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The Shame of New Kensington PA!!
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Joey Salvati, of New Kensington PA, sells wood boards to beat babies and children!
Does Joey Salvati want to return to slave-whippings? Click here
 Does Joey Salvati want to repeal the law against school whippings? Click here
Maybe he just wants to pander to perverts? Click here

Tell Salvati to Stop this Brutality!
Email Mr. Salvati at 
[email protected]
or call his business, Salvati Construction and Design at (724) 335-4948.  Incredibly, Salvati claims "God" told him to commit this abuse!
Complain to the Mayor of New Kensington, Frank Link, at (724) 337-4525.
Complain to City Clerk Dennis Scarpiniti at [email protected]
Complain to the Better Business Bureau at  [email protected]
Complain to the Chamber of Commerce at [email protected]
Ask Diane Belitskus to stop advertising this business: [email protected]
Tell the PA Department of Health to shut this business down : 1-877-724-3258
Write PA Gov. Rendell at

This type of "rod" caused this child's injuries:
Joey Salvati'

"Whatever you do to these little ones, you do to me!" -

Read how this type of "rod" killed a little girl: click here

"What do you desire? Shall I come unto you with a rod, or in love and a spirit of gentleness?"
 I Corinthians 4:21


Except as provided in subsection (b) of this section, hitting and whipping devices shall be considered a banned hazardous product under section 2057 of this title.  The Congress finds that such products present an unreasonable risk of injury and no feasible consumer product safety standard under this chapter would adequately protect the public from the unreasonable risk of injury associated with such products.  The Commission shall, in accordance with section 2058 of this title, promulgate a rule declaring such products banned hazardous products.
The term “hitting and whipping devices” includes devices for inflicting physical pain, including, but not limited to, whips, paddles, and electroshock devices, including those that are manufactured for sale, offered for sale, distributed in commerce, imported into the United States, or marketed for use on minors.    Read the whole text by clicking here

Write your US Representative and ask them to support this ban!!! Click here.

We, the undersigned, ask for a ban on advertising and selling devices for the express purpose of whipping and beating babies and children.  Allowing these devices to be advertised and sold only encourages child abuse, and no individual or company should profit from hurting children.

Petition started May 5, 2005
Closed February 10, 2008

"Though it would make parenting more difficult in my view, I believe parents who love Christ can successfully raise godly children without the rod. " - Steve Haymond, who sold "Wee Wackers" to beat babies

1) Stephen Lawrence, Arlington, MA, USA
  "Such devices are an offence against children, adults, and Jesus.  They should certainly be banned."

2) Nicole Walter, San Francisco, CA, USA, San Francisco Green Party
  "Hitting children causes more problems than it solves.  90% of all inmates in jails across the U.S. were subjected to corporal punishment as children.  The Green Party holds to the Key Value of nonviolence, be it against animals, adults, or children, and providing tools with which to promote violence in parenting will only add to the violence in the world and in our communities.  These devices are dangerous for children, adults, or anyone who wishes to live in a safe, peace-loving environment."

3) Colleen Sullivan, Groton, MA, USA
  "Jesus would never hit a child, even if he was disobedient or even outright spiteful.  We must use non-violent ways to discipline our children."

4) Susan Lawrence, Arlington, MA, USA
  "Continuing to allow advertising and selling devices to hurt children will only send the message that it's OK to hit children, and to make money doing it.  This is wrong and must stop."

5) Kelly Sharp, Knoxville, TN, USA, Children's Ministries Leader Family Life Worship Center
  "I serve a loving God that says you find the kingdom of heaven in children and who says parents do not bring your children to wrath.  He would NEVER have hit his own children with whips and rods.  I serve our Lord and savior Jesus Christ God who 'trained' the disciples with love and 7X7 chances not by having them terrified if they even whimper they would be beating and bruised and not loved!!!!!  Stop this horrid practice LOVE YOUR CHILDREN DON'T BEAT THEM!"

6) Brent Turville, Port Stanley, ON, CANADA, self employed
  "Just wondering WHY you sell these whips to beat children?  Can you use them to beat murderers or child molesters in jail, OR, can you use them on Dogs or Pets in general?  Hmmm?  WHY NOT?  All these whips do is help people to get away with 'LEGAL' CHILD ABUSE!!  Enough of the dam whips!  Please!"

7) Melissa Burroughs King, Rockville, MD, USA, Attachment Parenting International of Upper Montgomery County Maryland
8) Paula Jennings, Dumont, NJ, USA
  "Using any device to strike a child or any human being is abuse.  It is not only physically damaging but is psychologically and spiritually damaging as well.  I have a hard time when Christians are for this type of punishment as it surely doesn't seem to me the answer to "WWJD" (What Would Jesus Do?)"

9) Debra Olshever, Needham, MA, USA, Adoption Associates
  "It's abhorrent!"

10) Robert Griffin, North Hollywood, CA, USA

11) Jennifer Kuehn, Olive Branch, MS, USA
  "Please stop the abuse."

12) Frances L. Morris, Oklahoma City, OK, USA

13) Tanya Wynne, Rosharon, TX, USA
  "These devices if used on an adult would land you in jail, why is it legal to use them on helpless children?"

14) Leila Hom, Vasa, FINLAND, Child abuse researcher
  "Please understand that the Bible is thousands of years old and written for another culture than our Western and enlightened society.  Whipping babies and children is out of date and Jesus didn't even promote it!  In the year 2005, no child should ever need to fear its own parents.  Don't buy these devices, please!  Violence is not love."

15) Robert Fathman, Ph.D., Dublin, OH, USA, President, National Coalition to Abolish Corporal Punishment in Schools

16) Ola Karim, San Diego, CA, USA

17) Jerry Townsend, Woodland, CA, USA, School Psychologist

18) Rebecca, Rochester, NY, USA, student
  "Do I even need to comment?  It's ridiculous and anyone who beats their child should be locked up for the rest of their life."

19) Meleasa Carley, Oklahoma City, OK, USA
  "'And He took the children in His arms, put His hands on them and blessed them.'  Mark 10:16"

20) Elaine Njerve-Zack, Amityville, NY, USA
  "I can say FROM EXPERIENCE that corporal punishment (which I also classify as child abuse what I went through) that it's harmful emotionally as well as physically.  The Flashbacks stay with you even during adulthood.  I am 37 years old and am back in therapy because of the way my parents abused me.  I've become extremely angry towards my parents and it's enough to drive me nuts at times!  I hope and pray that someday soon that ALL of these child beating instruments will become illegal!  I was considered a 'perfect child' BUT was always full of FEAR and the constant FEAR has turned me into an ANGRY adult!  The abuse MUST BE STOPPED NOW!!"

21) Jake Terpstra, Grand Rapids, MI, USA, Child Welfare Services Specialist
  "Bullies beat people (and animals) weaker than themselves.  Discipline doesn't need to involve hitting.  The word comes from the term disciple, and means 'to educate.'  Who could imagine Jesus beating anyone!  Cruelty in society can be reduced and this is the place to start."

22) John Zack, Amityville, NY, USA
  "If parents and teachers are allowed to hit children, why don't we let children hit other children?  Jesus was against corporal punishment and he would also be against these torture devices!"

23) Mary Keck, Muskogee, OK, USA, Student
  "Anyone who can use these devices or any other kind of device to injure an innocent child without any feelings of guilt has lost any feelings of conscience and morality."

24) Donna Gilbert, Raleigh, NC, USA

25) Mary Pederson Metelmann, Belmont, MA, USA, LICCSW
  "The word discipline means to teach.  The only thing one teaches through hitting and using tools to beat children is that they are out-of-control, they are not to be trusted, and that violence is the only way to deal with strong feelings of anger, frustration, etc.  It is 2005, we have not come very far!"

26) Holly Urquizu, Fresno, CA, USA, mother of two preschool children
  "I can't even imagine being 'beat' by one of these rods or beating one of my children with it.  It just doesn't make sense as to how a human being can do that to a child.  Thank you for your informative web-site filled with 'other alternatives' to discipline."

27) Constance Thomas, Corning, AR, USA
  "No civilized country should carry or allow the selling of these instruments of torture.  Children can not defend themselves.  When do they become citizens of this country with the rights of citizens not to be tortured?  It's past time."

28) Candace McCulloch, Buffalo, NY, USA

29) Linda Loughran, London, UK
  "I cannot find words to express how horrific these objects are.  That they are for sale is terrible enough - but that there is also a market out there - people who buy them.  THIS HAS GOT TO STOP!"

30) Edwin H. Peart, Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA
  "Use of these devices is illegal under the Criminal Code of Canada according to a Supreme Court of Canada decision in 2004.  Why not just follow Jesus and teach instead of hit, a much safer way to bring up a child with no chance of getting into trouble with the law.  There is no excuse for Christians or anyone else to be ignorant in this internet age.  I would sooner face the Judgement Seat of Christ as a supporter of children's rights rather than having to explain why I supported the hitting of children."

31) Ms. Heather Jones, Santa Rosa, CA, USA
  "There are many alternatives to get a child to change behavior than hitting, spanking, or whipping them."

32) Judith Schagrin, Baltimore, MD, USA
  "If a parent uses physical discipline, violence as a means of control over others becomes an acceptable response.  In other words, if you want to teach children not to hit...don't hit them."

33) Ine Mensink, Schalkhaar, Overijssel, THE NETHERLANDS, a mother
  "When I see that these tools are still used to punish children, I feel ashamed that I belong to this so called civilised human race.  You should love children and not hurt them.  Just give them a hug when you want something done from them and ASK for it.  When you feel that you can't ask nicely... just walk away and come back when you can!  But don't hit them, not with or without a tool.  It is just not right to do so."

34) Faiza Hammadi, Paris, FRANCE
35) Paula Intravaia, San Diego, CA, USA, Educator, Mother of Four, Christian Child Advocate
  "Many like minded people are unaware of the existence of these horrible instruments for pain.  We must raise awareness to create the enormous, necessary, public outcry for their banishment."

36) Sierra Thernes, San Diego, CA, USA, concerned sixth grader

37) Trevor Thernes, San Diego, CA, USA, concerned fourth grader

38) Shayla Thernes, San Diego, CA, USA, concerned ninth grader

39) Marc Intravaia, San Diego, CA, USA, Nonviolent Christian Parent

40) Dan Rawlings, Vancouver, BC, CANADA
  "They should not be sold period.  It is barbaric items are allowed to be sold.  If someone needs to assault a child with a potential lethal weapon, to feel better about themselves, they have serious problems.  It is time for America to join the more progressive countries in the world and ban this archaic, barbaric practice."

41) Kathleen Wolf, Arlington, MA, USA, Registered Nurse

42) Susan Berlowitz, New York, NY, USA
  "The image of the power difference, as well as the physical size of an adult versus a child, is more than enough reason to not strike children.  Standing straight, toddlers look straight into our knees.  Then, add paddles, whips and other such devices, and what does that say about the adult in charge?"

43) Melissa Koslowsky, Arcata, CA, USA
  "Violence is too pervasive for a first world country like the United States.  "An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind."  Abuse is always about control.  A person should never regard another person as property or as a possession.  Please stop promoting ways to "discipline" children, this is violence against children.  To those of you who support hitting a child I want to know if you are feeling scared because you are needing respect?  If possible would you gain respect from not using violence?  From what I know, children who are spoken to and not hit will adore and respect their parents.  To me that is better than having a child afraid of doing something "wrong" and getting a "punishment".  Obedience and respect are two separate issues."

44) Ashley Pelter, Simi Valley, CA, USA

45) Laurie A. Couture, Exeter, NH, USA, M.Ed., LMHC,
  "Striking children is a human rights violation.  There is nothing morally sound about committing a violent act against a child - only ignorance and apathy can justify such a psychologically and spriritually damaging act."

46) Jordan Riak, Alamo, CA, USA, Project NoSpank, PTAVE

47) Jes Cronmiller, Durham, NC, USA
  "Violence begets only violence."

48) Deborah Fein, Philadelphia, PA, USA
49) Dennis Sheehy, Portland, ME, USA
  "Beating children plants the seeds of future violence. Of this there is no doubt."

50) Glenn Norris, Edmond, OK, USA, Director of Children's Ministries, Southern Hills Christian Church
  "How can this Nation profess such high regard for children and, at the same time, willingly allow the supply of implements specifically designed to beat those same children into submission?"

51) Melissa Burroughs King, Rockville, MD, USA, Attachment Parenting International of Upper Montgomery County Maryland
52) Joe DiMaio, Castro Valley, CA, USA
  "There's never, NEVER, an excuse or legitimate piece of rationale for hitting children."
53) Debbie Haskins, Denton, TX, USA
  "Using these devices is an abomination.  Children should be taught with love and patience, not programmed with fear and pain."

54) Lourie Pearlman, Shanghai, CHINA
  "It's astounding that most of a "civilized" people sits idly by while its youngest are tormented, humiliated and abused.  We have to fight this evil."

55) Susan Achen, Northridge, CA, USA

56) Wade K. Meyer, Columbus, OH, USA, Orakem, Inc.
  "There are people who quote the Bible about "spare the rod and spoil the child."  This has nothing to do with beating.  This has to do with guiding a child as a shepherd guides the sheep with his staff.  It is amazing to me that there are still people who feel it is acceptable to physically hurt a child.  But then again, how many people still smoke right in the faces of their children?  Makes me wonder..."

57) Melissa Hurles, Wondermind Ventures, Columbus, OH, USA

58) Greg Achen, Northridge, CA, USA

59) Professor Deana Pollard, Houston, TX, USA, Associate Professor of Law
  "The research is clear:  hitting children produces aggressive, unhappy, abusive people, and the cycle will not stop until we stop hitting children."

60) Barbara Rogers, Chicago, IL, USA,
  "One day, mankind will look back in horror at the inhumanity of those dark ages when torturing children was called discipline, and even love."

61) Norm Lee, Thatcher, AZ, USA,
  "Striking a child is a cowardly act.  And an immoral act.  Use of an instrument in hitting kids should be a felony.  With parenting skills, corporal punishment can be done away with.  With certain skills now known and proven, punishment can be abolished altogether."

62) Kimberly Reyes, Troy, MI, USA

63) Janice D. Borgognoni, Bergenfield, NJ, USA
  "If a non - family member hit a child they would be arrested for abuse, yet a family member can get away with the same abuses.  Something is wrong here.  Jesus protected children, not hit them, so why this antichrist movement of abusing children.  We are either followers of Jesus or we are not.  It can't be both ways.  There are sayings in the Old Testament that are not done in society now.  For instance: in Old Testament times men would be physically punished in public....  And the list goes on.  So why is abusing children allowed to continue even up to today!  It's not because Jesus says so because he doesn't. Anyone who abuses their child or another's child or allows it to continue is not a true follower of Jesus.  Janice"

64) Lisa-Marie Parsons, AB, CANADA
  "Anyone who could hit defenceless children deserves the same visited on them 100x.  Anyone who profits from the pain and fear of children deserves it back to them 1000x."

65) Debra Black, Joliet, IL, USA
  "These are disgusting."

66) Jamie Weyand, Walnut Creek, CA, USA
  "Hitting children is wrong.  Violence breeds violence."

67) Marlisse Bachrach, Culver City, CA, USA
  "It's disheartening that a petition like this is even needed and that so many legislators will not support the ban.  I'm extremely concerned about the tremendous harm these devices do.  Please support this legislation."

68) Mark Kennett, Seneca Falls, NY, USA
  "There is no place for these devices in a civilized society."

69) Suzanne McMullin, Calgary, AB, CANADA
  "Any and all methods used to hit children, regardless of age, should result in mandatory parenting and therapy attendance, and restitution to the children involved, whether as victim or witness.  Written in memory of Jayden Kaylee McMullin, age 3, murdered Easter Sunday, April 20, 2003 and her brother, age 5.  Neither child will ever receive restitution in or out of court from abusers protected by Canada's Criminal Code and "spanking law" that allows children 2-12 years old to be abused and murdered legally."

70) Jeanne Clarke, Baltimore, MD, USA
  "I raised two children without ever resorting to use of these devices; without ever once striking them.  My daughter is nineteen; she doesn't use illegal substance nor abuse legal ones; she's helpful, kind, courteous, my son is twelve, he is non violent, not likely to ever use drugs and or alcohol or smoke for sure, they are not saints, they are not perfect, but then again, they are not automats but autonomous people who can think and make mature decisions for themselves, based not on fear of their parents, but on the knowledge we've imparted to them.  Both are homeschooled, by the way."

71) Justin Wyllie, Bicester, Osfordshire, UK, Individual
  "I was hit by a headmaster with a stick as a child.  All it did was make me hate authority.  Children need adults they can respect."

72) Heather Ireland, Rocklin, CA, USA
  "Beating devices do nothing more than cause injury and teaches children that weapons of violence is the way to achieve results. Is that really what the intent is?  I think not."

73) Lillian Jones, Sebastopol, CA, USA
  "Children learn from intelligent and thoughtful example, heartfelt communication, and wise guidance - hitting is none of these things."

74) Deirdre Chishom Stephens, Portland, OR, USA
  "Hitting a child to get your way is a simiplistic and neanderthal reaction to not getting what you want.  The people who justify hitting children because "it's in the bible" or beause "that's the way it's been done" are showing themselves to be unwilling to learn better methods by choosing to rely on fear and pain to instill obedience, instead of the proven significantly better methods of patience, understanding, wisdom, and love, which will earn respect and love in return, and consequently obedience, not to mention producing a whole, healthy, and responsible adult.  Those of us who understand this difference need to continue to speak out, and encourage others to speak out, to show our future that we really do care about what is best for them, not what is best for who's biggest, strongest, and most wilfully ignorant."

75) Jay Rasco, Safford, AZ, USA
  "Violence only begets more violence.  Stop all violence everywhere.  Treat all people including children with respect and they will respect others.  Stop the spending of our money to build more prisons to house those who have been abused and build more places of healing and love."

76) Crystal Lutton, Phoenix, AZ, USA, Pastor, Arms of Love Family Fellowship
  "It is sad to me that God's Word has been so horribly misinterpreted and those whom Jesus said the Kingdom of Heaven is like are struck with implements.  It isn't a crime, but it should be."

77) Ashley Koslowsky, Santa Rosa, CA, USA, Student
  "Beating children is a horrible, unexcusable action."

78) Colleen Sullivan, Groton, MA, USA
  "Jesus would never hit a child in order to teach him or discipline him."

79) Yol Swan-Dass, Weaverville, NC, USA
  "I consider beating devices humiliating and cruel.  Children should be treated with respect and rasied with love and open communication, not 'trained' like animals and forced to suppress their emotions.  These devices cause pain and resentment, which eventually leads to violence, more pain and resentment."

80) Paula Edwards, Vale, NC, USA, Mother of 3

81) Robin Clemmer, Dallas, NC, USA, homeschool mom

82) Rachel Goldberg, Charlotte, NC, USA, Mother
  "I am absolutely heartsick that such devices exist."

83) Katrina Karchner, Banner Elk, NC, USA

84) Lindsay K., CA, USA

85) Anna Brown, Matthews, NC, USA
  "Children deserve our respect.  We need to be modeling non-violent communication and conflict resolution NOT "might is right"/violence.  The sale of these products must be stopped."

86) Santosh Kulkarni, Pune, Maharashtra, INDIA
  "Selling of all such devices MUST be stopped immediately and it should be treated as serious crime as it encourages child abuse."

87) Jim Hunt, Brighton, MA, USA
  "Let's make the connection among all forms of legal violence, such as hitting kids, the death penalty, and war.  You'll find a parallel among these things."

88) Jerry Townsend, Woodland, CA, USA, Retired Marriage, Family Therapist & School Psychologist

89) & 90) Rev. Thomas E. Sagendorf & Judith G. Sagendorf, Hamilton, IN, USA

91) Louise Gordon, Cambridge, MA, USA
  "There are better ways to raise children than beating them with these devices.  Please see Dr. Irwin Hyman's book "The Case Against Spanking: How to Discipline Your Child Without Hitting" and the websites,,, "

92) Toni Nierman, Raleigh, NC, USA

93) Veronica Reed, NC, USA, Homeschooling Parent
  "Simply put, abusing children is wrong.  Actually selling devices to abuse children is beyond belief.  It is also encouraging sick individuals who get their jollies from abusing their children to believe that what they are doing is condoned."

94) Marc Kluck, THE NETHERLANDS, Language teacher
  "One can teach and train, children and youngsters, by setting good examples, by giving clear messages to children.  Don't tell me that hitting is also a clear message, no sir it is a fear message.  Greetings from Holland.  Marc"

95) Teri Sandiford, Wake Forest, NC, USA
96) Ruthi Cohen Joyner, Locust, NC, USA
  "Please stop this child abuse!!"

97) Jennifer Foltz, Halifax, NC, USA
  "We live in a culture of violence, and it usually begins in childhood.  People need to find out that it's not ok to hit their children."

98) Susan J. Lee, Psy.D., Arlington, MA, USA, Clinical Psychologist

99) Sue Murdock, Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA
  "Please protect our children and ban these devices."

100) Bianca Gunn, Dothan, AL, USA, Mother, Grandmother
  "Violence begets violence - period.  Ruling by fear teaches only fear.  Selling these instruments says you believe "fear" and "respect" to be synonymous.  Now more than ever, the Human race needs to turn away from such dangerous sophistry."

101) Kimberley Harding, Arlington, MA, USA
102) Jamie Apa, St. Catharines, ON, CANADA
  "I cannot fathom why someone would purchase, let alone design and build one of these devices.  I think it is disgusting and my heart breaks for those poor abused children."

103) Tara Pfaff, St. Catharines, ON, CANADA
  "Those have got to be some of the most disturbing items I have ever seen.  Sent chills up my spine that someone even thought to make them."

104) Maribeth Bruno, Chicago, IL, USA
  "Violence destroys a child's trust and belief in parent as protector."

105) Lisa Merson, Hackettstown, NJ, USA

106) Heather Dawn Wichlaz, Lakeport, CA, USA, Little People Preschool
  "I care for 8 children daily, 2 of them my own, and they behave beautifully without hitting them....."

107) Lisa C. Manske, Franklin, TN, USA
   "In the U.S., it's sad to see that a large portion of our society, children, aren't protected from violence."

108) Roy Jacobs, Steelton, PA, USA
  "If such devices were being sold for the purpose of beating dogs and cats, something would be done.  Are not our children more precious to us than our pets?"

109) Peter Jason Hernandez, Shelton, Washington, USA
  "I find that parents who use these devices, also tend to joke about it (e.g., "the Board of Education") -- they think it is funny to cause children pain.  Taking pleasure in inflicting pain:  is this not the definition of Sadism?"

110) Andrea Bird, Waltham, MA, USA
  "Seems like we must still be living in the dark ages if there are still people about who believe in physically hurting children.  At the very least, our laws need to make it perfectly clear that this is NOT acceptable by the standards of a civilized society."

111) Artha Freebury, North Yarmouth, ME, USA, Compliance Officer
  "The use of the "Rod" or any other implement used to "discipline" children is abusive and ultimately ineffective and emotionally, mentally, if not physically, damaging to the children involved.  There is much research to show the negative outcomes of such cruelty, little to none other than anecdotal statements by advocates, to prove its virtue.  It is time to stop the promotion of these child abuse implements."

112) Irina Kazinich, Brooklyn, NY, USA
  "Children are people and should be treated with respect.  Hitting or spanking them teaches them to fear and does not solve any behavior problem.  Being young or a baby is not a reason to endure violence. Spanking IS violence and should NOT ever be carried out.  These rods are torture devices and should be completely eliminated from the marketplace."

113) Madeleine Y. Gomez, Ph.D., Evanston, IL, USA, President PsycHealth, Ltd., Psychologist and mother of 4 amazing children raised without violent discipline
  "I live to support and promote non-violence for all."

114) Jimmy Dunne, Houston, TX, USA, People Opposed to Paddling Students
  "These devices promote hitting children with boards, paddles, extension cords and belts.  All are methods of abusing children."

115) Louis Daily, MD, Houston, TX, USA

116) William Triebel, Austin, TX, USA
  "People that feel the need to beat their children should take a good, hard look at themselves first - There are some serious issues there somewhere!"

117) Nadine Block, Columbus, OH, USA, Executive Director of Center for Effective Discipline
  "Fourteen nations have now banned all corporal punishment of children.  Children in those countries have the same freedom from assaults that adults enjoy.  How can our citizens see themselves as kind and giving and yet tolerate children to be hit with whips, belts, spoons and other instruments?"

118) Joy Maidment, Brownfield, ME, USA
  "Speaking from the experience of being "spanked" with a leather strap designed for sharpening men's strait razors I can attest to the emotional stress and feelings of worthlessmess imparted on a spanked child.  The thought that items are being advertised for sale legally is horrifying to me."

119) Bruce Bell, Santa Rosa, CA, USA
  "Try using it on yourself first, jerk!!!"

120) Brigitte Bittrup, Austin, TX, USA
  "Selling and advertising these devices encourages parents and guardians to use violence against their children.  Violence does not teach better behavior."

121) Jimmy Singh, Austin, TX, USA

122) Michele Purvin, San Marcos, TX, USA, Social Work Graduate Student
  "Would Jesus spank a child?  My father would regularly spank us with a belt when we were children.  I'm 36 now and still vividly remember my little brother's screams.  Please stop this for future generations."

123) Dr. George Holden, Austin, TX, USA, Professor, University of Texas
  "There are lots of good reasons, many backed by research, why parents should not use any form of physical punishment--and especially 'beating devices.'"

124) Doyle Weaver, Dalls, TX, USA, Citizens Against Physical Punishment
  "Making money by selling whipping devices for people to hit children with?  And it's legal?  And law makers are reluctant to ban them?  What kind of heartless people have we elected to office anyway?  Remember them when it's time to vote again.  Pass the word along."

125) Meagan Patterson, Austin, TX, USA

126) Cheryl Anne Mohr, Nashville, TN, USA
  "I am raising three children without resorting to violence.  Striking another adult is deemed assault.  Striking a child should also be seen as a crime punishable by law.  These devices are an affront to anyone with a heart and a brain.  Stop promoting child abuse!"

127) Terry Rudd, Whitehaven, Cumbria, ENGLAND
  "Corporal punishment should be banned.  Not only is it violence against another person but negative & ineffective!"

128) Isabelle Allgood Neal, Media, PA, USA

129) Olly Harari, Needham, MA, USA
  "Hitting children is a violation of two fundamental human rights:  respect for human dignity and physical integrity and to have equal protection under the law.  Hitting people is wrong and children are people too."

130) Stephen Butler, Leeds, W. Yorkshire, UK
  "It is appalling that a so-called advanced country would permit such barbaric devices."

131) Sarah Mayorga, Artesia, CA, USA
  "Abusing children is wrong and it needs to stop!!!!!!!!!"

132) Peggy Dean, Waxhaw, NC, USA, Registered Nurse
  "We must get these devices off of the market.  Children are UNBEATABLE!"

133) Marah Timmons, Visalia, CA, USA
  "I know that I would not want to be beaten by this.  I can't believe that these devices are being legally sold.  They are like assault weapons!"

134) & 135) Helen & Steve Rayshick, Barre, MA, USA

136) Lauren, Cincinnati, OH, USA
  "I really don't think that people should be selling devices to show parents or anybody to whop their kids.  It is by all means a form of child abuse."

137) Linda Serfass, Hudson, MA, USA
  "Hitting children gives them the message that when you run out of verbal ammunition in an argument, or just get frustrated, it's okay to settle it physically.  No one wins in this situation."

138) Cynthia, Parker, PA, USA, mother
  "I do not believe that any child should be hit in any way when my children do something wrong I put them in time out for 3-5 min. I do not hit them with my hand or any thing let alone a device of any sort and these peopel who do it should be in trouble with the law.  How would these people feel if they were the ones who are getting hit?  That's what they should think about IT IS 100% WRONG NO CHILD SHOULD BE HIT FOR ANY REASON."

139) John Shaughnessy, Sandwich, MA, USA
  "There is no evidence to support that beating children helps them in any way. If the parents do not protect their children from abuse, then the government must intervene."

140) Donna Lomp, Newton, MA, USA, Mother of two
  "Let's love our children rather than hurt them.  Physical punishment hurts children.  It is abusive, both physically and emotionally.  Children need and deserve our loving guidance."

141) Jeff Appel, Bloomington, IN, USA

142) Lisa Case, Cambridge, MA, USA
  "Violence is counterproductive to building a caring, compassionate society."

143) Sunny Castle, Ashland, KY, USA, abused child
  "I found this while doing a paper for school on child abuse which is what this is.  Spanking is child abuse.  There should be no tolerance for abusers or the companies making these products.  I am disgraced by the thought that a country I refer to as so great would allow something like this!"

144) Laurie Rentz, Ashland, KY, USA, Abused Child
  "The Bible states "Spare the rod, spoil the child."  But when did the act of child abuse be taken so far as to legalize the advertisement and distribution of items such as wooden paddles and rods strictly for the sole purpose to abuse a child."

145) Chuck Levin, Northfield, MA, USA

146) Isabelle Neal, Media, PA, USA

147) Stephanie Selznick, Quincy, MA, USA, Elementary Teacher/Parent

148) Candy James, Loretto, TN, USA
  "Let's try to understand our children and take necessary steps to guide and teach them, not to instill fear and break their spirits."

149) Dr. Teresa Whitehurst, Watertown, MA, USA, Jesus on the Family (http://Jesusonthe
  "The most unChristian act imaginable is to buy weapons with which to harm God's children.  It goes without saying that hitting people or animals with objects is assault, and today there is no tolerance for whipping animals with weapons.  Dog trainers and horse trainers (See "Horse Sense for People" by Monty Roberts) are cleaning up their acts, purging their disciplines of the whipping habit and educating the public about nonviolent methods for raising well-mannered, peaceful animals. 
  Unfortunately, child psychology is far, far behind due to the influence of "religious" rightwing zealots who use the Bible in obvious ways to justify their violent ways.  Additionally, our laws protect domestic abusers rather than their victims, providing endless loopholes for violent adults (so long as they assault people who are younger than 18 years of age.)
  Please help ban beating devices--they are America's shame."

150) Jonathan Yao, New York City, NY, USA

151) Cathie Coons, Myrtle Beach, SC, USA, The Children's Recovery Center
  "My life's work is preventing child abuse.  It wounds me when I see children that are not safe in their own homes with people they love and should be able to trust.  Selling a product such as this only reinforces that it is acceptable to hit children.  Anyone selling these devices should visit a pediatric unit in a hospital.  Anyone buying a beating device would be better served to get counseling and education on effective parenting."

152) Julia Williams, New York, NY, USA
  "To potential parents who plan to spank their children as a form of discipline:  GET STERILIZED.  YOU DON'T DESERVE TO BECOME PARENTS."

153) Ericka Herlihy, Derry, NH, USA
  "Violence is never a positive act... any form of discipline that requires hitting is wrong!  God Bless Our Children."

154) Christian Valencia, Granada Hills, CA, USA, Student
  "It's NEVER right to hit a child... and such devices that are being sold to abuse children is sooo not cool.  I know I would never want to be hit and thank god my parents don't do so.  STOP THESE BEATING DEVICES before you end up destroying the lives of the leaders of tomorrow!!!!"

155) Claire Mills, Luton, UNITED KINGDOM

156) Janice Skinner, Parkersburg, WV, USA
  "It makes me sick to think about it went to a church newark house of prayer that believed in it turn them in."

157) Shauna Bort, LaFayette, NY, USA
  "Why would anyone abuse a child?  They can't fight back!!!"

