying something to beat them with.  Marilyn"

520. Julie Peterson, Grand Prairie, TX, USA

521. Aimee Rook, MHR, ATR, LPC, Norman, OK, USA, Winding Creek Elementary School Counselor
  "When will they cease with the literal metaphor?  Jesus never beat anyone.  He only loved.  Governor Henry, please take a stand for all children.  Campaign to outlaw such terrorism."

522. Mrs. Lorrine Alfano, Pompano Beach, FL, USA
  "All god's creatures should be treated with love understanding and guidance."

523. Kimberly Reynolds, Lawrence KS, USA

524. Jayni Chase, Bedford, NY, USA, Wife-Mother/Activist
"It's time that we all work together to share information.  It is absolutely, without a doubt, proven that hitting a child is only damaging.  There are no benefits that will come from hitting a child.  Violence is not the answer, loving and talking is."

525. Melissa Butterworth, Plattsburgh, NY, USA, Student
  "It was a metaphor in the Bible to spare thee rod, I'm quite sure that this was not the rod that was intended.  I am speechless to a tool such as this being sold."

526. Dale Wares, Oklahoma City, OK, USA, Programs Manager/OKDHS
  "As a former child abuse investigator, I am appalled that this device is manufactured and marketed in Oklahoma.  As long as we condone the use of corporal punishment as a means of discipline, we will never win the campaign to abolish physical abuse of children."

527. Fran Morris, Oklahoma City, OK, USA
  "This is an international disgrace for Oklahoma."

528. Lonnie Spires, Columbia, SC, USA
  "Let me try using that rod on some of the parents and let's see how they like it!!"

529. Colleen Jeffrey, Groton, MA, USA
  "It is appalling that anyone would actually purchase this product and use it on a small child.  It is child abuse not discipline.  Please do not let them hide behind the Bible and their idiotic interpretation of 'spare the rod, spoil the child'.  What would Jesus do?  Teach by example with love and compassion."

530. Jim Hunt, Lowell, MA, USA
  "Disgusting!  Either close this factory or blow it up."

531. David Russell, Ph.D., Perrysburg, OH, USA, President: Westvon Publishing
  "This can only leave welts and bruises.  That should never be the goal of punishment."

532. Rachel Johnson, Tulsa, OK, USA, Music Teacher
  "This is a terrible tool for any use or means of punishment of a living being."

534. Annie Levine, Brooklyn, NY, USA
  "Beating little babies is not normal behavior.  I'm appalled that these items are being sold.  We have to stop the madness before children are killed or maimed for life."

535. Elin Fowler, Margate, FL, USA
  "This made me sick to my stomach.  Stop the insanity!!"

536. Ellen Slavin, Milford, CT, USA, Grandmother-babysitter
  "Sadistic person or persons who thought this up, you are sad, hurtful and ignorant."

537. Debbie Fein, Philadelphia, PA, USA
  "The Pearls should be whipped."

538. Mrs. Deborah Williams, Eat Liverpool, OH, USA
  "I just cannot believe this.....SICK, SICK, SICK THE PEOPLE WHO WROTE THIS BOOK ARE EVIL......"

539. Connie Nutter, Lubbock, TX, USA

540. Dwain Whitehurst, Iuka, MS, USA, United Methodist Pastor

541. Darlene J. Waters, S. Grafton, MA, USA, mom
  "This is absolutely the most barbaric thing I have ever seen."

542. Gena Claudel, Atlanta, GA, USA
  "Jesus suffered for us and our sins.  Our children should not have to."

543. Lorrie Corvin, Kansas City, MO, USA

544. Jodi Patterson, Atlanta, GA, USA, Jodi & Chase, Inc.

545. Stephanie Davis, Bristol, VA, USA

546. Jack Enyart, Tampa, FL, USA

547. Marie Guiles, Stow, MA, USA
  "As an adult parent that was abused as a child, I am appalled that such devices exist.  It is unquestionable in my mind that the use of such devices encourages the parent to go too far and that psychological damage to the child will be the outcome."

548. Sarah Bailey, Indianapolis, IN, USA
  "How sick that someone would profit from a tool that inflicts pain on kids."

549. Kristina Woods, Columbus, OH, USA
  "Sad.  Very, very sad."

550. Carl Roller, Boston, MA, USA
  "Appalling.  Simply no other word better describes this.  This isn't child 'correction,' it's child abuse.  Don't just stop it...ban it."

551. Andrew Cedrone, Boston, MA, USA, JBCC

552. Dennis Sheehy, Portland, ME, USA
  "Abhorrent way to treat children.  It teaches them that violence is an acceptable way to dominate others.  It doesn't work."

553. Kathryn Brinner, MD, Cambridge, MA, USA
  "As a pediatric resident, the idea of someone making money off such a horrible practice as spanking is sickening."

554. Susan Smith, Easton, MA, USA
  "Anyone who would hit a child should be ashamed of themselves."

555. Susan Huggins, Peabody, MA, USA
  "I do believe children need guidelines and rules in their lives to help them grow.  I do not believe in a tool that is lused to beat children complete with an easy hand held grip."

556. Kathy Golden, Boston, MA, USA
  "This is just irresponsible.  No need for such an item.  It's 2005!  Wake Up!"

557. Paul G. Maiorana, Arlington, VA, USA

558. David W. Allen, Milford, NH, USA
  "Yet another example of a literal interpretation of an ancient text completely misunderstood by 21st century Americans."

559. Ariel Penning, Orlando, FL, USA
  "I am repulsed by this 'product.'  The idea that someone has found a way to market child abuse absolutely sickens me."

560. Bob Casparius, Stamford, CT, USA
  "Violence in any form shows an inability to effectively communicate to others."

561. Vincent DiRienzo, Burlington, MA, USA
  "I am a father and LICSW (Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker) who is outraged that this product is allowed to be marketed and sold as method to discipline children.  Corporal punishment is a form of physical abuse that teaches children about power and the abuse of power.  There are better methods for disciplining chldren and many resources are available to educate parents on more effective disciplining techniques i.e. seeking help from a mental health professional."

562. Susann Denes, Carmel, CA, USA
  "The whole concept is awful it should be banned."

563. C. Wilkinson, South Orleans, MA, USA
  "Did Jesus whip little children?  Did Jesus sanction child abuse?  No.  You need to stop the selling of this instrument of torture."

564. Serenity Foster, Tulsa, OK, USA

565. Elaine Arnold, Altus, OK, USA
  "Hitting children is cruel punishment and poor parenting.  A company that make such a horrific tool should be ashamed.  They should be made to spend time with the social workers who visit abused and battered children who may very likely be the victims of their disciplinary device."

566. Jan Figart, Tulsa, OK, USA, Child Care Resource Center
  "The Child Care Resource Center opposes physical abuse.  Every effort should be made to restrict the sale of an item whose sole intent is to physically harm a child."

567. Bobby Coppins, Reading, MA, USA
  "Absolutely sickening that a company would promote pain/violence toward children."

568. John Bales, Dallas, TX, USA
  "'The Rod' is not better than caning people in the far east.  Maybe 'sparing the rod' was the method of discipline in the middle east during biblical times, but it's no longer an acceptable practice in the 21st century.  Please help to remove this abominable product from the market."

569. V. Johnson, Washington, DC, USA
  "What kind of psychopatic ego does it take to think a 200 pound adult should be hitting a 30 pound child with anything?  Violence breeds violence, not respect.  I should know having been hit repeatedl;y with a belt as a child.  If I can teach my dog good behavior using words and positive encouragement, I can teach a child."

570. Uoe Utsler, Los Angeles, CA, USA
  "If it isn't specifically illegal to market and sell a device specifically designed to beat children, it certainly should be."

571. Suzanne Connolly, Falmouth, ME, USA
  "Violence begats violence."

572. Dr. Patrick Connolly, Portland, ME, USA, Martin's Point Health Care
  "Stop the rod, spare the child."

573. Adam Conner-Simons, Newton, MA, USA, Pomona College
574. Leo Espinosa, Cambridge, MA, USA, Graphic Designer
  "The only asociation one can make between religioin and children's rights is that such rights are sacred.  Stop the rod now!"

575. Cydney Visio, Springfield, MO, USA, Mommy

576. Nathan Harrington, Lewiston, ME, USA

577. Julie Brown, Sacramento, CA, USA, Mother and Citizen
  "This is reprehensible.  Such devices do nothing but promote the abuse of children.  As someone who was hit with things such as clothing hangers, it does nothing but create emotional problems for a child."

578. Erica, Addison, TX, USA

579. Erin Nicole Moore, Canyon, TX, USA, Outraged College Student
  "I am currently writing a speech on abuse occuring within homeschool environments, and this only furthers my opinions on this subject.   It is outrageous that we are teaching our children and BABIES that it is okay to use force to express ourselves.  I am sick to my stomach!"

580. David Barns, Grinnel, IA, USA
  "This is really disturbing, no child need be struck with something to inflict injury out of anger.  Don't tell me this is about love or chastening, this is taking the sin of RAGE out on children."

581. Laura Lindsay, Pittsburgh, PA, USA, mama to two
  "I saw this ad in a homeschooling magazine and became literally SICKENED at the thought of a WEAPON being sold for the express purpose of beating a child.  I CANNOT believe this is legal.  You purchasers think this instrument will make your chlid respect your values and love you??  What do YOU think you're teaching them?  You're teaching them that they're not safe with you.  You're teaching them that you, who are supposed to be the one person (or two parents) on earth who should love them above all else, that you are unable to control yourself and your anger towards them.  What kind of children do you think you'll create with this??"

582. Helen Hanigan, North Andover, MA, USA, Librarian
  "The manufacture and sale of the rod must be stopped.  We try to protect children from unsafe toys.  This device goes way beyond that; it's abusive."

583. Elizabeth Young, Brooklyn, NY, USA
  "It's sad that people use the bible to justify the fact that they can't control their tempers when they are frustrated with their children and/or parenting."

584. Adrian Drake, Milwaukee, WI, USA
  "As a victim of 'righteous' abuse as a child, seeing this sent shivers down my spine.  This must be stopped."

585. Monica Vasquez, New York, NY, USA, Designer
  "The Rod will only create angry adults.  There are other ways to make money."

586. Sheila Dollard, Danvers, MA, USA
  "Great effort to stop hurting children.  Think of the impact you will have on so many.  Thanks for being courageous enough to make a difference."

587. Pamela Ramming, Hydro, OK, USA, Parent

588. Sarah Fanning, Washington, DC, USA, Editor/Punkymoms
  "This is absolutely abhorrent!  It does advocate child abuse and must be stopped!"

589. Mike Mitch, USA
  "Sends the WRONG message - not to mention the torment and pain that children do not deserve."

590. Victoria Bunch, Bamberg, SC, USA, Mother of 3
  "I never have and never will understand child abuse.  A child is to be loved and nurtured into growth of a well balanced adult not beaten and battered with a stick."

591. Michelle Butler, Dallas, TX, USA, homeschool mother,  state accredited elementary teacher
  "If the 'rod' is a literal word in the book of Proverbs, then other references in Proverbs must also be literal.  Consider the following: 
Proverbs Chapter One Wisdom calls, cries, laughs, and mocks. In chapters Eight and Nine
Wisdom walks and builds. I wonder what she looks like if the Proverbs are literal?
Proverbs Chapters Five and Twenty-two state the mouth of an adulteress is a "deep pit"
and "drips honey." I wonder how deep it is and if she has a drooling problem. Literal!!

Proverbs 23:2 "Put a knife to your throat if you are given to gluttony". Wow there are
alot of fat overweight christians out there who should commit suicide. Afterall it is
literal, right?

If the five "rod" references in the Book Of Proverbs are to be literal then so must the
previous mentioned references and many, many more. Or perhaps these people who want to
use the Bible as an excuse for their criminal behavior have received some sort of divine
inspiration telling them that only the verses referring to the rod are literal.
592. Katrina Drake, Milwaukee, WI, USA
  "Whoever created this 'child training' item should be beaten with it.  What were they thinking?"

593. Teri King, Sylmar, CA, USA

594. Lindsey Jackson, Merrimack, NH, USA
  "This is a disgusting and horrifying product!!!"

595. Nicole Alley, New Haven, CT, USA
  "Must be stopped!  The sale of this should be illegal."

596. Mrs. Angela Mills, Eaton Rapids, MI, USA
  "I agree this isn't even human, I have three daughters and this 'Rod' just ticks me off!!!  I believe children need to be disciplined but not ike this at all!!!"

597. John A. S. Rogers, Portland, ME, USA, facilitator - father support group YMCA
  "The concept that somehow causing pain, fear, emotional distress, nightmares, and other trauma in children is somehow 'for their own good,' is perhaps the greatest uncivilized drivel ever invented.  I am certain that parents who use such devices--or any means employed primarily to cause pain, trauma, emotional distress, nightmares, impoverished self-image, and terror--do not see their children as people at all but rather as things--like a new automobile, a summer house, a diamond bracelet.  For these forlorn souls the child is not, of course, a person at all but an object, a possession to be displayed.  These parents' principal concern is that their child 'present a polite demeanor' or 'an attractive image' or some such crap.  I fail to understand how any person--child or adult--can possibly respect, love, admire, even tolerate someone who causes him pain and suffering.