158) Angelica Athens, Andover, NJ, USA

159) LeeAnna, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, CANADA, CHDH
  "Why Would Anyone Want To Hit Their Child"

160) Jay Harrison, Berea, KY, USA
  "Ignorance is bliss and this is what happens when gospel is mistaken for doctrine in some churches.  The original translation of Hebrew referred to the word rod as interchangeable with the word staff.  We all know that staffs were used to guide and deflect.  It's been a misinterpretation down through the years and has become taken as gospel.  Education works."

161) Stephanie Wolffe, Grand Rapids, MI, USA, student

162) Denise Finkle, Los Angeles, CA, LAUSD elementary teacher
  "Oh... but it's so much easier to smack 'em & send them to their room :(  "

163) Shannon, Janesville, WI, USA, EASTSIDE CHILDCARE
  "I feel so sad that there is this much ignorance in the world.  Violence harms the spirit, confuses and humiliates.  The only thing it teaches is fear."

164) Shaun McLaughlin, St. Catherines, CANADA

165) Jackie, Chicago, IL, USA
  "Whipping babies?  I don't understand Christians, probably never will.  God says treat your child with sadism, to keep them from going to xxxx.  That's hypocrisy at its finest.  These people are selling soul murderers, not just whipping devices.  For all the pro-life talk Christians speak of, why are they so adamant about killing the soul of the life of a child?"

166) K. Smith, Germantown, MD, USA
  "My mother beat me with a board, a belt, her hand, etc. till I was in my teens.  I am in my 40's now and even though she has been dead for 10 years now, I cannot forgive her for leaving me with the mental scars."

167) Susannah Moore, Marietta, OH, USA, mother
  "I am repulsed at what our country allows defenseless children to endure this day in age."

168) Thomas Edward Richardson, McComb, MO, USA, CEO/HITTRACK RECORDS/myweb.cableone, net/hittrack

169) Chris Shelton, Sandwich, MA, USA

170) Suzanne Proulx, Hermon, ME, USA, parent
  "Discipline is how to use your mind, not brute force.  Discipline is the root word.  Disciple means student.  If you hit a child to get compliance, you only teach him to hit to get what (s)he wants.  When we tell our children to use their heads and words to solve a problem, then "spank" to solve what we think is a problem we have with them, we set a double-standard.  We send them mixed messages, including the age-old saying:  Do as I say, not as I do.  If we want violence to cease, we must begin within our homes, and in our hearts."

171) Cheri Speights, Douglasville, GA, USA, RMA
  "I am strongly against using these kind of weapons on children.  I have lost my children to an abusive parent, he beats my children with a 3 inch 1 to 2 foot long paddle and has broken it on them several times, he has also remarried to a woman who engages in this abuse with my children but not her own.  If there is anyone who can help me with fighting for the protection of my children I would really appreciate the help.  Cheri Speights"

172) Lisa Dobson, Vancouver, Washington, USA, A concerned Christian parent
  "Correction is useful in dealing with inappropriate behavior.  Punishment however is abuse, and should not be tolerated."

173) Kathryn Plowman, Colorado Springs, CO, USA

174) Christina M. Gonzalez, Woodbine, NJ, USA
  "By selling/distributing these devices, the United States is condoning child abuse.  No individual should have to endure what the children in the pictures endured."

175) J.K.R., Pasadena, CA, USA
  "It is despicable that anyone would want to profit from a device specifically intended to hurt children.  This demonstrates that this society has a long way to go to embrace the principle that everyone, regardless of age or condition of dependency, has the right to freedom from nonconsensual bodily assault, which is precisely what this tool is designed and intended for.  I fully support any legislation that will permanently and unequivocally ban all such 'chastisement' devices from the market.  However, as to the larger question of exorcising the curse of corporal punishment from this society, particularly in America, I no longer believe it is feasible to pursue this goal through traditional political means.  I would urge children themselves to take the lead in asserting their right to bodily integrity.  Kids must band together and refuse to tolerate being hit.  The only way to vanquish spanking is for the kids to REFUSE TO PUT UP WITH IT.  It's time to go to battle against hitting!!"

176) Susan Nunn, Edinboro, PA, USA, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania
  "It is shameful that the only people in the United States who are not legally protected from battery are children.  Spanking allows an adult spanker to release emotion.  The adult gets an adrenaline rush from the act of displacing anger into violence.  The child experiences an extreme kind of stress from having his/her body invaded and the infliction of pain from the one who is supposed to protect him or her.  People who spank are seriously misguided:  they want to pass their own childhood wounding on to others instead of addressing it."

177) Nicole Jaubert, Houma, LA, USA
  "I have two dogs and a cat and I NEVER hit them.  I certainly would NEVER hit my child!"

178) Chris Dodd, Hatch End, Pinner, Middlesex, UK, Churches' Network for Non-violence

179) Annaliese Stautner, Saratoga, NY, USA
  "This is insane!  Why are people manufacturing such things?"

180) Phoebe Lee, Huntly, Moray, SCOTLAND
  "To beat a child is abuse.  We would arrest an adult for using such implements on another adult so why should it be ok to use them on children and babies?"

181) Sumita Jaggar, Santa Cruz, CA, USA
  "How can we expect to raise thinking, peaceful adults if we teach them in childhood that hurting someone is acceptable behavior?"

182) Lauren Gusinow, San Jose, CA, USA
  "Children deserve caring discipline, not violence.  No one should be allowed to profit from advertising and sales of devices that promote violence upon children."

183) Pamela Herr, Somerville, MA, USA

184) Amy Gilley, Austin, TX, USA
  "I am disgusted and disturbed that items like these are for sale.  Public hangings should be reinstated for people who harm children."

185) Carole Burkhardt, Bethlehem, PA, USA
  "Stop selling devices that promote violence.  We need to raise our children in ways that show violence is NOT acceptable for ANY reason."

186) Michael Burgess, Carlise, Cumbria, ENGLAND, Chairman, Charity Council
  "The device per se is inanimate, but the malicious users are not.  Only exceptionally callous people would stoop to such barbaric levels."

187) Heather Thompson, Memphis, TN, USA
  "These beating devices are promoting child abuse.  Why do you need a weapon to discipline your child?  It makes no sense.  Not only is it sending the wrong message to the child, it is cruel."

188) Jason Baldus, Muskegon, MI, USA

189) Leslie Trull, Richmond, VA, USA
  "These are unnecessary and inappropriate.  We are striving for the best for our children despite the war, we have enough violence in this world, teach our children to love."

190) Samantha Hunt, Charlotte, NC, USA
  "I think it is deplorable that people beat their children with paddles."

191) Laura Pilafas, Madison, GA, USA
  "I have never been so appalled by what I have just witnessed.  As a MSW and a former Child protective worker, I did not know that there was actually advertising for this.  It is no wonder that this country has so many problems."

192) Ana Frank, Birmingham, AL, USA
  "Please ban devices for beating children.  It's sickening!"

193) Linda Dishaw, NY, USA, member..Abuse Is NO Excuse...MSN group

194) Diane Buck, Russellville, AR, USA
  "This is really cruel and stupid.  No child or adult deserves this kind of treatment.  There are gentler ways to discipline a child and that's not one of them... stop this before we lose more precious children!!!!!"

195) Eileen Demski, Greenfield, WI, USA

196) Christie Chandler, Ipswich, Qld, AUSTRALIA, Student
  "I was physically and sexually abused from the age of birth to the age of 3 years when I was finally put into foster care.  Abuse is wrong and everybody knows it.  There are other ways to 'train' your child.  LEARN THEM!!!!"

197) Jess, Wellington, NEW ZEALAND
  "OMG!  that is disgusting"

198) Derek Coley, Regina, Saskatchewan, CANADA

199) Harold Albert Smith, Danville, PA, USA, EPOCHUSA
  "If I see someone beating their child, I will tell them they are a bad parent and call CPS. Won't you?"

200) Amber Shoemaker, Sedalia, MO, USA
201) Amanda, Clermont, FL, USA, Dental Assistant
  "There are plenty of other ways to discipline a child than beating them, parents are just too lazy to take the time to do what they are supposed to do as a parent."

202) Pat Dillard, Houston, TX, USA
  "This is awful and perverse.  No words to express my distress!"

203) J. Brickey, Las Vegas, NV, USA

204) Alyssa Gilgen, Taylors Ville, UT, USA
  "All this has got to be stopped"

205) Christopher Monahan, South Glas, ENGLAND, Student
  "This is a sign of the times, I would like to say that it surprises me, but it doesn't.  Truth be told we are moving into a world of power, of high sounding principles, and ultimately...responsibility.  These expressions of cruel malicious sick... pitiful behaviour towards what is arguably one of the most vulnerable human forms, and most important stages of development, are just another symptom of our societies' Moral insecurity, remember conscience is divine."

206) Desiree Short, Springfield, MA, USA
  "I can not believe that this country would allow the sale, distribution or even advertisement of such a cruel and inhumane device.  These beating rods need to be taken off the market immediately and those who market and sell them should be prosecuted!"

207) Marybeth Lewis, Beech Grove, IN, USA
  "We should never ever sell things to hit kids, I was abused as a child and I am still having trouble dealing with it.  With this thing out there and the book "To Train Up a Child" we will have a nightmare of abused and even dead kids GOD FORGIVE US this is crazy."

208) Jennifer Kelley, Lake Orion, MI, USA, Mother of four and one on the way
  "This should be criminal.  It is a crime to strike an infant.  Anyone who buys these awful devices and worse uses them should be in prison.  They are not safe members of society."

209) Ophelia-Dawn Shona Power, CANADA
  "The research studies are clear on this point.  They show that spanking is ineffective, can lead to physical abuse and creates children who are more prone to temper tantrums, who are more likely to hit others and who are more likely to engage in juvenile crime.  Educate yourselves and learn to communiate effectively with your child, as you would with an adult.  Child abuse is unacceptable."

210) Vanessa Malcom, Fleet, Hampshire, ENGLAND
  "Any sane and right minded person need not be told that this is wrong, wrong, wrong."

211) Jeanie Walker, Smithfield, KY, USA
  "This is a disgusting display of how backwards this country is.  Would you tolerate someone else using this device on your child?  If not, then why is it OK for you to use it?  Please, do not use such a device on your children, no one deserves to be beaten, especially the innocent and those who cannot defend themselves: children."

212) Lisa, KY, USA
  "Those things are absolutely awful.  Those poor children that are subjected to them."

213) Erin Davis, Banbridge Island, WA, USA, Parent
  "They are just wrong!"

214) C. Davenport, Arlington, TX, USA

215) Dayna Ostler, Augusta, GA, USA, SAHM
  "This is so sad!"

216) Trish, Newbury Park, CA, USA
  "Children don't deserve to be beaten like that there is No reason for it!!!!  Please stop this abuse of innocent children!  And don't sell items like that!  Thank you."

217) Christine Teig, Manlius, NY, USA, loving mother of two beautiful children
  "The advertisement, sale and use of these items must be stopped!"

218) Jennifer, Marietta, GA, USA
  "Unnecessary and useless way to discipline anyone.  It teaches nothing except that it's okay to be violent to others.  Sorry excuse for parenting."

219) Amy Furletti, Clay, NY, USA

220) Libby Anker, San Francisco, USA, University of California

221) Kate Foster, Manlius, NY, USA
  "The fact that these devices are actually packaged and sold as devices for the beating of children is revolting.  It must be brought to an end!"

222) Jennifer Kelly, Milton, MA, USA
  "Please outlaw such dangerous and sick devices.  Children's lives are at risk!"

223) Nicole Folwell, Calgary, Alberta, CANADA
  "Absolutely sick!  Anyone who uses such items or practices such techniques should be ashamed and charged with abuse!"

224) Lou Chavez, Culver City, CA, USA

225) Amanda Camacho, New York City, NY, USA
  "I think that it's crazy to sell those to hurt babies or anybody."

226) Kelly Diemond, Syracuse, NY, USA

227) Christi Babaz, Lawrenceville, GA, USA, Babaz Family Homeschool
  "I cannot believe people actually believe that hitting their children with a wooden stick is acceptable."

228) Angela Burkhardt, Fridley, MN, USA, The Next Step Dance Academy (Director)
  "I cannot imagine Jesus hitting a child with such an item.  If hitting adults is illegal, surely selling items to hit children with would be illegal as well."

229) Ivy Hudson, Snellville, GA, USA, Homeschooling mother of two!

230) Mardi Otto, Twin Lake, MI, USA

231) Becky Knorpp, Greensboro, NC, USA, Facilitator: Rowdi Mamas Bible Study
  "It's time for American evangelicals to wake up to what scripture really teaches about the nature of God and the FULL propitiation of Christ for our sins. Although God lovingly teaches and disciplines us, He does not 'take us to the woodshed' to punish us, because He took his son there on our behalf. As parents we teach our children who God is by our actions and our children have the right to be 'rooted and established in love' by the God of grace on this side of the cross."

232) Ayesha Athar, Carol Stream, IL, USA
  "Beating children DOES cause psychological problems in the long run."

233) Charmi, Hanover Park, IL, USA
  "This is bs!  Fookers need to stop!"

234) Lindsey M. Gruen, Wright Patterson AFB, OH, USA
  "As a Christian and a mother, as well as a victim of parental abuse, I am appalled at the use of any object used to beat a child."

235) Catherine Coghlan, Winfield, IL, USA

236) Dr. Punit Kumar Agarwal, New Delhi, Delhi, INDIA, Consultant Plastic Surgeon
  "Such child abuse devices should be banned with immediate effect and those patronising them should be punished."

237) Crystal Jones, Pueblo, CO, USA
  "Why do the American people have more compassion for terrorists and their people than our own flesh and blood?  Why are gun manufacturers held liable and not the manufacturers of these devices?"

238) Jennifer Weingartner, Watervliet, NY, USA
  "The fact that someone would even design devices like this let alone sell them is sickening, and the thought that certain parents would buy them is even worse, they should be banned from the market, NOW!!!"

239) Kristie Rudolph, San Francisco, CA, USA
  "Violence does not solve problems it creates them."

240) Holli Morrison, Anderson, SC, USA, Mommy/family
  "We should take every opportunity blessed to us by God to show our children our love.  We have the opportunity to mold peaceful loving children.  Abused children have unjustly been stripped of the right to grow and learn in love.  WWJD?"

241) Ariel Chard, Palmerston North, NEW ZEALAND
  "That makes me sick, buying something especially made to whip or beat children.  That is the most stupid thing I have ever heard, that's disgusting.  Only sick headed people could sell something or buy something like that to beat a child."

242) Monica Kincaid, Salt Lake City, UT, USA
  "Violence only breeds violence.  Hate begets hate as violence begets violence."

243) I do not understand how my fellow Christians can read the words, "God is love" and go buy one of these horrid things.  He wants us to be firm but loving with our children, devices such as these only promote angry parents and frightened, abused children.  Please STOP!"

244) Kimberly Chase, Colorado Springs, CO, USA, A mom
  "As a Christian, I am a little offended and a WHOLE LOT heartbroken to hear people mis-using the bible to justify cruelty to children."

245) Gwen Cullers, Sandy Lake, PA, USA, mother/grandmother
  "I cannot believe that a country such as the US would allow children to be beaten with a device.  Someone should use this on the total sadistic morons that would use this on their child."

246) Amber, Buena Park, CA, USA
  "This Pearl couple are sick in the head! I'm a college student and I've talked to too many classmates who are atheist or into the occult as they have turned away from God as a result from being raised in this way.  Probably if their parents spared the rod they would have not turned their backs on the Lord and would still be attending church."

247) Natanaelle Tyler, Alhambra, CA, USA, HOUSEWIFE
248) Peter Newman, North Yorkshire, ENGLAND, Author

249) Isabella Fiske McFarlin, Rochester, VT, USA, Director Emerita, Free The Kids! Program
  "This is horrible and disgusting.  Jesus said, 'You must become as a little child again to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.'  I don't believe this is what he had in mind.  For children, whom he clearly respected and liked.  This is a torture device, and should be outlawed!"

250) Shannon Burke, Tipton, IN, USA
  "I am truly sickened that items of this sort are sold!  It MUST stop!!!"

251) Laurie Gibson, Haskell, OK, USA

252) Donis Canisales, Laveen, AZ, USA, First Grade Teacher
  "Please do not encourage the advertisement of spanking children.  Thank you."

253) Connie Thomas, Corning, AR, USA
  "The USA needs to join the EU and outlaw corporal punishment in their schools and the production of objects like these that are probably found in S&M clubs needs to be stopped!"

254) Katharine Thompson, Los Angeles, CA, USA
  "Absolutely horrifying!!!"

255) Junnie Chup, AK, USA, seventh grade student
  "Things like this scar children for the rest of their lives.  Just stop all of the abuse.  Violence isn't the answer, and can only make things worse."

256) Rebecca Shane-Wahl, Lakewood, CO, USA

257) Karl M., Calgary, Alberta, CANADA
  "One of the key, core principles of Christianity (the following of Christ's teachings, for those who appear to have forgotten) is to treat others as one would wish to be treated. Beating a defenseless child with one of these objects is a complete betrayal of Christian principles. Jesus told his followers to 'suffer the little children to come unto him' and he showed them only love and compassion. How could someone legitimately claim to be Christian and then turn violence on his or her own children? Too many people now betray their own supposed principles by practicing violence against children."

258) Eric Merlino, Philadelphia, PA, USA, Program Director/Caring Together D/A Outpatient Program
  "Violence engenders violence."

259) David Bohn, Wahiawa, HI, USA
  "Children are our future!  Harming them also harms our future!"

260) Margo Liebers, Lincoln, NE, USA
  "I can't believe, in a nation that calls itself 'civilized', that it is even necessary to have a petition to stop the sale and use of these grotesque devices.  No follower of Christ could ever countenance the beating of a child."

261) Fey Lazo, Juneau, AK, USA, Student
  "DO NOT SELL THESE WICKED THINGS.  We are Jesus's children."

262) Tori Fey, Juneau, AK, USA, Student
  "We are the lord's children. I am one of them."

263) Kristopher Lundborg, Juneau, AK, USA, 9th grade student
  "This needs to stop.  It is horrible how people treat children.  And Violence is not the answer.  Kids do not need to be treated like this.  It's very bad.  And there is no point, unless you want to 'act' cool in front of ppl, which is retarded because it is not cool.  And it hurts."

264) Heather Watts, Chattanooga, TN, USA

265) Wendy Byrnes, AK, USA, 8th grade student

266) Christy Hieatt, Mother of 4, Little Elm, TX, USA

267) Amanda Shannep, Portland, OR, USA

268) Katherine Focke, Seattle, WA, USA

269) Danielle Schreifels, Colorado Springs, CO, USA
  "I created my own rod from reading and believing this is what a Christian parent should do if you love your children.  But one day God brought me to a website where I found Christians that don't believe in spanking.  I was never heard of such a thing, Christians that don't spank, I thought.  And is it not a sin to not spank, I also thought.  I ordered the book "Heartfelt Discipline" and I felt God convict my heart to stop spanking!  I felt a huge weight and peace and just knew in my heart there was a better way!  I threw out my "Rod"!  The fear of the rod was gone.  And now I can listen and hear how the Holy Spirit can guide me with His heart on how to discipline in Christ's loving way!"

270) Lesley Atlansky, Estacada, OR, USA
  "Children are ours to love, not to beat into submission."

271) Kara Pierce, Tallahassee, FL, USA
  "Outrageous and just sad that such a "tool" is being marketed."

272) Renae E. Douglas, Pella, IA, USA

273) Irina Milkhailichenko, Milpitas, CA, USA
  "Unhumane and cruel.  I can not believe such things can be still in use."

274) Lisa Cates, Burbank, CA, USA
  "I'm not even sure what to say.  I'm speechless."

275) Susan Damm, North Hollywood, CA, USA

276) Tammy, Coram, NY, USA

277) Christine Hitt, Burbank, CA, USA
   "These should never have been made, it is inhumane."

278) Kelly Patrick Gerling, Ph.D., Shawnee Mission, KS, USA, CEO,
  "Children do not necessarily do what we tell them to do.  However, they have a strong tendency to do what we do.  We speak English, they speak English.  We speak Spanish, they speak Spanish.  When we respect them, they tend to respect us, and others.  If we hit them, they tend to hit us, others weaker.  Physical punishment demonstrates that violence is a 'legitimate' way to get others to obey orders.  When (non self-defense) violence is deemed illegal and immoral, other alternatives for respectful relationships emerge that are healthier than relationships of obedience based on domination and submission."

279) Derek Coley, Regina, Saskatchewan, CANADA
  "Well what can I say these devices are simply destructive to children and hurt the child and parent bond."

280) Claire Levine-Dotson, Burbank, CA, USA
  "Anyone who feels the need to beat a child should not have the privilege of raising one and people who condone and support this act of discipline, should be punished."

281) Stephanie Morriss, Marlton, NJ, USA

282) Debra Justice, Bellevue, WA, USA
  "The practice of hitting children is reprehensible.  Allowing the sale of items designed to inflict pain on children is even worse.  Stop the madness!"

283) RB, Fairfax, VA, USA, Citizen
  "The worst part of these sanctioned torture cults is that the "born-again" practitioners (who'd really want to be "born again" to one of their families, and have to be 4 years old all over again?) say that the proper spanking procedure is to let all anger die out and do it methodically, like they're trying to win a sports trophy or something.  What kind of barbarism is that, anyway?  Cold premeditation and careful planning, of just how you're going to administer sufficient pain to one 1/4 of your weight-class, who is trembling all the while in the holding cell?  At least when they're angry, they've got an excuse for getting rough.

But my vengeful side does not fear; I can still get back at dear old Dad for his way of handling things and making me a terror-filled wretch--in just a few more short years, he'll be impossibly old and senile, and then I can just say I'm too busy, neglect him, let him rot away in a nursing home, and oh, how sweet it will be, where I can laugh last where once I'd cried uncontrollably.

Just you wait, dear old papa, just you wait."

284) Stephen Picone, Waltham, MA, USA, DevastatorX Productions
  "This is a barbaric tool.  And to think that people are profiting off this is insane.  Beat the inventers of these arcane devices and let's see how they like it.  I would rather cut off my own hands than hit my child with these or anything else."

285) Anonymous
  "These devices should only be used in the bedroom between two consenting adults."

286) Ann Garcia, San Antonio, TX, USA
  "They have got to stop selling these things and stop hurting children."

287) Jewel Bricquet, Las Vegas, NV, USA
  "The devices are brutal child abuse weapons. I was mentally & emotionally destroyed by less sadistic weapons. I spent years attempting to find a reason to live. It is torturing mentally and emotionally to a nervous breakdown. It kills love, trust, hope, survival and rips the heart out of children. Weapons to torture children need to be outlawed. I know that less sadistic weapons regularly destroy kids mentally and emotionally why would anyone go into overkill to that degree. Children have to survive by their death and use them as a bad examle to be a decent human being. Consciousless rapist & icepick killer relatives were formed by this evil abuse."

288) John Frey, Shoreline, WA, USA
  "This is a no brainer.  Violence breeds violence."

289) Tammy Allen, Boylston, MA, USA
  "Designed for use by sicko's"

290) Donna Gough, Halifax, CANADA
  "I believe these devices should be used on the parents who would be so crazy to buy them. STOP THE VIOLENCE AGAINST CHILDREN."

291) Johanna Lack, Murrieta, CA, USA, Concerned Parent
  "I had no idea and this is so shocking. What century do we live in again? No wonder the US is such a violent society."

292) Laura Weymouth, MA, USA

293) Tamara Waagboe, Trondheim, NORWAY
  "No country should allow this. How can anyone justify selling things that's sole purpose is to beat a child? A modern, democratic country should NOT allow this to happen. Start treating children as HUMAN BEINGS, not property."

294) Aina, NORWAY
 "The Jesus I know would never allow a child to be beaten!"

295) Cindy Baltzer, Burbank, CA, USA
  "Even professional dog trainers know that PRAISE is the effective tool in training, not punishment."

296) Georgette Therault, Houston, TX, USA, mother/grandmother
  "The thought of this sickens me"

297) Gloria Pollard, University Place, WA, USA

298) Rosalind Lord, San Francisco, CA, USA
  "There are people who make pornographic movies of unconsenting children being whipped. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of these criminals purchased these things."

299) Lisa Ross, Argenta, BC, CANADA
  "Please ban the sale and promotion of such items. They promote child abuse. The United States is the only country still allowing this. What a shame."

300) Pauline Bridgeford, Eaton, OH, USA
  "I was raised this way. I think it is abusive!!!!"

301) Julie Davis, Turners Falls, MA, USA, Director, Children's Education St. James Church
  "Each week I strive to instill the belief in my students that Jesus taught us to love one another, yet there are companies selling these devices that are directly contrary to His word. This must stop!"

302) Karen L. Cross, Auburn, WA, USA, ARNP, MSN
  "I am deeply saddened by the thought of parents using these 'devices' to discipline their children. What are they thinking?? WE as a nation need to demonstrate to our children love, respect, and grace, not violence, pain, and physical abuse."

303) Kristy Dallas Alley, Memphis TN, USA, Teacher, Memphis City Schools
  "This treatment of children is barbaric and should not be condoned."

304) Hilary Shirven, Peoria, IL, USA, Mother, Childbirth Educator
  "The New Testament is the fulfillment of the Old Testament. Therefore, Jesus' teachings should hold the highest influence over how we parent our children. As Jesus taught young and old through love, compassion, and patience, so should we."

305) Nicole Heim, Enterprise, AL, USA
  "I started researching corporal punishment after I read about how great a local school is in my paper, "Discipline, academics play a part in Rehobeth's (Dothan, AL) popularity...(blah blah)  And the Board of education is still a wooden paddle...That's what attracted Gregory and Leigh Isles to the tiny town...(with) their four children..." (from Dothan Eagle October 16, 2005).  Front page news.  HOW DISGUSTING.  You know the people I've heard talking about beating their kids do it again and again, you'd think they'd be smart enough to put two and two together and realize, hmm, it didn't work the first, second, third, etc... time, maybe I should try something else. When I tell people I don't hit my daughters they say I'm coddling them!!!  Hmm, I wonder why this country is so violent???"

306) Barbara Beaudot, Margaret River, WA, AUSTRALIA

307) Janice Skelly, Erie, PA, USA
  "I am horrified that these things exist in our country. I am even more horrified that there are parents in our country that are using these devices.  It just breaks my heart to imagine a child in this situation.  If an adult used these on another adult, you can believe the law would get involved.  Then why is it OK for an adult to use these on a child.  I pray for these children.  Parents who use these devices and others lilke them should not be allowed to have children.  This is not love.  This is violence, control, and abuse.  Jesus would never love a child like this."

308) Kelly Tanza, Long Island, NY, USA
  "This is a horrendous practice and must be stopped."

309) Bridget Kelley, Lexington, KY, USA
  "I am both appalled and saddened by the sale of these devices.  Jesus taught kindness and gentleness.  These products are not biblical, and would be illegal if used on adults or animals.  Don't our children deserve to be treated with at least the same dignity and respect as the neighbor's dog?"

310) Jennifer Vielhaber, Viola, WI, USA
  "Please help protect these precious children!"

311) Victoria Jones, UNITED KINGDOM
  "How ANYONE could even raise their hand to their child is beyond me, let alone anything along these lines...It's VERY sickening. Children are part of you and how anyone could conceive of harming them is just...much too hard to even contemplate. These...'people' who harm them should be locked away from the rest of society, along with the people that sell these devices to these so called parents."

312) Netty Guzman, Calgary, Alberta, CANADA
  "We should stop punish our kids! We should give them love. NO TO VIOLENCE, STOP MAKE KIDS TO HATE THEIR OWN PARENTS!!"

313) Janny, Mexico D.F., MEXICO, Student
  "I am a 13 years old girl and I don't consider I am a bad one, I love my parents but even so I am afraid of them when I get in trouble and they spank me.  I hate it and it doesn't teach me anything else than fearing and being careful about them not to know what I do to help spanking.  I wanted to sign this because we had a look to the website in English lesson and I found it wonderful how somebody in the USA wants to stop spanking.  I support it.  I wrote this with help of my English teacher, she is American and she says spanking is allowed in many of USA school (it is not in Mexico).  I hope it will stop someday.  For my siblings, myself and all the children on the world."

314) Nancy Warnecke, Belmont, VT, USA
  "This practice is gruesome, 'third world,' and at the VERY LEAST--demonstrates the VAST immaturity (not to mention ignorance) of those who use it.  Grow up.  Get a REAL method of caring for your children. Stop depending on violence against tiny beings 1/4 or even 1/5 your size.  ("WWJH"--who would Jesus hit?)  This practice is hypocritical, shameful, and its TRUE root causes are the deep insecurities and parental inadequacies of its users."

315) Jozi Neal, Bakersfield, CA, USA
  "The sale of these products only encourages child abuse.  The main reason for an unruly child is neglect and abuse in the first place."

316) Pam Kellogg, Newark, DE, USA, Homeschooling Parent
  "There are no words to describe this horrific act upon children."

317) Lori Minden, Vader, WA, USA
  "Children deserve to be loved and nurtured - not abused and beaten.  Anyone making money on this type of thing should be stopped and all devices sold for such purposes banned.  It is horrifying what some people will do in the name of religion.  Just sick!"

318) Cheryl Edstrom, Idaho, USA, Homeschooling Mom
  "A loving Father in Heaven would never advocate injuring a tiny infant or child in any way.  In fact, Jesus said, 'But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.'  Matt. 18:6"

319) Paris Mickle, Las Vegas, NV, USA
  "This breaks my heart...we are supposed to protect children from harm.  How about a petition to ban ANY physical punishment of children."

320) Chris Bragg-Smith, Akron, OH, USA
  "Spare the rod, spoil the child, does NOT mean beating them!  This is NOT Creators way! It is of Satan!  Ban these devices now!"

321) Christine Maloney, St. Catharines, Ontario, CANADA
  "The only people who would still be using these kinds of devices are those people who were probably discipline this way when they were younger and are now mentally unstable.  These people are sick and should not be anywhere around children.  We must break the cycle!  I can't believe that these devices are still legal!"

322) Danielle Shepherd, Baton Rouge, LA, USA, mother, student, abuse survivor
  "I think this is appalling that they actually sell these 'devices' over the internet (better yet, at all).  I was given the book 'To Train Up A Child' from a fellow church member (while in church) when I lived in FL with my husband and daughter and when I went home and read it, I was in shock.  The next time I went to the church I asked around if things like I read in the book were still practiced....everyone in that SDA church that I asked said 'of course, it's God's wish'....needless to say I never went back to that church again.  I have a (now) 3 1/2 y/o daughter and I could NEVER see myself or my husband hitting our daughter in the manner that book described.

I can honestly say anyone that follows what that book (To Train Up A Child) or any book like it needs to be locked up for life.  Our children are for us to love...we need to show them love...not treat them like a family pet."

323) Kay Mardesich, Palos Verdes, CA, USA
  "I am truly saddened that these devices are used against babies and children in the name of Jesus!  Shame on you!"

324) Nancy Weaver, Tionesta, PA, USA
  "Any device used to beat babies should be removed from the market.  I have never spanked my child and have never needed to do so.  I think there are other ways to deal with behavioral problems."

325) Ronald Shepherd, Puallup, WA, USA, Parent
  "This is a horrible thing to do to the children.  They are our future and our legacy.  If we discipline our children in such a way, then what can we say for our legacy?  We are just teaching that it's ok to hurt another person when we show anger or disagreement.  Not much of a legacy there..."

326) Leanne Rentz, Huntsville, AL, USA, Concerned Parent
  "It is a disgusting shame that this is legal in the US."

327) Jennifer Roberts, Bremerton, WA, USA
  "This is the most sickening thing I have ever seen, only a monster would do these things to a child."

328) Christy Harding, Visalia, CA, USA
  "This is totally sick. The people that sell it must be on drugs!"