Here's my favorite quote from Dr. Alice Miller, renowned child psychiatrist: 'We don't yet know, above all, what the world might be like if children were to grow up without being subjected to humiliation, if parents would respect them and take them seriously as persons."

598. Kate Berthelsen, Methuen, MA, USA

599. April Wycherley, Havelock, NC, USA
  "I am a Pagan homeschooling mother, and there is no way I would EVER use this torture device on my children!!!!  If I were to hit a 200 pound adult with something like this, I would go to jail for aggravated assault, but it's ok to hit my 50 pound 7 year old with it??!!!  I don't think so!!  If it's ASSAULT on an adult, then surely it's ABUSE on a child!!  The Rod HAS to go!"

600. & 601. Eleanor and Buron Jaffe, Boston, MA, USA, retired school counselor and retired physician
  "This is a step backward into the dark ages.  These manufacturers and the users of the rods need education, and their children need protection.  Stop the rod."

602. Lindsay E. K. Lichtenwalter, Milwaukie, OR, USA

603. Lillian Moreno, Beeville, TX, USA
  "This is an item of torture and a similar item was used in the medieval times.  Haven't we strived to become a more rational society?"

604. Samuel K. Kelley, MD, Cohasset, MA, USA, Medical Director, Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty of Children
  "The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends alternative methods of discipline.  Dr. Benjamin Spock and the office of the U.S. Surgeon General also have advised against corporal punishment of children."

605. Rick McGuire, Austin, TX, USA
  "I think the rod should be banned as a device for punishing children.  It should only be used to punish yourself. Like McDonalds, 'I'm lovin' it!"

606. Eileen Scully, Gatineau, QC, CANADA
  "This is unbelievable!!!  Corporal punishment!  Please STOP making and selling them NOW!"

607. Terence McCorry, Boynton Beach, FL, USA, Director of Campus Ministry
  "Horrible misuse of scripture."

608. Sylvia Saunders, Ottawa, ON, CANADA
  "Children can be taught so much more with love and compassion.  Love and cherish those beautiful children.  They are a precious gift.  This rod has no part in our society.  Let us all speak up and have it abolished."

609. Jo-Anne Stasiuk, Ottawa, ON, CANADA
  "It's hard to believe that there is a market for this in 2005.  Anyone who uses such a device is committing Child Abuse indeed."

610. Sandra Jones, Ottawa, ON, CANADA
  "Totally unacceptable.  I ask that this item be banned for sale."

611. Jim Fisk, Long Beach, CA, USA
  "I was physically abused by one of my parents throughout childhood.  I have two sons, 17 and 10 years old, and both are wonderful, healthy kids with great dispositions, as well as great citizens.  My wife and I have never spanked them and do not support any form of physical expression of anger or discipline.  We controlled where the bar was set, and as a result, strong discussion is enough to impress the kids as to what is right and what is wrong behavior.  I am proof that the abuse does not have to continue from generation to generation.  That said, I have gone through a considerable amount of therapy and counseling to work out some of the complexities resulting from a crummy childhood.  Physical punishment is NOT a solution."

612. Shana West, Columbus, OH, USA, EFL Teacher
  "I find it cruel and unusual that anyone should discipline their children with pain.  If someone were rude to me on the street and I whipped them for it, I'd be arrested.  How can it then be justifiable to do it to my children?"

613. James Foucar, Brighton, ENGLAND, ABSS - Boarding Concern
  "As someone who endured inappreopriate and unjustified physical abuse as a child with a similar implement, I call upon the Sate of Oklahoma to immediately ban this cruel instrument of child torture."

614. A.M. Ansari, Nashville, TN, USA, Founder/STOP Corporal Punishment in Schools

615. Paul Previte, Austin, TX, USA
  "Mean, hateful parents make mean, hateful children."

616. Gary Wood Harper, Houston, TX, USA
  "From caution in 1984 to speechless in 2004..."

617. A. Howard, IRELAND, Teacher
  "To expand upon the advertisement for this disgusting product:  'Brains Are For Using'."

618. Susan Berlowitz, New York, NY, USA
  "Although I am not a church goer, I want to support your efforts to eliminate this tool.  I don't believe in hitting children, with anything.  I am appalled that anyone can think this is OK.  I have also, recently, read about the use of tabasco sauce, and other varieties of hot sauces, as a way to discipline young children.  Yesterday, in a Village Voice article, I read about a stun gun, called a B-Stick, that sells for $29.95.  I can't even begin to imagine a mind that thinks these things up.  I have two grown boys, and it never would have occurred to me to use any of these tools.  I don't believe in corporal punishment.  To begin with, the difference in size, between chidren and adults, immediately signals an imbalance of pwer.  I remember as a small child, my parents hands coming toward me from bodies towering above me, and never quite, for the most part, understanding what I had done.  Is fear what we really want to instill in children?"

  "Ditto: 'When the Bible talks of 'spare the rod, spoil the child' it is within the context of shepherding.  A shepherd uses a rod to guide and protect the sheep, not to beat them.

  When a child hits a child, we call it aggression.
  When a child htis an adults, we call it hostility.
  When an adult hits an adult, we call it assault.
  When an adult hits a child, we call it discipline.
     (what's wrong with this picture?)

'Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is His reward.' Ps. 127:3"

620. Sarah Gregg, Montreal, QC, CANADA, Student
  "I believe this object to be deeply wrong.  It's terrible to think of something being sold legally to hurt children.  It's nonsense..."

621. Jennifer Cox, DeSoto, TX, USA

622. M.L.S., Columbus, OH, USA
  "It disgusts me that some people still think hitting a child is a proper tool for discipline.  STOP THE ROD!  We need to break the cycle of violence in this country, and around this world!"

623. Mrs. B. Bergmann, Arlington, TX, USA
  "Any parent who purchases this product should be ashamed of themselves along with any other adult who condones its use.  Child abuse is illegal, and the only purpose of this product is the implementation of such abuse."

624. Marcelle, LaFace, North Bay, ON, CANADA, mother
  "This ad promotes abuse on OUR CHILDREN, this is against your laws, is it not?  Please enforce your law and charge this promoter to the full extent of those laws."

625. Joanmichelle Rafferty, Malden, MA, USA, TRI-CAP
  "We need to teach children, not abuse them.  Haven't we learned anything, abuse and neglect do not teach, they harm.  This needs to be stopped.  I was appalled when I came across this, to think that it still goes on is a disgrace."

626. Erin Leiter, Elkhart, IN, USA

627. Allison Day, Bagdad, Tasmania, AUSTRALIA  Mom of precious 2 little ones
  "How appalling and so sad that these misguided people can use their religion to promote CHILD ABUSE I especially like the 'cushioned vinyl grip' so these loving parents can avoid hurting their precious hands while beating their not so precious little babes.  These sort of people are why the world is such a violent place."

628. Michelle Beaubien, CANADA
  "I am repulsed by this instrument of torture.  I've raised a little boy without EVER having to resort to physical cruelty.  Love, talking, and REASON work just fine thank you.  There is never any excuse to hit your baby.  Whoever came up with this horrific idea should be imprisoned for endagering children.  Today's abused kids could be tomorrow's killers."

629. Jenny Schmidt, JD, Chicago, IL, USA
  "I accidentally came across this.  How utterly repulsive that such a tool is even made.  It is outrageous and immoral.  Parents who use this should have this used on themselves."

630. P. Hoek, Den Haag, Zuid-Holland, THE NETHERLANDS, Home educating mother
  "It's awful and deeply sad that Bible verses are used for something as appalling as this rod.  And I was shocked to find out that a hoemschooling magazine placed this advertisement.  Thank you for not producing the rod anymore.  May all home aducators (and all people, for that matter) see that children thrive on love and not on violence."

631. Angie Bustamante, Concord, NC, USA
  "Unbelievable...very sad!"

632. Natalie Watkins, San Antonio, TX, USA
  "Jesus Christ did not get whipped so children would have to endure the same.  This is immoral at best.  A society is judged by the way in which it treats it weakest members."

633. Christopher Beaudien, Burnaby, Vancouver, CANADA
  "Set an example to children, oh parents who support thee mighty Rod: It's good to beat and humiliate a living being smaller than you (ex. troublemakers, puppies, babies, etc.).  What good does inflicting pain do to teach a child what the rod practices otherwise?  Here's an idea:  Why not teach them right from wrong with a loving embrace, encouraging participation for the good of one's community, and a broad education that elevates their tolerance, courtesy, and good will to a plane worthy of a saint.  The moral of the ROD -- Treat them like an animal with a whip to the back, and you get a man who expects to be wounded for the rest of his life.  For the sake of your children -- grow up!"

634. Anna Kaiser, Bulverde, TX, USA

635. Carol Schneider, Tecumseh, OK, USA
  "If we are ever to turn toward a kindlier society and a safer world, a revulsion against the physical punishment of children would be a good place to start." - Dr. Benjamin Spock

636. Wendee Shulsen, Seattle, WA, USA
  "Unbelievable.  Truly."

637. Michelle Wright, San Antonio, TX, USA

638. Heather Ewing, Salt Lake City, UT, USA

640. Sandra Christensen, Raleigh, NC, USA

641. James Christensen, Raleigh, NC, USA, Father of 4

642. Trista Kisner, Havelock, NC, USA, Mother of two

643. Kevin Lee Hawley, Lachine, MI, USA, Homeschool Dad
  "This is just so sickening!"

644. Cheri Benitez, Aurora, CO, USA, Artistic Creations
  "This is so horrible, I don't even know what to say . . . Wouldn't it be better to talk to your child rather than beating them into submission!!!!"

645. Sherri Underwood, Talihina, OK, USA

646. Molly Murphy, Irving, TX, USA, Mom

647. Bonnie Patterson, Tampa, FL, USA
  "Absolutely appalling!"

648. Patty Bonney, St. Louis, MO, USA

649. Carol Narigon, Dayton, OH, USA
  "Imagine someone twice your height hitting you with a flexible plastic rod.  How terrifying that would be.  Would you call that love?  Would Jesus?  I don't read publications that advertise The Rod."

650. Dr. Kim Brown, Nashua, NH, USA
  "Dear Governor Henry,
As a healthcare professional and parent, I find it appalling that you have not put a stop to the sale of this device.  It's time for Oklahoma to join the rest of the country in the 21st century.  Does your state allow the sale of wife-beating rods as well?"

651. Kathleen Santucci, Dayton, OH, USA, Unschooling mom of two
  "This is an implement of child abuse, and needs to be made illegal!"

652. Amy Scott, Yellow Springs, OH, USA
  "What would Jesus do?"

653. Rebekah Yoder, Canby, OR, USA, Mother & thinking, compassionate human being
  "This weapon is Evil, as are its creators and those who purchase it and use it to abuse their poor innocent children in some twisted idea of 'love'.  Evil, this is just pure Evil."

654. Sandra Regal, Apopka, FL, USA
  "This is a sickening example of child abuse sold under the guise of misguided religion.  The 'rod' of the Bible was for directing not beating."

655. Gloria Barton, Atwater, CA, USA, Student
  "Tools like this rod used to beat someone should not even exist.  This company should sell a book on how to be a good parent, without violence."

656. Michael Howard Hamburger, Collingswood, NJ, USA
  "This is Barbaric!!  There is currently a public outcry against the use of torture in Iraq and Guantanamo, however, torture begins at home!!  Please, for the Love of God (no pun intended) stop all sales of this 'torture device'."

657. Robin Billings, Claremore, OK, USA
  "I shudder to think a fellow Oklahoman even invented this!"

658. Michael Hihllanbrand, Skippack, PA, USA, Parent
  "The rod is illegal to use on dogs - or prisoners, including prisoners of war.  Why is it legal to sell and use this instrument on our children?  The image of the Good Shepher - whose ROD and STAFF COMFORT me is not because whipping is comforting.  Shephers do not whip their sheep.  The rod is, along with staff may be used to gently coax - touching to redirect - NOT whip, and to protect against feral animals.  From a word usage study - the hebrew root is used mainly for measuring.  A child raised up - without a measure - or set of rules/guidelines - will be 'spoiled'."

659. Rena, Logansport, IN, USA

660. Bridget Berger, Sioux City, IA, USA, Registered Nurse and mother

661. Devin Furey, Ashland, OR, USA
  "This archaic form of overt sexual abuse we call 'spanking' ruins lives and destroys hope for peace in the world; that should not be for sale!"

662. Alain Elshocht, Poitiers, FRANCE
  "Love and dialog are better than violence to teach children..."

663. Alicia Seale-Key, Xenia, OH, USA
  "How interesting that the handle is padded for the comfort of the abuser!  THIS IS DISGUSTING!!!"

664. Karen Burd, Tulsa, OK, USA
  "Corporal punishment is not effective, and breeds future violence."

665. Jeanne Clarke, Baltimore, MD, USA, mother of two home schooled children
  "I have never needed to hit my children inorder to teach them.  Most children love learning use this would, I think, instill in them a fear of learning.....a home school is not a 'juvenile prison'.  Is it going to take the death of a child thru use of one of these rods in order to stop their sale and usage?  I hope not."

666. Oliver Dutton, New Orleans, LA, USA
  "This is truly sickening."

667. Randall K. Sobien, Albuquerque, NM, USA
  "Seeing this is a reminder of everything wrong with religion.  What else is to be said other than it's sick."

668. Richard Sobien, Albuquerque, NM, USA, Biologist
  "This sick thing needs to be outlawed."

669. Annie Perry, Oxford, OH, USA, Student, Miami University
  "I am shocked and appalled that a company would make money from selling a device used to hit children.  Violence should never be enacted upon children.  Never."

670. Richard Pierard, Beverly, MA, USA
  "As a Christian, I am appalled by this.  Can't you put an end to this atrocious action in your state?"

671. Robert Mathis, Gaffney, SC, USA
  "Why would anyone resort to a 'rod' to discipline children.  If you don't hit your dog, why do you hit your children.  One must also keep in mind the type of verbal correction...not verbal abuse."

672. Vicki Olubo, Olathe, KS, USA
  "While I believe in discipline, hitting anyone with a WHIP is abuse.  As a horse trainer I often carry a whip, as an extension of my arm for direction, NEVER FOR WHIPPING!"

673. Michael Charon, Saint Petersburg, FL, USA

674. Marilyn Hilton, Sanford, FL, USA
  "This is one of the more disgusting literal interpretations of the Bible I have seen.  It is a blasphemy.  We live in the 21st century.  Please put an end to this."

675. Kathleen Mainard, Enumclaw, WA, USA
  "I cannot believe a device whose only function is to inflict pain on anyone much less a child can be marketed under the guise of Christianity."

676. Kate Wolford, Goshen, IN, USA
  "This is a dreadful tool and should not be for sale.  Children who are raised up with love and firm guidance will be good citizens as adults.  Beatings are not necessary or right -- or Christian!"

677. Mark Kennet, Seneca Falls, NY, USA, Sr. Rec. Therapist
  "It amazes me that this product would ever reach the marketplace.  Not a good sign for our society inmy view.  Where the love?"

678. Roberta Torrey, Kansas City, MO, USA

679. Catherine Martin, Lafayette, LA, USA
  "When we don't want something, we say 'Spare Me', but people understand the bible, the way they want.  Well the bible says spare the rod, spoil the child, I know how I understand that, using the rod is ABUSE!"

680. Dawn Arthurs Peck, Evans City, PA, USA

681. Jaci Underwood, Hicksville, OH, USA
  "This is asinine - take a 'survey' of the kids who've been beat and roughed around - how they feel about it."

682. Jeni Kendrick, Milton, FL, USA
  "The company that sells this product should have included a jillstone with the purchase of this weapon, and should also have a millstone sent to anyone associated with the production and distribution of this weapon...Matthew 18:3 & Matthew 18:6 - "And said, Verily I say unto you, except ye be converted and become as little children, ye shall not enter the kingdom of heaven."..."But Whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea."

683. Caroline H. Vowell, Woodstock, GA, USA, Private citizen
  "Some sick, mean, hateful person must have thought this one up."

684. Vivian Hernandez, New Orleans, LA, USA
  "Thank you Mrs. Lawrence for dedicating so much of your time to bringing thissad little piece of 'entrepreneurship' to our attention, as well as the bigger issue of corporal punishment.  I hope your insightful interview with helps at least one parent reconsider whether corporal punishment is the best way to discipline their child."

685. Elizabeth J. Verril, Hampstead, NH, USA
  "While I do believe there is a lack of respect and discipline in many home, Christian or not, The Rod is NOT the answer.  The manufacturer is sick, as is the company who published the ad (and made their money on it).  How about stones?  Is stoning coming back into vogue??"

686. Michael Mayers, St. Louis, MO, USA, High School Teacher
  "Hard to belive something like this is advertised.  If you can't control your children with non-violent methods, how are they going to react when they grow up?  What happens when violence is the only thing they understand?  Honestly, what would you do if your boss used the 'Rod' on you?"

687. Carol Bevins, Redford, MI, USA
  "Unbelievable.  I am a mother of 4 and it angers me to see a product on the market like this."

688. Paula Jennings, Dumont, NJ, USA
  "I was appalled when I saw the article and now this advertisement.  I am a strong Christian and have always felt that using any type of instrument to 'discipline' a child is child abuse.  I will never understand how people can consider it 'Christian' behavior to discipline children in this way.  I know a parent who pinches her child to leave a mark so that he will remember next time what he did that was disobedient.  In my opinion all of that behavior is abusive and nearly always leaves a lasting negative impact that affects the victim their entire life.  I also feel that hovering over a child with instruments such as 'the rod' or a belt or spoon is mentally abusive and also leaves lasting negative effects."

689. William Triebel, Austin, TX, USA
  "It might not be Christian thinking, but I would rather use one on the people selling them, then see if their opinion changes."

690. Sandra Naramore, MO, USA, educator
  "Cushioned handle?  No sense in spoiling the experience for the abuser, eh?  Balanced and easy to use?  If this was a skit on Saturday Night Live, I'd say they went way too far.  There will always be idiots who go too far...the lunatic fringe, but what I find even more appalling than the sadists who dreamed up this evil the publication that willingly advertised it...did they make a profit?  Had I been a subscriber, I would have instantly called and cancelled my subscription.  Then I would sit down and wonder what other false teachings they had been trying to pawn off on me over the years.  I went to a private Christian college in OK, and I feel very fortunate that I got out of the state that still seems to be in the dark ages.  When leaders don't represent and protect the public, what are they leading?"

691. Barbara Cuebas, Springfield, MO, USA, Tai Chi For Me
  "An abomination!  We spend time, money and resources trying to PREVENT child abuse inour states and our nation--this sort of weapon is exactly what all government and social service organizations are trying to eradicate.  It is also inhumane to even think of using such a weapon upon a defenseless child."

692.  S. S. Shiva Singh Khalsa, Chicago, IL, USA, Minister Sikh Dharma of Ilinois
  "This is despicable.  In this day and age to be so ignorant about the effects of abuse is a cause ofr great concern.  Compare their marketing tools to: 1st Corinthians 4:21 - Whatdo you desire?  Shall I come to you with a rod, or with love and a spirit of gentleness?"

693. Tiffani Varner, Springdale, AR, USA
  "Fundamentalism's love affair with violencehas gone too far."

694. Nakia Jackson, Boston, MA, USA
  "Children who are taught with violence learn one thing - violence."

695. Sarah Thakker, Shreveport, LA, USA

696. Maria Casella, Teaneck, NJ, USA

697.  Kathy Thomas, Humboldt, IA, USA
  "Shame on the magazine and other types of media that sell ad space to this creep"

698. Ted Vandervveldt, Norman, OK, USA

699. M. Kridner, Anaheim Hills, CA, USA, preschool teacher

700. Gina Marks, Coatesville, PA, USA
  "I am not sure which I am more saddened by...that people would use this device on their children, or that someone is making money from the sale of it (and calling himself a Christian).

701. JKR, Pasadena, CA, USA
  "Children are as entitled to freedom from nonconsensual asault as are adults.  Selling a tool specifically designed for physically assaulting kids is UNACCEPTABLE!  Hitting is not healthful for children and other living things.  The "ROD" must be stopped!"

702. Linda Kinney, LCSW, Indianapolis, IN, USA
  "I have worked with children incarcerated in a 'correctional facility' for youth.  Most of the children sent to that place were victims of abuse/neglect.  The Rod is nothing more than a weappon of humiliation and torture.  Parents who believe hurting their children teaches them how to lived in the world will find thousands of ways of doing so, without access to the Rod.  Please ban the manufacture, promotion, distribution of this revolting product."

703. Aimee LoPresti, Cicero, IL, USA
  "You must not allow a tool used to abuse young children to be sold from your state.  You have a responsibility to the children who don't have a voice to speak up against this abuse."

704. Melissa Huston, North Little Rock, AK, USA
  "It is difficult to understand the promotion of beating children with objects.  It's even more difficult to understand why a government would look the other way."

705. Yol Swan-Dass, Weaverville, NC, USA
  "This is the most outrageous thing I've ever seen.  This is promoting child abuse and violence in a country with already too much of it.  Children deserve respect and not to be 'trained' like animals!  Violence bears violence and pain bears more suffering.  Respect and love promote more respect and love amongst human beings."

706. Dann Buchanan, Oklahoma City, OK, USA
  "It is very, very sad that people like this exist.  And even more sad that many children still have to live in this kind of environment.  I hope that one day the true peace of God will visit these people, and they will cease their violence."

707. Christina Clark, Oklahoma City, OK, USA
  "I am deeply saddened to see this device.  I am embarrassed to be from a state where this thing is manufactured.  Please stop the production of this item."

708. Ron Humphrey, Augusta, GA, USA
  "For all the Christians who abhor this device, you have no one to blame but yourselves.  Your own book of theology commands this.  What could be sicker???  Not for me thank you.  Shut down this company and all those who support this vile behavior."

709. Cheryl Beckett, Memphis, TN, USA
  "I urge the governor of Oklahoma to take whatever measures to stop the manufacture and sales of this instrument of abuse.  The sellers refer to biblical passages of 'spare the rod'.  However, if one looks at the context of a rod used by a shepherd, it is an instrument to bring the sheep to the fold, not strike them.  There are enough cattlemen to know that one doesn't convince the creatures to do one's bidding by beating them.  It doesn't work with children either."

710. Pat Carrithers, Spring, TX, USA
  "Violence is evil.  Violence against the innocent (children) is the most evil."

711. Lauri H. Goff, Midwest City, OK, USA
  "This makes me almost ashamed to be from Oklahoma.  Please stop this now!  This state can make 'adult' toys illegal to sell insome places, but allow this?"

712. Janessa Kennett, Seneca Falls, NY, USA
  "I will help in any way I can to help stop the sale of the rod.  I was disgusted to find out there was such a thing in existence being advertised and sold!"

713. Kirstin Paisley, Olympia, WA, USA

714. Linda Eisenhauer, Canton, IL, USA
  "People need to use common sense and discernment when interpreting the Bible.  To use it as an excuse for child abuse is very sick and twisted thinking and not at all in the spirit of Christ."

715. Sue Misenheimer, Farwell, MI, USA
  "Stop this practice.  Child abuse, 'the gift that keeps on giving one generation to another....'  Oddly we have laws that protect pets/animals better than we do children!!!!!!!"

716. Joy Pletcher, South Bend, IN, USA
  "It is just horrible that child abuse is hidden behind the word 'discipline'."

717. Daniel Beckett, Portland, OR, USA
  "It is wrong. Plain and simple."

718. R. Van Vleet, Kearney, NE, USA, School Counselor
  "Incredibly sad.  We all have a deep responsibiblity to protect all children from harm."

719. Rich Zimmerman, Carteret, NJ, USA

720. Lisa Sblendorio, St. Paul, MN, USA, Educator

721. Dagny SanMiguel, San Diego, CA, USA
  "This is not 'training,' but abuse, and perpetuates the cycles of violence."

722. Phoebe ANNE (Sorgen), Berkeley, CA, USA, parent
  "A great book:  How to Talk so Kids will Listen and Listen so Kids will Talk.  My child is in high school now and is very smart and talented, makes excellent grades, has many friends.  The thing I am most proud of, as a parent, is that my teen is a very kind person.  Spanking can mess kids up psychologically.  Therapy can help heal them later, but physical violence is never helpful."

723. Ellen Horstman, Santa Rosa, CA, USA, Parent/Homemaker
  "It is appalling to think that this device is being manufactured to 'train' children.  Children should not be disciplined with a whip, or any other tool.  Please get this rod off the market!!"

724. Karen Olsen, Seattle, WA, USA
  "Quite obviously, this is an unsafe product, advocated by some very disturbed individuals who encourage parents to beat children and even infants with this thing, something even the fundamentalist 'BabyWise' people don't condone.  Such a practice is simply sick and extreme, and should be reserved strictly for consenting adults who willingly participate in BDSM.  Encouraging its use on children and even infants reflects very distrubed, sadistic thinking by people who believe God is a control freak and sadomasochist.  This thing should be banned by court order!"

725. Vicky Elam, Watertown, TN, USA, HomeSafe (A Domestic Violence Shelter)
  "In my opinion, the rod was used in directing or guiding the sheep out of harms way."

726. Linda Greco, Amherst, NY, USA
   "When my son was much younger, he heard about a parent who spanked children.  His comment, 'Why would someone want to hurt children like that?'  In response to the rod, I echo his comment, and suggest that the sale of the rod supports child abuse."

727. Candace Henson, Little Rock, AR, USA
  "If you want to beat a child like he/she is an animal don't expect your child to act like anything human.  The Godly way 'Do Unto Others As You Would Do Unto Yourself.'"