329) Eleanor McQuinn, IRELAND

330) Joshua Blake, La Crosse, WI, USA, Early Childhood Teacher
  "I have held a position as an Early Childhood Teacher for two years now.  My esperiences during this short time have led me to believe that anyone who hits a child is an ignorant moron.  For starters a child who has a behavioral problem is not at any fault.  This could be placed upon improper rearing or possibly a mental incapacity.  As for the adult, I can say that like most adults I am a bit more well rounded than a child.  With the ability to manipulate and divert.  So with that in mind, when you hit a child it simply says that your IQ is that of a child or less.  Children keep this world beautiful."

331) Gerald, VA, USA, Homeschooling Father
  "The 'rod' in the old testament was used to gently guide sheep, and not to beat them, hence 'spare the rod, spoil the child' meant to gently and lovingly guide your children lest they be spoiled, or no good.  The church has perpetrated this lie for centuries that beating your children is somehow biblical.  To those selling this garbage about beating your children, 'Better you tie a millstone around your neck and throw yourself to the bottom of the sea than hurt one of my children!'  STOP THE ABUSE NOW!"

332) Jill Grant, Maidstone, Kent, UK
  "'It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and be cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.'  Shame on you."

333) Greg Fisher, Boston, MA, USA
  "The amount of influence religion has on this subject is ridiculous.  Religion or not, anyone with any sense of morality knows that corporal punishment is completely wrong.  90% of convicted felons were spanked or beaten as children.  Spanking children is just an excuse to take out one's anger on a defenseless person.  If the spanker was the one getting spanked, I doubt they would rush to support spanking as they do now.  If you must bring religion into it though, here is a verse from The Rambam (Maimonides), 'The Thirteen Attributes of Kindness'

G-d, G-d, G-d of compassion, graciousness, slow to anger, abundant in kindness and truth, preserver of kindness for thousands of generations, forgiver of iniquity, willful sin, error, and who cleanses.'

That pretty much shows how we should act."

334) Derek, Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA
  "These devices are disgusting!  It's abhorrent to me that any parent would consider using them against a child.  The people who use these disgusting things send the message 'might makes right' and that it's OK to beat up those smaller than you.  I went to school with a bully who was physically 'disciplined' (that is probably the wrong word) and he became a criminal and high-school dropout.  These devices and corporal punishment in general do not make better children.  They create bullies & criminals.  Shame on the people who make & sell these obscene devices and claim 'biblical' justification!"

335) Christine, MA, USA, A xxxx off mother
  "I nearly threw up when I read the excerpts from this book.  This must be stopped."

336) Kathryn Roberts, Lancaster, PA, USA
  "This IS child abuse, contrary to what ANY website, book or individual may claim to avoid a lawsuit.  The mere fact that any of these would see it necessary to make such disclaimers is suspect.  BAN the sale of any and ALL baby whipping devices.  No country can successfully progress when its babies are being beaten into submission."

337) Christine Adkins, Frisco, TX, USA

338) Jennifer Hopton, Deltona, FL, USA

339) Geoff Scott, 100 Mile House, British Columbia, CANADA, Captain South Cariboo COP
  "No such devices should be sold or offered free.  Severe legal action should be taken against anyone that uses such.  This includes using one's hand as well."

340) Sara Schultz, Mound, MN, USA, Preschool Teacher

341) Mollie Green, Canton, IL, USA

342) Tina Pabon, Rie, PA, USA
  "It is totally sick! We cannot use these instruments to strike adults but we have a right to hit children with them? There is no logic in that!"

343) Jamie Kleinman, Manchester, CT, USA
  "This is beyond comprehension, not just as a mother, but also as a professional psychologist who has worked with abused children.  The damage this type of product inflicts lasts a lifetime."

344) Kimberly Mcanally, Shafter, CA, USA, Administrator
345) Isabelle Glen, Dublin, IRELAND, The Sunbeams
  "Absolutely disgusting, but what sickens me are the people who actually buy them."

346) Heather Bruss, West Bend, WI, USA
  "As a child who was both physically, emotionally, and psychologically abused, I am highly against this! No chlid deserves to be beaten with these things no matter what the child has done! It is outrageous that anyone would even think of using something like this on a child."

347) Tamera Boyd, Graham, WA, USA
  "It is just sick!"

348) Kelli Taylor, Katy, TX, USA
  "No child should ever be hurt in any way. The selling of such devices can only add to the abuse epidemic our country is facing. Adults are arrested for causing physical injury to other adults, but doing it to your child is viewed as 'discipline' in the USA. When are we going to teach and respect our children and recognize them as people, instead of beating them into mindless obedience?"

349) Shawna Loe, Grass Lake, MI, USA

350) Danielle Day, Lake Worth, FL, USA

351) Rebecca Slomski, New Lenox, IL, USA

352) Kimberly Reynolds, Lawrence, KS, USA, MEd

353) Bill Wachob, Amherst, NY, USA
  "Using whips or rods to discipline children and even infants is a sign of lack of discipline, not of real discipline. Better to send parents for counseling or training on how to truly and humanely discipline than to sell devices which inflict pain.  And "spare the rod, spoil the child" is no excuse to do this.  There are a lot of dictates and aphorisms we choose not to live by.  This ought to be one of them."

354) Al Crowell, San Francisco, CA, USA, Christians for Non-Violent Parenting
  "Illegal to use in California, disgrace for Christians to use at any time."

355) H. Sherer, Columbus, OH, USA

356) Margaret Fiedler, Bridgewater, MA, USA, student
  "The sale of such products is irresponsible"

357) Scott Kashkin, Passaic, NJ, USA
  "The baby whipping people misunderstand Biblical teachings on child rearing.  The Bible teaches love above all.  These people are projecting their own cruelty and pain onto religion and children."

358) Kierby Chance, Austin, TX, USA
  "Horrible. I cannot believe this company is able to do this."

359) Suzanne Gordon, Houston, TX, USA
  "This company should be put out of business!  It is shameful."

360) Peter Mihalakis, Austin, TX, USA
  "Close this company.  They promote child abuse!"

361) Nissa Evans, Elmira, OR, USA

362) Jeffrey Berryman, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
  "This stuff is the product of sick, twisted, sadistic minds.  These people are classic power-and-control freaks who have the gaul to quote scripture to their purposes."

363) Greg Larson, Seattle, WA, USA, LOVING PARENT!
  "I am APPALLED you would even think about allowing such a ridiculous item to be sold!!  This is one of the most incredibly abusive instruments I have ever in my 50 years seen.  You should be ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES!"

364) Devan Workman, Huntsville, AL, USA
  "This is despicable. Jesus would never advocate hitting a child!  Non-violence must be used to guide our children.  Why is this legal?"

365) Josh Raven Blair, Portland, OR, USA, volunteer Salvation Army
  "I am without words.  I can not believe that these are being sold.  Whipping babies is just sick and wrong."

366) Jeff Idelson, Psy.D., Walnut Creek, CA, USA, Psychotherapist/College Instructor

367) Nancy Jones, Fairmont, NC, USA
  "I think that any kind of spanking should be banned every where.  My grandson is a 7th grader and he was beat and left very bad bruises on his buttocks.  Right now his mother and others are trying to get corporal punishment banned.  So no people try and fight for what you know is wrong for small babies or any other children.  They are precious little angels and if we don't who will."

368) Renae Douglas, Pella, IA, USA
  "Please stop the abuse of children!"

369) Maureen Kennedy, Dover, DE, USA

370) Renay Houck, Chicago, IL, USA

371) Ms. Jeanne Irons, Exmore, VA, USA
  "I'm so saddened that so many people think that this type of behavior is God's word.  He must be so disappointed!  Love shouldn't hurt!"

372) David Canchola, Oceanside, CA, USA, Costco Wholesale Corporation
  "It's the 21st century not the 6th century here in America Children deserve to have the same rights and laws of protection from assault and battery that Adults have.  But 21 out of 50 states in America still believe and support the draconian and barbaric of beating Children with Texas being one of the worst Child beating States a Federal Law should be enacted banning Corporal Punishment in every School System in America!"

373) Jeannie Slisher, Cushman, AR, USA
  "Let's don't let this happen"

374) Alisa K. Terry, Provo, UT, USA
  "I am continually shocked by Christian organizations that misinterpret the Bible to excuse corporal punishment. The 'Rod' is used everywhere in scripture as a symbol."

375) Neil Davies, Colchester, Suffolk, ENGLAND, Educational Psychologist
  "Such devices and their promotion run counter to the trend in civilisation away from child abuse as a means of controlling and relating to each other and as a determinant of human history; see 'The History of Child Abuse' at"

376) Mrs. Stephanie Bond, Milborne Port, Dorset, ENGLAND
  "This sounds just horrendous, it is hard to believe this is still going onin this day and age.  It makes me sick."

377) Blanche Hardy, Granbury, TX, USA
  "As a child who grew up with this type punishment, I can tell you it is wrong.  I never subjected my children to this and they are very strong and good individuals.  Ban this and make it a law that is punishable for any physical punishment on children."

378) Kelly Lombardy, Cleveland, OH, USA
  "Just sickening.  I can't believe people would use Christianity as a means to excuse such violent abhorrent behavior.  Just makes me sick."

379) Joleen Garrett, Benton, IL, USA
380) Jessika Homqvist, Long Beach, NY, USA
  "Shame on anyone that hit their child!"

381) Toby L. Nakaguchi, Lafayette, IN, USA

382) Diana Haight, Winterville, NC, USA, Teacher
  "We need to join together and raise awareness to make this abuse illegal!  We are called to be more christlike in our lives.  There is nothing christlike about child abuse!  They should be ashamed to call themselves christians!"

383) Shannon Mccullough, Byron, CA, USA

384) Teresa F. Roberts, Asheville, NC, USA, COTA & Disability Services for local Head Start Program
  "And some people wonder why we have so many more children 'diagnosed' with disabilities these days!!!!"

385) Jacqueline Beckett, Ph.D., Providence, RI, USA, Postdoctoral Fellow inClinical Psychology
  "First hand experience with the children of parents who believe in and use corporal punishment reinforces what I've learned from research on the subject.  Children are little sponges who copy what they see.  Corporal punishment does not teach children morality.  It teaches violence and promotes aggression.  Worse yet, it teaches fear-based self-preservation strategies -- lying, manipulating, kowtowing, and cringing servility.  These are not the qualities that are valued in a free and democratic society."

386) Courtney Pulitzer, New York, NY, USA
387) James C. Talbot, Granada Hills, CA, USA, Peace & Harmony Un-Ltd.
  "As we've excluded every other segment of society from physical punishment as a form of discipline, it's time we also protect the most vulnerable and defenseless of us......our children."

388) Suzan Hightower, Granbury, TX, USA
  "I can't believe this is actually going on.  The USA does not condone such things.  Where is the ACLU now?  They are supposed to protect people's rights not just to try to take them away as they are continuing to do..."

389) Elizabeth Stewart, Brooklyn, NY, USA
  "Our government must exert its authority over private sector endeavors meant for harming US citizens.  This is without a doubt one of the primary responsibilities of our government- to protect its citizens."

390) Stacey Goodson, Vista, CA, USA

391) Maria Mills, Long Island, NY, USA

392) Tanya Cassingham, Decatur, GA, USA
  "This is sickening. To use the Bible to condone such cruelty is God-less."

393) Sarah Miklavic, Huntsville, AL, USA, K.Y.L.A. Keeping Your Loved ones Alive
  "I simply find this disgusting and barbaric."

394) Kimberly and Ryan Lepine, Waldorf, MD, USA

395) Gillian Boardman, Copiague, NY, USA, Adam & Gillian's Sensual Whips & Toys
  "Beating children says more about the adult than the child.  In the PTA, I worked to end hitting children with boards in the public schools.  In business for almost 20 years, I will not sell to someone if I even suspect that the implement might be used on a small child, or worse yet, on a teen.  (We make items for consenting adults to use behind closed bedroom doors.)  A male adult who 'likes' to have a teen-age girl across his lap to 'spank' should not be anywhere near children of any age!"

396) Elizabeth M. Leichter, Amston, CT, USA
  "This is disgusting and I say this as a psychologist, aunt and day care provider.  Children who are beaten do not learn how to behave, they learn how to fear, and they learn how to harm others.  This must be stopped."

397) Jewel Brickey, Las Vegas, NV, USA
  "In 60 years I have never seen good effects from violence to children.  Spousal, Rages, Destruction and perversion.  The more sadistic added in Sexual and prison time.  I personally was destroyed for years and my siblings who made it drove theirs to drink, insane behavior, etc.  Those who liked to hurt the most made a ice-pick killer, rapist, sado-masc, runaways, suicides, drug addict child molesters, spousal batters and depressed destroyed painful people.  It was often within standards which are any dam thing.  The people in back's children scream horribly.  lease stop promoting baby beating and sales of such devices.  Early and later the impact is horrible."

398) Candace Smith, LCSW, Austin, TX, USA, Child and Adolescent Therapist
  "These types of devices are horrible.  Physical punishment has been shown to a) not work and b) be emotionally damaging to your child.  This is called PHYSICAL ABUSE not discipline."

399) Michelle P., New Orleans, LA, USA
  "This is just disgusting - I just do not know what else to say."

400) Nancy Colburn, League City, TX, USA
  "In this day and age nothing surprises me anymore and that is really sad.  These people are no better than the sick, twisted pedophiles of the world and they need to be stopped."

401) Maria Fleming, Calgary, Alberta, CANADA
  "That was the worst thing I have ever read about how could someone allow that to happen to babies/toddlers"

402) Josh Fleming, Calgary, Alberta, CANADA
  "The US is on some kind of cheap drugs and this should be stopped"

403) Melissa, Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA
  "What the heck is wrong with these people??"

404) Suzanne McKinnon, Cagary, Alberta, CANADA, Medical Lab Tech and Mother of 2
  "This device is disgusting and disturbing.  I have read most of the book on how to 'train up a child' and found myself disgusted by the child abuse writ within, unable to finish reading the garbage.  No child should be subjected to beatings or torture."

405) Coral Briscoe, Calgary, Alberta, CANADA

406) Ruth Lee, Nashville, TN, USA
  "This is just fueling this fire of child abuse while making a child abuser rich"

407) Laurie Cartwright, Lake Forest, CA, USA

408) Tanya Elliot, Hayden, ID, USA

409) Yolande Williams, Moryfield, Queensland, AUSTRALIA, mother
  "This is shocking and I hope these people get what is coming to them.  Surely people are not so stupid as to actually do this to their baby?"

410) Gail Knox-Hobbs, Verbank, NY, USA

411) Cristine Gomez, Watsonville, CA, USA
  "Do not advocate beating children.  Violence begets violence."

412) Melissa Clark, Newmarket, Ontario, CANADA
  "Totally and Incredibly Barbaric!  It truly sickens me to know there are monsters like this in this world.  The 'people' and I use that term loosely.. who use, endorse and/or profit from these barbaric devices should given the same treatment 1000x over!"

413) Molly Sabata, Clearwater, FL, USA
  "This is not acceptable or even effective ways to raise a child.  What sort of message are we sending to parents?  That you need to have your child filled with fear?  Learning violence and submission?  Please!  For all these people who claim to believe in principles of the bible, let me ask what sort of a loving, forgiving Heavenly father who forgives sins and blesses grace unto us all, would think it a good idea to chase your child around beating them?  This device sends a horrible message and I sign this petition proudlly to STOP THE BEATING."

414) Karen Corr, North Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA, mother of three boys
  "I cannot belive that any first-world nation would allow a company to sell a product advocating beating infants and young children.  This company needs to be stopped before more children are hurt at the hands of those who are suppposed to love them most.  Violence begets anger, anger begets more violence.  Children are a gift from God and should be cherished, not 'chastened' with a rod.  Shame."

415) Tonya Sabourin, Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA
  "This device is a tool to promote and encourage child abuse.  STOP SELLING IT!  Let's use our heads and realize that this is CHILD ABUSE and torture.  STOP!!!"

416) William W. Wise, Qingdao, Shandong, CHINA, English Teacher From Canada
  "Upon reading this book 'thank you for the link' and the links to the flyer for this product I must admit that I am in absolute shock and disdain over this.  I am appalled by the lack of justice that seems to be neglected to the children who have had to be so brutally tortured by those who wish to create not loving children but rather obedient servants.  I do not disagree with punishing a child for wrongful acts though there must be a limit to this.  Any government who condones or does not stop instruments of child torture to be sold should be held equally accountable for any and all actions that come to pass from this products use.  I believe that all people who use thisupon their child should be stripped of their parental rights, the children should be removed from these torture houses and the parents should be locked away for life.  There is no excuse that anyone can give that would condone this type of action.  This goes to show you that certain laws need to be established as Canada has done, to forbid the parents from abusing a child in any form, Freedom is a privilege if you abuse that freedom by means of torture you should lose your freedom."

417) Holly Brittain, Saint Hubert, Quebec, CANADA, Stay At Home Mom
  "This is sick!!! Unbelievable!!!"

418) Annie Peterson, Calgary, Alberta, CANADA

419) Adam Peterson, Calgary Alberta, CANADA

420) Brandee Osbourne, Calgary, Alberta, CANADA

421) Sara Clark, Plainview, NY, USA

422) Paula A. Calabrese, Ph.D., Oakmont, PA, USA, Cardinal Consulting Group
  "Stop the rod and spare the child.  Violence begets violence."

423) Amy McDonald, Midland, MI, USA
  "This just makes me absolutely sick!!!!"

424) Christina Kirby, PA, USA, Human Services

425) Patricia Herr, Somerville, MA, USA
  "Only lazy parents hit their children.  There are gentler, non-violent, and more effective ways to raise children.  Spanking/beating is not necessary, and does much more harm than good."

426) Anna de Paula, Tewksbury, MA, USA
  "Jesus was the most gentle person on Earth - can't imagine him spanking anyone, let alone a child or anyone smaller and weaker.  This rod is disgusting!"

427) Christine Raffaelli, London, Ontario, CANADA, Mother of 3
  "DISGUSTING!  These people should NOT have children."

428) Shane Williams, London, Ontario, CANADA, 14 year old
  "sick, unbelievable, horrible, disgusting, dont you think that hitting a child will make your son-daughter more scared of you than anything.  i certainly would not want to live where my parents are hitting me for not playing with something they told me to play with.  i dont want my parents sitting on me to hit me with this thing or ignoring me if i got hurt!!! it is 2005 almost 2006 get with it and try something else!!!"

429) Nicole Yanuska, Rock Springs, WY, USA

430) Dolores Morris, Flushing, NY, USA
  "This should stop!  It is terrible."

431) Ann, Greenfield Park, Quebec, CANADA

432) Janice Lowder, Bakersfield, CA

433) Anne C. Flaherty, Shutesbury, MA, USA

434) Kathy Grill, Calgary, Alberta, CANADA
  "I just cannot fathom how or why anyone could consider hurting their small child in this way.  I cannot fathom how anyone could hurt ANYONE in any way, let alone a small child.  This is beyond horrible, beyond stupid, beyond any level of understanding or condoning.  These devices should be used on those that sell them, and those that actually find the ability to use them, if they support their devices so strongly, they should not mind being treated in the same manner.  I ahve never ever hurt my children inany way and could not imagine ever hurting them in any way.  This is just plain terrible."

435) C. Donel Crow, Ph.D., Bakersfield, CA, USA, psychologist
  "Upon seeing the article in the local newspaper I have spoken to the mayor's office, the bank, and the local newspaper.  My family thinks we should go to the state level with this since our community is one of the top ten most conservative cities with over 100,000 citizens in the US."

436) Amy Freeman, Pueblo, CO, USA, Mother of 2
  "Anyone who hits/whips a child is an abuser plain and simple.  And those who claim it's christian are sick sick sick!"

437) Whitney Douglas-Weddell, Bakersfield, CA, USA
  "You have GOT to be kidding!  Please say you don't really recommend hitting children!  This is some kind of internet joke, right?"

438) Mike Hemker, Redding, CA, USA, Deputy District Attorney
  "No device should ever be sold that is used to beat, hit, or spank children or animals.  People need to learn to control their temper.  If you are not allowed to hit a neighbor's child why should you be allowed to hit your own."

439) Maureen Leuba, Peoria, IL, USA

440) Robert K. Dentan, Buffalo, NY, USA, Professor, State University of New York @ Buffalo
  "A concrete and repellent manifestation of the failure of our traditional families"

441) Linda Rosa, RN, Loveland, CO, USA
  "Here is far too much child abuse in this country.  It is high time to try to change society's attitudes about the rights of children."

442) Valerie Barnes, M.D., Salinas, CA, USA, Medical Director, Ardher Child Advocacy Center
  "This is unconscionable.  In California CORPORAL PUNISHMENT is legal ONLY in the home.  It is forbidden to use corporal punishment in schools, day-care settings, foster homes and anywhere in public.  The HOME is the only place parents or caretakers can physically discipline their children.  It is all too well known that sanking can lead to beating the child to death.  How absurd is it that therre can be advertising aiding and abetting child abuse?  Whoever or whichever agency licensed or tolerates a business which not only promotes but produces a weapon specifically to strike a child is as guilty of CHILD ABUSE as those sick people who would purchase such a device.  IMMEDIATE ACTION MUST BE TAKEN TO STOP SUCH BLATANT OUTRAGE."

443) Hilary Shirven, Peoria, IL, USA, Christian mother

444) Jennifer Korth, Aloha, OR, USA
  "This is horrific."

445) Kylie Garza, Bakersfield, CA, USA
  "This is outrageous.  Hit a baby come on now. I think that this is an outrage.  To hit a child, an infant, what kind of sick people are they"

446) Karen Conger, Bakersfield, CA, USA
  "This is so blatantly abusive, it defies reason.  Where are the children advocates at church and government level?  At the least, the Haymond family should be paid a visit from human services.  It is a certainty that their children have suffered unnecessary embarrassment and pain at the hands of their parents.  The children do not even realize this is something they should never have endured.  Spanking is no longer a choice for discipline of children."

447) Lea Ann Mattly, Bakersfield, CA, USA, Teacher
  "'Horrified' does not even begin to describe my emotions on hearing about this evil.  We need to let our legislators know that it is no more acceptable for people to advertise and sell these vile devices than it is for parents to use them."

448) Cynthia Lynn, Bakersfield, CA, USA
  "Please do not compare the rest of Bakersfield to these two awful people!! It's a shame on Stephen and Melanie Haymond not Bakersfield!!  It's pretty obvious they do not love their children (if they even have any!!)  If they do, god help their children!!"

449) John A. Geiger, USA
  "How one could Ever Strike a Baby is Quite beyond me"

450) Michelle Melani, Indianapolis, IN, USA
  "Please help send a message to parents that it is NOT okay to hit their children."

451) & 452) Noel Siler & Cecilia Rivers, Bakersfield, CA, USA
  "This is an outrage, babies do not need to be beat they need to be held and loved.  If they had enough love they would not need these devices."

453) & 454) Kerry & George Kokkinogenis, Boston, MA, USA
  "When asked what he thought of Western civilization, Mahatma Gandhi replied, 'I think it would be a good idea.'  Now we know why."

455) Mrs. Nancy Orban, Somerset, PA, USA, Prison ministry co-ordinator
  "It is horrifying that such implements are used in our 'civilized' society.  Researching the information available re: the science of the 'hard-wiring' of the human brain should be enough to give a 'hitter' pause.  And, more pause.  It is frightening that there are still those who adhere to theories re: the 'discipline' of children which have been more-than-adequately proven to be of great harm.  Risk-benefit ratio studies, people!

And, Christians who advocate that anyone, let alone INFANTS be beaten: ARE YOU KIDDING?!?  Proper biblical exegesis takes care of King Solomon's vs. THE LORD JESUS CHRISTS's views re: the care of children.  Does one place the words of a polygamous, idolatrous King Solomon, a man who was neither a good example of a king nor father after falling into, and staying in, sinful ways, into the same category as those of the Creator and Savior of the world?  I don't think so!  That is eisegesis and it is not ok.  HOW DARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

456) Annie Austin, Nkwaleni, Kwazulunatal, SOUTH AFRICA, WAHM / Photographer
  "These people do not deserve to be paretns!!!"

457) Andrea Wrathall, Provo, UT, USA, Student
  "It's very disturbing that these things are actually on the market.  Who can sell this product or allow this product to be sold in good conscience?"

458) Emily Jenkins, NC, USA

459) D. Reeve, North Potomac, MD, USA
  "Spanking should be eliminated.  Children need love just like adults."

460) Danelle Schwertner, Miles, TX, USA
  "It is a terrible thing that people actually think whipping a child is the way to discipline them.  I would rather have my children love and respect me, rather than fear me for the rest of their lives.  I pray that God has mercy on you when you die, rather than treating you to the same thing the poor children whose lives were altered by these terrible books and whips that are being sold."

461) Jan Underwood, MSW, Bakersfield, CA, USA, Associate Clinial Social Worker with Kern Co. Mental Health
  "If this 'device' is meant to train a child it will certainly do the trick.  It will train them that violence is a way to control and demean a human being.  Violence begets violence.  Is this really what you want to teach your child?  If you were beaten from an authoritarian, would you learn to love and cherish or would you slowly become angry at being beat?  A child does not respect an autocratic system that does little to nurture the human spirit.  But, in fact, grows to resent the misuse of power through corporal punishment.  Please understand the psychology of your actions from a little child's point of view."

462) MD, MS, USA
  "This is simply disgusting.  Someone needs to tie these sickos up and train them with that thing."

463) Derek, Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA
  "I am appalled that these sick devices are legal and even encouraged by certain religious groups!  These people who make & sell these devices deserve nothing less than to be prosecuted and jailed.  Child need love & protection from not only their parents but other adults around them, not beating & whipping into blind deference.  Bravo to you for standing up for children!"

464) Makeesha Fisher, Fort Collins, CO, USA, Mother

465) Beth Kurnat, Louisville, KY, USA, Mother of 2
  "I am completely outraged that the selling of this so-called 'device' is legal in our country!  Who are these people?  Why hasn't anyone investigated them?"

466) Amy Ashley, Peoria, IL, USA
  "To direct parents to abuse their babies and children is horrific; to do it in the name of God is unspeakable."

467) Lauren Bunch, Louisville, KY, USA

468) Amber Williams, Moreno Valley, CA, USA, Marriage and Family Therapist Trainee - Humanistic Counseling Center
  "It is disgusting that a parent who is too lazy to teach his or her child correct behavior nonviolently can just go out and purchase a WHIPPING stick recommended for children who are not cognitively developed enough to understand why they are being hurt."

469) Victoria Haner, Bakersfield, CA, USA, Mother
  "Has CPS looked into this family?  My heart aches for their children, as well as any young, impressionable parents who may think this is a correct way to raise a child.  Our job as parents is to protect our children, teach them through role-modeling, gentle lessons, and remove them from dangerous situations.  There is never any reason to discipline a child through corporal punishment.  A child learns through experience, this method only teaches that it is ok to hurt someone smaller than yourself.  Shame on you."

470) Adrianna Hey, Strafford, NH, USA, Devoted flautist
  "Do unto others as they do unto you-you can't beat that logic! And I ask myself, what with the scores of research in the last half-century, observations over the milenia, not to mention just as many, if not more, manifestations of the white-hot S&M arena, parents are so willing still to take the myriad of risks because they are too lazy and stupid to even look for any other answer? Corporal punishment, I think, is the oldest game of Russian roulette in the proverbial book."

471) Tom Stewart, Houston, TX, USA
  "The only thing that will stop it is fear of retaliation.  If a smug 'educator' says they have the right to hit your child, reply, 'And I have the right to put you in a wheel chair.  If you want to charge me with uttering a threat, do so but, have your affairs in order.'  It worked for me - it will work for you..."

472) Donald Myers Jr., Bakersfield, CA, USA
  "I'm disgusted and bewildered that an instrument of child abuse has been created and sold in my town under 'Christian' guise when it is not a Christian thing to do."

473) L. Conway, Fayetteville, NC, USA
  "Are the people who invented this device out of their mind?!! I could not imagine who in the world would even think of inventing or using such a device on a child or anyone. These people must not have a heart."

474) Trudy Murray, New York, NY, USA, Psychologist
  "This is a national disgrace"

475) Carly Wilson, Denver, CO, USA

476) Jennifer Matz, Fairbanks, AK, USA

477) Brooke Randall, Perth, WA, AUSTRALIA, Mother, Wife, Student, Govt Employee
  "This is simply barbaric, and it is no wonder your country is in the state it's in if you are allowing the promotion of child abuse, and tools with which to abuse children.  Protect your innocent for they are your future.  Treat them with the respect and dignity that any human being deserves.  How can you sick people condone this?"

478) Harold Smith, San Francisco, CA, USA
  "There is no reason to ever hit a child.  May we all be free from the ignorance of violence."

479) Trever Todd, Lacey, WA, USA
  "glad there's a resistance"

480) Amy Crawford, Houston, TX, USA
  "I feel physically ill thinking that this exists."

481) Tony Pearson, San Diego, CA, USA, concerned citizen
  "These people are a danger to children.  Some nutjob will order this device and wind up abusing some child...and they created it.  Imagine...a device created solely to bring pain to a child.  Sickos."

482) Starshadow (real and legal name), Seatac, WA, USA, Elder and Priestess, Crystalseed Coven, Wiccan Church (legal clergy)
  "As a mother and grandmother who has raised a number of children both mine and others', I have to speak out against this barbaric and inhumane treatment of children. This should not be allowed to be for sale at all.  It's child abuse, pure and simple.  That it's under the guise of a religion whose teacher said 'Suffer the little children to come unto me' is even more disgusting.  This needs to be stopped."

483) Michelle, Holley, NY, USA
  "This is child abuse!!!!!!!!"

484) Robert Sharpy, Noblesville, IN, USA, Pastor
  "This is beyond disturbing, and anyone who holds these beliefs are psychologically disturbed, and in no way should call themselves a Christian."

485) Agnes B., Naperville, IL, USA

486) Joshua Douglas, Pella, IA, USA

487) Mrs. Savannah Leyde, South Saint Paul, MN, USA, Owner/Operator/Little People's Daycare

488) Christie Whitcomb, Brookline, MA, USA
  "Using this device is child abuse, pure and simple.  I don't care what the Bible says (and from what I've read here it does not condone beating children) j- beating children with a 'device' like this is child abuse and should be outlawed, its users sent to jail and xxxx."

489) Dawn Scott, Atlantic Beach, FL, USA
  "If this device was marketed as a 'tool' to train or 'punish' developmentally disabled adults who operate on a child's emotional and mental level, it would be illegal and abusive and considered assault.  It is never OK to assault another person to get them to do what you desire them to...especially an innocent child by the hands of their parents swinging an object and striking their little bodies to hurt them."

490) Linda Kneepkens, SINGAPORE
  "Children are people too - and people are not for hitting!"

491) Dawn Young, Greensboro, NC, USA

492) Taylor R. Hollowell, Aurora, CO, USA
  "It's just wrong!"

493) Allysen Palmer, Arlington, MA, USA
  "Spanking works outwardly but harms inwardly.  All the research I've read (across various countries) shows better results for rearing children without spanking.  You have to pay closer attention to what a child is really feeling and expressing, and how to respond.  It's so much more effective when you don't shortcut this process with a spanking!  Spanking doesn't mean no discipline--it means a good relationship and effective discipline."