728. Cecilie Dahl, Bergen, NORWAY,

729. Kris Strauss, Racine, WI, USA
  "That thing (The Rod) is horrendous!!!  That thing is a deadly weapon!  Beating your child with that thing should send you to jail for many a years!  What hideous abuse!  Only those without a sould would find that weapon to be acceptable."

730. Gwendolyn Lauterbach, Oxnard, CA, USA
  "I'm sick to my stomach and can't believe this."

731. Sabrina Marie Sollmann, Redondo Beach, CA, USA
  "I don't believe in spanking.  Solomon said spare the rod ... as indon't use it!"

732. Barbara K. Mardah, New Ulm, MN, USA

733. Nancy Gorman, Evansville, IN, USA
  "On this website is the first I've seen of this.  It reminds me of my parents hitting me, the welts and bruises etc.  We used to get hit with whatever was nearest: hand, switch, belt, broom, it didn't matter.  I have a son and I don't understand how anyone in their right mind can do this to someone they claim to love.  My parents both passed away this last year, and I can't recall any good memries from my childhood, just the abuse.  I know you are supposed to forgive and forget, but I haven't ever been able to even when I've tried.  Those memories do not go away!"

734. Jim McLaughlin, Florence, SC, USA
  "Violence toward youth is wrong on all levels!"

735. N.M. Lewis, NYC, NY, USA
  "This is disgusting.  First fundies want to teach our kids ignorance-as-science, now they want to start 'officially' battering them."

736. Elinor Buxton, West Haven, CT, USA
  "Pray for America - a country where ads and products like this exist."

737. Lisa Messmer, Saint Louis, MO, USA
738. Sigrid Haraldsson, Oslo, NORWAY
  "It is totally sick, and it disgusts me big time."

739. V. Horton, Oslo, NORWAY, mother of one
  "This is an outrage!  I am more than shocked to see a thing such as this being manufactured and advertised.  Stop this NOW!  A tool to hurt a child?!  Anyone involved in the production/sale/advertisement of this, ought to be punished."

740. Thomas Sjøberg, Oslo, NORWAY

741. Gry Villmo Haraldsson, NORWAY

742. Fawna Schultz, San Francisco, CA, USA

743. Michelle Rolley, Daisytown, PA, USA, loving mother
  "This is horrible.  These babies are gifts from GOD and deserve to be loved to the fullest, not abused."

744. Scott Rolley, Daisytown, PA, USA, loving father
  "This is an outrage."

745. Pam Marden, San Francisco, CA, USA
  "I've never found it necessary to hit any one of my five children.  I can't believe this is being made and sold in this country!"

746. Candy James, Loretto, TN, USA, concerned parent
  "I have unfortunately used corporal punishment with my hand and only out of ignorance or anger.  I regret with every fiber in me that I am guilty of this.  There is no amount of apology that can bring back the trust of your child.  I do punishment differently, as much as I am capable of.  I think some people are so unwilling to see things differently that change scares them.  The only reason I was raised with corporal punishment is because my parents did not know another way.  There is no excuse now because there are numerous books that show various options.  About the "ROD", it hurts my stomach to think that there are people that treat their animals with more respect than their own children.  Children need our love which is spelled "T-I-M-E"and our guidance, which is NOT spelled "R-O-D".  My God... pray for these people."

747. Tamara Waagboe, Trondheim, NORWAY
  "I would love to know WHY this is ok?  WHY is it ok to hit a child, but not an adult?  Only weak people resort to this kind of behavior."

748. Yvonne, Bergen, NORWAY

749. Kari-Anne Thu, Stavanger, NORWAY, Student
  "It makes me sick.  The people using it is making me sick."

750. Julie Vehslage-Hinton, Spencer, IN, USA
  "I feel a lot of pity for the person who designed this disgusting, pain producing article.  The life this person grew up in must have been a devastating one.  God be with you."

751. Nina Stensnes, Tø
nsberg, Vestfold, NORWAY
  "I can't believe people still using violence against children."

752. Mary Rushton, Piedmont, SC, USA

753. Jim Rushton, Piedmont, SC, USA, Preschool Service Coord. Greenville County

754. Timothy George, San Jose, CA, USA
  "The use of the devices is disgusting.  If this is what people consider part of family values I am concerned for our country."

755. Linn Gros, NORWAY

756. Janice Dole Dutton, Pacifica, CA, USA, taxpayer
  "The only thing you teach by hitting is to hit--children learn by example.  I live in Pacifica--peace."

757. Mrs. Silje Sagstuen, Trondheim, NORWAY

758. Michelle L. Bryans, San Francisco, CA, USA

759. Helen Sanders, Cumberland, MD, USA
  "The Rods that have been sold need to be recalled.  Any child that is hit by one of these will be critically injured.  Ask God for guidance not a Rod."

760. LaNeesa McDaniel, Ellenwood, GA, USA

761. Holly Urquizu, Fresno, CA, USA, Rachel & Evan's mom
   "Spanking only creates violence in children, it sends a message tom them that they're 'no good'.  There are other alternatives, what works for me is 'time out'.  No child likes to sit on the 'naught stool' for a period of time, it makes my daughter think of her bad hehavior and just 'cool off' for a few minutes."

762. Andrew Hanauer, Berkeley, CA, USA

763. Walter Ballin, Chico, CA, USA

764. & 765. Don and Linda Morrell, Anchorage, AK, USA

766. Thomas Conroy, Jersey City, NJ, USA
  "This is sickening, and the fact that it is being marketed as a 'Christian' product indicates the degree to which Christianity has been perverted by disgusting, right wing ideologues, who also, by the way, condone torture of prisoners of war.  When did Jesus ever endorse hitting a child with a stick?"

767. Jean Gray, Port Orange, FL, USA
  "Hit an adult with anything - hand included - and it's assault!  We must protect our children from this abuse and stop anyone from profiting by it!"

768. Fenna Waldmeier, San Rafael, CA, USA
  "I think it is appalling that this product is allowed to be made and used in a supposedly 'civilised' country.  It has nothing to do with the freedom of raising your child the way you desire, this is physical abuse and should be made illegal immediately."

769. Paola A. Sensi Isolani, Moaga, CA, USA, Professor, St. Mary's College
  "Children are not property, and as we would not condone someone hitting their dog with a rod, so we should forbid doing the same to a child.  Certainly there is nothing at all Christian about hitting a child in order to discipline!"

770. Lisa Gallond, Raleigh, NC, USA

771. Saundra Y. Addison-Britto, South Orange, NJ, USA, Women To Women Ministries, Inc.
  "Corporal punishment of children when condoned by the State is legalized child abuse.  Child abuse in any form is immoral and tends to be counter-productive in curbing violent behavior."

772. Francisca Erondu, Alexandria, MA, USA
  "I fee the rod is a terrible way of disciplining a child.  It is dangerous and harmful to the child, as parents we should watch out for harmful weapons like the rod."

773. Mrs. Teresa Summerhill, Powhatan, VA, USA
  "I am absolutely shocked that something like this is on the market for hurting children.  I find this as a torture weapon!!!"

774. Jeff Summerhill, Powhatan, VA, USA
  "You are kidding, right?  The manufactor of these needs to be caned."

775. C. E. Rash, Jr., Willits, CA, USA
  "The state of Oklahoma condones child abuse.  This barbaric practice must stop!"

776. Millie Workman-Lee, Rensselaer, NY, USA
  "The scripture does not say to beat children.  This is the meaning of 'Spare the rod, spoil the child' - The 'rod' was a rod used by shepherds to guide their sheep which were called a 'child'.  This prevented the sheep from going astray and getting killed by wolves.  To say that God meant for us to beat our children with rods and use the scripture mentioned above to justify it is wicked!"

777. T. J. Williams, Lincoln, AR, USA, higher grounds
  "This is a very warped way to look at the bible when it says spare the rod spoil the child, exactly three verses down it says not to delight in abusing your child because you're only breeding anger and deceitfulness."

778. Martin Gross, San Francisco, CA, USA

779. Joe DiMaio, Castro Valley, CA, USA, Father and grandfather
  "There's absolutely no way to justify this barbaric garbage."

780. L Tanya Watson, Antioch, CA, USA
  "This is an awful thing... GOD does not want this happening to his children..."

781. Sherrie Sapone, Spring Hill, FL, USA
  "This is completely wrong.  Jesus declared bring the child to me.  Jesus wouldn't agree with this at all.  Everyday we read in the paper and see on the rv, children dying at the hands of their parents and caretakers.  This just tells them that it is ok to do what is wrong."

782. Julia Spencer, Telford, PA, USA
  "God did not create us to beat us." - Dr. Jerry Cook  Romans 6

783. Mimi Boothby, Seattle, WA, USA
  "Should we have slaves because they were in the bible too?"

784. Debra Black, Joliet, IL, USA
  "Reading this ad and the descriptions of these books make me sick.  How can these people love their children?  They have absolutely no compassion at all.  They keep quoting the Old Testament, but don't quote Jesus at all.  Jesus would never support this kind of behavior."

785. Yvonne Dawes, Oakland, CA, USA

786. Diane McClure, Charlotte, NC, USA

787. Erin Neese, USA, non-spanking Christian mom of 2
  "This rod is an implement of child abuse.  A relationship with Jesus is about receiving grace and serving for the joy of it; not about fear-based obedience."

788. Mary Alice O'Connor, Walnut Creek, CA, USA, Interfaith Minister

789. & 790. Roger G. McClure & E. Geraldine McClure, Greenville, SC, USA, Private Citizens
  "I was born and raised in Oklahoma, but with citizens of your state publishing articles on the proper abuse of children under the guise of religion by the use of a rod that they are manufacturing, I am ashamed for anhone to know I come from there.  I feel you should take whatever action necessary to shut this company down and take all legal actions possible against them."

791. Kim Cohn Wilks, MA/RDT, MFTI, Berkeley, CA, USA, Child Therapist-Bay Area Children First

792. I. Shadd, Concord, CA, USA
  "I was appalled at reading about this barbaric treatment of innocent children.  It is especially disturbing that this practice is being touted as related to the scriptures."

793. Tracy Phelps, Beavercreek, OH, USA
  "There's too much child abuse out there now and this will just add to it in the name of religion.  It is just a weapon with a bible to back it up.  Get rid of it."

794. Constance D. Ambrosio, Oakland, CA, USA
  "I have been a school counselor for over 15 years.  Without a doubt the children who have been discipline with violence in their own homes are in the majority of the children who evidence learning problems, depression, and violent behavior themselves.  Do not even use the word Christian in the same sentence with people who advocate for such treatment of our children.  They defile themselves and Jesus in the same breath."

795. Janice M. Foss, Kensington, CA, USA, Marriage and Family Therapist

796. Wendi Rank, Antioch, CA, USA
  "It is always wrong to strike a child.  It's wrong to profit from the manufacture, distribution and sale of weapons against children.  Just remember, we reap what we sow.  And what goes around comes around."

797. Deloise Gaines, Dolton, IL, USA
  "I think it wrong to hit any one especially children it doesn't teach children about right or wrong.  It teaches violence."

798. Keith Andreen, Los Angeles, CA, USA
  "This is the kind of thing that gives Oklahoma a bad reputation around the U.S.  It gets tough defending your home state when people in other states can pull things like this and the 'gloves on Roosters for Cockfighting' articles out and make you feel like you come from the most backwards, ignorant, redneck state over (which I know Oklahoma isn't).  Please stop this embarrassment.  Common sense clearly dictates that this item promotes child abuse and is quite simply wrongin both concept and realization."

799. Kelly Hawkins, Parma, MI, USA, Mother

800. Candace Ciambra, Raleigh, NC, USA

801. Nancy A. Chapple, Blue Springs, MO, USA
  "This is sick!  Whoever thought of this is amean person with no respect for young human life."

802. Martha Stewart, Orinda, CA, USA, marriage and family therapist
  "There are many ways to discipline our children w/o using a rod."

803. James D'Angelo, Camp Hill, PA, USA
  "Some people will believe almost anything if you attach a Bible Verse to it--especially in 'Red States.'"

804. Tina Oliver, Mesa, AZ, USA
  "PLEASE stop the sale of the Rod!  This is abuse andshould not be allowed."

805. Brenda Gadowski, Cleveland Heights, OH, USA
  "Shocking that his can even be promoted in this day and age."

806. Maria Sciarrino, Schenectady, NY, USA, Administration - GE
  "Jesus said to all of the men both old and young, 'if you are pure, without sin, then throw your rocks' - all threw theirs down starting from the eldest to youngest.  Jesus came to the world not to condemn the world but to save this world.  Jesus is not about spoiling any of 'us' children or adults, Jesus is aobut Peace, Love, Forgiveness.  'Do unto others as they would do unto us', 'Treat others as we would like for them to treat us'.  Please STOP this company from manufacturing this thing 'Rod'."

807. Molly Sonier, Longview, TX, USA, Christian Unschooling Mom of Three
  "If you've read the two links at the top of the website you'll wonder how in heaven's name these people who call themselves Christians have gained any kind of foothold in the child rearing business.  Not only is 'the rod' appalling but so is the mindset of someone who thinks they must somehow gain the 'upper hand' with a 4-month-old baby by striking it.  Sick, twisted, and disgusting doesn't even come close.  This is a sin and I have serious doubts about where these barbaric people will spend eternity."