494) Jessica Hernandez, Clearlake, CA, USA, the hernandez organization
  "How can someone possibly think that such devices will help 'train' an infant...they're not animals!...why don't the people that invented such horrible device, try it on themselves to train them to be CIVILIZED"

495) Audrey Davis, Asheville, NC, USA

496) Salimu Scott-Filiva'a, Las Vegas, NV, USA, Nonviolent Christian Parent
  "Unbelievable!  I was raised in a physically abusive home and beaten with yardsticks, shoes and even extension cords.  I was a terrified child who grew into an angry, disillusioned teenager who used drugs, drank, and ran away from home (At 19, I married a man who like to hit.  Hmmm, now where did I get the idea that people that say they love you hurt you?)  If only this product had been around when I was younger, my mother would have had a portable child abuse tool.  And you people call yourselves God-fearing...I bet your children are afraid of you."

497) Shelly McKinney, Vacaville, CA, USA
  "Beating a child isn't 'training' a child.  It is abuse, plain and simple.  Please stop the abuse."

498) Nancy Wyatt, Cheboygan, MI, USA
  "If this device was used on an adult, the person using it would go to jail for battery.  Yet striking a CHILD isn't considered battery?  Why is that?"

499) Susan Lovgren, Calgary, Alberta, CANADA, Mother
  "This is a disgusting way to discipline children and any one who does it needs to be punished.  In my opinion these people need to be put on an island somewhere and treated the same way as they treated these children!!"

500) Vanessa Dennehey, England, UNITED KINGDOM
  "This is shocking, children should not be beaten in any way, especially with weapons!  It's inhumane!  People who do this are cruel"

501) Heather Fuller, FL, USA
  "How very sad, and very sickening."

502) Michelle Morgan, Hollywood, FL, USA
  "This is immoral and outrageous."

503) Lisa Sevier, Fayetteville, AR, USA
  "I think that the people who made this device are sick in the head.  I sure hope they don't have any kids, animals or anything.  God made children to love, cherish and care for not to be beat like animals."

504) Mark Thomas, Morrill, NE, USA

505) Justina Powers, Ph.D., Lawton, OK, USA, Cameron University
  "Ban Beating Devices - Stop child abuse!  Dr. Justina Powers, Developmental Psychologist"

506) Georgie Geiger, Fayetteville, AR, USA

507) Philipp Farr, Karlsruhe, GERMANY
  "What shall I say about that ... I'm really shocked !  This is perverted !  People who sell such devices must be stopped !"

508) Steven R. Hara, Ed.D., Northbrook, IL, USA, The Hara Group, LLC Educational Consultants
  "We need to stop this and get everyone possible and the legislators to stop this from being sold and to impose strong laws and charges against anyone promoting such devices and/or behaviors against children.  As a former public school teacher, administrator and a current educational consultant and university instructor, I support and will do anything and everything I can to combat this terrible action and put these companies out of business."

509) Frank Johnson, Boston, MA, USA

510) Melissa Wescott, Green Bay, WI, USA, full-time student, going for Criminal Justice
  "There should be a law against this cruel device and the people who sell this should be beaten by this device and sent to prison for the rest of their lives."

511) Becky Raatz, Summerville, SC, USA
  "It is shameful that anyone would condone the selling of such a devise."

512) Robin B., New Orleans, LA, USA

513) Meredith Davis, McDonough, GA, USA

514) Chantelle and Emma, Hereford, ENGLAND, School
  "This is disgusting, it should be stopped.  Child abuse is bad."

515) Shannon McElearney, MD, MS, Charlottesville, VA, USA, General Surgery resident
  "The promotion of physical discipline of babies directly violates everything we know about child development.  I sincerely hope that this will not continue."

516) Rachel Moreland, Lexington, KY, USA
  "That's just sick.. might as well sell S&D gear for toddlers."

517) Elizabeth Dulaff, Fairfield, CT, USA, Fairfield Ludlow High School
  "I feel that advertising a product that aims towards parents with bad judgement is not fair to our society.  In school children are safe and punished with time outs or no recess, not smacking or hitting.  No one sees this happen until they open a website and view an advertisement selling baby whipping devices.  I think it is very disrespectful to the child and instills that violence is the key to solving problems, that isn't how we can raise a good young america."

518) Marian Vitale, South Salem, NY, USA
  "Absolutely disgusting.  Please join the effort to make corporal punishment in the home ILLEGAL in this country.

This is a human rights issue!!!"

519) Lisa McNeil, Huntington Beach, CA, USA, Librarian

520) Sue K. Blair, Hillsboro, OR, USA
  "Oh my God!  How sick."

521) Elizabeth Johnson, Student
  "It sickens me to think that a state of America is promoting such a thing as whipping children.  Everyone that bought something from that store, that celebrated its opening, and that helped it to open, should be ashamed."

522) Amy Dunnerstick, Canton, OH, USA, API of Canton, OH
  "Horrible! Horrible!!!!!"

523) Jen Clark, ENGLAND, student
  "This sickens me to think that people would have the heart to abuse a child so young. It is disgusting! People who would actually buy this to disapline a child, they need help. It is unbelievable, how someone would hit their own child. How the xxxx can anyone think of making such a product. Sick People!!!"

524) Lisa Snyder, Bolivar, OH, USA, RNC
  "ANY device or manual meant for abuse or torture to ANY human, whether babies or adults needs to be banned, especially when used in the name of Christ. I can think of nothing less Christian than a tool to whip babies. It sickens me."

525) Susan Tourtellot, Oakham, MA, USA

526) Young Writer, Unknown Location
  "I am completely opposed to corporal punishment. I was punished with a belt and all it caused was anxiety. I have a question for all the bible thugs out there 'Where in the bible does Jesus ever hit anyone?' I was hit many times-out of anger, not discipline. Many times there were markings left. Shame on America for allowing such cruel practices."

527) Lorrie Kelley, Leola, PA, USA
  "These should all be taken off the market. To advocate these is advocating child abuse!!"

528) Rebecca Gonczy, Barre, MA, USA
  "It makes me so sick."

529) Paula LeDoux-Christison, LMFT, Vacaville, CA, USA, Master Social Worker
  "As a parenting aducator and marriage and family therapist I am revolted by this. These devices should be outlawed and the people selling them should be charged with child abuse."

530) Paul Riedmueller, Dallas, TX, USA, Recovering from child abuse
  "THIS ... IS ... CHILD ... ABUSE. Period. Paragraph. End of story. These people should be forced to volunteer at a hospital wing where beaten babies receive treatment, for at least twice as long as they have sold these devices of torture and instruction manuals in barbarism. They should also be forced to contribute $5 for every dollar of gross income they have received for trafficking in evil, to the effort to ban the sale of such hideous objects."

531) April Jewell, Vacaville, CA, USA, Family Support Worker
  "As an advocate against violence, I am appalled and outraged at seeing such sickening weapons used on defenseless, helpless babies and children.  I, literally, felt nauseous when I read about these atrocities."

532) Cathy Presley, Longview, TX, USA, Grand Parents Raising Grand Children

533) Jennifer Weeks, Fredericksburg, VA, USA
  "People should not be misled that his is a virtuous and Christian way to parent young children. This is child abuse, no matter how you label it."

534) Kate Booth Lynnwood, WA, USA, Title: Mother   Organization: Family
  "Hitting anyone, especially innocent children, is abhorrent, and a direct affront to God, the All-Merciful, Loving Father of us all, and His Son, the Living Christ. It makes a mockery of Christ's work and atonement, of His love for the children, and His Law, the Law of Love."

535) Cora Booth, Lynnwood, WA, USA, Child of God (and my mom)
  "I think it is very irresposible and cruel to beat your children with things like wooden spoons and plastic sticks. They might grow up the same way, and if you want your children to grow that way, but I'm just trying to say to you I'm trying to help and warn you of the dangers that you might have to face. If you beat your children, God will punish you. Violence is kind of like the flu, it spreads and spreads."

536) Loretta Vitale, Atlanta, GA, USA
  "I was hit growing up and all it accomplished was feeling unloved by my parents. Fortunately, I made sure not tohit my own children since I felt talking worked just fine and my relationship with them as adults couldn't be better. The art of discussion is what separates human beings from animals."

537) Brian Vanderlip, Bongkok, THAILAND,
  "I emailed Jon Berry at the site that hosts this sick business of selling paddles to hit children and this is the response:

 "Way to be a sheep.
 Jon Berry
 Green Olive Tree"

I have said before that people who beat children do it because they like it and want to please themselves. The children don't matter. They call themselves in-you-face-believers but they are weaklings so damaged at a young age that they now believe it is the only choice. Imagine life for the children of such a bully. Use Bible verse excuses to beat on babies at your knee-level. Talk about sheep..."

538) Lacy Harden, Escondido, CA, USA, Child Protective Services---Consultant
  "Devices such as this are disgusting! I was raised in an abusive environment where I was physically abused (among other abuses) almost daily. I know first hand the effects of child abuse and see and hear of it in my work daily, and the fact that these WEAPONS are being sold in the very state I live in........well, it's a disgrace and those who purchase such weapons should be jailed!"

539) Rosie Hillard, Raytown, MO, USA, Teacher
  "It is unbelievable that these items are used to beat children for age appropriate behavior!!!  These people contradict themselves quite frequently in their writing.  Bring these people to justice!!!!!!!"

540) Lynne Cheetham, ENGLAND, Home educator
  "I am disgusted and horrified that such a device could be sold in a so called 'civilised country'. This is child abuse. In our Country we have laws which protect children from such abuse, I am disgusted that in America this should be allowed."

541) John Payne, Brisbane, Qld, AUSTRALIA, Mr./Father
  "as a father of a young child, i have never heard of any thing like this and i hope i never do again."

542) Kalen Rhoads, Sherman, TX, USA, Student
  "the devices advertised are very brutal weapons and could seriously hurt a baby."

543) Judy Chandler, Steelville, MO, USA, Mother and Grandmother
  "I think it is sicking to know people actually put these things out, not only are they idiots but the people who buy them are to. I think they should all be whipped with this thing, how could any one hit a baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

544) Michelle, MN, USA
  "Whoever would use that on a child let alone a baby is in no doubt a child ABUSER."

545) Melody Crookes, Gloucester, UNITED KINGDOM, Mother and Grandmother
  "This is sheer wickedness - and it perpetuates wickedness - abused children become abusive adults."

546) Mrs. V. M. Rose, London, ENGLAND
  "I abhor any hitting of children - babies especially - the people who sell these are SICK!!!! If this is the only way they can make a living - selling implements of torture for children and or animals then the law in America should be changed. I am disgusted AMERICAN Laws allow this to continue."

547) Monique Abt, Auburn, CA, USA, Hello Neighbor
  "These devices are promoting child abuse."

548) Sylvia Wollman, Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA, Student of disability support
  "This is unacceptable and disturbing."

549) Joy Ferrell, Crooksville, OH, USA
  "I have never heard of such a sickening thing in all my life!! I cannot believe anyone would condone this on any child let alone an infant."

550) Louisa Haywood-Samuel, Llanelli, WALES
  "Nothing can ever justify violence against children, not even religion. When those who abuse little ones stand before the judgement seat of Christ and say "lord, Lord" he will say "Get away from me I never knew you." And also all those who stood by and did nothing."

551) Monica, Kappolei, HI, USA
  "It's sad that if I were to hit another person's child I would go to jail, but it's perfectly acceptable for me to hit my own child."

552) Angela Berendt, Macomb, MI, USA

553) Cheryl Daniel, Blackstone, VA, USA

554) Dion Dhorne, Gloucester, UK
  "Encouraging the use of implements that lead to the abuse of children is taking the country back into the dark ages.  The States will lose its progressive edge if it encourages irrational thinking (e.g. ok to whip as a form of communication but please respect other people) and abusive practices."

555) Mrs. Beth Connors, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, UK
  "Why???????????  It's cruel and heartless to beat anyone, let alone young defenceless children. Parents should set examples by their behaviour, what message are you sending if you have an implement specifically to beat your child."

556) Mrs. Liz Moreland, UK
  "Please spare the children"

557) Mrs. Grace, Derbyshire, ENGLAND

558) Mrs. Angela Hennessy, Leeds, UK

559) Jennifer Zwack, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, CANADA, Mother
  "We wonder why our society is filled with people that are victims of abuse and are abusers. We need to be teaching our kids that this is not acceptable behavior."

560) Kirsty McNinch, Grangemouth, SCOTLAND

561) Cristy Welch, Yukon, OK, USA
  "Selling devices specifically advertised to spank a child is cruel and barbaric. So frequently, our logic becomes skewed. If my child were to hit her sibling and I were to respond to her that she should not hit others and that I would spank her in response, what have I taught her? I have taught her that there are times when violence towards others is appropriate, justified, and right. This makes no sense to me."

562) Diana Hayward, Morgantown, KY, USA
  "Any form of corporal punishment toward those that cannot defend themselves is barbaric. Ever heard of do unto others as you want done unto you? In that case we would have to use a small tree for size comparison on you dear adults who manufacture and sell this Sadomachist tool."

563) Frank Johnson, Boston, MA, USA

564) Linda Parker, Deptford, NJ, USA
  "Ted Tripp should first be desexed, so that he never brings any children of his own into the world to torture. Next he should be sent to Gitmo where he could suffer the kind of torture that he likes to inflict on innocent babies and children.

This is a man of God? To some twisted people he is, I suppose."

565) Colleen Brust, Galloway, NJ, USA
  "It disgusts me that this is legal in our country. To promote and profit from hitting children is an outrage."

566) Chantelle, Alberton, Gauteng, SOUTH AFRICA, student
  "such devices are cruel and inhumane! it should be general knowledge that a child will get no beneficial results at such a young age! instead, a child simplyneeds to feel loved and secure!"

567) Carey Lane, Pleasanton, CA, USA
  "This is child abuse flat out. Anyone who would hit a baby or a child is no friend of God's."

568) Dawn Prudhomme, Baker, LA, USA
  "What were they thinking? I believe in discipline, but not abuse. This is ABUSE."
569) Norm Lee, Thatcher, AZ, USA, Good Life Network
  "The victimizers were once victims of violence themselves. They must, of course, be stopped ASAP. The problem is, How can we provide psychological/emotional first aid to the victimizers to help them resolve their internal conflicts and renounce violence, especially against children?"

570) Susan Ryan, Farmer City, IL, USA
  "An organized effort (let alone a moneymaking project) to beat babies and children is wrong. It's just wrong."

571) Julia Castro, Brisbane, Queensland, AUSTRALIA
  "they should be ashamed, only a sick psycho would come up with a device such as that. get a life and find something better to do with your spare time."

572) Brittany Fralix, Bon Aqua, TN, USA
  "it's totally wrong!!! i would personally hit someone if i saw them beating their babies with a rod or anything else they're babies they don't know any better they're little and helpless.. i could never hit a child because i love them too much!!!!"

573) Jason, Ashland, KY, USA

574) Antoinette Hudson, Woodbridge, VA, USA
  "These people are sick and something needs to be done before people who are as ignorant as these fools hurt their children...."

575) Jaclyn Vanderhoef, Bethlehem, PA, USA
576) Shanon Baker, Bethlehem, PA, USA

577) Steven Jett Baker, Bethlehem, PA, USA

578) William Venable Rural Hall, NC, USA

579) Erica Fritner, Yukon, OK, USA
  "I am horrified that this is being manufactured, but even more apalled that people would use religion to promote this atrocity"

580) Theresa McWilliams Wessels, Lansing, MI, USA
  "This horrifies and disgusts me--what kind of country are we living in where child abuse is encouraged?"

581) Kellie Etterman, Grand Rapids, MI, USA
  "I can't believe that any person who would dare call themself a decent human being or a Christian could do this to a helpless baby!  This should be stopped and now!"

582) Anthony J. Ross, Mount Pleasant, SC, USA, Web Guru
  "It is just inconceivable that anyone in their right mind would resort to ANY form of physical punishment on a child, no matter how unruly their behavior. All this does is cultivate a climate of violence, and this is what the child learns.

In this country there should be laws outlawing this form of behavior modification.

I am submitting this information to my state representatives to force change at the national level.

This is outrageous!
South Carolina"

583) Wesley Bronez, Austin, TX, USA
  "It's truly amazing that a company has found a way to make a profit off of children's pain. This should, without doubt, be banned from the market all together. Not just in Bakersfield, not just in California, but in the US (as well as every other country, although they are already far ahead of us) as a whole."

584) Kara McCormack, Austin, TX, USA

585) Michelle McCulloch, London, Ontario, CANADA

586) Maria K. Smith, Klaksv
ïk, The Faroe Islands

587) Beth Kinderman, Minneapolis, MN, USA
  "Sick indeed.  This needs to be stopped."

588) Heather Sanchez, Youngsville, NC, USA
  "How could anyone think that two wrongs make a right? I'm still in shock that they recommend spanking babies under a year old, let alone at all!"

589) Lynn Christensen, Verona, WI, USA
  "Unbelievable.  What is next - stonging???  What is wrong with these people?  Are they part of a cult??"

590) Maria Porter, Oregon, OH, USA
  "I was abused severely by these type of devices as a child and still have a crack in my skull to prove it. I can't believe ANYBODY would advocate such torture."

591) Kathleen Gaffney, Baltimore, MD, USA
  "I am saddened beyong words"

592) Samuel Hull. Knoxville, TN, USA, Loving parent
  "If you hit children, please get help! Train your kids with love not beatings!"

593) Shannon Hook, Arlington, TX, USA
  "This is child abuse and must be stopped.  I cannot believe this is legal in our country"

594) Jennifer Ware, Charlotte, NC, USA

595) Karen Harro, FL, USA
  "Children are to be loved and not hurt.  Anyone who engages in this activity are extremely sick and need to be stopped."

596) Fayola Gary, Miami, FL, USA

597) Michelle Bolick, Tampa, FL, USA, Mother/Homemaker
  "This is bullshit who would make such a horrible thing....I agree we stop this now!!!!!!!!!!"

598) Allana Bolduc, Moncton, New Brunswick, CANADA, Stay At Home Mother
  "PLEASE save children and parents from the promotion of using any devices which could in any way lead to fatalities, and more commonly, destroyed lives."

599) Jessica Bracey, Jackson, MI, USA
  "This is horrible! To allow this is what is wrong with our country! Beating an infant? What does that solve? Nothing besides more crying and more beting, when does it end?"

600) Jonathan Markle, Fuquay-Varina, NC, USA

601) Andrea, USA
  "It's shocking to me that, with the violence we have in our country, there would be ANYONE who advocates selling devices to whip children.  This should be illegal."

602) Toni Wilson, Bradenton, FL, USA, Homeschooler **and** a Christian
  "The fact that these people are advocating using a device to "spank" kids with, the fact that they are selling said device with something written by the Pearl's--only proves was a sad state our country has come to. To allow this device to even be thought of--let alone patented and made, is deplorable. What's worse is that the Pearl's have several adopted children--how did the state let them adopt? Why?


603) Kelly Tobin, Middletown, DE, USA, Tobin School
  "My heart rips knowing that such things are being used on children."

604) Claire Atteberry, Kelsey, CA, USA, Atteberry Farms
  "I cannot fathom that such behavior is condoned, let alone that it is touted as being "Christian".  The Pearls, Ezzos and all of their ilk should be prosecuted or at the very least publically decried."

605) Emily Smith, NY, USA

606) Debra Fields, Tyner, KY, USA, Office Manager
  "I have never heard of such a thing it is unbelievable."

607) Ms. Rebecca C. Fisher, Eugene, OR, USA

608) Jolynne Bockman, Fairmont, MN, USA
  "Unfathomable.  We need to band together, write our legislators, and make this illegal."

609) Melissa Karvelis, East Hartford, CT, USA
  "I can't believe it is even legal to advertise something like this."

610) Michelle Meyer, Mt. Horeb, WI, USA
  "Do you have a list of churches teaching parents how to abuse children. I'd love to see a list posted on your website .. It would make it easier to hold local churches accountable."

611) Alicia Bayer, Westbrook, MN, USA
  This is inhumane and wrong.  We all need to raise our voices to protect the children who cannot protect themselves."

612) & 613) Mr. and Mrs. Gibson, Lincoln, NE, USA
  "I spoke with Steve. He asked me to meet his children. I would really like to meet his parents. Jesus was missing for three days of which Mary was frantic with worry. She would *NEVER* have hit, tortured, or abused Jesus. What Bible *do* you read. *NOT* the loving one I have grown to love. I'm afraid dear Steve, you and your submissive wife are going to xxxx....may God change your satanic ways...or you *WILL* rot in xxxx."

614) Jane Fordyce, Canberra, ACT, AUSTRALIA
  "The Devil controls and God sets free; these devices are not from God."

615) Erin C. Puleio, Dorchester, MA, USA
  "You should be ashamed of yourselves to think that it's actually ok to hurt a child ESPECIALLY an infant. What are you thinking??? You should let your child learn to grow and trust you. Hitting them in any way shape or form is abuse and it's NOT ok. Get rid of these horrid devices that you have the nerve to sell in your town, your state and on your website."

616) Shanna Morgan, Decatur, IL, USA
  "Sick, Sick, Sick!!!!!  It is hard enough to imagine hand smacking any child, let alone whipping with a pipe!"

617) Mrs. Petra Finkenzeller, Bristol, UK
  "I am shocked, apalled and absolutely disgusted that a company like this can exist. Shame on Bakersfield!!!!"

618) Sandy Urwin, Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA
  "It sickens me that the US hasn't arrested these monsters!"

619) & 620) Mr. and Mrs. Mastri, Canton OH, USA, parents; christians
  "We are disgusted by this site and the others and how would the people creating and supporting these abuse items like them to be used on them? Children are supposed to be LOVED not beat!!!!!!!!"

621) Rachel Reed, Lee's Summit, MO, USA
  "It's making money off of child abuse. It's ridiculous that our nation would consider this to be ok."

622) Lucia Rivera, Vacaville, CA, Family Support Worker
  "This makes me sick to my stomach. These books are teaching parents how to hit poor defensive children and that just sickens me."

623) Chester N. Scoville
  "Such devices are barbaric.  There is no need for them, and they are a violation of the love that God would have us show each other."

624) Erik Buchanan, Toronto, Ontario, CANADA, Martial ARts Instructor, Fight Director, Writer
  "Children should never be hit.  If you cannot teach, guide and discipline your child without resorting to hitting or other acts of violence, you are not fit to be a parent.  There is no excuse."

625) Cathy King, Tallahassee, FL, USA
  "If Jesus came down from Heaven today and saw you hitting your child with one of these devices, what would He say?  "The King of Love My Shepher Is"-- can you imagine a shepherd beating one of his sheep for "depositing" in the wrong place, or for bleating in terror of things that the sheep doesn't understand?  Psychologists Federici and Thomas have some very scary things to say about chlidren who learn early to dissaciate their internal and external realities-- they grow into manipulative adolescents with no consciences.  Please see their works for future details.  Also see the book "Good Goats" for insights into positive vs. negative concepts of God."

626) Bryant Belknap, Clarks Summit, PA, USA
  "Appalled that there is a market for child abuse devices, and that there are people who profit from it."

627) Kimberly Watts, Four Oaks, NC, USA

628) Ana, Vacaville, CA, USA, Social Worker
  "I don't see how the Pearls can believe that it is ok to spank infants and then try to justify it with their own interpretation of the Bible.  In my reading of the scriptures, Jesus loved children and treated them kind and fair.  There is also no evidence that Mary and Joseph ever whipped Jesus.  There are so many proven effective means of 'training children up' than to beat them into submission.  I believe that the Pearls are very wrong and have serious problems."

629) Mrs. Manuela Finnman, Sweden

630) Loghann Rimel, Lee's Summit MO, USA
  "In any other instance in society, striking another human being "to teach them a lesson" is considered wrong. Why does this idea break down as soon as it comes to beings under the age of 18? What has someone so innocent done to deserve this?"

631) "UK Home Ed'er", London, UK
  "well we here in the UK have just headed off a tourr by TOSH The Old School House, who sells this stuff and who have a main editor who was brought up as a perl (she's for it) they put themselves forward as Home ed people, we all found out who they were and gave them xxxx, I think if they came here now we would have them arrested on arrival, just to let you know we think they have all the signs of a cult. TOSH lied and schemed to get a tour over here. Our Social services, Police and Immigration know about them, I should think if they brought their children with them they would find them being put into care here in Europe."

632) Heather Batson, Kalamazoo, MI, USA, KL Child Development Center
  "I can't believe that people would actually pay for something that states "continue whipping until their crying turns into a 'wounded, submissive whimper'". What the xxxx is wrong with those people. Whoever buys this product, must need something to make them feel in control and feel like they are greater and more powerful. What a waste of a human-being."

633) Martha Zuniga, Vacaville, CA, USA, Family Support Worker/Police Dept.
  "It's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.  A device to beat a baby....Maybe you should come up with a device on how to nurture a baby.  Parents just don't know that being loving to a baby is the best solution to many problems.  Today parents just want to spank...Parents can't wait for that perfect age to begin to spank, now you just gave parents the tools to begin beating the beginning they come into this world.  The babies that are being beat may just want to die and return to a better place.  Which I don't blame them.  Why come into a beating world...that is just not real."

634) Kelley Stewart, Kalamazoo, MI, USA
  "This really sickens me, our supposedly great country allowing people to sell things like this."

635) Katherine Ray, Manchester, MI, USA
  "This is awful.  I believe that you are saying this is a Biblical way because you just don't want to feel the shame.  You feel like you will all be going to heaven because you feel like you are doing good to the children for the future, well guess what YOU ARE NOT!  Hitting a child is not the answer for anything.  Studies have shown.  Look it up!"

636) K. Kuns, Camarillo, CA, USA
  "Hitting children is anti-biblical."

637) Janet Phillips, Santa Rosa, CA, USA
  "The use of this on someone over 18 or who is not your own child would be called assault and battery.  Children need loving guidance, not instillation of fear."

638) Meili Mattern, Kernersville, NC, USA
  "Parents should love their babies, not hit them!"

639) Mel Spice, Tom Price, WA, AUSTRALIA

640) Jolene Coiner Burzycki, NM, USA
  "I'm so disgusted by this that it's hard to even comment on these torture devices."

641) Susan McCasland, San Diego, CA, USA
  "Its disgusting that this kind of child abuse is being taught and no less as "Christian". Parents need to apply the fruit of the Spirit to raising their children, rather than unleashing their anger and hatred on them."

642) Stacey Hobbs, Vacaville, CA, USA, Mother of Twins (a total of four wonderful children)
  "I am raising four well behaved successful children without spanking. My fourteen year old son is an honor student and plays three instruments. My eleven year old daughter is an honor student and attends college course. My twins are now terrific two! Proof to me that spanking and devices used to beat are not needed on this earth."

643) Kathy Wheeler, Wolfeboro, NH, USA, Parent

644) D. Porter, Toledo, OH, USA
  "I can't believe you sell something that would literally advocate abuse. It is sickening as well as heartbreaking and you should be ashamed of yourselves for making profit off of abuse."

645) Alexander Floren, Edham, London, UNITED KINGDOM

646) Joyce Johnson, Sebastopol, CA, USA
  "Shameful!  Just what we need in an era of other shameful violent acts!"

647) Lesa McMahon, Decatur, IL, USA
  "Stop the Madness!  Just stop it!"

648) Alyson Burgess, Dallas, TX, USA
  "These people are closet S&M fanatics, and need to be practicing on other consenting adults, not helpless babies."

649) Kami Payne, KY, USA, Wife & Mother
  "Selling itmes of a sadistic and fetishistic nature is almost beyond words. ALMOST! Babies do not understand the pain they're feeling and to think they do is borderline, if not full blown, retardation. Taking the lazy way out of caring and teaching your by this outrageous implement is always easier than being a patient, loving parent."

650) Robin Creech, Delco, NC, USA
651) Sharon Reeves, Mobile, AL, USA
  "I can't believe this!  We tell children not to hit others, so what does this teach?  What could a child under 1yr old posibly do to warrant being hit?  Guidance, supervision and love is all that young children need."

652) Sandy Winn, Pensacola, FL, USA, Homeschooler
  "I am appalled that it is perfectly acceptable for books to be on the market that condone child abuse and teach how not to leave marks!  These books need to be taken off the public market."

653) Amy Whaley, Niceville, FL, USA, Homeschool
  "I am very saddened by the production, promotion and sale of beating devices."

654) Miss Toni Prout, Burnley, Lancashire, ENGLAND

655) Dana Cantrell, Seattle, WA, USA, ministry
  "I don't know why this is legal. To beat an adult is illegal, but it is legal to beat a harmless child? These people need to be put behind bars. I am disappointed in our country to see that this has been allowed. I am sick and determined to make these people go down."

656) Jan Eubank, Birmingham, AL, USA

657) Nora Solheim, Minneapolis, MN, USA

658) Melissa Thompson, Shelby, NC, USA, Child Care Worker
  "BEAT BABIES? WYH!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

659) Theresa Moore Baker, Tulsa, OK, USA
  "This is disgusting. How is it legal to do this? No wonder our Child Protective Services don't work. I am so sad for these innocent, defenseless children."

660) Erica Kaip, Winter Park, FL, USA
  "These devices should be illegal. It's sickening to think anyone would be hit by such devices, much less an innocent, defenseless baby. It's child abuse and needs to be put toan end!"

661) Erika McKay, Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA

662) Abigail Tanza, New York, NY, USA
  "beating children is NOT THE ANSWER i am 14 years old and my mother does not beat me....and i belive that i turned out fine.....i am also homeschooled..."

663) Blake Hutchison, Toledo, OH, USA, Sansevieria Films
  "The mere concept of beating devices to whip babies and children is utterly disgusting. Solomon may have said 'he who spares the rod hates his son' but his son (Rehoboam) definitely did NOT turn out okay..."

664) Stanley J. Mitchell, Melbourned, Victoria, AUSTRALIA
  "I am amazed that in the year 2006 one can still purchase these items. Even more amazing is that it is still legal to do so."

665) Melissa S. Ring, Northfield, NH, USA, Mom of 1 Step mom to 2

666) Nicole Becker, Vancouver, BC, CANADA
  "I can't imagine Mary using one of these on baby Jesus."

667) Paula, Germanton, NC, USA, Homeschool Mom
  "I think that it is downright appalling and very heart wrenching and that this should be stopped. This is not discipline this is downright abuse. Gee I wonder what Jesus Christ would think about this using beating devices. I serve loving Jesus Christ and I know in My Lord Jesus who is meek and lowly and humble at heart. Said Suffer the little children to come unto me and forbid them not for of such is the kingdom of heaven. Jesus also said in his word that If you hurt any little one of His it would be better for you to have a millstone hung about your neck and drowned in the depths of the sea."

668) John A. Grave, San Francisco, CA, USA, Essene Church
  "This is horrible! It's child abuse and promotes violent ILLEGAL activities! It WILL come to an end!"

669) Robert Gehle, Howell, MI, USA
  "My sister attends Ryan High School in Ryan, Oklahoma; a school which still employs spanking as a means of discipline. I find this behavior and all behavior like it abhorrent, shameful, and disgusting. Anyone who claims religious means (or any means) for beating children and babies is a typocrite and a criminal."

670) Kim Smith, Austin, TX, USA

671) Beth Fuchs, Bokeelia, FL, USA
  "Child abuse is wrong. And the US, which is supposed to be a leader by example, is the *only* country on the planet that has not agreed to the Convention fo the Rights of the Child (which basically states that children have a basic human right to be free/protected from such abusive methods)!! Discipline does *not* equal abuse, and a device like this is intended solely for abusive measures."

672) Kira mcSweeney, Hendersonville, NC, USA, Mother
  "It's repulsive and makes me ashamed to be living in a world where people would make that decision to spank their children in such a way. I'm disgusted and sicked. There are many ways of handling children without any kind of physical pain. People who do this need to not have children and realize that."

673) Nikki B. , LA, USA
  "Though I am not a parent, the Pearls have horrified me. These methods were not present in my upbringing. Nor were they used in the raising of my siblings. And we have all turned out FINE! This must be stopped."