808.  Bianca M. Gunn, Dothan, AL, USA, Mom, Granny
  "This looks like a riding crop without the noisemaker- vile to use on an animal, criminal to use on a child.  Both victims are trusting souls who have crushable spirits- to crush a spirit is to commit emotional murder- I think God had something to say about murder..."

809. Kristie R. Levesque, New London, CT, USA, Pastor of Worship and Creative Arts LWRC and Mother to 3 beautiful children
  "There is no justification on Earth for this type of pathetic tool masked as a 'training instrument'.  Animals are to be trained, children are to be led and loved.  How is it that in this country even in training animals it is unacceptable to whip them but our children are not protected against this?  What a shame!  PETA has the right idea, now now about People for the Ethical Treatment of HUMANS...including precious children."

810. Aimee Lee, New London, CT, USA

811. Joseph Turner, New London, CT, USA
  "It really should be self evident, but this is NOT how to train children, animals or plants.  When citing biblical authority, perhaps the person doing so should also be held to 'an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth', etc.  In this case, a spanking for a spanking....."

812. Anja Waldmeier, Vancouver, BC, CANADA
  "This is torture.  Using this tool means you're not allowed to have children.  It's a disgrace!  Stop hurting children now!  Boycott 'The Rod'."

813. Rachel Carrion, Old Lyme, CT, USA
  "I was stunned to find out that something like this is advertised and sold in mainstream areas.  It is an atrocity to think that it has not been banned already.  Please do everything that you can to make sure that it is."

814. Caurie Putnam, Rochester, NY, USA
  "This is an absolutely horrific product.  Protect our nation's children and ban it."

815. Wayne H. Beebe, Pullman, WA, USA, M.Civ., LMHC, CDP

816. Annette Moss, Norman, OK, USA, Grandmother

817. Edith Caperton, Waycross, GA, USA
  "It looks brutal."

818. Joseph Caperton, Waycross, GA, USA
  "Should never be used on any human."

819. Gladys Dykes, Hoboken, GA, USA
  "I can't believe any one would consider using this on a child!"

820. Jennifer Woods, Shawnee, KS, USA
  "This product makes me sick."

821. Mike Wessner, Minneapolis, MN, USA, Former Abuse Victim
  "The perpetrators of this vile and disgusting propaganda deserve to be prosecuted for child abuse and assault with a weapon.  I only hope they get to experience the pain of such a violent attack but it would still not compare to the pain and fear a child experiences when they are being violently attacked.  If God gave me the power to judge I would sentence all child abusers to an eternity of being swatted with a rod, punched in the face, kicked in the stomach, burned with scalding water, and all the other fine techniques that my father and other parents devised to discipline their children in the name of God.  Unfortunately God did not give me that power but just the same I'm sure his punishment would be a lot more creative than mine."

822. Tina Mooney, Corinth, NY, USA
  "This is unethical and wrong to be hitting our children in our school system.  This is not the Christian way to bring up our children."

823. Margie Trujillo, Albuquerque, NM, USA
  "If the parents were 'disciplined' with this device I wonder if they would still believe it's a good thing.  How ridiculous and how awful a testimony for a 'christian' organization."

824. Nicholas Emmanuel, Sylva, NC, USA

825. Marjorie Ando, Lake Forest Park, WA, USA
  "As a mother and former teacher, I wish to state that this is not the way to discipline a child.  First of all, talk with your children to teach them the way you expect them to behave in a certain situation.  If they misbehave, then discuss it with them again and help them to understand why.  This must be done on their level without going into long details.  Make it simple.  Don't say, 'Be good' unless you have discussed what you mean by that statement.  It takes time, love and understanding.  It takes repetition until they can speak about it with understanding."

826. Margaret Emmanuel, Sylva, NC, USA

827. Margaret Ordoubadian, Murfreesboro, TN, USA, MTSU

828. Jerrine Brugh, York, NE, USA

829. Kimberly Heck, Mt. Pleasant, SC, USA
  "This is criminal.  Please help the children."

830. Michelle, Steele, VA, USA
  "I do not believe in hitting a child with an object such as 'The Rod'."

831. Anna Clayton, Pleasant Hill, CA, USA
  "As a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist I know that spanking teaches chldren that violence is okay - this is not the message we should be teaching.  Spanking is child abuse."

832. Ana George, San Jose, CA, USA
  "Is it OK to hit an adult with the 'Rod' when they disobey, misbehave, ignore our request, etc...?  If not, then what makes it alright to hit a child with it?  It's not alright to hit a child.  Not when there are alternatives (positive discipline)."

833. Kris Yates, Oakland, CA, USA

834. Sheryl Yancy, Dallas, TX, USA
  "This is sickening and appalling!  Stop it NOW!"

835. Christy Plante, Kinston, NC, USA
  "It is absolutely appalling that this device can legally be marketed to be used on CHILDREN!  What's next rods made for chastising 'disobedient' wives?"

836. S. Wendel, BC, CANADA

837. Amyjean Silling, Windsor, CT, USA

838. Chrys, ON, CANADA
  "Einstein once said: 'Man would indeed be in a poor way if he had to be restrained by fear of punishment and hope of reward after death.'  -- I believe the same can be attributed to children being restrained by fear of punishment.  Parents who spank their children as a form of discipline are teaching their children that one should be good or well-behaved solely out of fear of punishment, and not because it is generally the logical, 'up-right' thing to do. 

  I believe whole-heartedly in what you're doing here.  Stay true and strong for the children.  This is a good thing.  May God bless you infinitely."

839. Irina Bee, Gaithersburg, MD, USA
840. Vickey Hnatenko, Detroit, MI, USA
  "To be honest with you, I have never saw the rod and do not want to.  My step parents beat me as a child with a bed slat and would say 'spare the rod/spoil the child' it's in the bible.  But I can hardly believe that God wanted his children to be beaten like I was.  And I was NO WAY by no means spoiled.  Talk to your children.  They will listen!!!!  Give em a hug and let them know that YOU LOVE THEM UNCONDITIONALLY."

841. P. Holley, Columbus, GA, USA, Grandmother and former child educator
  "If find the developers of such a weapon to be advertised as a discipline for children and babies to be absolutely abhorent and propagators of the subsequent development of depressed, angry individuals that will one day run the country.  I hope that not only 'the Rod' be stopped in production, but that those who manufacture and promote such a weapon also be stopped."

842. & 843. Mr. & Mrs. James Gough, CA, USA

844. Patricia Nemeth, Eustis, FL, USA, Mother of Four
  "Children absorb more than the physical blow of a beating, they absorb the message that they are WORTHLESS.  Please stop the marketing of a weapon for abusing children."

845. Deborah Rhodes Day, Birmingham, AL, USA, Children's Trust Fund
  "It seems that for many people, you can put the word 'Christian' in front of anything and they go for it.  Thank Heaven, literally, for this brave woman and her efforts.  She will be in my prayers."

846. Robert Streuer, Danville, IL, USA
847. Amanda J. Cox, Covington, KY, USA
  "It is unbelieveable that in our day we would encourage this type of abusive behaviour to continue.  The advertising of this object of child abuse, in particular in a home schooling publication, is very disturbing- to any Christian or not."

848. Ruth Anastacia Krell, Cleveland, OH, USA
  "I cannot adequately express my abhorrence of this item or its advertising!  Any parent who resorts to corporal punishment is sadistic and lazy.  The effects of it on a child can last a lifetime."

849. Peggy Dehn, Lancaster, NY, USA

850. Sibyl L. S. Wessler, Charlotte, NC, USA
  "Please do the right thing and stop the profit from this type of thinking."

851. Betsy Johnson, Winston-Salem, NC, USA
  "Violence is violence, whether inflicted by a spoon, belt or rod.  We teach our children violence whenever we are violent with them.  Love them, guide them, teach them, don't beat them."

852. Ann Lee, Alexandria, VA, USA
  "I am absolutely overcome by nausea and sadness.  I am angered and horrified that people do this in the name of Christ."

853. Laura S., Asheville, NC, USA
  "This is an awful looking product.  It looks like something you would torture someone with.  I can NOT believe that someone would hit a child period but to hit a child with this is Abuse!  There are other more effective ways of disciplining children that do not involve hitting.  I believe that this teaches them that if you are bigger you can hit.  Hitting is wrong!"

854. Nikki Duren, Clanton, AL, USA, United Methodist
  "The rod in the Bible is used to guide sheep and children, not hit them with."

855. C. Doriann Fairchild, Carrollton, TX, USA
  "Those people are evil & cruel.  They do not deserve to be anywhere near children."

856. Paul Fairchild, Carrollton, TX, USA, Financial Analyst
  "I do not believe we need to install the act of violence and fear in our children.  Help break the cycle.  Thanks, Paul Fairchild."
857. Tina Solum Aurora, CO, USA, at home Daycare Provider

859. Allen Walker, Sunnyvale, CA, USA
  "Classic example of Christians 'interpreting' the Bible to argue their political or legal position.  The Bible is not US law.  Its archaic use of language and imagery can easily be misunderstood or reinterpreted and twisted to form whatever political position one argues.  It's time we start using the Bible as the opposition to these kind of Christian arguments.  'Fight fire with fire' so to speak, using the contradictions of the Bible to combat people who absolve their poor judgement and complacency of not questioning the basic principles of right and wrong."

860. Tamatha Bowers, KS, USA
  "OH WOW!  It amazes me how adults can sue another for hitting them, but when adults hit children to some it is normal and perfectly okay.  Love your children people and treat them the way you want to be treated.  This is so very sad!  Those of you who purchased this should be ashamed."

861. Brenda Walker Rupel, Santa Clara, CA, USA, Parent!
  "If this is true, then it is clear that these people and all who believe like they do are NUTS.  Indeed, anyone participating in this kind of behavior should be jailed."

862. Linda Hoyt, St. Louis, MO, USA
  "Beating children only humiliates them and causes them to stuff down their anger and pain which later rears its ugly head in the form of abuse on others."

863. E. Casey, MA, USA

864. Terri Echols, Mt. Pleasant, TN, USA
  "I'm horrified.  My brother and I were both battered and sexually abused, and justified the first by Biblical quotes and such.  Honoring your parents being the only commandment with a promise was emphasized, meaning do what I say or God will strike you dead.  I quickly learned to fear, and just as quickly ceased to respect.  They lost the ability to influence my brother and I in any way shape or form.  After awhile I ceased to even fear, keeping my silence and also my dignity.  I shut myself away.  I acted to help my brother, and he to protect me.  The few times I tried to intervene for my mother I was the one who ended up being the focus of the abuse--once my father slapped me to the floor and my mother kicked me while I was down.  She was just as violent as he was, he was just bigger and scarier.  My dad threw a radio at me once--he missed.  I threw it back--and didn't he was laid up for days with a bruise from his groin to his knee.  My mother asked me 'aren't you ashamed?'  I said no, he threw it at me first (I was about eight).  He said, believe it or not, that he threw it 'at' me, he wasn't trying to hit me with it.  Good grief."

865. Hannah Curto, Sandpoint, ID, USA, Mother of two
  "As a Christian parent, this shocks me.  It is an object specifically intended for child abuse and should be treated as such.  Jesus instructs us that the GREATEST commandment is to love; this includes our children."

866. Raymond L. Lossi, Leesburg, FL, USA, retired
  "Directions for use of the rod: 'Insert it in the right ear of the inventor and shove it gently until it protrudes from his left ear.  May also be inserted in his rectum and shoved gently until it pierces his heart."

867. Rev. Arthur G. Severance, First Unitarian Universalist Church, San Antonio, TX, USA
  "What would Jesus do?  This is an instrument for child abuse, not discipline.  How in 'in God's name' could any loving parent use this?  Having worked in Residential treatment centers for abused children, I have observed that most abuse begins by using 'objects' to hit and usually beat children, leaving physical and emotional scars."

868. Neil Juhl, Kalamazoo, MI, USA
  "Unbelievable!  Barbaric!"

869. Terri Sharp, Knoxville, TN, USA
  "I can't believe this.  This kind of thing must be stopped."

870. Sophie, Saratogo, NY, USA, student
  "This is the most godawful thing ever!  And here's how it works: you beat your child as prescribed, they grow up to be sociopaths, they murder you and several others.  Holy lord!"

871. Suzanne McMullin, Calgary, Alberta, CANADA
  "I once was a grandmother to 4 grandchildren (one aborted, one murdered, one in foster care, the last one adopted at birth for his safety.).  I witnessed the results of the final physical destruction of my granddaughter, age 3, in an ICU and tried to live with the emotional near-destruction of my grandson, age 5.  To then view such a horror as this instrument of torture and have its use labelled 'training' is an abomination.  This would not be tolerated on an animal, an adult, or 'live', in plain view, except as pornography."