674) Robyn Parris, Newark, OH, USA
  "These 'devices' break the bond that parents and children should have. We shouldn't be raising our children to fear us, just respect us and others, Respect is also a two way street, if you give it and TEACH it, you will receive it. No child deserves to be beaten with anything."

675) Amy Sendewicz, TN, USA
  "I didn't even know they sold such a thing this is horrible! Children should NEVER be hit!!!"

676) Chris Hamilton, Farmington, NH, USA, Nurse
  "These people are morons. These types need to be stopped from repeatedly using the "religious-card" to spread their political motives and justify their own sins. Jesus would most certainly have NEVER condoned such a thing, and any fool who would even try to claim that they'd ever known him would know this much."

677) Al Stefanelli, Wendell, NC, USA
  "Horrific.  It is NEVER OK to strike anyone unless you are defending yourself."

678) Theresa Weiland, Pittsburgh, PA, USA, Medical Transcriptionist
  "Words alone cannot describe how unbelievably WRONG this is, and how unbelievably disgusted I am to learn about it!  If there is anything else I can do further than signing the petition, please do not hesitate to contact me."

679) M. Brown, Astoria, OR, USA

680) Jennifer Pike, Long Beach, CA, USA

681) Lishelle de Young, NEW ZEALAND
  The hand can also be used, which I also object to...but really, can you see Jesus hitting (smacking, call it what you like) any child?"

682) Katy Hansley, Columbus, OH, USA, Child Theraoist
  "I am horrified athat these weapons are sold in our country. There are already eough parents who find torture devices on their own, without this encouragement. Children deserve so much better than being subjected to violence by those who are supposed to give them love. I see the long-term emotional effects of physical "discipline" every day in my work."

683) Diana Boskma, Aldershot, Hampshire, UNITED KINGDOM
  "This practise only results in 2 possible detremental outcomes: 1. it creates adults who are in the end soooo angry because of their abusive childhood that they are psychologically so unstable that they become criminal; or 2. it creates adults that have no idea how to decide in any way for themselves and end up being unable to live a normal life. It's totally sick that people would actually do this to their own children. And yes I know what I am talking about on both levels. I have 3 children and several of my family members have been mentally and physically abused. It needs to STOP immediately."

684) Marianne Green, UNITED KINGDOM
  "This is barbaric. Apart from the damage done to the children, I feel so sad for the parents who know no other way to bring up their children. I am determined to do whateve I can to support positive child parenting groups and organisations."

685) Mr. Schmitt Henri, Cambridge, UNITED KINGDOM
  "What can you say about that, really? I knew that some minds are disturbed, and that unfortunately some of these minds are to be found among deeply religious peoples, but a device made to smack babies, that's a nasty scoop..."

686) Melissa Joan Dietrick, Cerretto delle Langhe, Cuneo, Piemonte, ITALY
  "I am horrified that such devices are allowed for sale, that such books exist, that the United States of America has not made physical abuse (ie: spanking, whipping, paddling as well as hitting with hands or devices) illegal as have the countries Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, Norway, Austria, Cyprus, Croatia, Latvia. It is time to push back! Protect our children from physical abuse!"

687) Gary Cox, East Lansing, MI, USA, Student/Michigan State University
  "The people that sell or use these devices are likely child pornographers with sadomasochistic interests."

688) Jessica, Prince George, BC, CANADA
  "Jesus loved the little children.  Using Christianity as a cover for child abuse is as wicked and unbelieveable as Muslims using their religion to justify terrorism.  It is an insult to those who practice the true religion and gives us a bad name.  NO WHERE in the bible did Jesus EVER strike a child!  Or anyone, for that matter!"

689) Jacqueline, Tallahassee, FL, USA, Mother
  "I am shocked to see such a product out there. That is a disgrace!"

690) Mrs. Jan Odgers, Ayr, Queensland, AUSTRALIA

691) Roy Jacobs, Steelton, PA, USA
  "If we want to stop violence in our society, let's start with the relationship between guardian and child."

692) Heather Dentler, Sherwood, MI, USA
  "If I ever was to witness any sick, degrading and cruel punishment towards a chld I know with GOD on my side I WOULD do the unspeakable to the psycho who hurt them. And that is exactly what is wrong with our chldren today the united states is so mentally corrupted they don't know if they're coming or going, so therefore our children act as if something is very wrong with them and act out violent acts, kill people especially their own parents, and it continues endlessly.  We live in a sick and violent world why must all the violence be passed to the next generation? PEOPLE if you are reading this it also states in GODS BIBLE that "if you act out a violent way then you must die in a violent way" so for the creep that says foolishly that we must abuse our children please send him my way I would love to correct him my kind of way. I am a mother of 3 ages 15, 3 and 10mos. Neither of them ever been beatened or spanked and if anyone has a problem with my children getting good grades in school, getting on the honor role, doing their chores like they should and respecting others then speak up because I will return the favor.

I would love to meet the people that own this device so I could shove it up their xxxxxxx xxx. I truly love my 3 children ages 15, 8 and 10 mos. I would not ONCE have pity to use this on the sicko who created it. In fact I would love it. Because if people have to destroy what they bring into this world then why do they not destroy themselves instead? This world is retarded enough and now there's even a larger number of fruit cakes running around please send these psychos my way allow me to spare the rod where the sun don't shine."

693) Dawn Hollister, Aurora, CO, USA, Homeschooling mother of 3
  "I'm appalled that in this century we can even allow such travesty to occur.  As I sit here looking at my sweet 5 month old baby, I cannot imagine that anyone could compare her to an untrained animal.  The Pearls themselves are brainless animals."

694) Bethany Fenimore, Taylorsville, CA, USA
  "This happened to me. I've paid very dearly for the consequences. They started when I was six months old. I've been fighting for my sanity ever since."

695) Justine Lines, Houston, TX, USA
  "Hitting childrenis not an appropriate way to show Christ's love."

696) Debbi Edmonds, Pleasant Grove, UT, USA, Homeschool Mom of 5
  "I cannot believe this!  I cannot believe that Jesus would ever hurt a child.  What an outrage!  When you teach a child the way to get your way is to hurt another, you give the wrong message.  When you try to get a child to stop hitting another by hitting them, you have given that child mixed up messages.  I bought their dumb book (thinking it was a parenting book), and as soon as I read a couple pages I realized it was a "how to book", on child abuse. I tossed it in the garbage, because I didn't want anyone else to get a copy of this book.  It's disgusting, and makes me sick.  The trick to getting a child to live up to your expectations is unconditional love.  My grandmother knew that, and I am a better person because of her unconditional love."

697) Shelly Timmerman, South Jordan, UT, USA, Mother
  "Anyone who would do this to a child is abusive."

698) Jill Purdy, Calgary, Alberta, CANADA

699) Denise Mitchell, Clearwater, FL, USA, Your Mortgage Source, Inc.
  "This is unbelieveable, to think this is the 2006.  They need this rod used on themselves & see if they like it......"

700) Hannah Yelin, Concord, MA, USA
  "Hitting a child at any age does nothing but teach them to fear you, as well as injuring them at the same time.  This is not okay, and I'd like it to be stopped and stopped NOW."

701) Julia, USA
  "Your drawing of the naked baby being whipped got my attention, because a former neighbor of mine used to whip her small children the same way.  Her minister told her she had to use 'the rod' and the kids had to be naked or the whipping 'didn't count.'  She would make them lay on their backs with their legs spread apart and whip their little legs and genitals until there were welts.  She said she whipped them in front because you were supposed to have eye contact during the punishment.  I finally called the police on her.  These devices need to be banned, because there are people who don't know the limits of corporal punishment, or they are too influenced by these religious wackos."

702) Kara Ward, Bismarck, ND, USA
  "What will it take to teach these parents the pain they cause?  Maybe we should take them over our knees!"

703) La'Killia Williams, Bogalusa, LA, USA, Concerned high schooler
  "I believe anyone caught with such a thing should be arrested for child abuse. It all starts with this rod and gets worse as they grow older. The parents will say that they are too big for the rod so they will begin beating them with their fists. IT NEEDS TO BE STOPPED...and a little notice to the people who do these kind of things...."How can you live with yourself...or sleep at night knowing what you are doing. Babies are precious and held by God and he does not appreciate the beating of an infants. They twist the words in the bible to make it okay but it certainly is not. IT WILL COME BACK TO HAUNT YOU....JUST REMEMBER THAT SAME CHILD THAT YOU BEAT ALL OF ITS LIFE WILL HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF YOU WHEN YOU GET OLD AND FEEBLE AND THAT CHILD WILL REMEMBER!!!!!"

704) Carrie Rubino, Chico, CA, USA, student

705) Ulfin Kerr, Aberdeen, Scotland, UK
  "I find it disgusting a parent would use such an instrument to educate a child."

706) Dana Ross, parent
  "Teach respect not fear."

707) Billie Teta, Binghamton, NY, USA
  "are you kidding me?  how can anyone even think that this was a good idea?"

708) Krista Morris, Nanaimo, CANADA
  "Disgusting perpetration on the human body and spirit."

709) Rhonda Coleman, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA
  "Disgusting, the company and shop owners should be whipped for making and selling such terrible product"

710) & 711) Mr. and Mrs. Carl Rhodes, Marina, CA, USA

712) Paige N. Emory, Durahm, NC, USA
  "Enticement to abuse under the aegis of religion is not only fundamentally morally reprehensible, but also goes against the tenets of love within the christian religion.  The 'rod' is a shepherd's metaphor.  Nothing more.  Children and disciples are a flock not to be beaten but to be watched, guided, and loved.  Reverse-pavlovian creates children who, at their core, are afraid of the love these parents are trying to convey.  In the long run, it is a creator of tension revealed through hidden memories and a disservice to both child and parent."

713) Shirley Read, Sydney, NSW, AUSTRALIA

714) Julie Dixon, JRockledge, FL, USA
  "It's very sad that there is still so much ignorance in this country.  The only thing that hitting your child (call it what ever you want but it all boils down to hitting) teaches him or her to hit."

715) Dawn, New York, NY, USA

716) Chelsea, Waterford, CA, USA
  "that is just absolutely ridiculous-- Who could ever think about doing that to a baby or a child-- that site needs to be removed immediately!!"

717) Erin, CA, USA
  "Absolutely disgusting!"

718) Amy H. USA
  "Sick. Just sick. I don't think that a child should EVER be hit for ANY reason. These devices must be stopped and so should hitting/spanking.


May the good Lord bless all the babies and children, especially the ones who are hurting."

719) Mr. James Roots Gravesend, Kent, UK
  "I doubt its effectiveness, its use is likely illegal, the ethics are clearly dubious, the potential for parents to gradually increase the level of pain over a period of years to achieve the same response is a worry, and I very strongly object to the use of old-testament references to justify any act."

720) Jordan Harris, Toledo, OH, USA
  "Such devices are wrong, pure and simple."

721) Miss Sharni Spiers, Sydney, NSW, AUSTRALIA
  "i find this appalling, i can't believe that such devices and websites exist.  pathetic"

722) Blythe Hager, Indianapolis, IN, USA
  "This is an appalling example of cruelty and malice hding behind a facade of righteousness.  No person of sound mind could advocate the use of punishment devices on the most vulnerable human beings."

723) Darren, Alice Springs, Northern Territory, AUSTRALIA

724) Donny Pearson, WA, USA
  "I use to get slapped on my butt and/or my face or any part of my body in my Southern days if I did anything wrong. My dad did so with his bare hands at the same time that he yelled at me like an Army drill sergeant, a Nazi troop and a tough cop all in one. It made me cry, but that was when I was a little child. Now I'm an adult, living in Seattle, Washington, and my dad no longer smacks me."

725) Amanda Girardo, Azusa, CA, USA
  "These devices make me sick to my stomach. I am sitting here feeling ill, wanting to cry, and wanting to scream at the same time. We should be ashamed of ourselves!!!!"

726) Terri Sharp, Knoxville, TN, USA
  "This must stop. We must love children once again."

727) Monika Dimick, Indianapolis, IN, USA
  "Hitting a child with a rod or other device, is child abuse."

728) Thomas Orban, Somerset, PA, USA

729) Vicki Stafford, Somerset, PA, USA

730) Karen Mann, Coral Springs, FL, USA
  "are you insane??? beating babies??  buy a few to leave around the house and in the car?? you people should be beat with 100 of these things!!  jesus would NEVER promote ANY type of physical discipline on children.  you people sicken me!!!"

731) Taylor Akers, Rowlett, TX, USA
  "How could a real Christian do this to their own child?  If there's anything that makes me physically ill, it's the abuse and exploitation of children.  Beating your children is not loving them!"

732) Donna Underwood, Arroyo Grande, CA, USA
  "to maket a product for the sole purpose of abusing children and profiting form the sales of such is perverse."

733) Jonathan Steigman, Mountain View, CA, USA
  "Beating babies is sick and inexcusable!  Please ban such devices."

734) Erin Hart, Galesburg, IL, USA, Student - Knox College
  "Please, in Holy Jesus' name, stop the torture! Let those precious to the Most High grow up in peace!"

735) Erin Hart, Galesburg, IL, USA, Student - Knox College
  "Please, in Holy Jesus- name, stop the torture! Let those precious to the Most High grow up in peace!"

736) Dale Whorl, Greenfield, MA, USA, Social Worker/DSS
  "We need to encourage parents to not hit their children with any objects.  Profiting from parental cruelty is a poor excuse for earning a living."

737) Kirby Chance, Austin, TX, USA
738) Nida G., Fresno, CA, USA
  "This is a terrible way to discipline babies.  It is just plain unimaginable."

739) Allison Stewart, Shrewsbury, MA, USA, mother of 4
  "Jesus taught us to LOVE our children and each other!!"

740) Bob Jones, Raymond, FL, USA, Elementary School Teacher
  "I work in a public school system and to see something like that outrages me! I believe that children should be at peace that they will not get hurt for doing something wrong!"

741) Tracy VanDemark, Little Canada, MN, USA

742) Katherine Rankin, Orange Park, FL, USA
  "I'm speechless... why would anyone hit a child... A BABY???"

743) Idabelle Zehnder, Battle Ground, WA, USA, Coalition Against Institutionalized Child Abuse
  "I am 100% opposed to striking children. Babies, come on. They are helpless little creatures just coming into the world. They need love and kindness, not harshness and beatings. Please do whatever you can to stop this abuse."

744) Abby Hogarth, Blackheath, NSW, AUSTRALIA, Mother, Assistant in Family and Youth Ministry
  "I urge the aruthorities to BAN this kind of torture instrument. If we want to encourage peaceful living for all of human kind we need to teach peace from  a young age. To allow this kind of 'product' to be sold is really irresponsible and should be illegal."

745) Amber Varney, Norfolk, VA, USA

746) CCW Sparks, PA, USA, former child, terrorized by even the open-handed spankings I got
  "I don't think I got an 'unusual' number of spankings, but I was terrified of my parents until I was 45 on account of it (and at 53 I'm still just a tiny bit scared). Providing devices like this and encouraging their use as a matter of course is one of the most truly evil things I've ever heard of. How many more kids will grow up terrorized because their parents treat them worse than animals?"

747) Kathryn Pati, Greenvale, VIC, AUSTRALIA
  "I find the sale of a rod specifically to hit babies (gasp) or small children distressing. I hope they sotp it. I thought America was better than this. Well most American parents are too smart to use this item. Of course, the law is a joke... You're never allowed to even 'slap' your girlfriend if she flirts another guy (Domestic Violence) yet you're still allowed to hit innocent children who can be given timeout or similar discipline measures that don't hurt and are effective. Gosh, wooden spoon stories from childhood seem friendly compared to this baby bashing products. Get rid of them please, they're almost as bad as abortion clinics!!!!!"

748) Dayle H. Christison, Vacaville, CA, USA

749) Ann Tryon, Zebulon, NC, USA
  "Shame, shame on you for advocating this abuse of children!"

750) Gerrie Blum, New York, NY, USA
  "Take these implements out of the nursery, out of the classroom, and bring them back into the Master Bedroom, where they belong! Hitting a child says more about the proclivities of the adult than the misbehavior of the child. If we are to teach self-discipline toour children, we can't use the mantra: If you don't like what someone has done --- Hit 'em! Violence only breeds more violence."

751) Sally Lettieri, Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA
  "I am disgusted that such a device exists.  It brings tears to my eyes."

752) Ms. Bee Smith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA
  "Sad, disgusting and wrong, complete abuse, there's no excuse, the poor innocent children!"

753) Echota Keller, Redmond, WA, USA
  "I am appalled that such devices even exist. This sickens me."

754) Renee Zuur, Berkeley, CA, USA

755) Laurie Weist, Chula Vista, CA, USA
  "The adults should be legally charged of a felony crime, imprisoned without protective custody, and revoked of any future possibility of being ewmployed where children are present. Why would ECT be viewed a inhumane treatment of a prisoner who committed a crime, yet ETC is not viewed as abuse if used against a child by one other than thee child's parent? Are investigations & legal justice select?"

756)  John, USA
  "I hope your drawing of the naked baby boy having his bare penis whipped is just a drawing and not something that actually happened.  Any adult who uses such a device should be arrested and their kids should be taken away."   Note from STOP the ROD: the above drawing, donated by a graphic artist, is a girl. The intent is to show how buttocks and thighs are beaten with this device, and the screaming that results from babies enduring this painful abuse.

757) Ann Tryon, Zebulon, NC, USA

758) Lisa Dorff, Rastatt, Baden-Wurttemberg, GERMANY
  "I'm lucky enough to live in a country where such things are illegal."

759) Chad WRight, Hadar, NE, USA, Lutheran pastor

760) Lysa Moss, Sherman Oaks, CA, USA
  "It is sick to think that hitting a child will bring anything but fear and pain - sure, you may get them to sit still, but when jthey are older, they will either die inside due to your abusive ways or they will lash out on others just as you have taught them to do."

761) Rich Hinton, Florence, AL, USA, Student
  "children need love, children need respect, children need to feel safe, 99% of people use these instruments in anger, i think its time everyone calms down and treat your child as a human being, not an animal."

762) Melody Arendsee, Tallahassee, FL, USA
  "In my opinion, these devices should not only be banned, but their sellers should also be prosecuted for intentionally aiding and abetting child abuse."

763) Miranda Cates, Tetonia, ID, USA
  Just the thought of it makes me physically ill."

764) Nadine Provost, Sudbury, ON, CANADA
  "It sickens me that people would treat their angelic little babes with something of this nature - our children are GIFTS, to be treated as the precious fragile little creatures they are. They need our NURTURING not TORTURE. Anyone who uses this should have their children removed from that home!"

765) Maryann Hayes, Warren, OH, USA
  "I read this several times and found it more deploring with each reading! Parents are arrested for abusing children as well they should be, why are these people running around loose? To hurt anyone is against all that I believe in but to buy something to hurt a child is beyong anything I have heard of. Put these xxxx people out of business and someone get them some help, God only knows they need it."

766) Shana Raywood, Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA, Mother
  "I am shocked there is such a weapon out there. It's heartbreaking and sickening, and what's worse is there are people buying them and using them. MY heart breaks for the children out there suffering this kind of abuse, and shame on our country for allowing it to happen to this extent. Hitting never resolves anything."

767) Angela King, King City, CA, USA
768) KM, Tampa, FL, USA
  "This is horrible! Why is this company allowed to continue this. It really is the shame of Bakersfield. The mayor should be ashamed!"

769) Kayla Pennington, Lynnwood, WA, USA
  "One cannot possibly respect a person-- let alone their own child-- and hit them at the same time.  This is not a matter of parenting decisions or personal choice.  It is a matter of child abuse, which is never acceptable."

770) Jennifer iazza, Travis AFB, CA, USA
  "The rod doesn't even refer to hitting children. It's sad how people twist the bible to their own sick uses."

771) Sheila C. White, Coral Springs, FL, USA, "loving mother"
  "I was sickened and appalled at the atrocities of these devices that are being used on innocent babies and small children just to get them to behave. I actually thought I was reading about the inhumanities of a third-world country, not the USA. Anyone who strikes an innocent child or animal should be heavily fined and sent to a severe prison where they have to look over their shoulder constantly. My heart aches for these poor, tortured babies and children who are subjected to these heinous acts."

772) Kelly Reeves, Brisbane, qld, AUSTRALIA, Mam
  "This is just too sick for words!! As a mam to 2 kids this makes me disgusted. At the worst i have tapped my childs hand gently and for that i have felt awful, to actually premediate and go and buy a device to hurt your child is abusive and sick. This is actually planned abuse."
773) Heather Hahn, Lebanon, OH, USA, Teacher
"How astounding that we claim to be such an advanced society, yet many ignore research and developmentally appropriate practices."

774) Andy Scheurer, Lebanon, OH, USA, USA
  "Disgusting and ridiculous..."

775) Sarah Welly, Toledo, OH, USA

776) Liam Unfer, Palm Beach Gardens, FL, USA, Palm Beach Community College
  "It is bad enough that children are not given the same protection as adults/spouses.  Let alone have someone profit by the sale of a device that justifies domestic violence.  Children should never be hit; it is physically dangerous and many die when individuals who are considered responsible parents carry it out.  The promotion of torture tools must be stopped."

777) Alexandria Moretti, USA
  "I think buying a beating device as a way to discipline a child is basically giving the child the green light to either kill the parent or put them in a really bad nursing home."

778) RME, New Haven, CT, USA, Mother, Christian
  "I'm a mother, and a Christian, and I can't believe that this is 2006 and we're talking about devices used to beat children. Awful."

779) Candace, Calgary, Alberta, CANADA
  "Someone should beat the inventors with their own whip, and then sterilize them so they can not procreate.  Anyone who would invent this should not be allowed to have children, pets or anything that requires nurturing."

780) Tracy Jamison, Seattle, WA, USA, A Christian mother of 4.
  "Sick, sick, sick. This gives TRUE Christians a bad name. Someone needs to be whipped with these devices but it certainly isn't any babies or children!"

781) Keni Valdez, Jacksonville, FL, USA
  "You are sick, sick people.  Children should be loved and taken care of.  They are not born so that we can beat them...look at children today don't you think we are screwing them up enough?"

782) Joanne Diogene, New York, NY, USA

783) Phillip McGaugh, Petal, MS, USA
  "I just ate dinner at a restaurant and saw a young couple with a baby in a high chair. Suddenly for reasons unknown to me, the mother reached over and smacked the baby, and threatenly pointed her finger in it's face.  wow...need I say more?"

784) Desire McGinn, Spokane, WA, USA
  "This is appauling.  I can't believe this is a real item being sold in the US.  No wonder we have wars going on.  Parents can't even treat innocent children, that they gave birth to, with decency and respect."

785) Ali Cornell, Shanghai, CHINA, loving mother to Baby James

786) Tracie S. Portland, OR, USA
  "Anyone who would consider using such a device on a baby or child does not deserve to be a parent.  Babies and children need love, and hitting has absolutely NO place in raising a child."

787) Tracie S., Portland, OR, USA
  "Anyone who would consider using such a device on a baby or child does not deserve to be a parent. Babies and children need love, and hitting has absolutely NO place in raising a child."

788) Paris, New York, NY, USA
  "I'd love to see what the police find when they finally bust you.  Hitting children is wrong.  A whipping device that fits in a diaper bag?  You are the lowest rung of the ladder in prison, a place you will find yourself soon for promoting the abuse of children.  Sickos!"

789) Katherine Gabriell, Orlando, FL, USA
  "All living creatures deserve to live free from the fear of violence."

790) Joyi Kraus, Plano, TX, USA

791), 792), 793), 794), 795) Michelle and Kevin and Josiah, Miriam and Emma, Savage, MN, USA
  "We used the 'rod for the last two years' all it produced was angry children and a mom who used it to justify her anger, no more, it got thrown away andwe told our children, no more spankings and they jumped for joy.  Please we learned the hard way thank God they are still young and the baby doesn't have to get spanked."

796) Mara Roberts, Sonora, CA, USA, devoted mother
  "i am the mother of six beautiful children ihave raised with love-i am definitely against spanking. maybe they should try to sell positive parenting equipment instead. it's a thought!"

797) Emily Ivy, Dothan, AL, USA
  "The motherfuckers who created that evil xxxx, should be sent strait to xxxx, and/or burned. Or any other form of torture for them sick cocksuckers."

798) Sarah, ENGLAND, student
  "sick, evil, cruel, etc"

799) Simon, Notts, ENGLAND
  "This is abusive, cruel, unfair, and plainly evil in my opinion and the makers should be banned and prosecuted as promoters of torture."

800) Alexandria Onderdonk-Milne, Schenectady, NY, USA
  "This is not right!  Products should never be sold for whipping babies, and if anyone ever whipped a baby, their kid should be taken away from them because they are obviously crazy and unable to handle caring for a child.  Caring doesn't equal whipping.  This is disgusting!"

801) Christopher Jake Pack, Mount Airy, NC, USA
  "It is sick! It should not be aloud anywhere! This is child abuse! Put yourself in the childs perspective! Would you like it?"

802) Jeroen de Heer, Linschoten, THE NETHERLANDS

803) Kate Richman, East Brunswick, NJ, USA
  "I am shocked that such things are being sold today! I thought we had learned better by now that violence begets violence."

804) Mirek, NJ, USA
  "That man should be whipped with a giant version of that on his bare ass. Appaling"

805) Mr. Matthew Orban, Regina, SK, CANADA
  "Disgraceful, protect our children please this should be outlawed"

806) Krystal Knickerbocker, Peoria, AZ, USA

807) Alicia Ferrier, Peoria, AZ, USA

808) Kira Shelton, Peoria, AZ, USA

809) Patsy Hughes, Jamestown, TN, USA
  "This very sick"

810) Terri Spencer, Rio Rancho, NM, USA
  "It is simiply unconscionable that books such as this are allowed to be sold."

811) Kelsy, Knoxsville, TN, USA
  "OH MY GOSH i think it is so bad that i can't think of any thing to say"

812) Anna Bell, New York, NY, USA
  "this so disgusting!"

813) Kym Krizek, Kamuela, HI, USA
  "It's shocking these are manufactured!"

814) Kathryn Pati, Greenvale, VIC, AUSTRALIA
  "This is a child abuse tool and should be banned."

815) Brooke, Little Rock, AR, USA
  "How repulsive! This is THE sickest thing possible and those toys should be burnt to a crisp."

816) Michelle Halye, Midlothian, VA, USA
  "I can't believe that they sell tools for the sole purpose of whipping and beating children.  Truly sick"

817) Christy Currey, Newnan, GA, USA
  "I have a neighbor couple that use a makeshift 'rod' (a paint stirrer, paddle) on their 4 children (ages 8, 7, 5, & 3).  One time the father broke 'the jrod' on his son's bottom whilst spanking him vigorously.  The children are terrified of their parents and behave at home but often act out whilst at other people's houses.  This must stop!"

818) Jackie Pepper, Keyworth, Nottinghamshire, ENGLAND
  "Absolutely shocking..made me feel sick! Cannot believe such practices and the means to carry them out are being promoted in 2006."

819) Ola Karim, San Diego, CA, USA

820) Donna Gilbert, Raleigh, NC, USA

821) Mary Pederson Metelmann, LICCSW, Belmont, MA, USA
  "The word discipline means to teach.  The only thing one teaches through hitting and using tools to beat children is that they are out-of-control, they are not to be trusted, and that violence is the only way to dal with strong feelings of anger, frustration, etc.  It is 2005, we have not come very far!"

822) Holly Urquizu, Fresno, CA, USA, mother of two preschool children
  "I can't even imagine being 'beat' by one of these rods or beating one of my children with it.  It just doesn't make since as to how a human being can do that to a child.  Thank you for your informative web-site filled with 'other alternatives' to discipline."

823) JoAnn, New Mexico, USA
  "Want to know what some people are using 'the rod' for?  I had a neighbor that bragged that she kept one on her 2-year-old's diaper changing table.  If her daughter wiggled, she would whip the little girl on the jfront of her thighs and between her legs with the rod.  I saw her do it once, with the baby's diaper off.  This is the kind jof abuse that goes on, and no one should be manufacturing a j'rod' to make it easier to abuse your kids.  I called the police and this woman is being investigated."

824) Trevor Burge, Salt Lake City, UT
  "This is sick if used for training children.  I do not support the sale of this product and think it should be banned."

825) Sean McWillie, Los Angeles, CA, USA
  "You use this on your kid, I'll use my Glock on you."

826) Natacha Zeh, Sao Paulo, BRAZIL
  "I hope that when tey're old their children hits them the same way"

827) Roy Snotru, New York, NY, USA
  "Let's band this!  After all, violence can't exist without The Rod."

828) Jason Baldus, Muskegon, MI, USA

829) Brenda Pleas, Lawton, OK, USA, Foster Care Parent
  "It needs to be taking off the market.  Children do not learn by being beating"

830) Susan Watts, Pendleton, SC, USA

831) Jennifer Weingartner, Watervliet, NY, USA, Mother of 2 boys
  "How about someone takes the 'rod', and smacks the person who made it a few times to see how they like it.  Anyone who would make, let alone buy anything like this is sick and should have their children taken away from them!!"

832) Julie Connors, Baldwinsville, NY, USA, Mom of 2
  "STOP NOW!!"

833) Chris Dugan, Denver, CO, USA
  "It is time for the violence to stop."

834) Raymond Atkinson, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, Psychology Student
  "Look at the world we live in, there's enough blood shed and violence without promoting it like this. How can we fight this, with love, not striking something smaller and calling it love?  Why is it that if you treat an animal like this you are brought up on charges, you treat an adult like this it's GBH or ABH. But a child the most vulnerable of all is encouraged?"

835) Melissa, Rockford, IL, USA, Mother
  "This needs to be stopped.  This is just wrong!"

836) Laurie Gibson, Haskell, OK, USA

837) Shannon Rizzo, Lafayette, CA, USA

838) Rosalind Lord, San Francisco, CA, USA

839) Rosalind Lord, San Francisco, CA, USA
  "There are people who make pornographic movies of children - sometimes their own - being whipped. I wouldn't be surprised if at least some of these child molesters purchased this thing."

840) Danielle Noonan, Baton Rouge, LA, USA, parent/student

841) Teresa L. Crafton, Nashville, TN, USA, Abused Child now Adult Against Child Abuse
  "You must stop the manufacturing of this product, children need discipline but not way of a 'The Rod' This product promotes violence against children, theyre not cattle"

842) Derek, Edmonton, AB, CANADA
  "What a despicable device. It is an outrage that anyone would want to make money by selling a device that is INTENDED to wilfully inflict pain & suffering on a defenceless child. Shame on the conservative 'Christian' fanatics (who believe in VERY un-Christian things) and their supporters who hide behind the Bible to justify beating a child. They are very selective about what passages of the Bible they believe, and use those to further their political cause. Anyone who approves of this disgusting device should NOT be allowed to be a parent."

843) C. Phillips, New York, NY, USA
  "Rise in an outcry against this unspeakable abuse, everyone.  We will ALL have to live with the dysfunctional individuals these nut-jobs are creating with their violent methods of child-rearing.  These fools say children will become horrible people if they are not spanked, but the exact opposite is what is factually true.  They claim that if you don't hit your children, they will become like Adolph Hitler and will end up as criminals in jail.  This just goes to show how STUPID these imbeciles are!  It is historically documented that Adolph Hitler was raised using the EXACT SAME METHODS they are promoting, with plenty of corporal punishment!  I, for one, know my mother must have cuddled and kissed and held me sometimes as a child.  The problem is that now, at 43 years old, I cannot recall a single incident wherein she hugged me and told me she loved me as a youngster.  But, I remember with crystal clarity, in stunning detail, 22 incidences where she spanked me, caused me pain, and made me feel low about myself.  I was a child who strove to please and never intentionally disobeyed, but I was hit plenty to 'teach' me about things I knew no better of.  I could've learned much better with just explanations and no hitting.  I was scared of my own shadow throughout my whole childhood and afraid to make a move.  It felt like I was walking on a time bomb.  I could intentionally 'mess up' at any moment and suddenly be given terrifying pain for something I had no idea was 'wrong'. She also hit me to vent her anger over things like my unintentionally disturbing her sleep in the morning.  For years I could blot these incidents out of my mind, 'get on with my life', put it in the past and try and sever it from my present adult relationship with my mother.  But, in quiet moments these assaults DO come back to me and cause me to become infuriated at her, even decades later.  I now suffer from Fibromyalgia Syndrome, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and emotional depression and no one can tell me that being spanked as a child has nothing to do with my current-day stress illnesses."