872. Dianna Chiabotti, Vallejo, CA, USA

873. Eileen Covington, Longbeach, MS, USA, RN Psychiatric Mental Health Certification-child behavioral health
  "This is child abuse and in the wrong hands could even cause death.  How does beating up a child show them anything except to teach them to also be a bully?  There are other ways to set limits and encourage positive behaviors.  Example is one way."

874. Brandi Cockrell, Tacoma, WA, USA, Mother
  "The manufacturing, selling, profitting and purchasing of this item is disgusting and sad."

875. Sarah Church Liebman, Berkeley, CA, USA, MFT Intern
  "The rod of biblical times was for wheep; one does not hit their sheep with the rod, one guides them with it so as to avoid running off the cliff."

876. Carla M. Lynn, Stillwater, MN, USA

877. Susan Metcalf, Maumelle, AR, USA, House Wife
878. Kimberly Warren, Brandon, MI, USA, Mother and CEO of the home
  "This is a disgusting and dangerous item.  I fear for any child whose parent has actually ordered one of these.  Imagine THAT parent in a sudden fit of anger and reaching for 'THE ROD'.  Pray for the children of people who DID order this!"

879. Kelly Sharp, Knowxville, TN, USA, full-time mommy
  "I've seen people who use the 'rod' and the books that go along and let me tell you it is NOT in the name of love.  It is completely sick and twisted and borderline sexually abusive.  Until we start protecting our children we will not truly prosper.  I want these rods stopped and the production of these books along with Shepherding a Child's Heart pulled and stopped as well!  Children are gifts to love and nurture not punching bags to take out stress on.  If you stike your 3 month old you BELONG IN JAIL!"

880. Lyndsey Sharp, Knoxville, TN, USA
  "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  I can't believe that the people responsible for this aren't facing legal charges!  This is the most sick, disgusting--- I can't even put it into words.  I'm speechless.  If anyone ever hurt my child, I would kill them with my bare hands, and I can't BELIEVE that this company is promoting being violent to your own kids.  If I EVER see anyone with a Rod, you can belive that I'll be calling child services."

881. Christina Mekas, Dexter, MI, USA
  "This makes me want to vomit.  May God have mercy on you all."

882. Anastasia Freddino, Stratford, CT, USA
  "Using The Bible as a reason to beat children is an abuse of The Bible.  Please do not allow the sale of any product that is designed to intentionally cause pain to children."

883. Wendy Buell, Albany NY, USA
  "I'm a Christian, and a parent and personally I think that people who create these devices and who are thrilled enough to buy them have some kind of perverse delight in physical discipline that goes distinctly against what Jesus would intend for our children and for us as parents."

884. Danielle Nemeth, Eustis, FL, USA
  "I am seventeen and my parents have raised me with loving guidance, and time outs for discipline.  I have never been spanked or beaten.  This is the way I intend to treat my future children.  Tools for beating people of any age should be illegal."

885. Jennifer Cornforth, Seattle, WA, USA
  "Selling tools specifically for the purposes of beating children makes me literally nauseous.  A rod is used to GUIDE sheep, not CHASTEN them.  Adults are supposed to guide their children not abuse them.  People who use rods do it for their won sick pleasure whether they admit it or not."

886. Kim Johnson, Everett, WA, USA

887. Patricia Goulder, Neuilly-sur-Seine, FRANCE
  "This is appalling."

888. LaDonna Pike, Leavenworth, KS, USA
  "This is not God's tool, this is Satan's.  The person who created this needs a reality check.  What Would Jesus Do?  He would never use that on any child!!"

889. Kathryn L. Coyle, Prospect Park, PA, USA
  "The ad and the accomopanying text sickened me.  It is child abuse, plain and simple.  Surely our dear Lord Jesus, who loved little children, would condemn any person who used this method of discipline on their child.  It sounds like something from the Dark Ages!"

890. Genevieve Colvin, Sherman Village, CA, USA
  "Parents, please guide your children!  Do not harm them!"

891. Mrs. Alex Chamberlain, Greensboro, NC, USA
  "I think that the rod is a unique and useful tool for the training of children, and has other useful uses as well, but none that I can mention on this site, maybe a porn site."

892. Marlene Quinonez, Chicago, IL, USA
  "These people are sadists plain and simple!!"

893. Bonnie Lyles, Carlyle, IL, USA

894. Carol Venable, Blue Ridge, GA, USA, Holy Names Mission

895. Melissa Stenstrom, Ames, IA, USA, Mother
  "The using of the rod on a child is abusing a child.  Stop the violence against children.  Parents that hit need discipline."

896. Jessie van Dyke, Bloomfield, CT, USA
  "This should be illegal. I am sickened and saddened."

897. Sondra Butler, Irving, TX, USA
  "The United States is a country that, as a nation, does not like children.  This statement is proved by the way it treats its children.  No health insurance, inadequate education, proliferation of junk food and junk entertainment, improper child care, too many mothers working to increase consumerism, and too few people who enforce child protective laws.  Too many people use the Bible as an excuse to perpetrate their own depraved anger on the helpless.  Due to a chronic illness, I was hopitalized several times while my children were growing up.  Once when I was in the hospital, my 11-yr-old son ran away to see me and was found by a night shift nurse beneath my hospital room window.  She brought him to my room to see me and told me she had called his father to come get him.  My blood suddenly ran cold, and although my children had never been hurt before, I was afraid for my son.  When I got out of the hospital several days later, I discovered that my former husband, John Burns Eslick, had made my son strip to the waist, bend over, and hold his ankles, while he gave him 151 hard lashes across his bare back with a leather belt.  I was sick when I saw a little boy's back, not one milimeter of flesh color from his neck to his waist, just dark greys, purples, reds, black, and abrasions.  I told my doctor what had happened.  He was furious and said that monster should be in prison.  I had complained to the police about my husband's treatment of the children before, and told them that the children were afraid of him, but the police said that a man had a right to discipline his children. Later, John Eslick was reported for child abuse in three counties.  Nothing was ever done about any of it because caseworkers were so overloaded they investigated only cases in which a child's life had been threatened.  Same results when I had been hospitalized because of spousal abuse.  Now, my sons are grown.  One is an alcoholic and one is a drug addict.  I am in mental xxxx because I never found a way to stop the abuse, never found a person who would/could help us, and didn't think I could take the children and leave.

898. W. Dennis Sharp, Knoxville, TN, USA, Pastor/Family Life Worship Center
  "This device is not only curel inconcept, but is bringing reproach upon the Name of Christ.  Anyone advocating this device has pitifully misunderstood Biblical teaching and the idea of training up a child.  Children should be lovingly welcomed into the life and experience of both the family and the church."

899. Sherrie Ball, St. Joseph, MO, USA
  "I can't imagine anyone would want to hit their child with it, or anything else.  That's horrible."

900. Esther Ring, Lynn Haven, FL, USA, Master of Science in Special Education
  "I received my education at KSU in Manhattan KS, and have experience seeing the results of violence and torture used against children.  Each human has the choice to do good or evil.  In the raising of children, abuse can and often does escalate wildly out of hand, especially when the adult believes that they have 'justification' for their behavior.  It is criminal to try to justify one's own penchant for using violent and abusive devices on children."

901. Jean Dee, Boynton Beach, FL, USA
  "This is ridiculous this piece of equipment should not be used to whip our kids.  They are the future of our great land.  Please don't chase them away."

902. Jeanne Fox, Greenwood, IN, USA
  "This is disgraceful.  A company is actually trying to make money from the beating of children."

903. Riley Porritt, Edmonton, AB, CANADA
  "This is one of the most disgusting things I have ever heard of.  No child deserves to be beaten.  Jesus wouldn't have hit a child."

904. Monica Clarke Kalfur, Belle Harbor, NY, USA
  "Unbelievable.  This is pure & simple child abuse."

905. Robert Kalfur, Belle Harbor, NY, USA
  "These disgusting weapons must be banned."

906. Jennifer Hammack, Lubbock, TX, USA
  "No one deserves to be hit for ANY reason by ANYone.  EVER."

907. John H. Campbell, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, USA
  "This is truly sickening.  I would not approve of such a device being used to 'train' pets, let alone used on children.  These so called self proclaimed 'Christians' who advocate things such as this are responsible for mahy of the problems youth have in society today; they choose to worship the Bible (and often to defend their own prejudices, selfishness, and unwillingness to accept others for who they are) as opposed to God.

908. Johnny Cardell, Swainsboro, GA, USA, disabled
  "I am shocked and disgusted that a product like this is for sale in our society, I was punished by my parents, but never with something as horrible as this, it must be banned and made illegal to own or use, truly I'm horrified."

909. Lourie E. Pearlman, Shanghai, CHINA
  "I am deeply saddened that some people mistreat their children.  But this goes forther--a product specifically designed and marketed for beatings and 'training', well, it is horrible and sadistic, and I am absolutely outraged.  Not only should they be put out of business, they should have their 'parent cards' torn up!"

910. I am shocked that such a thing exists.  It hurts me to think someone might actually use this on a child."

911. Deidre Masters, Kent, OH, USA

912. Emily Custer, Kill Devil Hills, NC, USA, mother, social worker

913. Lucy Cole, Alamo, CA, USA, Concerned Grandmother
  "I am sickened that such an instrument could exist and even be openly marketed.  I hope you will find the courage to put a stop to it."

914. Megan Phillips, Cambridge, NY, USA
  "This is disgusting!!!!!"

915. George Maurer, Glen Ellen, CA, USA, Parent, Professional Health Care Provider, Licensed (State of California) Psychiatric Technician

916.  Melinda Reidinger, Smithtown, NY, USA, mother
  "I have seen similar items in sexual fethish catalogues.  It would not surprise me if Slide's is actually selling S&M gear to Christians and laughing all the way to the bank."

917. Olly Harari, Needham, MA, USA
  "The Rod and corporal punishment of children is a violation of internatoinal human rights law."

918. Mrs. Lefebvre, Southside, AL, USA
  "I find it appalling that someone would sell an item such as this.  Why advocate spanking babies in a world already so overwhelmed with violence?"

919. Jan Nolan, Chicago, IL, USA

920. Melanie Mulrooney, Toronto, ON, CANADA
  "I am shocked and appalled that assault is being encouraged against anyone, let alone helpless children!  Please protect those that can't protect themsleves and have this 'product' immediately removed from circulation."

921. Rhondda Smiley, Toronto, ON, CANADA
  "When we hit animals or other adults it's a crime, but not if we hit defenseless children.  It is appalling that anyone is actually running a business and making a profit from child abuse."

922. Amanda Bass, Dallas, TX, USA, Dallas Metrocare Services
  "The rod was a guiding tool...not a tool to beat children with.  Read the research."

923. Christina Chapman, Hillsboro, AL, USA
  What a dangerous misrepresentation of scripture!  Read the NT...Christ would NOT have used anything to hit a child!"

924. Laurie Amiruddin, Mississauga, ON, CANADA
  "Violence against children is unacceptable.  Profiting from encouraging it is ridiculous!"

925. Louise Gordon, Cambridge, MA, USA

926. Sally Dominguez, Abilene, TX, USA
  "This is outrageous.  A company that makes money out of causing physical harm to children is not a bible based company.  What kind of brutes would recommend this type of punishment.  The scripture has been taken totally out of context.  Shame on this company for manufacturing a weapon of torture."

927. Marianna Knights, Collingwood, ON, CANADA
  "Give me a break.  We are to read the Bible as contextualists!!  Not literalists.  Do you really suggest to cut off your right ear???"

928. Melissa Koslowsky, Arcata, CA, USA
  "It is appalling that children and women are beaten and blamed for their abuse.  No one deserves violence, ever!  Violence is too pervasive for a first world country like the United States.  "An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind."  Abuse is always about control.  A person should never regard another person as property or as a possession.  Violence should never be acceptable.  Another quote highlights that "the world's children are an endangered species: a target for the frustrations, conflicts, hate, and anger of the adults who so often tyrannically bestride their lives.  Child abuse has afflicted children and demeaned adults."

929. Ira Page, Santa Rosa, CA, USA

930. Robert Spence, CA, USA

931. Thelma Breault, Los Altos, CA, USA
  "Quoting Scripture to justify child abuse is perversion."

932. Michelle Lane, Oakland, CA, USA, M.S. MFT and School

933. William Waycaster, Elizabethton, TN, USA, Security Officer
  "I think this should be made illegal to use, people who use these should be reported to the department of children services and have their kids taken away."

934. Lisa McNeil, Nuntington Beach, CA, USA

935. Erin Green, Denver, CO, USA
  "This item is dusgusting and heartbreaking.  Please please do not let another child be beaten and do not let a company profit in the mistreatmnet of children and the misuse of the Bible."

936. Deanna Argo, Jackson, MI, USA
  "Thank goodness for people like you who are willing to take a stand against things like this."

937. Emory Sullivan, Flower Mound, TX, USA
  "It's horrible"

938. Kathy Armstrong, Livingston, MT, USA

939. Scott G. Beach, Fair Oaks, CA, USA

940. Mike Perry, Ickenham, Middlesex, ENGLAND
  "Truly an appalling product."

941. Beth Ward, Portland, OR, USA, Homeschooling Parent
  "Do I really need to comment?  What is wrong is wrong.  These 'make it easy to beat your kid' devices are clearly wrong.  Stop the rod."

942. Jeanine, New York, NY, USA
  "I'm so not impressed with the many people that claim to be upstanding citizens just because they read the bible and go to church...if you beat your children/ wife/ animals you should burn in the very xxxx you have created inyour twisted imagination..."

943. David Hubbard, Niceville, FL, USA
  "What can you say: hitting children, or adults, pets, etc. is clearly abuse and wrong.  Using some weapon to do so is criminal and should be punishable by law.  It is illegal to hit an adult with something.  It's a felony, aggravated battery in every state."

944. Mrs. Jennifer Nolen, Fenton, MO, USA
  "As a Christian mother I find this disgusting!"

945. Wendy Bunnell, Orem, UT, USA, Utah Foster Care Foundation
946. Laura Birch, Stafford, ENGLAND, Professor
  "I cannot believe in an apparently developed and 'free' country such as the US of A an appressive and offensive and brutal beating tool is marketed and sold.  You should be ashamed."

947. Debora R. Gleason, Lawton, OK, USA
  "Praying, Gov. Henry, that you will do the right thing by banning the manufacture and sale of 'The Rod', which is nothing more than an implement of abuse and torture.  Oklahoma is NOT a backwoods, barbaric state -- let's not give the impression that we are!"

948. Martha Gruber, Rancho Cucamonga, CA, USA
  "I am a homeschool mom and I would never buy such a despicable product!  I believe what these people are doing borders on the criminal if it doesn't already!  I am very angry about this and I want it to STOP!!!!"

949. Micha Blair, Lake Oswego, Oregon, USA
  "What is this country coming to when you can advertise a tool for child training.  What the xxxx is that?  What happened to love and attention, not fear."

950. Christine Breslin, Cheltenham, PA, USA
  "After reading some of the recommendations of the Pearls'...e.g., whipping a FOUR MONTH OLD INFANT...I am left speechless...and on the verge of vomitting.  These people must be stopped."

951. Donna Morton, Cumming, GA, USA
  "Oh boy, I'm not against discipline, but this is disturbing--looks like an encourager of child abuse.  Also, just one more thing to make Christians look crazy and bad."

952. Lara Brewer, Cumming, GA, USA

953. Hayse Brown, Atlanta, GA, USA, Security system guy
  "If I ever see anyone with one of these 'Rods', I am not going to tell anyone about, it's going to be between me and them.  I am going to grab that xxxx rod ram it up their xxx so hard it will turn them into popscile!!!!!!  You have to be one worthless excuse for a human to need a stick to discipline a child a fraction of an adult size."

954. Janna Walkup, Eugene, OR, USA
  "The biblical shepherd *guided* sheep with a staff, which was not used in any way to hurt the animals.  Please stop child abuse and encourage loving guidance, which is consistent with Jesus' teaching and our own human hearts."

955. Rev. Raymond J. McIntyre, Ashburton, Canterbury, NEW ZEALAND, Wayfarers-Church
  "This is neither Christian nor acceptable."

956. Tanetta Tatum, Paramount, CA, USA
  "I don't think spanking works, hitting only promotes hitting, and why would anyone with common sense hit their child with a ROD or any other object, I can't believe people are actually buying this product.  I think the sellers and buyers should be in jail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

957. Vanessa Lopez, West Chicago, IL, USA
  "I think it is morally wrong and these people should be in jail."

958. Denise Gullickson, White Bear Lake, MN, USA
  "Proverbs are to be taken 'Proverbialy' not LITERALLY.  The Rod is a child abuse tool, nothing less."

959. Genie Maples, Asheville, NC, USA
  "Protect children from this abuse."

960. David Lester, Gilbertsville, PA, USA
  "I can't believe that this item is allowed to be sold in Oklahoma.  Just see Governor Brad Henry's letter on Child Abuse,4,18   Practice what you preach  Romans Chapter 2

961. & 962. Danny and Tammy Gilliam, Altus, OK, USA
  "This item needs to be pulled from the market.  This item is not to 'chasten' children but a means to beat them."

963. Deb Barbee, South Sioux City, Nebraska, USA

964. Kevin McCarthy, Vienna, VA, USA
  "No one should be allowed to sell a weapon designed and marketed as a device for beating children.  "Home School Digest" should be ashamed for accepting such advertising."

965. Nora E. Manjarrez, Chicago, IL, USA, Teller Investigations
  "I can't believe that the government would let a company sell something like this."

966. Halyse Domencic, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
  "He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword.  We just read about this in English as we were talking about corporal punishment.  I find it disconcerting that someone would even consider purchasing such an item, let alone creating it."

967. Mike Dickerson, Apopka, FL, USA
  "I guess this is another testament to the dollar.  I'm always amazed at the levels to which an otherwise intelligent and thinking person will stoop to pick up a dollar.  I guess it all comes around to thinking what we're told to think.  If we realized we don't have to chase dollars like we do, society as we know it would fall apart.  It's also appalling that someone would actually beat their children with 'the rod' or any other physical means.  As for discipline, the most devastating thing to a child is the thought that their actions have caused their hero distress.  I certainly wouldn't want to remember the grief I felt when I had upset my mother.  I also remember the fear I felt for myself, and the sorrow I felt for my mother, that she had so little control of herself, that the only thing she could do was to beat me with whatever was at hand.
  All I can say is 'Shame on you' Shame for the greed, and shame for your twisting of the Bible for your greed.  Shame for trying to continue the dark ages and shame for not trying to break the cycle of child abuse."

968. Melody Huff, Olathe, KS, USA

969. Leslie Sheridan, Sonoma, CA, USA

970. Arlene Coley, Quakertown, PA, USA

971. Andrew Stickney, Missoula, MT, USA, College Student, Former Homeschooler
  "I am horrified by the intention of this company in selling this product to parents as a form of discipline.  As a former homeschooler, I am deeply offended by the relationship between The Rod and homeschooling families implied by the advertisements and books related to this product.  There is no such relationship and I am very disappointed that this company is allowed to continue making such false statements.  Please stop The Rod."

972. John Joseph Peloquin, Ames, IA, USA
  "Where did Jesus say to beat children?  That is an OLD testament command and was for times that no longer exist.  This is a tool for criminal activity and should be banned."

973. Leticia, Sanger, CA, USA
  "This is ridiculous children are not little animals that we need to train or whip.  I am disgusted."

974. Carolyn Huffmon, Knippa, TX, USA, mother/grandmother
  "Any person MAN or WOMAN that HITS a child should be held accountable.  There is NO reason a child should ever be ABUSED.  THIS IS ABUSE!!"

975. Barbara Beasley, Monroeville, AL, USA, Mom Cares
  "I think that a person that could use this on their children is not a true parent.  I would die for my children and kill anyone that hurt them."

976. Kendyl Babcock, NRH, TX, USA
  "Absolutely intolerable."

977. Sylvia Clark, Fort Wayne, IN, USA, University of Saint Francis
  "Now we are selling child abuse tools what is wrong with this country."

978. Adriane Parry, Albany, NY, USA, Student of SUNY Albany
  "If it were advertised for dog training, it would be illegal in the USA.  But for children, it's legal.  I hope every child whose parents own one runs away and then gets put into a loving foster family where they never have to fear being hit, and where they learn to obey the spirit of the law, not just the letter.  Not doing something because you know it's a bad idea is different than not doing something because you fear getting caught."

979. Sylvia Bowditch, CA, USA, student
  "By hitting our children, it teaches them that it's ok to hit people.  It is also a form of child abuse.  Is this really what God wants?"

980. Carl Rexroad, Saginaw, TX, USA
  "This is inhumane treatment."

981. Felicia Gomez, Arlington, TX, USA

982. Mary Gomez, Odessa, TX, USA

983. Susan Miotke, Sun City Center, FL, USA, Mother and Grandmother
  "Please stop the manufacture and sale of this weapon that was designed to be used on infants and young children."

984. Tricia Wright, Georgetown, KY, USA
  "These could not even be used on a murderer or rapist in jail.  How could anyone have the nerve to market these let alone buy them?"

985. Joseph M. O'Connor, New Haven County, CT, USA
  "To parents who condone using a rod to discipline children, I'd like to say I can't imagine a more cowardly act."

986. Torkisha Brown, Hahira, GA, USA

987. Miriam Camp, Metuchen, NJ, USA
  "For all the children who will be abused, who will suffer sunder this torture device justified by hereticalinterpretations of the Bible, this implement of torture is being marketed to those with sadistic inclination and must therefore be stopped, in the interests of the basic human rights of our youngest American citizens.  We do not sell guns to those who will use them for violence.  In the state I live in, we don't even allow MACE for self-protection!  This device is simply made to cause violence to a child's body.  It is unjust, unAmerican and not in the interests of civilization or in the progression of true Christianity.  'Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy.' 'Blessed are they that suffer persecution for justice' sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.'"

988. Leanne Hendricks, Camarillo, CA, USA, stay at home mom
  "I can't believe that people are actually making money selling a device similar to what law enforcement uses to gain control of a criminal."

989. Warwick, Sydney, AUSTRALIA
  "Yep the child abusers and the spanking fetishists must be having a field day"

990. Michael Grey, Colorado Springs, CO, USA
  "'The Rod' is a simiple means to destroy the nature of one human being in order to glorify the beliefs of another.  In the name of whatever god you find holy, put down the instrument of violence and learn the power of reason."

991. EvaRee Fesi, Plainfield, IL, USA

992. Audrey Thompson, Lawton, OK, USA, Mother of three
  "I can't believe people would buy this.  How could you possibly hit a child with this you have to be insane.  For as many children as we are having today being beaten to death by their own parents and you want to advertise this it is just awful!!! You have to be stopped."

993. Lori, Findlay, OH, USA
  "This is selling child abuse.  I too weep for the children and babies this is being used on."

994. Alicia Taylor, Gulf Breeze, FL, USA, Land of the FREE
  "Karma being what it is, those ever using such weapons will get it all back to them (hopefully tenfold), but meanwhile, where is your heart?  How can you believe violence helps a child become themselves?  Children are for unfolding, not whipping and molding."

995. Beatriz, Garfield, NJ, USA, Purchasing Agent/Student
  "I stumbled upon this site and can't believe that this cruelty really exists...Discipline equals teaching and not beating therefore children should be loved and nurtured and not abused........"

996. Karri Mulroy, Sudbury, Ontario, CANADA
  "Our constitution protects criminals from this kind of cruel and unusual punishment.  It is completely wrong to use it on the most innocent and vulnerable.  I am a mother of 2 and would never assault my children this way or in any way for that matter.  There are other positive ways to discipline a child without hurting their mental or physical being."

997. Kathy Batts-Shaw, Waco, TX, USA
  "This is the most horrific device I have ever seen!  When will we stop teaching our children that assaulting someone is a way to solve a problem?"

998. Amy Curis, Decatur, GA, USA
  "The basic misconception of the 'spare the rod, spoil the child' crowd is this: the Bible uses the term 'rod' to denote a system of guidance, not beating."

999. Julian B. Roach, Philadelphia, MS, USA
1000. Niki Llewellyn, Florence, MT, USA
  "I agree that the Bible does not suggest or advise using a 'Rod' or any form thereof.  Our love and guidance is the 'Rod'.  It sickens me to think that people could actually sell something like this."

1001. Shelley Johnson, Colleyville, TX, USA, Mom
  "I can't believe it!  Sick."

1002. Julia F. Williams, New York, NY, USA
  "The evidence is becoming clearer with each passing day....CORPORAL PUNISHMENT DOES NOT CORRECT INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR."  If I had my way, any store that sold this and other corporal punishment-related products would lose its license forthwith."

1003. Jennifer Kuehn, Memphis, TN, USA, Tennessee Counseling Association
  "Stop the abuse"

1004. Shelby Earnshaw, Bealeton, VA, USA, ISAC Corporation
  "Hitting children is abuse - no matter what kind of device you use."

1005. Jean Richardson, Palatine, IL, USA

1006. Samuel D. G. Heath, Ph.D., Bodfish, CA, USA, Americans for Constitutional Protection of Children
  "No one has said it better than 'Hitting people is wrong.  And children are people too!'"

1007. Shonna Kirkpatrick, Canton, GA, USA

1008. Adrianna J. Hey, Strafford, NH, USA
  "The sale of the rod both encourages irresponsible parenting and enables unscrupluous parents.  Society pays the price for every child lost.  Stop it!"

1009. Michael Lockhart, Everett, WA, USA
  "Sadomasochistic sexual paraphernalia should NOT be used on children!"

1010. Kathryn Roosa, Houston, TX, USA
  "That this is being marketed as a Biblically-approved form of punishment is a travesty.  Anyone using this on their child has no right to call themselves a Christian!"

1011. Jeffrey Berryman, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
  "The people behing this are clearly a bunch of sadists using religion to rationalize what they're doing.  And if they get their way, they'll turn out a whole new generation of sadists to abuse the next generation of kids."