844) Chris Deschenes, Toronto, ON, CANADA

845) Frank Johnson, Boston, MA, USA

846) Chantelle McCauley, Hereford, ENGLAND
  "This is disgusting. This will not help children learn, they will end up fearing their parents instead. It is harmful for a child's future. Something this brutal should not be sold!"

847) Ms. Carolyn Keemle, Lexington, KY, USA
  "I have a one year old son and my goal in life is to protect him, make him safe and happy. So I don't understand how anyone can beat their children. How can you consider yourself a parent when you are doing this?"

848) Sherry Meade, Edgewood, MD, USA
  "I am a Christian and I find it jappalling that someone is gaining money from selling a tool meant to hit children with, and doing it in the name of God."

849) Lisa JCrow, Mount Vernon, IN, USA, Parent
  "This is SICK.  What kind of monster would want to be associated with such a horrible item?"

850) Liz Malone, Milton, VT, USA
  "So very sick.  So very wrong!!!"

851) Tawny Noyles, Hays, KS, USA
  "It is disgusting that a 'religion' would advocate whipping small children."

852) Cherie Kelley, Douglasville, GA, USA
  "I can not believe that this is allowed to be advertised or sold on the internet. None of this is sold in the name of the lovikng God that created all living things. These people are in need of some serious help and they must believe in a very dark source for their creation. 'The Rod' is a torture tool and nothing more."

853) Andrea Vik, Dallas, TX, USA
  "Sick! Evil! Anyone who can justify such atrocity in the name of kGod is a Pharisee of the worst kind. May God be merciful to your soul."

854) Kim Kkostiew, Hampstead, NH, USA, A MOM
  "This is horrific to say the least. I as a mom of 4, do not believe that whipping anyone regardless of age is appropriate. If you hit, you will raise a child who will be aggressive and learn hitting is ok to do. If you raise a child with love and understanding it is my belief that is what you will get in return..Ban the sale, this is a disgrace..and ohh bend over, lets see if it will hurt you!!!"

855) Hannah Grace, Lexington Park, MD, USA, childrens author
  "This is inhumane. Babies need to be held and loved. Who would even think of such a thing..This is WRONG.... Children need to be nurtured and loved etc...."

856) David Smith, Petaluma, CA, USA
  "This is not acceptable in society.  What have the manufacturers done to show that there is no harm inflicted on the child?  Please stop the sale and distribution of these devices."

857) Amanda Girardo, Azusa, CA, USA
  "SImply disgusting!!!!"

858) Mario, Ottawa, ON, CANADA

859) Jill, Silver City, OH, USA, N.O.W.
  "This is bad."

860) D. M. Porter, Oregon, OH, USA
  "There should NEVER be profits made in the name of abuse. Perverting the words of the bible for personal gain. How completely sickening. Lest you forget the bible ALSO says a couple other things. #1 Whatever you do for the least of these you have done unto me. AND #2 You did many things in my name but I don't know you. Not a judgement I'd be willing to feel."

861) Inez Vanderburg, Austin, TX, USA
  "I am appalled that you would publicly sell an instrument of child abuse for profit."

862) Debra, Pensacola, FL, USA
  "we need to stop the rod for the childen"

863) Litzi T. Hartley, MS; Naperville, IL, USA, Licensed Clinical Prof. Counselor, Director, Adolescent Counseling Ctr. Of DuPage, PC
  "So, is The Rod what Jesus had in mind when He said 'What you do for the least of my brethren you do for me'?"

864) Kataherine Gabrielle, Orlando, FL, USA
  "Stop the violence."

865) Sherell Smith, Tucson, AZ, USA, Child Protective Services
  "This problem is across the 50 states."

866) J. van der Wal, Den Haag, NETHERLANDS

867) Jennifer Mortensen, Las Vegas, NV, USA

868) Amanda Hartung, Henniker, NH, USA
  "These books should never make it into the hands of impressionable new parents."

869) Megan McLerran, Shoreline, WA, USA

870) Dana Marie De Trizio, Rutherford, NJ, USA, Pediatric Registered Nurse

871) Shelley Johnson, Elgin, IL, USA

872) Trish, FL, USA
  "The makers and promoters of this should be ashamed of themselves. Only true vultures of society would profit from a tool designed to beat a child. Goodness forbid they stop being a lazy parent and actually do their job. Only lazy parents beat there children, its easier to rule by fear, anger and terrorizing than it is to listen, understand, be persistent and exhibit self-control."

873) Angela, Rustburg, VA, USA
  "lets teach our children not to hit, then beat them....stupid"

874) Karen M. Brown, Austintown, OH, USA
  "That's appalling!  How could you even THINK of selling such a thing!  That's not discipline, that's child abuse!"

875) & 876) Erin and Robert Ricci, Colorado Springs, CO, USA

877) Stephanie Eversole, Fort Campbell, KY, USA
  "I believe 'spare the rod' rofers to the shepherd's rod and how we need to guide and protect our children.  What's wrong with these people, that they'll deliberately misinterpret scripture to excuse child abuse?!"

878) Holly Lynn Brambila, Killeen, TX, USA
  "Beating babies??? So this is what I went to Iraq to defend, your right to sell products to hurt innocent children, especially babies ?? How awful. This isn't Christianity or any other religion, it's called Abuse, and it is illegal in this country."

879) Jose Brambila, Killeen, TX, USA
  "I love my daughters, I could never imagine using such 'instruments of torture'. My main jconcern would be, however, the people who are purchasing these object....if you feel that insignificant about yourself that you must beat your children, your flesh and blood, what else are you capable of doing.  Amazin, you can go to prison for beating a dog that bit your kid, you go to jail for bouncing a check, but, you can beat your kid with the good 'ole chunk of plastic that you bought down the road, and that's OK.  Taking these things off the shelves probably won't stop child abuse as sick as it sounds, but, at least our society won't be CONDONING it."

880) Stephanie Oxford, Portland, OR, USA
881) Maria Hemminger, Sycamore, OH, USA
  "Devices such as this are a shame spot on our society. Any device sold for the sole purpose of hitting children and babies is a tool used for abuse, and it should not be tolerated."

882) Korena Shaffer, Memphis, TN, USA
  "completely wrong"

883) Richelle Werth, Wichita, KS, USA
  "This is sick.  There are many ways to discipline a child without using such an offensive weapon, which is exactly what it is- a weapon."

884) Emily Craig, Milwaukee, WI, USA
  "disdgusting.  as a former social worker, current child care teacher, and as a mom, i am appalled that this product is on the market.  it is horrifying that this product was created and even more scary that parents buy this item and use it."

885) Leigh Bryant, Canton, KS, USA
  "How horrible to advocate child abuse."

886) LA Thill, Magnolia, NJ, USA
  "I don't recall any of those Commandments saying anything about abusing children..."

887) Kelly Johnson, Forked River, NJ, USA

888) Lori Blanchard, Delaware, OH, USA
  "This is awful!  Who the xxxx would use this?!  I feel bad when I lightly slap my nieces on the back of the hand...Anyone who uses this device should be shot, after they've been beaten with it themselves, and have their children taken away."

889) Jennifer Sanchez, Las Vegas, NV, USA

890) Karen Berger, Fort Campbell, KY, USA
  "This is outrageous! After all the research done about the way physical punishment affects a baby or young child's developing nervous system I'm appalled that this device is allwed to be on the market at all!"

891) Vanessa Castoe, Edmond, OK, USA, Mommy
  "I feel sick. Hitting and abusing children only teaches them to hit & abuse others."

892) Keelie Howard, Oak Harbor, WA, USA

893) Kimberly Sullivan, Philadelphia, PA, USA, Stay at Home Mother
  "That device is sickening and pure abuse. If you hit anyone with any object it's assault. People who sell, buy and use it should all be arrested."

894) Kimberly, Houston, TX, USA

895) Heather and Dave Felix, Franklin, PA, USA
  "I hope that whomever developed this torture does not have any children of their own. Everyone knows that there is only one manual on how to raise good kids, and that is the Bible.  Whomever interpreted this GARBAGE should be ashamed of themselves.  Sickening."

896) Kristina Watts, Pelham, AL, USA, Southern Power, Inc.

897) Sarah Kelley, Berlin, MD, USA

898) Elizabeth Larson, Peoria, IL, USA
  "Who would do something that awful?"

899) Caitlyn, IL, USA
  "The makers of this should be thrown in jail for facilitating abuse!"

900) Dana Ensing, New Orleans, LA, USA
  "There will always be parents who physically abuse their children, but lets not encourage that by selling them rods and books that make them feel what they're doing is right."

901) Megen Shepher, Beale AFB, CA, USA, Stop the Rod
  "I was horrified to hear about this product that is trying to be put on shelves for parents to buy to so called discipline their children...Don't you think there is enough child abuse going aroiund and then to come out with a product like this...This is disgusting..."

902) Kassandra Fassett, Clarksville, TN, USA

903) Angela, Hawarden, IA, USA, Mother
  "These types of things absolutely disgust me!! Children are a gift from god and should be cherished as such . Abuse is never right and that is what these types of instruments and their websites promote ! Utterly Disgusting!!!!"

904) Serena Morris, Clarksville, TN, USA

905) Holli Hutchins, Lyman, ME, USA

906) Julia, FWB, FL, USA

907) Michelle, KY, USA, Mother
  "This should be banned, it's a disgusting device!"

908) Christina Luna, Clarksville, TN, USA

909) Amanda Diston, Everett, WA, USA
   "This product makes me sick, hitting children with anything is wrong and in most places ILLEGAL."

910) Annie, New London, CT, USA, concerned woman
  "I find this device disgusting..... how could someone promote the sale of an object specifically used to harm children?!?!!"

911) Jamie Zerba, Alstead, NH, USA
  "I cant believe this is on the market. There are enough people out there beating their children as is why on earth would you make something that provokes it?"

912) Julie Pickett, Rochester, WA, USA
  "How dare you make a device to harm babies and children. We are a society that is supposed to cherish our children not beat them. You should be ashamed of yourselves for creating such a thing to hurt the most precious thing on this earth. I hope you lose all your business."

913) Melissa Coleman, Clarksville, TN, USA

914) Christine Olsen, Enumclaw, WA, USA
  "I sure am glad there is a petition to ban this."

915) Marina Fridman, Staten Island, NY, USA
  "This product should never be allwed on the market."

916) Mrs. Whitney Walters, Knoxville, IA, USA
  "This is jsut plain wrong. Child abuse is supposed to be wrong and illegal in the wonderful country we live in. So why on earth would be allow something so horrible to be sold. This needs to stop."

917) Meghan Wanser, Glendale, NY, USA
  "Hitting with an object is plain child abuse... I cant believe this could be used on an infant or toddler! That is disgusting!"

918) Renae Douglas, Pella, IA, USA

919) Kathryn Ruttinger, Rio Rancho, NM, USA
  "How horrible."

920) Jennifer Lehman, Elmendorf AFB, AK USA, Stay at home mom
  "I sincerely HOPE this device isn't really advertised. How disgusting and degrading to babies and children. I will sign the petition just in case."

921) Matthew Mulvaney, Brockport, NY, USA, Assistant Professor of Psychology, SUNY Brockport

922) Bethany Lavigne, Clarksville, TN, USA

923) Mrs. Simms, Provo, UT, USA
  "That's just wrong! I can't believe they actually are getting away with selling these devices! Anyone who would hit their children with one is SICK!"

924) Andrea Blanco, Miami, FL, USA

925) Jennifer Dschaak, El Mirage, AZ, USA, Domestic Engineer
  "STUPID F*CKS.  These kinds of devices are considered child abuse.  How DUMB do you have to be to use them?"

926) Tricia Boylan, Jacksonville, FL, USA
  "I think this is child abuse!!"

927) Jennifer Rewerts, Lansing, MI, USA
  "How wrong!"

928) James Doss, Rochester, NY, USA
  "this is a shame, it disgusts me"

929) Krystal Hemeoon, Brampton, ON, CANADA
  "that's absolutely disgusting!!"

930) Melissa Clancy-Kietzman, Delmar, NY, USA

931) Ashley Rogers, Hanford, CA, USA, Mother
  "How freaken ridiculous!!!!!! You would want us to buy this 'rod' to spank the child with to what? Make them behave? All it will do, is make them terrified of you! This 'legal child abuse' needs to stop!"

932) Katie Pike, Palm Desert, CA, USA

933) Shannon Czarney, Apopka, FL, USA
  "This is sickening that you are trying to make money at the expense of hurting a child. Shame on You."

934) Tear, Shelby, NC, USA, housewife

935) Heather Carr, Groton, CT, USA
  "this is horrible and unthinkable.. anyone who thinks this is ok should be locked up for child abuse."

936) Jennette Bush, Kerhonkson, NY, USA, Mother-to-be, Business Owner
  "One of two things happens to most children who are abused. They become worse abusers themselves to all other, maybe until they kill, or they deprive themselves of social surroundings and become depressed, self-mutilating, and even suicidal. This isn't the answer. This is not TRAINING, this is ABUSING."

937) Sharon A. Flyd, Huntsville, AL USA
  "I would never use a device such as that.  What a horrible device to use.  I would definitely not use it on a baby who hasn't done a thing."

938) Monica Peck, Kingman, AZ, USA
  "How on earth can you justify selling sjch a thing?  It's child abuse, plain and simple, and NOTHING ever makes that okay."

939) Lindsay Labbe New Iberia, LA, USA
  "This is not normal and these people need serious help, or maybe they need to be hit with the 'ROD' a couple times."

940) Kathleen Sharp, Summit, IL, USA
  "This is absurd, selling a device for abusing children?1? The instructions make it sound like you are training a dog, make sure the hands are not the feared object, that's like make sure you use a rolled up newspaper while hitting the dog!"

941) Marissa Stein, Shoreline, WA, USA

942) Krista Barosh, Baytown, TX, USA
  "This is a sadistic method to use on a helpless baby. these should be banned as a form of torture."

943) Meghan Simonson, Philadelphia, PA, USA
  "you don't 'train' children, you train animals"

944) Kelly Gallagher, Fort Campbell, KY, USA, mother of 5
  "this is disgusting.  no one should beat their children let alone use a weapon for it the person who marketed this item should be beaten with it."

945) Samantha, Burbank, CA, USA, Animal Rights Participant

946) Tiana Kalau, Ladysmith, BC, CANADA

947) Alley Starrick, NJ, USA

948) Crista, Fort Campbell, KY, USA
  "That is just f-ed up...."

949) Alexandra, Cornwall, ON, CANADA
  "Plain vicious. A wide variety of alternatives."

950) Dani, Las Vegas, NV, USA
  "Learn new ways of teaching your children."

951) Sarah Schlosser, Dixon, IL, USA
  "This is a DISGUSTING perversion of the Word of God!"

952) Kelly Johnston, Lake Orion, MI, USA

953) McKinzie Weiss, Las Vegas, NV, USA, Momma
  "Sick. What are people thinking? My son will be raised as a good christian child WITHOUT beating him!"

954) J. Smith, Bakersfield, CA, USA
  "Yet another bunch of whackjobs hard at work.  Bakersfield is known as a family oriented town and always has been.  These nuts are NOT representative of our city and we will gladly join the fight to put an end to this sick, twisted effort to make a buck and further their agenda of insanity."

955) Aleah W., Parma, OH, USA
  "absolutely disgusting! someone should whip the makers with this instrument from xxxx."

956) Johanna, Norway, ME, USA, mother
  "who ever made this is a physco and should be whipped with that device"

957) Patricia Dutcher, Rossford, OH, USA
  "That is really wrong! You shouldnt be able to hit your child with anything!"

958) Krysta LaFountain, Ucluelet, BC, CANADA
  "This is absolutely disgusting."

959) Jessica Smith, Bakersfield, CA, USA
  "That's disgusting, I can't believe that this is going on in the city I live in and I just found out about it. Have they used the whips on themselves? They should."

960) Tabitha Scofield, Loveland, CO, USA, proud mother
  "These devices are sickening and they need to be banned, and the makers of these things should be prosecuted. It is nothing but child abuse and needs to be stopped!"

961) Danielle, BC, CANADA
  "This is so wrong i cant believe it was ever aloud!!!!!!!"

962) Leah Cummings, Chino Hills, CA, USA, Loving mother to three children
  "The thought of beating my infant (or my older children) sickens me. It saddens me to know that people are trying to use the Bible as a scapegoat for abusing their children."

963) Melinda C. Whiting, Parachute, CO, USA
  "When they talk about teaching by the rod in the bible 'The Rod' Is the word of god, not an actual rod. Moron"

964) Rebecca Cook, Burlington, WI, USA
  "This is so sickening!  WHO thinks this stuff up?  WHO gives them the money to start up a business?  How do they sleep at night?"

965) Melissa Walls, Yanceyville, NC, USA, Stay at home mom
  "This is outragious and down right nasty."

966) Mrs. Ashley Wilson, Iola, KS, USA
  "This is horrible!!  I can't believe these people are using the Bible as their backing on this!!  Let's get it out of reach of abusers across the country!!"

967) Layla Stryker, Rydal, PA, USA, IM A MOMMY
  "horrible sick people. go to xxxx"

968) Elaine Johnson, Chino HIlls, CA, USA

969) Lynn Radeck, Glenwood Springs, CO, USA
  "This is insane. Why would people have children just to beat them?? The children NEVER once asked to be born, its all the way we raise our children to become smart and unique adults. We don't get the right to do this, they don't deserve that."

970) Robbie, Mulga, AL, USA
971) Renee, Mulga, AL, USA

972) Stacey Dalton, Brick, NJ, USA

973) Courtney Thompson, AR, USA

974) Deanna Smith, Durham, NC
  "I can't believe people would actually buy these products!  Why aren't the people making, selling and advertising these products locked away?  Their way of thinking is a danger to society."

975) Jami, El Cajon, CA, USA
  "This should be banned who could ever use something like this"

976) Jessica, Indianapolis, IN, USA

977) Lisa Seidel, Golden, CO, USA
  "this makes me sick the people selling this xxxx need to be hit with it"

978) Mrs. Paula Connell, South Bend, IN, USA
  "What are you thinking???? Our children are our fleash and blood not our soldiers!!! you are sick and twisted!!"

979) Heather Ricker, Chichester, NH, USA
  "Horrible, disgusting!!"

980) Mrs. Pietras, ENGLAND, UK
  "A sick way to punish children. Could mentally harm a child as well as physically hurting them."

981) Denise Jakob, Houston, TX, USA
  "This is horrific, how could anyone live with themselves... even selling such a thing?"

982) Barry Woodruff, Arlington, TX, USA
  "This item is ridiculous. Anyone lusing an item like this to beat or 'punish a child' Should be considered an abuser. People who hit babies are ignorant and should be ashamed of themselves. Children are not wild horses that need to be 'broken'."

983) M. Rocks, Tacoma, WA, USA

984) Susan, ENGLAND
  "They are sick and wrong, and no person right in the head could have created them."

985) Amanda Guetlin, Longview, WA, USA, Mother
  "That is so horrible!"

986) Melissa Gayhart, Redding, CA, USA, Mother
  "Sick! NO baby should be spanked!"

987) Khalil Reid, Charlottesville, VA, USA
  "It is awful how lots of adults allow kids to be treated unfairly, but, then they are the ones everytime that allow kids to have their way. They say shy do we always give kids this or it's not fair kids get this but adults don't, then when a person does a bad thing to a child lots of adults and some kids excuse it with 'kids today have no respect for elders' or 'look at todays kids'. Bad behavior should never be excused and oftentimes it is excused. It is said a lot 'kids today deserve bad treatment or kids today are disrespectful.' Lot's of kids are disrespectful to elders and I hate it when kids say parents are a pain. If you abuse kids, later you are either going to be hurt, dead or in jail. There has to some way to avoid child abuse and also making sure there are boundaries set for children without one or the other going to extreme.

So Governor Henry, it's important that you shut down the slides rod factory and warehouse. If you refuse to have the factory and warehouse shut down, the message you are sending is not much hope for the future."

988) Rica Croft, Edgerton, WI, USA
  "This is sick."

989) Shauna, Columbia, SC, USA

990) Winter Taylor, Medford, OR, USA
  "It is disheartening, to say the least, to know that there are children being beaten in such a cruel manner. Stop this horrible, violent injustice."

991) Amber Simmon, IL, USA
  "it's child abuse. plain and simple. babies and very young children don't understand why they're being hurty. It's rediculous to hit them and expect them to stop an action they don't even know is 'wrong.' CHILD ABUSE IS ILLEGAL, THIS SHOULD BE TOO!"

992) Sara Duke, Huntington Beach, CA, USA
  "this is an unbelieveable disgrace to our country"

993) Heather Lewelling, Tulsa, OK, USA, Administrataive Assistant
  "This is abuse and should be banned! This is moraly wrong!"

994) Alyssa, Huntingdon, Cambs, UNITED KINGDOM
  "I'm a US citizen, born and raised there. I believe this device is utterly disgusting and should most deffinently be banned. Sadly I grew up 40min from Bakersfield and this surprises me. It's just wrong and immoral."

995) Nicole Thur, Staten Island, NY, USA
996) Rhett Redelings, Kentfield, CA, USA, R-Three
  "This is absolutely not okay.  Must we raise another generation damaged by abuse? Unacceptable."

997) Jennifer, MN, USA, Child Care Provider
  "These people are SICK! They need to be stopped!"

998) Kelly Scally, Gresham, OR, USA, Mother

999) Kimberly, Riverside, CA, USA, mother
  "this is sick no child should be beat and there should not be weapons made for beating them."

1000) Amy Smielewski, Monroe, WI, USA
  "THere is NO reason to EVER beat a child, with your hand or any other object - children and innocent beings that need to be taught and loved, not BEAT."

1001) Jessica Haworth, Kapa'au, HI, USA
  "This is horrible.  Our children are not animals you shouldn't 'train' them like one."

1002) Kelly, Edgerton, WI, USA, SAHM
  "This is ljust down right wrong!!! The people who made this should be beat!!!"

1003) Kellee Hutchens, Chino, CA, USA
  "This is completely wrong"

1004) Brooke Paul, Evart, MI, USA
  "Disgusting, repulsive, CHILD ABUSE."

1005) Kati Wallace, White, GA, USA, One Young Parent
  "This is such a horrible thing! You don't 'train' babies and children by whipping them. If we used this on a dog we'd be arrested for being inhuman. The lmakers, owners, advertisers, and anyone who agrees with this product and could seriously consider using it needs serious help and should be inprisoned, and trained with the whipping device themselves!"

1006) Carrie Mulligan, Hewitt, NJ, USA
  "I am outraged anyone would let this on the market, let alone purchase it to beat their children!!  Aren't there enough DYFS cases in this country!!!!"

1007) Alessandra Roach, Moore, OK, USA

1008) Rachel Schoeller, Clearwater, FL, USA
  "Oh my...I cannot believe such a thing even exists. That is sickening. Children are NOT animals to be 'trained'."

1009) Kristin Taylor-Bond, Riverside, CA, USA
  "This is disgusting and blatantly child abuse. The notion that this is Biblical is outrageous. Anyone who believes this to be true is not reading their jBible as much as they should be."

1010) Yvonne Ohrnberger, Chantilly, VA, USA
  "Regardless of whether it is a device or not, disciplining children through the use of violence is not a positive solution. I've been working with children from ages 5-18 for the past 6 years and that method does NOT work.  Every child I've ever had anger or physical confrontational issues with, are those whose parents used physical discipline rather than just TALKING to their children.   Stop being so lazy, talk don't hit.  It works, I promise."

1011) Katherin Howarth, Liverpool, ENGLAND
1012) Jessica Cronk, Jamestown, NY, USA
  "there is no reason under this sun for a child to be beaten. this being said any device made for that purpose should be considered an instrument of abuse"

1013) Heather, Twinsburg, OH, USA
1014) Bridget, Sebastian, FL, USA, mom
  "thats terrible children don't need that!"

1015) Kristina Hebel, Keavy, KY, USA
  "That is just wrong"

1016) Susan Manuel, Baton Rouge, LA, USA
1017) Emily Foushee, Aberdeen, NC, USA

1018) Tanya, NY, USA
  "This is disgusting!  Reading the 'instructions' made me sick to my stomach."

1019) Devin Thurlow, Northfield, NJ, USA
  "Evil and Sick"

1020) Lorien Elmore, Starkville, MS, USA
  "Disgusting, cruel"

1021) Todd Dalton, Jamestown, NY, USA, tripwonderland productions
  "pathetic country we live in. im not proud to be affiliated with human beings"

1022) Erin Besteman, Schofield, WI, USA
  "What have we become as a people, that we allow such things?"

1023) Heidi Broderick-Weidmann, Bismarck, IL, USA
  "no one should hit babies with anything ever! they are to young to know the difference between right and wrong and such punishments are way to harsh and dangerouse to use on babies and small children. i find it sickening."

1024) Jefferson Davis Randall, Sanford, FL, USA, Food Not Bombs
  "What is God's name allows this sort of thing to happen? Let alone be sold."

1025) Tabatha Reagin, Webster, FL, USA
  "This is just not right a baby can't know what is wrong or right."

1026) Kathy Ryan, Bellevue, NE, USA
  "the people who sell this trash should be beat with it."

1027) Shannon Werthmann, Harrison Twp., MI, USA, Porter/Roy O'Brien Ford
  "Devises such as these should NEVER be used towards anybody, ESPECIALLY A CHILD!  The are much better and safer ways to discipline children that do not involve beatings that result in bruises, swelling and broken blood vessels."

1028) Jessica R., Provo, UT, USA, mom

1029) Rebecca Magness, Virginia Beach, VA, USA, A LOVING PARENT OF A NON-WHIPPED CHILD!

1030) April-May Costandinidis, Kettering, OH, USA
  "It is absolutely appauling that people would sell instruments for child abuse, and then use the name of God to not only justify but to generate sales. Disgusting!"

1031) Christo Costandinidis, Kettering, OH, USA
  "Sick and WRONG!!!"

1032) Marina Matheney, Orem, UT, USA
  "This is bull xxxx. Anyone who would buy this or support this is SICK."

1033) Michelle Marino, Brooklyn, USA
  "This is disgusting. Someone should beat the parents that came up with that and see how they like it."

1034) Rebecca JDodge, Rockport, ME, USA
  "simply disgusting"

1035) Ashley Brown, Oak Grove, KY, USA, Army Wife

1036) Tiffany, Seal Rock, OR, USA
  "I am appalled that anyone would use such a device.  Crazy!!!!!"

1037) Mike, Voorhees, NJ, USA
  "Corporla punishment is painful and counterproductive."

1038) Carime Walsh, Ft. Myers, FL, USA, Outraged Mother
  "This is absolutely disgusting. How can something so vile be sold. This is not okay. We as parents and even those without kids should be finding ways to discipline our children than hitting them, especially with an instrument. I know I sure wouldn't want to be hit with that. Neither would anyone else!"

1039) Holly, Louisville, KY, USA, Parent
  "This is completely absurd!!!!!"

1040) Sean White, Merritt Island, FL, USA
  "Thats just plain wrong..."

1041) Anna-Sophia Zingarelli, Spokane, WA, USA
  "Many things have been done in the hame of Heaven that do not please Jesus. -from The Christmas Mystery, by Jostein Gaarder.

More violence in the name of a loving God! When will it stop? And haven't you ever heard of human rights?"

1042) Deanna Wiggins, Sacramento, CA, USA, Mother of a 2 month old precious baby boy!
  "How cruel can people be? Babies are not like adults. They can not handle jpain as we can. I can not imagine enduring such extreme behavior. It makes me sick!"

1043) Alayna Klouzer, Pearce, AZ, USA, citizen

1044) Colleen Rivera, Dover, NH, USA
  "'Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me.' The words of the Lord Jesus, Matt 25:40"

1045) Terra Thatcher, Ticonderoga, NY, USA, Mother
  "I think this is disgusting and so wrong there aren't strong enough words for it!"

1046) Annastasia Harcum, Nanjemoy, MD, USA
  "This is horrible, child abuse is illegal and anyone who supports or buys this should be in jail."

1047) Charly, Brisbane, Qsld, AUSTRALIA
  "That is absolutely disgusting! What kind of Sickos would actually buy this product?!"

1048) Kelly Hedley, Middlebury, VT, USA, Parent Child Center
  "wrong, thats all i can say... WRONG!"

1049) Ms. Cheeba Cole, Toronto, ON, CANADA
  "This is a CRIME."

1050) Shanna Baty, Knoxville, TN, USA
  "This disgusts me."

1051) Tennika, Chicago, IL, USA, Soon-to-be SAHM

1052) Jennifer Lanni, Palm Coast, FL, USA, MOTHER OF 3

1053) Patricia Drummond, Newport News, VA, USA
  "Children should be raised with love and kindness, not fear and pain."

1054) Stephanie Mcnish, Maryville, TN, USA, childcare teacher
  "please make me one big enough to BEAT THE xxxx OUT OF YOU! i hope to god that you don't have children.......and if you do since you really don't LOVE them i'll be more than happy to adopt them."

1055) Marcia
  "How sick?  Why in the world would you make a beating device to beat babies with?  You should be the one's to be beat with it for coming up with something like that."

1056) Sarah Yao, New Market, MD, USA

1057) Rhonda Gunter, West Plains, MO, USA
  "How reprehensible!"

1058) Jessica Tindall, Hampton, VA, USA
  "it is horrible can't believe your governor approves"

1059) Jeanette Wicker, Camden, AR, USA, mother/grandmother
  "These people are down right sick"

1060) Nishible Allen, Forsyth, GA, USA
  "These devices should be banned and so should the people who made them."

1061) Twyla Scott, Gresham, OR, USA
  "I think it's absolutely sick that you have to resort in corporal punishment to correct a child. I ahve 2 teenagers never hit them and they turned out just fine."

1062) Melissa, Massachuetts, USA
  "Absolutely disgusting. Concerned mother of an infant!"

  "This is absolutely outrageous I honestly can't believe its true"

1064) Diana Oyen, Concord, CA, USA
  "HORRIBLE & Unbelievable!!"

1065) Kristine, Spencer, IA, USA

1066) Sabrina Beilharz, Edgerton, WI, USA
  "that is bull xxxx!  nobody should ever be able to do that!"

1067) Shelley, North Hills, CA, USA, Customer Servivce Administrative Specialists

1068) Doni Covan, Atlanta, GA, USA, Office Manager

1069) Lawton Jackson, Tempe, AZ, USA
  "This is a tool for child abuse. The people that spank their children and need a device for doing so do not need to be encouraged. It is a disgrace to see this item for sale."

1070) Kacey Sipes, Hancock, MD, USA
  "Children should be disciplined, yes.. beaten, no."

1071) Abi, Fort Wayne, IN, USA
  "This is extremely sick, anyone who feels they need to beat a baby is not in the position to parent one, its as simple as that."