1012. Lesley Barrett, Salt Lake City, UT, USA
  "Stop the Rod."

1013. Melaya Pelter, Simi Valley, CA, USA
  "Disgusting :( "

1014. Lex Williford, El Paso, TX, USA
  "'Spare the rod and spoil the child' came not from the Bible but from Samuel Butler's Hudibras, which satirized the so-called Christians of victorian England.  The abuse of children in the name of the Bible and family values is one of the greatest tragedies of our time."

1015. Benny Wasserman, La Palma, CA, USA
  "We should know by now that all forms of punishment do not help create decent, loving individuals."

1016. Laura "Elle" Carstensen, New Buffalo, MI, USA, Owner of Nanny2Nanny

1017. Bryce Cherry, Rockhampton, Queensland, AUSTRALIA
  "I plan not to spare any hesitation to bring to justice any individual, business or company who sells and/or manufactures such devices, and will continue to do so until all such devices are confiscated and destroyed for good."

1018. Jerry Townsend, Woodland, CA, USA, Retired School Psychologist
  "Amazing!  All this in the name of the author of Love!"

1019. Richard Domm, Peterborough, Ontario, CANADA, Youth Crisis Worker, Ministry of Corrections
  "And this is 'American Capitalism' at its best?  Shame on Oklahoma.  Not a choice for my vacation spot."

1020. Elizabeth Varadan, Sacramento, CA, USA
  "Aren't there better ways to discipline children?  Aren't there better products to sell for child care?"

1021. Nancy Moore, Loveland, CO, USA, Student
  "I find intensely disgusting that wewould ever allow this in advertisement.  That we would even consider condoning this in any way is a very sad and unfortunate occurance."

1022. Rose Parterson, Livonia, MI, USA, Social Worker/Teacher
1023. Ed Wick, Tempe, AZ, USA, Parent
  "Lazy parents spank."

1024. Lee Newman, Rochester, NH, USA, Executive Director: Violence Intervention Program/SAFE-NH
  "We assist and support men women who are victims of domestic violence and we are distressed by the manufacture and sale of this 'Rod'!  Adult victims and abusers are the result of violence and intimidation being used to control them when they were children!  People are not born to abuse nor to become victims, this is a result of how child abuse affects individuals based in part on their personality.  Some children who are beaten will become abusive to others because they may feel that is the way to get respect, a way to show 'love', or they simply take on this role to avoid becoming a victim themselves!  Others will become adult victims, believing they deserve punishment or feeling that this is the way someone shows they love you!  If we are ever to see a reduction in domestic violence, family violence, child abuse and all other violent forms of interactions, we MUST begin to treat our children with the respect and dignity that is everyone's birthright!  The misguided people who use 'The Rod' or other means of physical punishment need to stop and think of the long term effects of physical control.  This itme and others like it should not be allowed to be marketed in any civilized society!"

1025. Jean Kulczyk, Waukegan, IL, USA
  "What a sad a perverted testimony to our moral status!  What kind of society are we to allow advertisements for weapons to use against our own children?"

1026. Staci Sallis, Jacksonville, NC, USA
  "This book is sick...disgusting and does encourage child abuse."

1027. Sunshine Bannister, Ithaca, NY, USA, Attachment Parenting International Of Ithaca
  "'The Rod' and any other such device or even a hand reaching out to hurt/harm a child is abuse!!!!"

1028. Leila Holm, Vasa, FINLAND, Child welfare worker
  "It turns my stomach.  It should be illegal to market torture equipment in general, but particularly illegal to market child torture tools.  Shame on you!"

1029. Andrea Wrathall, Provo, UT, USA, College Student
  "I can't believe this is actually on the market.  Whoever came up with this thing and put it on the market needs therapy."

1030. Christina Posey, Eglin AFB, FL, USA

1031. Barbara Rogers, Chicago, IL, USA

1032. Emily Herman, Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA

1033. Linette, Orland, FL, USA, a college student
  "It's absolutely ridiculous!  It definitely should be taken off the market."

1034. Lexi Carruth, Fort Worth, TX, USA
  "I was raised in a home where corporal punishment was used and not one child in the household except for myself is a contributing member of society except myself and I was the one that it was used on the least."

1035. Kirk Martin, Atlanta, GA, USA

1036. Esa Palosaari, Jyvaskyla, FINLAND
  "No children anywhere should be allowed to be terrorized with instruments like this."

1037. Peter, BELGIUM
  "Incredible!  Is this the states?  I can NOT believe my eyes.  NOT possible in Belgium."

1038. Elaine Njerve-Zack, Amityville, NY, USA
  "I strongly belive that spanking or striking a child in any form is absolutely cruel and will hurt the child emotionally as well as physically."

1039. C. J. Coppola, Mesa, AZ, USA
  "Truly barbaric."

1040. Lesley Young, Bridgend, Wales, UK
  "Cruelty to chlidren is an international issue.  There is enough to shame us in this world without deliberately setting out to harm children."

1041. Dan, St. Thomas, Ontario, CANADA
  "WOW.... it is funny that you only hear of religious fanatics coming from the middle east...maybe America should be looking in the mirror.......WOW"

1042. Rino Raormina, Palermo, ITALY, MD student
  "Unbelievable!  Stop whipping children or let's organize a commercial meeting where everybody will be invited to test the efficiency of your fantastic tool on yourselves!!  You'd see what REALLY fruitful use we'd do of it!!"

1043. Kris Bobosky, Red Deer, Alberta, CANADA, Day Home Provider
  "There's S&M groups.  There's child abusers.  There's pedophiles.  And now there's Slide's Manufacturing Co.  Siiiiick!!!"

1044. Jessica Seymour, Dallas, TX, USA, Owner/
  "I thought this was a joke at first...That is disgusting and disgraceful.  People should be free to be whatever religion, but some are taking it too far."

1045. Britt London, Tucson, AZ, USA, Adult victim of child abuse
  "Disgusting!  I have been beaten with belts, sppons, etc.  How dare child abuse be encouraged!?  Don't people see all the adult victims of child abuse who are serial killers, rapists, participants in domestic violence, and generally attracted to abusive natures?"

1046. Scott Kashkin, Brooklyn, NY, USA
  "The Bible does not advocate whipping children.  The rod mentioned in Proverbs refers to guidance.  See Zacharia (11:17) which refers to the "rod of pleasantness."  A shepherd uses his rod mostly to steer the sheep, he doesn't beat them with it.  Moreover, Solomon taught us to 'teach the lad according to his way,' meaning the child's way.  This means we should educate the child with a sensitivity and respect to his or her God given nature.  We shouldn't just beat them into sumbission.  This is the way of the fool who can't control his or her own ego and anger."

1047. Stephanie Kashkin, USA
  "Thank you for organizing this - there is never a justification for using such a device on a child."

1048. Tycho Vecht, Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS
  "Incredible these 'tools' are for sale in a civilised society."

1049. Angelique Zijlstra, Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS
  "I wonder, did you try this out on yourself?"

1050. Artha Freebury, North Yarmouth, ME, USA, Private Citizen (social worker)
  "It is stupefying much less common sense-defying to believe that our country will allow an implement like a whip or horse riding crop to blatantly marketed to the public for use in punishing children.  Isn't it time to 'just say NO' to child abuse and really mean it?  If we can implement laws that hold store owners and employees accountable for selling cigarettes and alcohol to minors or to the inebreated, surely we can hold makers and purveyors of objects expressly made and sold to abuse children accountable.  This is not just a free market issue.  These people are just as responsible for resulting abuse (and possibly death) as is the seller of liquor to the drunk for resulting accidents or death."

1051. Marlisse Machrach, Culver City, CA, USA

1052. Alexia Van Schoote, Brakel, BELGIUM
  "It is so disgusting ot manufacture something especially made to hurt children.  People who use a rod or anything else to make their child obey will never know what is true respect and true love.  I don't want to believe such primitive people still exist."

1053. Marty Briem, New Philadelphia, OH, USA, Alcohol, Drug Addiction & Mental Health Services Board of Tuscarawas & Carroll Counties
  "This is absolutely appalling.  We work very hard here to get people to understand the seriousness of child abuse.  It is a practice that makes children grow up to abuse their own children, and the cycle continues.  It leads to depression, substance abuse, and, potentially, suicide.  This has nothing to do with religion or raising responsible children.  This is cruel and inhumane treatment of a population that deserves, needs, and requires our respect, nurturing and mentoring.  What a horrible role model for these poor little ones who are so helpless to help themselves.  I know the authors have the right of freedom of the press, but these children have rights too and one of the most important rights is to be free of unnecessary fear and abuse.  What a shameful book."

1054. Kathryn Aynes, Owasso, OK, USA

1055. Jennifer Stoner, New Philadelphia, OH, USA
  "Absolutely appalling, child abuse solves notying and creates numberous problems.  I am sick about this 'rod'."

1056. Christopher Shaw, Robinson, TX, USA, Author
  "I have no interest in abusing my children, nor will I accept other within my line of sight, or power to stop them."

1057. Jessica Hall, Woddstock, CT, USA
  "The fact that a device of torture such as this one is legal to sell in our country is appalling.  How sad thatsome parents might use this against their children!"

1058. Shannon Kitchens, Charlotte, NC, USA
  "This is not the right thing to be doing to our children.  THIS IS CRAZY.  Are these people crazy?"

1059. Matthew McGee, Warrington, Cheshire, ENGLAND
  "Disgusting, absolutely disgusting.  It is unbelievable that such an object can be legally advertised and sold in a civilised country.  For the sake of the children whose parents might be tempted to buy this, BAN IT!"

1060. Diane Luebbering, St. Louis, MO, USA, "Stay-at-home" Mom
  "It is appalling and disgusting.  Violence Begets violence.  It has got to stop."

1061. Ivonne Torres, Newark, NJ, USA
  "It is horrifying to abuse a child; we are not raising animals we are raising human beings."

1062. Shirley Herman, Colorado Springs, CO, USA, Christ Believer, Mother of 3
  "Never, never hit a child.  God help those who do it in the name of God.  Open their eyes, Lord."

1063. Angela Kendall, Lakeville, MA, USA, Mother
1064. B. Dare, Brisbane, Queensland, AUSTRALIA
  "I have a tumour on the exact site where violence of this nature was used upon me as a chld.  This is verified by leading medicos.  It is the most unrealised and hidden long term effect of violence on children.  Please BAN THIS URGENLTY."

1065. Roy Jacobs, Steelton, PA, USA
  "Children need to be disciplined, that we all know.  It's how we adults choose to discipline that makes a difference.  We can turn children against us or cause them to want to work with us.  Hitting children does not allow them to grow up with fond memories of Mom and Dad.  Rather it influences them to revolt against all the things they were taught.  I'm sure there is money to be made by selling "Rods" or other implements designed to wack children with.  But is money the thing we should be most concerned about when small children are involved?"

1066. Judith Falconer, Sydney, NSW, AUSTRALIA, Teacher
  "I have taught thousands of children over 20 years, and raised two boys.  I have NEVER witnessed a positive outcome from harsh discipline of any sort.  This is a pathetic 'crutch' that is literally cashing in on adults' insecurities.  SHAME!  BAN IT IMMEDIATELY."

1067. Robert Haas, Farmington, MI, USA
  "This is every bit as offensive as manufacturing 'The KKK Robe' to keep African-American children submissive."

1068. Janet Kelleher, Grand Junction, CO, USA

1069. David Canchola, Oceanside, CA, USA, President/CIO EXPO, Inc.
  "It's the 21st century and I can't believe that a B.C. Mentality still exists towards children here in America!"

1070. Candace Rayford, Anniston, AL, USA
  "I am sickened by this.  Educate yourselves ... when you KNOW better, you do better.  Children should NEVER be hit, and this rod is just sickening."

1071. Angi Flom, burnsville, MN, USA
  "It sickens me to think that the people we trust to teach our children to become productive adults are the same people who teach them that through violence we can get a job done.  The teachers should stick to teaching the children the subjects that we pay them to teach the student...not to beat them.  The scholastic world seems to forget that they work for the students, to make sure they become outstanding adults.  Ready to run the nation.  Teaching them that violence is a means to get the job done will only make for a very violent world.  I don't want my children to grow up and be responsable for dealing with that.  Let's leave a positive 'means to an end' for the next generation."

1072. Helen Black, Houston, TX, USA, Retired CPS Caseworker
  "This is sick.  I cannot believe that the advertisement and sale of this rod takes place.  Along with James Dobson's 'Dare to Discipline', our country is headed back towards the Dark Ages.  I weep for all the present and future physical injury from whipping, hitting, and the mental and physical pain of the victims, aloong with very possible impaired physical as well as emotional functioning as the child grows.  For example, hitting on the hands can impair hand function as the child grows.  Not to mention the pain and scarring inflicted by a rod on other parts of the body."

1073. Charles Liddell, St. Augustine, FL, USA, First Coast Advocacy

1074. Sheila Law, Duluth, GA, USA
  "This is a disgrace.  Adults are supposed to protect and teach children, not harm them with whips. Please, in the name of God, put a stop to the sale of this item."

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