1072) Kylie Gensemer, Reading, PA, USA, Accounting Assistant

1073) Barbara Amich, Peoria, AZ, USA
  "I have 5 children, they are all good, well rounded adults.  They worship the Lord.  They are not drug addicts, child abusers, felons, or emotional wrecks.  My children were disciplined with love.  They were not beaten, they were punished according to the act they committed, with punishments to fit the severity of the crime.  Grounding, time-out and other methods worked quite well for them.  The beating of children is a crime, and should be punishable to the highest extent!"

1074) Catherine Leininger, San Antonio, TX, USA

1075) Cheryl Lewman, Eugene, OR, USA
  "I don't recall Jesus beating people into submission. Perhaps you should try a little bit of love, compassion and patience with your children. You'd be amazed at the results!"

1076) Brianna Forster, CA, USA

1077) Hollie Alexander, Starkville, MS, USA

1078) Melissa Kramer, Newton, NJ, USA
  "That is just sick."

1079) Lacy Cronkhite, Danville, IL, USA
  "This is awful, who knew it was perfectly legal to openly advocate the abuse of babies??"

1080) Christa Kane, Fort Worth, TX, USA
  "I can't believe anyone would want to hit someone so small, and innocent as a baby or child. We are beating the future of our society! No wonder we are in such despair."

1081) Renee Gallogly, Mount Vernon, OH, USA
  "That thing is cruel, abusive and highly uncalled for. What the xxxx were ou people thinking? Whoever you are, you should not be breeding."

1082) Edward Smith, Atlantic Highlands, NJ, USA
  "I can not believe that things like this are out there....just disgusted."

1083) Crystal Hub, North Wilkesboro, NC, USA
  "this is so bad i have to babys and i would think that if you hit them then they would just cry harder. Also why would someone hit a baby!!!!"

1084) Michelle Smith, Atlantic Highlands, NJ, USA
  "As a parent of three children, I can not imagine what kind of monstrous disorders the people who would create such torturous devices would be stricken with. This is truly heinous."

1085) Molly Lamb, Danville, IL, USA, CSR
  "That is terrible. I am astonished to a point words cannot explain and disgusted."

1086) Meghan Winters, Lexington, KY, USA
  "We should beat the people with them that think it is acceptable to use this device on their children.  This is inhumane and unacceptable.  These people should have legal actions taken against them.  I have a 1 and 2 year old and I am more than sickened by this........"

1087) Haley Ruiz, Ft. Worth, TX, USA
  "do the parents even stop to THINK what adverse long-term effects this will have on their child(ren)? apparently not..."

1088) Chris Mims, Oxnard, CA, USA, Private
  "How can this be sold when child abuse is against the law?"

1089) Ms. Katja Petch, Bath, Avon, ENGLAND

1090) Kelly Curry, Nacogdoches, TX, USA

1091) Cryssie, Brooklyn, NY, USA
  "What's there to say? It's the most horrendous thing for someone to beat a child, and to atually invent something that supports it and makes a child bruise? That's disgusting, really. Get rid of that crap."

1092) Marion, ON, CANADA
  "This is just wrong."

1093) Mary Scranton, Salem, OR, USA

1094) Margaret Johnson, Kokomo, IN, USA

1095) Dennis Rossow, Lake Zurich, IL, USA

1096) Jaime Dodds, Newport News, VA, USA
  "I have no words...  I just feel sick even reading this.  It is abuse, plain and simple."

1097) Sara, Safety Harbor, FL, USA
  "sick sick sick!!!"

1098) Gail rossow, Lake Zurich, IL, USA, Christian mother
  "God help us."

1099) Jessica Anderson, Hampton, VA, USA
  "THis is horrible!!!! I can't believe that someone would even think up something like this, what a torture device!"

1100) Drema Morris, Yorktown, VA, USA
  "It makes me absolutely sick that someone would beat a child with anything.  The people that came up with this device should be ashamed of themselves for promoting child abuse."

1101) Mr. Mike, Havant, ENGLAND
  "This is just plain sick, this should be stopped RIGHT NOW!!!!"

1102) Monica, Abbotsford, BC, CANADA
  "This is such bullshit. hate breeding hate. of cource beating the crap out of babys with a ROD is stupid. be rid of it."

1103) Cherise A. Decker, Stroudsburg, PA, USA

1104) Melissa Foy, Calgary, AB, CANADA

1105) Jennifer Rigu, Runnemede, NJ, USA
  "A baby is so precious and innocent.  How could anyone do this?"

1106) Katie Slavnik

1107) Tonya Nuxoll, Sacramento, CA, USA, Christian mother\
  "this is not what God intended for his children."

1108) Arielle White, Cathedral City, CA, USA
  "I was spanked as a child, but never with anything but a hand. And I don't believe that children should be spanked with a tool specially made to serve that purpose."

1109) Sara Mae Howard, Syracuse, NY, USA
  "Hitting children serves ONLY to teach them to respond to problems with anger and violence.  This will be carried with them for their entire lives.  We need to teach the future of our country to act and react with love and understanding.  Please ban this and any similar instrument of torture and physical abuse!"

1110) Ginger Hall, Chesapeake, VA, USA, mother

1111) Amy Kirk, Chesapeake, VA, USA
  "This is an abomination and needs to be stoppoed."

1112) Jen Weathaver, Calgary, AB, CANADA
  "Our children are the future.  Not to be beaten or whatever else people do to their children. I think any punishment is wrong only be punished when it is deserved. We have kids to love them not beat them"

1113) Jess, Calgary, AB, CANADA, Student
  "'Training' children this way shouldn't be allowed. It's horrible, What happened to just discipline without abuse?"

1114) Julia Szathmari, Budapest, HUNGARY
  "This is sick!!!!"

1115) Chrissy, South, AUSTRALIA

1116) Lana Pratt, ON, CANADA

1117) DelJuana Earls, Houston, TX, USA, Mother of Four
  "There are a lot of ways to discipline children other than spanking them."

1118) Jennifer Brunson, Danville, CA, USA

1119) A.C. Jones, Gladstone, MI, USA
  "I read about these things and I think ... SICK. But if I showed these ads and writings to certain other people I know, they'd say: GOOD! Where can we get some? (And some would go further and say to me YOU could have used one of those.)"

1120) Sharon, Caldwell, SOUTH AFRICA, Parent / teacher
  "The sins of the fathers will be vested upon the sons even for seven generations - ever wonder what that means?  This violence will be repeated generation after generation until we learn not to hurt the weakest and most defenceless people in our society.  The violence must stop now."

1121) Laura S., Camp Lejeune, NC, USA
  "I cant believe that people are actually selling something like this!  This has got to stop and taken off the market!!"

1122) Jessica Aniston, Williamsburg, VA, USA
  "This is sick, cruel, and completely ridiculous.  It's really sad that just any one is allowed to parent a child.  Sick..."

1123) Crystal Kalas, Fort St. John, BC, CANADA, Child Development Center
  "This is should be illegal and you should be thrown in jail for beating a defenseless baby who coesn't know any better and would learn better with other forms of discipline...violence breeds beat children they grow up believing that it is okay to do the same to others...STOP THE VIOLENCE!!!"

1124) Janalyn Shotwell, Hickory, NC, USA

1125) Melinda Evans, Rutland, VT, USA, mother
  "This needs to stop.  I hope and pray that the ones who uses these devices gets what is coming to them and that is jail time for a real long time."

1126) Dennis Evans, Rutland, VT, USA, father
  "This needs to stop.  You should never beat a child."

1127) Ashley N. Evans, Rutland, VT, USA
  "Stop all this crazy stuff.  Love and treat children right."

1128) Chelsea Marie Thur, Carmel, IN, USA, Running From Johnny
  "This is disgusting and anyone who uses such things should be ashamed and not looking forward to their day of Judgement."

1129) Krystal Basylinski, AB, CANADA, mother of 2

1130) Lilly, Carmel, IN, USA
  "That is ridicuous"

1131) Emma Blasi, Poughkeepsie, NY, USA, designer
  "this is out of control"

1132) Tonee Burley, Pennsauken, NJ, USA
  "This thing is horrible. Hitting a child does nothing but hurt them emotionally, this should be banned."

1133) Kelly Pursell-Dolemba, Crest Hill, IL, USA
  "It's things like this, that get Children KILLED. Beaten to death...."

1134) Krista McDermott, Carbondale, IL, USA
  "This is severely wrong. Children shold be raised with loving care and firm, but not abusive discipline. This stuff takes it a little too far. If only DCFS would concentrate on people like this instead of good people who take care of their children right........"

1135) Melanie Agger, Flensburg, GERMANY
  "What kind of a training is it to whip a babys butt??"

1136) Kevin S. Haber, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
  "Why dont you try giving your child the attention it needs and the love and care it deserves. Duh!!"

1137) Amie, IL, USA
  "YOUR AN xxxxxxx THAT xxxx IS xxxx UP YOU PEOPLE ARE SICK"

1138) Chad Carlson, Waukee, IA, USA, proud father
  "this makes me sick. to teach a child violence as a form of control from an early age tends to breed abusive adults that think that domination of all loved ones is acceptable... our prison system is already overcrowded with enough of these people time to put an end to this."

1139) Elaina Wolfe, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
  "this is shameful at best! how was it allowed to get this far? isn't this ILLEGAL?!?!?!"

1140) Natasha Pike, Dawson Creek, BC, CANADA, mom
  "What a world we live in.  very sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

1141) Ashley Gray, Indianapolis, IN, USA
  "This is so wrong. I have a 2 month old a would never even think about hurting him. Child abusers are wrong, whether it be mental or physical abuse."

1142) Mr. Mike Dotson, Carbondale, IL, USA
  "I myself used to be whipped and beat on.  Rulers, Flyswatters (which are killing devices for flies, making them very unsanitary), and my grandmother's bare hand . . . all these were used on me back then.  I have become an adult who has it in his mind that life is not fun, that I am a bad person, and that always someone is out there who will 'whip' me, in other words, ridicule me.  Sometimes I don't even feel human. This is a weird site . . . I don't know what to say anymore because there are so many Christians out there who do love their children and don't do all those things. . . . I never thought the Bible was that way until I read it.  Perhaps it's just the difference between Biblical times and modern times.  Either way, whatever anyone says, I know it is wrong.  I'm quite sure Jesus wasn't for it, either, now that I'm starting to read Matt. 15:4 in context (and Luke 14:26)."

1143) Lena Gadd, Plainfield, IN, USA
  "Child abuse is illegal... these should be banned"

1144) Joanne Yaskow, Bowmanville, CANADA
  "This is beyond sick and very disturbing. I believe what comes around goes around and when you are all in your diapers and those babies/children you are beating are aring for you and looking for your old age homes and changing your butts I hope they beat you with that stick and treat you with the same unkindness and lack of love you are showing them."

1145) Rachael, Parksville, CANADA
  "That's crazy. I don't believe that that is what God meant. Plus, it says child not baby. That's baby abuse for those who use it. makes me sick to my stomach thinking people that this is okay."

1146) Pamela Dyck, Vernon, BC, CANADA, Registered Massage Therapist
  "It is sad to see your ignorance, if you only knew what harm you are causing."

1147) & 1148) Jason and Alicia Hill, Dallas, TX, USA
  "Although discipline can come in various forms, it is NEVER meant to come in the form of abuse. It sickens me to see people advocate abuse in the name of Biblical principal. Even the family dog responds better to positive reinforcement and redirection that punishment like that. Yet some religious zealots will inflict pain on precious children in the name of a loving God.  Such hy-ocrisy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

1149) Melissa, Clermont, FL, USA
  "That is disgusting. I think that anyone who bought this needs to be beat with it."

1150) Correne Dewald, Altario, AB, CANADA

1151) Molly Miller, Indianapolis, IN, USA, Moter
  "Babies do not even understand whipping, it will just confuse them and warp their minds later in life. And worse it makes them fear you, their parent.. We are the ones who are supposed to be their protectors!"

1152) Janie, OH, USA
  "what is wrong with people???"

1153) & 1154) Brian and Dana Leonard, Clinton, Township, MI, USA
  "The use of these devices should be made illegal, and those who use them should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law! They are a disgrace!"

1155) Roxanne Davis, Hamilton, OH, USA
  "This is disgusting. Anyone who hits a baby deserves to have that child taken away and placed into a loving home."

1156) Abigail Eaton-Masters, Manchester, ENGLAND, UK
  "It's sickening.  I can't believe that something as tortourous as this is allowed in your country.  It only sets an example of how cruel and evil your country is."

1157) Dawn Donofrio, Logan, OH, USA

1158) Shelley Miller, Dover, DE, USA
  "'Wherefore my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath: For the wrath of man worketh not the righteousness of GOD' James 1:19,20"

1159) Sonya Dame, Hampton, VA, USA, Mother

1160) Mr. Randy E. Boen, Milwaukee, WI, USA

1161) Misty Manring, Hamden, OH, USA
  "Its illegal to spank a object. I thought we were trying to prevent child abuse. It seems to me that children need more love not to be beaten. Has anyone noticed that the foster homes are more full than they used to be. I think the parents need to take a good look at themselves. I am a parent of three little ones. More kids are being abused in ways that some people cant imagine. I was abused for years. I was hit with a belt, switch, fist, sweeper cord and other objects. All that did was make me more rebellious and fear my grandparents. Fear leads to hate."

1162) Lynn Leadbeater, Vulcan, AB, CANADA

1163) Colleen Kiernan, Brooklyn, NY, USA
  "This is absolutely horrible!! they should be ashamed of themselves!!!!!!"

1164) Rebecca, Washington, CD, USA, MOTHER
  "Anyone who even THINKS to spank or whip or injure a BABY should be hung. This is beyong sick!"

1165) Marguerite, Brooklyn, NY, USA
  "you have to be kidding me about this device  maybe someone should whip the xxxx out of the makers, sellers and users of this device i wonder what had to happen to these people that they would actually use this on their kids"

1166) Rick, St. Mary's, PA, USA

1167) William H. Yarroll II, El Segundo, CA, USA, Executive Director got Kids ? charities
  "The ' rod ' refered to in the Bible is not for striking , rether it is a measurement device ( goals , in todays language ) to assure healty development . has the healthy , biblical tools to assist parents and educators"

1168) Stephanie A. Karshner, Fayetteville, NC, USA
  "This is an outrage.  I can't believe that one could twist the context of the bible to suit their purposes."

1169) Zoe
  "xxxx sick scum!! stop this now"

1170) Dusti, Frederick, MD, USA, "Mommy"
  "Sick, discusting...Learn to control your child better...'Spare the rod, spoil the child'"

1171) Karen S. Perdue, Plano, TX, USA
  "Stop this abuse!!!!!"

1172) Brandy, Crofton, MD, USA, Mom of 4

1173) Dee Pugh, UNITED KINGDOM
  "We live in such a violent world so why oh why do people feel the need to manufacture and distribute such barbaric and medieval instruments of torture. It sickens me to think that there are people in this world (who dare to call themselves parents) that feel the need to discipline a defenceless baby-how would they like it if someone 10 times there size started hitting them with a baseball bat??? Something tells me they wouldn't like it!"

1174) Angelina Cooke, Staten Island, NY, USA
  "I am shocked that such devices even exist, I have never known a parents nurturing instinct to be whipping a baby!  What could a baby possibly learn from this besides unexpected pain?!"

1175) Catherine Duhn, Jacksonville, FL, USA

1176) Joanna, Scotland, UNITED KINGDOM
  "This is disgusting. What'swrong with these people. Anyone who is capable of harming or inflicting pain on a child is lower than low. Babies are beautiful gifts, not dogs to be trained."

1177) Carrie Munguia, San Antonio, TX, USA, Voter/Mom
  "i think that this is jsut sick. If you have to instill fear and beat your children to earn their respect, put down the instrument of torture and get some therapy.. Or better yet, pick on someone your own size."

1178) Jody Bazylinski, Major, Saskatchewan, CANADA, Mother of Four
  "These children are our future, they need guidance and protection. No child deserves that kind of cruial punishment, no adult should stand around and let it happen. Stop all sales, there are enough weapons inthis world. God Bless the Children"

1179) Carrie, Neilburg, CANADA
1180) Lori Ronander, Leicester, MA, USA
  "This is absurd!"

1181) Deanna Gastelum, Tracy, CA, USA, Deanna's Daycare
  "I think that this is cruel and very disturbing to see that someone could make such a device to you on another human life, let alone a smaller human life..."

1182) Carrie, UT, USA

1183) Marian Vitale, South Salem, NY, USA
  How about teaching aprents the more DIFFICULT, but healthy, way to discipline children? Without physical violence. What a concept! Keep selling these devices and you'll keep our prison system in business for a long, long time."

1184) Mandy Burnett, Travelers Rest, SC, USA
  "please stop this, it's just wrong...what is our world coming to?"

1185) Dan Roberts, UT, USA, Youth Enrichment Services
  "Historically the 'Rod' was never used to physically hurt anyone, rather it was a guiding device to lead and guide like the shepherd's crook.  Any one who believes the rod was meant to physically be used has not studied history well.  Historically, a 'rod' used correctly guides the intended party to the right path.  Have we not learned anything from the past?"

1186) Merrian Waters, Newport News, VA, USA
  "When I think of WWJD? Beating babies with a stick is not something that comes to mind. Patience and love will teach a child far faster and last longer than violence and abuse. This is inhumane and psychologically harmful."

1187) Tina Popilowski, New Milford, CT, USA

1188) Brittany Popilowski, New Milford, CT, USA

1189) Richard Brown, Jr., San Diego, CA, USA
  "Another reason to stay away from Christianity"

1190) Heather Meyer, New Milford, CT, USA

1191) John Meyer, New Milford, CT, USA

1192) Marla Barlow, San Diego, CA, USA
  "This is inhumane!!  How can you expect your child not to grow up violent if you hit them?  This is ridiculous and absolutely an afront to the true gospel taught by Christ, LOVE ONE ANOTHER...never did he say, beat one another!  SICK AND INHUMANE!"

1193) & 1194) Sean and Christy Reynolds, Virginia Beach, VA, USA
  "this is just sad."

1195) Jillian, Houston, TX, USA
  "this is sickening.  anyone who hits a child should be3 subjected to the seerest sentencing the country/state will allow"

1196) Kara, Foxboro, MA, USA
  "My prayers go out to the children that are victims of such abuse. That is awful."

1197) Leann Lilley, Pineville, LA, USA
  "What the Bible sayd about child trainning? Thats ludicris. It says nothing! Spare the rod spoil the child, yes...but it doesn't mean to beat your child." These people are crazy beyond all beliefe"

1198) April Hadskey, LaPlace, LA, USA
  "This is such a horrible thing to do to a child.  I can't believe people actually sell things specifically to hurt an infant child."

1199) Susannah Naglee, Toms River, NJ, USA
  "Hitting babies and children is barbaric!  I cannot believe that their are people who atually write books about it and sell paddles to hit defenseless children with.  These people are insane and need to be in an asylum.  Children are a gift to love and cherish."

1200) Judith Falconer, Sydney, NSW, AUSTRALIA, Teacher
  "Apart from the obvious moral and physical abhorrence that such the use of such devices should elicit from any intelligent person, I wonder about the litigation that children may one day bring against the users... what goes around comes around. Never in 20 years teaching, nor in 15 years of parenting, have I ever witnessed anything good come from agression. Responsible parenting means dealing with each issue/event on its merits. Irresponsible parenting is when such thoughtfulness is absent, and a reliance on obedience through ear replaces respect."

1201) Jannicke, Oslo, NORWAY
  "This is sick!!! Stop hurting innocent children!! And stop it now!"

1202) Vilhelm Yngvi Kristinsson, Reykjavik, Iceland, BS. in Bioinformatics
  "This is one of the most horrable things I have ever seen. Hope this petition works."

1203) Anne Dayanandan, Madras, INDIA
 "Absolutely child abuse. These people are not only dangerous but perverted and sick. They should be arrested for fostering child abuse. There is no remote link to Christian beliefs here."

1204) Brandy Reed, Paris, AR, USA

1205) Vanessa Roessler, Houston, TX, USA, LCSW

1206) Jennifer Bennett, Charloote, NC, USA
  "Absolutely barbaric."

1207) Mr. Thomas Burns, Amsterdam, NY, USA
  "I can't believe this is legal.  Haven't you ever heard of Child Abuse?!"

1208) Joy Young, Nashville, TN, USA, foster parent
  "Stop this NOW..I am so sick of people abuseing our children in any form. My husband and I have struggled with infertility and I get so angry when I think of how many people in this world receivesuch a beautiful gift and then they hurt or kill these innocent children. Fostering these kids has been my calling and now I realize why. It is people like me who have to pick up the pieces of these children and try to make them whole again after suffering trauma from abuse. I think anyone who hurts a child in anyway should be punished severely and never be allowed to have another child. If you are arrested for animal abuse, you are banned from haveing another pet."

1209) Matt West, Bloomingdale, IL, USA
  "I completely agree with number 20.  I can say this from experience.  Hitting kids makes them mad.  They try to find ways to get back at you.  Get over the fact of trying to control them.  They need guidance.  There IS a difference.  Guide your kids to be guided by the teachings of Jesus.  Build a solid foundation for them.  Then when they do grow up and come to a challenge in life, they will have a much better sense of choosing WWJD.  Violence breeds violence, which breeds anger, which breeds hate.  Hate is what Satan thrives off of.  Its quite simple.  Do you want your kids to have the love of Jesus in their hearts, or the fear, anger, hatred, and furty of Satan?  Your choice here parents.  I'm choosing the first.  (And yes, I KNOW it is not easy raising kids, but its YOUR Actions that can make or BREAK them)"

1210) Sarah Hoel, Cumming, GA, USA
  "hitting is hitting is hitting. People are not for hitting and children are people too..."

1211) Amy Eck, Monterey, CA, USA, Mom
  "This is absolutely sick!"

1212) Mirna, Bellevue, WA, USA
  "Violent parents do not need any extra encouragement to abuse defenseless beings. They should deal with their inadequacies in a different manner."

1213) Patricia Barr, Hamilton, North Island, NEW ZEALAND, mother
  "How awful....I feel sorry for the nice Americans that exist in the USA, because the image you project by allowing this sort of thing is really terrible."

1214) Nancy Campbell, London, ENGLAND
  "I have never heard of anything so monstrous in all my life. If it was not on google mail, i would not have believed it existed, shame on you america."

1215) Caitlin Hu, Brooklyn, NY, USA
  "I am shocked and apalled that such devices even exist, to say nothing about their being legally sold. This is truly shameful."

1216) Cherie, Sanford, FL, USA
  "I don't recall Jesus whipping babies, where is it biblical to beat a child?  This book is sock and these 'christians' should be beaten to submission."

1217) Christine Litlekalsoey, Olso, NORWAY, cand mag
  "as one who work every day with abused and abandoned children - my experience is that beating children easily leads to insecure, agressive and violent behaviour as they grow up. stop child abuse - stop turning our kids into abusive adults!!"

1218) Vicky Sloat, Westport, CT, USA
  "A sensitive, intelligent child who is beaten by his father is likely to commit suicide."

1219) Sean Miner, Bronx, NY, USA, Non-Abusive Parent
  "Whoa. This is the sickest thing I've seen for while. WWJD? I don't recall him saying 'Hit your kids with a spatula.' Jerks."

1220) Mary Tuite, IRELAND
  "Ha. Funny. Why would anyone make up such rubbish. Just to get people all upset about child abuse. People get hauled into social services for slapping a child, so obviously the idea of a legal child beater is someone's idea of a joke. We in Ireland refer jokingly to a wooden spoon as a Child Bater. It's only funny because it refers to a less enlightened time and we wouldn't dream of hitting a child. We are better than that."

1221) Julie Hodes, Okmulgee, OK, USA
  "What's next animals?  Women?  Hmm what's next?"

1222) Monica Ismay, Tucson, AZ, USA
  "As a Mother of 2, I am completely outraged!  How can we as a country allow the sales of such devices!  This is absolutely unacceptable and another example of our lawmakers not doing the job that we overpay them for!  I could expect this from a remote country somewhere, but not from the 'supposed' most powerful country in the world!"

1223) Michele Wilson, Pittsburgh, PA, USA, Mother of 5
  "I am constantly complimented on how well all 5 of my children behave and I didn't use a switch to beat them!  This is completely disturbing."

1224) Dottie Hashman, Garland, TX, USA
  "Should be stopped being sold!"

1225) Emma Kraemer, Stroudsburg, PA, USA
  "they are terrible!!ll"

1226) Gianluca Visallil, Rome ITALY
  "there are no words to be added to this shame..."

1227) Ravi Agrawal, INDIA, Synwave Industries CEO
  "These are going to be the start the end of the world. A hot child only hides his wish....doesn't lose it."

1228) Donna Schoolfield, Irving, TX, USA

1229) Ms. H. Smith, London, ENGLAND
  "I am horrified. This is unacceptable, after reading the extracts I felt sick to my stomach, how is it that people get away with things like this?"

1230) Lance Matthews, Amersterdam, HOLLAND
  "I have seen some sick things in this town. This country (Holland) allows things that the world usually is shocked at (selling soft drugs on the open and legalized prostitution) but A WHIP FOR BABIES IS ABHORANT! The people of this land would burn the creators of this like you Americans use to burn witches!"

1231) Jade Barsalou, Hamilton, ON, CANADA
  "I am not sure if my signature will mean anything since this issue is in the U.S.  I am having trouble understanding how 2 individuals could live their life making money off this shameful tool and including Jesus' name in its prophesies.  We don't need Jesus to tell us that abuse in any form causes a void that must be filled otherwise.  At least we can all rest assured that one day these two will meet their maker and he will judge their actions.  I wonder how validated this tool will be then."

1232) Mahendra Persaud, Georgetown, GUYANA, Managing Director
  "Absoloutely outrageous!"

1233) Carrie Munshaw, Belleville, ON, CANADA
  "this is the most disgusting thing i have ever seen!! obviously the people attempting to sell this have NO parenting abilities what so ever! anyone using this device should be brought up on abuse charges. thank god that we have child protection services to save our children from uneducated people continuing to abuse our yourth!"

1234) Blake Hutchison, Toledo, OH, USA, Sansevieria Films
  "Any device used specifically for beating babies is disgusting, as is any sleazeball who is willing to manufacture and/or sell them.  In a world that is already riddled with child abuse problems, attempting to use religion to justify child abuse is absolutely disgusting andrevolting. Solomon may have been a proponent of the rod, but look how his son Rehoboam turned out according to that book you claim to be such a believer in. Only a hypocrite would support beating children on religious grounds."

1235) Jaymee Loberg, Oshkosh, WI, USA
1236) Helena Brors, Stockholm, SWEDEN

1237) Felipe Jain, Boston, MA, USA, Harvard Medical School
  "Corporal punishment has never been found to improve child development.  Research has shown that societies that are most violent to others also condone the beating of children; whereas societies that are more peaceful ban. it.  Beating children only teaches children that violence is an appropriate response to a non-violent situation.  Schools that have banned corporal punishment have not seen an increase in misbehavior.  The relevant Biblical proverb is often misquoted.  In reality it goes, "He who spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is careful to discipline him."  The 'rod' in this quote refers to a shepherd staff that is used to guide -- not beat -- sheep, and thus endorses loving, careful, disciplined guidance.  The Bible does not condone violence against children.  Beating devices and the beating of children should be outlawed."

1238) Cedric Fouillart, Illkirch, Alsace, FRANCE
  "I don't have more babys, but why beat them it's really so stupid and after they destruct life"

1239) Robert Carpenter, Anoka, MN, USA

1240) Alex, New York, NY, USA

1241) Ms. Marty King, Memphis, TN, USA
  "Beating devices are barbaric and unchristian; those who promote/sell devices and/or 'how to' books should be tried as criminals."

1242) Kim Kimberlin, Birmingham, AL, USA, R.N.
  "'Spoil the rod....' What people don't get is that the rods were used for GUIDING the sheep-not hitting them!! I am so saddened that people hit their children because 'God tells them to' I wonder what God they worship. Hitting goes against everything Jesus teaches us."

1243) Susana Ortiz, Arlington, TX, USA
  "This is a horrifying way to 'rear a child' into submission. It's disgusting to think that the people who sell this and write books on how to use it are doing it all in the name of the Lord. I don't know what church they go to, but as a Christian, I was taught to 'do unto others as you would have them do unto you.' I have a 22 month old daughter that I have NEVER laid a hand, or rod, to and she is the happiest baby people have ever met. Beating, swatting, switching or whatever they want to call it doesn't make children obey - it just scares them into submission."

1244) Larissa Brown, Cleveland Heights, OH, USA

1245) Jesse Holst, Madison, WI, USA, Look in the Mirror Society
  "The fact that this product has a demand should remind us all that right here, in a 'civilized' western nation, there are 'religious' zealots who claim divine right to using violence as a primary response to problems."

1246) Nat, ENGLAND
  "This is just sick.  The parents who buy these devices didn't want to be hit when they were children; why do they think their own children are any different?  This is crazy! People can get arrested for not feeding a goldfish, and then stuff like this is allowed to go on. If people want to quibble about animal rights, fine go ahead, but realise that there are people being legally beaten every day. This is the worst thing I've ever seen."

1247) Adam Frankowski, London, ENGLAND

1248) Katrinna Fruit, Beaverton, OR, USA

1249) Lynne Kelly, Odenville, AL, USA
  "Devices such as this are nothing more than implements of torture. No child should be tortured or abused."

1250) Geneviè
ve Chabot, Châteaugay, Québec, CANADA
  "That's just crazy!"

1251) Francine, Modesto, CA, USA
  "This is absud and disgusting! This is CHILD ABUSE in all sense of the words, and need to be banned! This apalls me to no end!"

1252) Ariel Henderson, Wake Forest, NC, USA, High school student
  "i found this site because of my child development class and was disgusted at the things i found out i am glad that some one decided to speek out againt this cruel form of punishment thank you"

1253) Jahannah Newmarch, Vancouver, B.C., CANADA, Mother
  "Deeply apalling, horrific, and utterly unacceptable on so many levels. I can not find the words to convey my disgust. The psychological damage of such cruel practices last a life time. THIS MUST BE STOPPED!"

1254) Ogniana Rainova, Sofia, BULGARIA, Student
  "I can't believe even as I see it that smb would actually... dare selling or advertising any thing meant to hurt a child. There are other ways to encourage discipline. A child is to be protected. Hurting anything that's not as strong as you are ( all the more if it's physical strength) is just wrong and only shows weakness."

1255) Eduardo Carrillo, Santa Ana, CA, USA, ECas123

1256) Mr. Ric Hahn, Concord, MA, USA

1257) Ryan, New York, NY, USA
  "should try using these equipment on the makers. Just heartless to do this to kids. Fuc....... heartless"

1258) Miss Taya, Johannesburg, South Africa
  "heart breaking"

1259) Ulf Magnus Andersson, Göteburg, SWEDEN

1260) Ellie, Rochester, NY, USA, Mom

1261) Jeanette Thomas, Albertville, AL, USA
  "This is torture.  It isn't discipline.  We are trying to stop violence but this encourages it.  How disgusting."

1262) Michael Bond, Red Bay, AL, USA
  "This is inhuman"

1263) Angela Tidwell, Homewood, AL, USA
  "get rid of this device, i can't anyone jcould think of such a device."

1264) Leon Tidwell, Homewood, AL, USA

1265) CLT

1266) Dawna Bennett, CANADA

1267) Ms. Marilyn Howard, Coventry, ENGLAND
  "I think such devices are cruel and barbaric, try love and tenderness"

1268) Kellie Fuller, Napa, CA, USA
1269) Kevin Sitts, Kingman, KS, lUSA
  "Anything that is used to intentionally harm a child should be outlawed, no one should be able to get away with hurting a child in any way whatsoever"

1270) Angela Jones, Georgetown, TX, USA, Mother of 2 girls
  "they should stop beating on babies it's very mean that parents would even do that to there kids. If they do that then they should not have kids in the first place. They need to stopping making stuff to beat kids with. Parents that buy these things need them used on them instead."

1271) Stephanie L., OK, USA
  "I can not believe this.  It is appalling that someone would invent something to whip an INFANT with.  Why would anyone whip a baby that has no way of knowing why they are being whipped.  I hope that this 'product' is wiped out completely and SOON!  It's a complete OUTRAGE!"

1272) Donna Farrar, Lexington, KY, USA
  "No more hitting children!"

1273) Laura Davison, Tucson, AZ, USA, Domestic Engineer
  "Are you completely out of your gourds!  I don't know one mother who, during her baby shopping spree, ever asked the store clerk where the baby whipping manual and tools were located.  I ask the person who created this idea and its 'tools' to really take a look inside as to why this is necessary.  My family and I request that this be banned for all eternity!  It shouldn't hurt to be a child."

1274) David Lloyd London, UNITED KINGDOM

1275) Jo York, Missoula, MT, USA
  "Violence begets violence. Period."

1276) Anna Leigh Riddle, Tullahoma, TN, USA, Loving & Very Concerned Mother and Grandparent
  "My siblings and I were raised in an extremely loving, sharing, disciplined home surrounded closely by the same in our extended christian families. We were taught from childhood throughout adulthood religiously and by both parents to love, cherish and PROTECT THE CHILDREN, especially our own !!!!! When each of us become parents ourselves, most always we will raise our won children very much the same as our parents raised us. Using the same methods of discipline, teaching the same morals, etc., it's simply instinctive behavior. Eventually, we will have a world full of the seven deadly sins taught, practed and perfected right at home !!!! DO YOU SEE THE PROBLEM ?? I can not even imagine why there IS such a law that allows such devices to be manufactured and sold in the first place. REVELATIONS....READ IT....."

1277) Laurel Lee Burns, Portland, ME, USA

1278) Eric Link, Dallas, TX, USA
  "If you hit an infant or child, I hope you rot in xxxx. Barring that, perhaps you end up in prison w/people who can educate you on your misguided ways. Hitting children is wrong."

  "Its unhuman to beat someone. Please stop it!!!"

1280) Beth Tamney, New York, NY, USA
  "This is such a typical uneducated ignorant tool.  If you can't raise your children without hitting them with these devices, then you shouldn't have had them at all!  you are obviously not smart enough to deal with the complex mind of a child, and reducing the teaching of right vs wrong to hitting is simply appalling. Children are not dogs that need to be 'trained' (although you shouldn't hit dos either!)  training is for animals. How many children out there have grown up without being hit, and are intelligent, well adjusted members of society?? If there are people like that out there, then there is obviously no need to hit children! Raising children CAN be done without physical pain. If you hit your child, you are cruel and evil."

1281) Tony George, Woodbury, NY, USA
  "i still have the scars that my father gave me on my arms, legs, and back. I am semi hard of hearing in my right ear because he hit me in the head with a broom handle. His way of 'discipling' me never worked, on the other hand my mother's loving words made me who i am today. I made a vow never to lay a menacing hand on my children."

1282) Mohammed Alduhaiem, Jeddah, South coast, SAUDI ARABIA, No more Hitting
  "Who doesn't love cihldren? will never hit them. I can't imagine how they got the heart to hit any child, and they are just kids. No more Hitting, and we want every child to live his childhood and with love not by hitting, who you are? you were a child, so don't hit child."

1283) Margarita Barressa, Albuquerque, NM, USA
  "We wonder why children are violent and the world is so violent.  Hitting is NEVER okay. It is not okay to hit your wife, your husband, a stranger or your precious innocent child."

1284) Lindsey Blankn, Winona, MN, USA
  "Please help to pass legislation banning these horrible devices."

1285) M. K. Farsarakis, GREECE
  "I feel like throwing up!  I am beyond horrified.  Can such books really exist and worse still be actually bought, read and followed.  I fear for our world if this is true.  People feeling this way should never have cihldren in the first place."

1286) Carolyn Chambers, Atlanta, GA, USA
  "Barbaric and inhumane!  It makes me ill to think, if a security guard protecting a pop star can be arrested for jerking a camera out of his face, or smacking themn across the face for getting to close, but we can abuse our children by beating them with something you order on the internet, or purchase in a store.  Our children do not realize the difference between love and hate when this happens to them, they end up in rehab, prison or suicide.  Show love and compassion and children will show respect for others.  This show of abuse and disrespect is SICK!!!"

1287) Selby Drummond, New York, NY, USA, KColumbia University
  "Physical punishment can ONLY harm a child, never discipline or correct them. There are thousands of toher ways to constructively raise a child."

1288) Aubrey Jaffer, Bedford, MA, USA
  "Intentionally hitting children is wrong."

1289) Sarah Bergeson, Woodland Hills, CA, USA
  "People who use these devices are serously ignorrant about what they are doing to their children by using these.  They believe, most often, that spanking is 'mandated by God.'  That's not the case - visit: to find out more."

1290) Daryl Bell, Springfield, MO, USA

1291) Maria Shield, UNITED KINGDOM
  "I have just come across this website and was utterly shocked to find out that books and devices promoting child abuse exist and are sold openly and legally. I read some of the books and was so disgusted that I had to stop. How can people actually believe that it is right to beat a child into submission? How can they believe that this will educate the child in the right way and make them into good, normal, healthy people? The fact they are supposed to beat them if they cry out or squirm almost made me cry. It sent shivers down my spine. And the fact they are supposed to give lots of love and affection once they have carried out the beating is the most hypocritical thing of all. The child must feel intense hatred, fear and resentment toward their parent at that time. I am a good christian and this is not what Jesus said we should do in his teachings. A good, loving parent would never cause their child pain, and rejoice in their child's fear. This is the worst way to bring up a child. Any parent who practices these methods will be judged by god and will end up with children who despise them. Whoever wrote these books and sells these devices should be sent to prison for child abuse."

1292) Rachel, Dobbs Ferry, NY, USA, Mother

1293) Dan Todor, Timisoara, Timis, ROMANIA
  "Those guys must be crazy."

1294) Abby Forster, Seattle, WA, USA, Childcare Provider
  "I am shocked to read that people are trying to make money selling something that is physically and emotionally harmful to children.  I was hit repeatedly by my father as a child and teenager.  To this day I can not be close to him because of what he did to me in the name of 'discipline.'  He thought I would respect him more because he hit me.  Instead we barely talk.  Please do everything in your power to stop these devices from being sold.  When was the last time you were hit for not doing something you were suppose to?  If an adult hits an adult, it's called assault.  If a child hits a child, it's called aggression.  If an adult hits a child, it's called 'discipline.'  It is unfair and cruel to hit children - they deserve the same respect you expect for yourself."

1295) Paivi Butcher, Helsinki, FINLAND
  "I am disgusted about the rod. Stop it!"

1296) Mary Peraria-Heinrich, Garnet Valley, PA, USA
  "How disgusting and awful! These definitely should be banned - our poor children."

1297) April Barron, North Prairie, WI, USA
  "I don't understand why any parent would want to whip their child.  The manufacture of these devices must be stopped!"

1298) Gaston Gabarro, Edmonton, AB, CANADA

1299) Chris Henson, Roanoke, VA, USA
  "I was paddled by my parents many times before I started school. I was paddled by school teachers and principals in: first, second, third, fifth, sixth, and seventh grade for behaviors that are easily explained by my having ADD. I graduated high school with honors, even though I was paddled as a senior two weeks before commencement. I don't harbor any bad feelings towards any of these folds. I'm a grown man with an eight-year-old paddling-free daughter who is an angel. My point is this: I was beaten many times over many years, always for the same thing. IF BEATING A CHILD ACTUALLY WORKED, WOULDN'T YOU ONLY HAVE TO DO IT ONCE?"

1300) Brooke Nelson, Kalispell, MT, USA

1301) Sheri Lucas, Vancouver, BC, CANADA, Graduate Student
  "That device is appalling! Laws are needed against all forms of corporal punishment!!!"

1302) Ivana Powers, Millbrook, NY, USA
  "Adults who hit should be ashamed of themselves and need to get educated. Instead of offering hitting devices, how about parenting classes? Anyone ever hear of rational discussion? Children are indeed capable of understanding and learning with words."

1303) Paige Cable, Miami, FL, USA
  "There is never a need to resort to violence, let alone with a helpless child. Advertisement of devices such as these encourage people to think that physical abuse is acceptable when it should NEVER be."

1304) Alison Okerblom, Midland, MI, USA, Daughter of Christ, guider to 3 of His Blessings.
  "It is illegal to hit a child in the state of Michigan with anything other than your hand. Not only are you encouraging people to break the law, but their children's spirits also. Did you ever think that not everyone who buys your handy little gadget is using it the way you intended????????? That should be enough for you not to sell such a sick instrument...the thought that people will intentionally harm an innocent child. Do you think Christ would strike an infant? I think not!!! Perhaps you should delve a little deeper into the will find that the bible uses 'rod' meaning guidance NOT physical pain. Here is one verse in defence of children...  'As you did it to one of the least of these my brethren, you did it to me. Matthew 25:' I'd love to write more but my 7 Month old blessing needs to nurse."

1305) Katrina Allen, Boise, ID, USA
  "Hitting children with anything is barbaric.  Hurting is not teaching it is a loss of control and a clear signal that more parent education and anger control classes are an urgent need for our society."

1306) Marsha Hathcock, Fort Worth, TX, USA
  "This is a tool for child abuse. I am appalled."

1306) Jennifer Morgan, Cincinnati, OH, USA, Mom!!
  "This is sick! People need to parent correctly-Obviously people who have to hit their children, with or without this stupid product aren't doing a very good job of parenting are they?!  Kids are not for hitting....Period!"

1307) Danielle Griffin, Marysville, WA, USA

1308) Elise, Arlington, WA, USA

1309) Bret Schlein, Philadelphia, PA, USA
  "Those devices are sick and wrong...that's all I have to say"

1310) Ruth Vonmecklenburg, Seattle, WA, USA
  "How can you?"

1311) Clara LaPlume, Richmond, NH, USA, mother of four
  "I am appalled that such devices are actually being marketed. This violence has got to stop. Gentle Discipline and attachment parenting are highly effective techniques to foster good behavior in children. Violence is not the answer. Stop this madness NOW!"

1312) Lindsay Taylor, Shongaloo,l LA, USA
  "This should most definitely be outlawed.  What a terrible way for these people to make a living.  How do they sleep at night?"

1313) Kathryn Mathis, Austin, TX, USA

1314) Chris Johnston, Port Charlotte, FL, USA
  "This device is NOT about love, it is about abuse!! How is an infant suppose to learn through beating??? Jesus taught love and patience, and it is NOT a patient thing to whip your child because you don't have the control to teach through talking and EXAMPLE!!!"

1315) Niecia Dunn, Victoria, BC, CANADA

1316) Theresa Frusha, Enterprise, AL, USA, Living Tree Health Foods
  "I cannot believe this device is being sold illegally.  How could this product be beneficial to anyone?"

1317) Jessica, AR, USA
  "This is an embarassment to our nation. We must do better than this to protect our children. Please stop the rod!"

1318) Mrs. Kim Lee Fletcher, Provo, UT, USA
  "We must as a nation ban the sale and use of beating devices. Children are not to hit or whip. This is abuse and we must not tolerate it anymore!"

1319) Dan Sherling, Manchester, ENGLAND
  "In some countries criminals are whipped or beaten for crimes, and this practice is seen as barbaric. Why should children suffer the fury of their parents?"

1320) Jessica Griffith, Bakersfield, CA, USA

1321) Susanna Scott, Nashville, TN, USA
  "It's ridiculous and cruel to try to raise a child by teaching them that whoever is older and stronger/bigger can beat them into submission.  No one should profit from a child being struck."

1322) Tiffany Bentley, FL, USA

1323) Melanie Walter, Dundas, ON, CANADA

1324) Mika Walls, Easton, MD, USA
  "this makes me sick to my stomach. i had no idea these kind of things were legal. the people who made that awful device deserve to be beat with it."

1325) Sara Saposnik, Scottsdale, AZ, USA

1326) Mr. Larry Cooper, Boston, MA, USA

1327) Brianna Thiffault, Sault Ste. Marie, ON, CANADA
  "these devices are sick!!"

1328) Lacee Woodruff, Mishawaka, IN, USA, A christian mother

1329) Timothy Coble, Jacksonville, NC, USA, father
  "Why in the world would you beat a baby.  What kind of sick person would beat a defenseless child?  Those people are sick bastards.  Leave the babies alone, you sick people."

1330) Nicola Nio Shuilleabhain, Cork, IRELAND

1331) James McGuire, Barrie, ON, CANADA, Father
  "Is this for real? Do people do this to babies? I don't think I have ever felt this sad."

1332) L. Sweetland, Pensacola, FL, USA
  "I can't believe this is for real!"

1333) Michelle Mathews, Brazil, IN, USA
  "I think it's ridiculous that anything like this would be on the market in this day and age."

1334) Lark McManus, Edinburgh, Scotland/UK
  "This would never be allowed in the UK. Why does a great country like America allow such blatant child abuse? Here people are put in prison for things like this... perhaps the Bible says it is ok to beat children but it also says shaving, polyester and shrimp are abominations! Beating infants is just wrong."

1335) Ana Gómez, Distrito Federal (Mexico City), MEXICO
  "My father used corporal punishment. I am nineteen years old. My father realized the damage he caused, the day he raised his hand, not even intending to hit me, but found me flinching away and raising my arms in a defensive position. He asked for forgiveness. Still, I get physically ill whenever he is close to me, and even more when I am forced to hug him. I was so scared of him, it took a family crisis for me to confess to my mother when I was seventeen. My father is 40 years older than I am, and I am an athlete. Yet, even capable of hitting back, I get paralyzed with fear. I have trust issues. I had to leave my home in order to begin socializing normally. Corporal punishment not only messes you up physicaly (because it does), but also mentally and socially."

1336) Harry Leroy, Barrie, ON, CANADA, Student
  "It is unimaginable."

1337) Jarrod Clyworth, Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
  "You sick & malicious bastards for allowing these devices for being sold! I'm appalled this exists in this day of age.  I believe indiscipline, but not to this extremity! Hope those that buy and use these feel better.  They are only conditioning the baby to be like them, worthless and angry.  Stop the vicious cycle now, you can make a difference."

1338) Howard L. Hughes, Munfordville, KY, USA

1339) Kelli Lincoln, Clio, CA, USA
  "Absolutely and disgustingly surreal."

1340) Carly Hayden, Lake Stevens, WA, USA

1341) Hayley Cairns, Melbourne Victoria, AUSTRALIA
  "A device for pphysically causing pain to completely defenceless beings- disgusting."

1342) Cindy Payne, Owensboro, KY, USA
  "Child Abuse is NEVER right!!!!"

1343) Ann Dagley, Vincennes, IN, USA
  "I am just stunned that something like this exists!"

1344) Baziel, Erpe-mere, Oost-Vlaanderen, BELGIUM
  "This should never be allowed everywhere in this world, so beating children is just quite wrong and not human."

1345) Sir Paulo Domingos Delindro Fontes, Oporto, PORTUGAL
  "This a third world"

1346) Linn, Brisbane, AUSTRALIA
  "How anyone could possibly dream up such evil to be used against so many innocents in a culture as supposedly advanced as the US is, is beyond me..."

1347) Abbe Shapiro, Indianapolis, IN, USA

1348) Nathan Hemmings, Christchurch, NEW ZEALAND
  "No child should live in fear of its parents."

1349) Linda Hicks, Fairfield, IA, USA
  "This is extremely abusive and shocking....these people have a serious problem, and are criminals.  There business of brutality needs to be shut down immediately!!!  Contrary to the idea that children need to be violated, and abused with violence, the reality is that if you honor and respect a child and his or her needs from the beginning, they will treat the parents with the same respect.  I know, we raised a son with positive reinforcement, attention and LOVE & RESPECT.  He NEVER misbehaved!  Violence will destroy the finest level of feeling, and cause permanent psychological, mental, and emotional injury.  The fact that this whole idea has been justified by so many "Christians" who like to quote "Spare the rod, spoil the child" have no idea what they are talking about.  The ROD, was never used by the shepherd to beat sheep or hurt them. It was a tool with a rounded end that they would use to guide the heard and pull stray ones back in.  This company and so called "authorities" like Dobson, should be shut down and seen for the real threat to society that they are.  Their are new parents out there, without a clue to what they are doing, and want to do the right thing.... if these sick ideas get in their heads, the children will suffer emensely.  Our society MUST clean up its act NOW!"

1350) Parisot, Paris, FRANCE
  "I can say by experience (because I was violently beat during my childhood) that it generates hatred in the heart of the child. And if a child is violent, a very violent punishment is not a solution at all. A child who is beaten will have serious repercussions, aftereffects when he will be adult."

1351) Dr. Rosie McNeil, Johannesburg, Gauteng Province, SOUTH AFRICA
  "It is oppressive and in human to beat a little helpless person who is in your hand for safe-keeping and who you can nurture and guide to a beautiful grown person with a loving routine and cuddling."

1352) Audra Holden, Asheville, NC, USA

1353) Amber Rondeau, Victoria, BC, CANADA

1354) Darlene Theresa Merz, Mi Wuk Village, CA, USA, Licenced Vocational Nurse
  "This is incredible. My son went to Oklahoma to try a school year out with dad and the day he flew home after being punished for writing a report on <Describe Oklahoma> he was scheduled to get a spanking from the principle. Till now I thought it was just a statement to let me think I was lucky he was on his way type thing. His report describe the state was flat the only mountain was a dump. The whole state lives in trailer and trailer trash people who work as toilet cleaning people. He even described the school as a trailer. The principle was xxxx. I say Freedom of speech and DONT YOU DARE SPANK MY CHILD or EXPECT TO RECIEVE THE SAME FROM HIS PARENT!!! not literaly but legally !!!"

1355) John Oliver, New York, NY, USA, Professor Emeritus
  "Sick sick and more sick"

1356) Le Dizet, Angers, FRANCE
  "i know a woman who've lived this kind of education. it's horrible..."

1357) Jennifer Schicker, St. Louis, MO, USA
  "Absolutely Horrible. Our precious children. I have no tolerance for people so uneducated and ignorant about raising these important little individuals! Some day the pain that they are imposing on the helpless children will come back and bite them in the ass! These little abused people grow up to big people with a lot of anger, just wait! Go get 'em tigers, this is not your fault!"

1358) Kristine, Riga, LATVIA

1359) Heidi Drope, Roberts, Creek, BC, CANADA
  "These devices are ridiculous. Even more so that they are allowed to be advertised for sale. And worst of all is that people actually purchase these items."

1360) Mona Sinha, Patna, Bihar, INDIA
  "horrible, despicable, cruel, pernicious"

1361) Dylan Mcgee, Marquette, MI, USA, stop the violence
  "that is really really really really really bad"

1362) Kathy Grant, Denver, CO, USA
  "This country needs no more Abu Gharibs!"

1363) Katie Kasiewicz, Girard, OH, USA
  "No child should ever have to be spanked period! It doesn't help. It'll just make matters a lot worse than what they already are."

1364) Mr. P. J. Wilks, Birmingham, West Midlands, UK
  "Dangerous and possibly kinky"

1365) Rebecca Tayplor, London, UK
  "I am utterly shocked and horrified by what I ahve seen.  Those people are child abusers doing untold damage and should be outlawed."

1366) Marcus Thomas, San Diego, CA, USA, Realtor/ Student
  "This is capitalism at its absolute worst. You plan to profit off the beating/abuse of children, I was one of those children and I in no wish to see this company supply the devices so that other children can be abused also solely for their profit."

1367) Mary A. Schumacher-Tiede, Madison, WI, USA
  "Unbelievably cruel. Stop this, now!!!!"

1368) Timothy Hall, Sudbury, MA, USA
  "Such devices should be considered unlawful. Physical punishment is something many parents abuse, and such devices only promote this abuse. Violence taught at a young age will stay with that child for the rest of his/her life causing emotional problems and greater risk of resorting to violence in situations he/her may encounter in their lives. THIS IS DANGEROUS TO OUR CHILDRENS FUTURE!!! Please stop the promotion of weapons to beat our young."

1369) Bak Asuzsanna, Budapest, HUNGARY
  "Horrible to see all of this, and unbelievable!! STOP hitting hurting babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

1370) Jane Stevenson, Overland Park, KS, USA, church volunteer
  "This is outrageous...anyone aducated in childhood behavior knows better than to do this. It teaches children to be violent and is child abuse!"

1371) Edith U. Borja, Pasay City, Metro Manila, PHILIPPINES

1372) Michael Connolly, Xinxiang, Henan, CHINA

1374) Emily Tufenkjiam, Rowland Heights, CA, USA
  "This is horrible beyond belief. Those who abuse have no doubt, in their own tender years, been abused, humiliated, and experienced the profound pain of seeing the person they love and look to for protection, care, and love assault their very being. In order to protecct themselves from feeling this agony, they re-enact it on their own precious little ones. It makes them feel less small and vulnerable, when they can hurt someone who truly IS small and vulnerable. It is absolutely barbaric to sell "Whipping devices", and more appalling (though nothing new) for people to claim that God likes to see big strong people brutalize little children. That is certainly NOT in accordance with the teachings of Christ, nor with any other true spiritual path."

1375) Trina Huntley, Pflugerville, TX, USA

1376) Joan, Secunda, Mpumalanga, SOUTH AFRICA

1377) Ruth Mallia, Ta Xbiex, MALTA
  "it's already bad enough if you hit babies with your bad hands, the guilt you feel after. i dont know how any parent can bring himself to even purchase something, premeditating hitting his own child....especially a baby!!!"

1378) Ruth Scott, St. Julians, MALTA

1379) Ms. Joanna Buhagiar, Bir id-deheb, Zejtun, MALTA
  "we should not use devices to hit children. children should not be hit at all. this is outrageous"

1380) Mr. Josef Borg, MALTA

1381) Maegan King, MO, USA, Student

1382) Janice Day, Epsom, Surrey, ENGLAND (UNITED KINGDOM), Freelance

1383) Miss Vanessa, Mosta, MALTA
   "it's horrible eh...cannot believe what i just read"

1384) Mr. Jerrick Crites, Spokane, WA, USA
  "This is just wrong. Anyone willing to buy a device to use upon their own child needs to rethink a few things."

1385) Christopher Williams, Richmond, VA, USA

1386) Jennifer Norton, Peterborough, ON, CANADA
  "This 'tool' not only alarms me it its advocacy for use in children, but in its implied comments that animals need to be beaten to be tamed as well. You 'train up' your child, and they become love adults. If you beat an animal, they become violent. What makes the creators of this disgusting item think a child would be any different?"

1387) Emily Chao, Shinchu, TAIWAN
  "There are many legitimate alternatives to disciplining a child's behavior, and whipping is no

1388) Greg W., Indianapolis, IN, USA
  "Not only should we beat children mercilessly every day to 'teach them lessons', we should once again extend the same practice to women.  Then they will learn to cower in fear as they once did, when the 'master' of the house got angry.  After all, it's 'good for them', right?  So, if it's good for human children, it must be good for human women, right?  They're all humans, after all.  Apparently, the only person beatings AREN'T good for--oddly enough--is whoever's the biggest and the strongest.  What a coincidence!  Come to think of it, I think the bible also makes it explicit that women caught in adultery are to be stoned to death.  By all means, let's follow those rules TO THE LETTER.  Imagine what a wonderful world that would be!  (A preemptory note to anyone unable to recognize sarcasm in print--sometimes the most effective refutation of an ideological error is to wholeheartedly support the error, and carry it to its logical conclusion, making the fallacy all the more apparent.)"

1389) Nick Vivon, Red Bank, NJ, USA, filmmaker

1390) Professor Hamida Jamil, Karachi, Sind, PAKISTAN
  "Absolutely atrocious."

1391) Alexia van Dorssen, Treviso, ITALY, horse trainer/mother
  "I don't believe in fisical punishment, fear only stimulates hatred and apathy, with love and patience you can achive much more, children will do what you ask if you give them trust and selfsteem...peolple that believe that discipline is beating are weak, ignorant and shouldn't have children or any other living thing under their 'care', they ovbiously can not control themselves so I doubt they can educate someone else"

1392) Mike Highstead, Toronto, CANADA, CEO
  "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. How much longer do we, as parents, have to keep hurting our kids until it becomes clear that Love is a more effective path than fear?"

1393) Jon, Harrogate, UNITED KINGDOM
  "I thought this was a joke...selling products designed to beat children. Are you a naturally violent people? The world media is full of violent Americans - in the UK you would be arrested for just owning such a device."

1394) Alexandra S. Brovco, Kishinev, MOLDOVA
  "This is so awful, I am at a loss of what ot say."

1395) Cynthia Smart, Clarks Summit, PA, USA
  "As a mother and a pediatrician, I personally con't condone the beating of children, but the making of money by promoting and selling of such devices is beyond reasonable, and should be stopped."

1396) Stacie Adams, Charlotte, MI, USA
  "I find the 'training' rods particularly shameful. Shame on those who make, distribute, buy, use, and sell them. I say BAN the use of them, especially in homes!"

1397) Mister Alexander McCrone, London, ENGLAND, UK
  "They are disgusting, pointless, shameful instruments of abuse"

1398) Przemyslaw Deren, Wroclaw, POLAND
  "I think that only an insane person or badly treated during his/her childhood can sell such a product. Fortunately in Europe it is impossible !!!!! I am happy being here not in the U.S.A."

1399) Sasha Oglanby, London, ENGLAND, UK
  "this is totally horrifying, well done for bringing it to attention."

1400) James Long, MN, USA
  "This is the most disgusting vile, horrible (I can't come up with enough words to describe it) thing I have ever seen.  What kind of sick, degenerate animal would use this on their children?"

1401) Katherine A. Paska, Middleboro, MA, USA
  "Most people agree that hitting people is wrong.... Why do many of these same people not feel that hitting a child is wrong???  How could a society that calls itself civilized endorse devices used to inflict pain on a child???"

1402) Nic Johnson, Tokyo, JAPAN

1403) Ragini Nagu, Sharjah, UAE

1404) Grace Balatinacz, Burnie, Tasmania, AUSTRALIA, Student
  "It's disgusting what this device is used for! No one should whack their children, especially a baby. They should just get rid of it, money greedy people. This is just out of line and it's offensive to anybody."

1405) Nancy Urban, Arlington, MA, USA
  "utterly disgusting!"

1406) Lucy Lee Agosto, El Paso, TX, USA
  "I believe these types of devices are inhumane and cruel. They should be banned to help our children be able to be successful, HAPPY, FUNCTIONAL ADULTS IN OUR SOCIETY."

1407) Beate Henninen, Hof, NORWAY
  "I can't believe myown eyes!!! This is outrages, and must be stopped by all means, and IMMEDIATELY!! Actions must be taken against sellers AND users of these devices! People must be informed and consiousness raised about the issue. IT'S a CRIME! The worst of them all: to destroy another human beings hopes and possibilities to become a healthy individual! And my hearts crying 'cause we're talking about the most innocent and helpless of them all! Please wake up, and unite against such evil!"

1408) Helle Naess, Konsberg, Buskerud, NORWAY, Kommikolog
  "This is horrible. This kind of abuse ruins childrens life for ever!! It's destroying their human life for ever until their death!! In this point are there parent in need for professionalhelp and give them instruction what the consequensis are if they are using this kind of punishment on to their children!! Stop the at imidiately!!"

1409) Alex, London, UK
  "Well it's not surprising that in a country full of unhinged religious nutters, bible-bashing can lead to child bashing. It's of course very wrong, but so are many other things in that messed up country of yours."

1410) Ask Kaereby Harvigsen, Copenhagen, DENMARK
  "This is the most cruel, uncivilized device being marketed."

1411) Thomas Keller, Regensburg, Bavaria, GERMANY
  "In my country you will end up long time in jail even about thinking about producing/selling such devices.  I am not sure if the people of this company already humans or more likely stopped at some point in evolution.  i would like to use such things on those bastards until they can't look would be castration to clean the gene-pool of this human-crap."

1412) Dot Gerych, Brenham, TX, USA
1413) Ronnie Kellogg, Blair, NE, USA, Student
  "I am furious! This is absolute madness! When are the idiotic manufacturers of such horrid devivces going to wake up and see what they're advocating? This is a plea from a child: Stop hitting us, please!"

1414) Kelsey Cunningham, Stratford, ON, CANADA, student
  "How can the united states claim to be the leaders of the freeworld if this is the only country which has not banned such sadistic devices?"

1415) Leslie Lebeau, East Peoria, IL, USA

1416) Mr. James Burns, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, SCOTLAND
  "There is not one child or baby in the world who needs to be beaten instead try a little love, thats all thats needed."

1417) Mansur Kalyankar, Mumbai, Maharashtra, INDIA

1418) Chris, Los Angeles, CA, USA

1419) Mike Pickfield, Guelph, ON, CANADA, student
  "this is sick and wrong some thing must be done"

1420) Kimberly Lawson, New Tazewell, TN, USA

1421) Maria, Houston, TX, USA
  "They are terrible and have no good results"

1422) Lauren Butrymowicz, Chicago, IL, USA
  "I believe this is a cruel way to bring up a child and should immediately be stopped"

1423) Brian Weeks, Fredericksburg, VA, USA
  "These devices are inhumane and need to be banned immediately.  Parents who use such devices should be ashamed of themselves."

1424) Andre Laxzlo, Linkoping, Ostergotland, SWEDEN
  "Beating children is always barbaric."

1424) Taylor Parker, Tonbridge, Kent, UNITED KINGDOM
  "Whipping children is sick and anyone who partakes in it should face capital punishment"

1425) Nur Rauda, Singapore, SINGAPORE, Law Student
  "Pure stupidity. Absurd. I'm stumped."

1426) Lisa Marie, Mount Vernon, WA, USA
  "such a thing is ridiculous! Shut your baby beating machine down"

1427) Dale Whorl, Greenfield, MA, USA, Massachusetts Department of Social Services
  "Children learn best when they are taught what to do with positive reinforcement. Using implements of pain (rods) to terrorize children for what they should not do, gives them very little useful information regarding what they should do. Parents who use implements of pain on children under the guise of discipline are simply expressing their own delight in being cruel. Those who sell these implements as a business are emotionally disturbed and have made a bargain with the devil for profit."

1428) John DiBiase Jr., Meriden, CT, USA, Parents Against Spanking Association (PASA)
  "Warning signs should be stamped on the backside of all belts manufactured warning of the use as instruments of Corporal Punishment."

1429) Miss Mariam Nazir, Luton Bedfordshire, ENGLAND, UNITED KINGDOM
  "Not in My Name"

1430) Resli Costabell, London, ENGLAND
  "Parents who resort to violence are parents who have reached the limits of their own parenting skills.  I'd be delighted if clicking on the website for 'beating devices' automatically took people to a website on anger management.  And yes, let's ban devices for physically disciplining children."

1431) Jagdeep Singh Kailey, Ludhiana, Punjab, INDIA, SGB International Foundation
  "Hitting the baby is such cruel thing which can not be described in words. Is our march toward ultimate civilization or crude barbarianism ???"

1432) Mary Freeman, Dallas, TX, USA, IBM
  "I am sad to see that America is regressing intime and incapable of evolving regardless of the many ways we have been blessed. Shame on us!!"

1433) Kimberly May, Dededo, Guam, USA, Community Representative
  "Horrible and wrong - babies and children know no better.  STOP the cycle of abuse!"

1434) Mrs. Guilmain, Clondalkin, Dublin, IRELAND
  "I was horrified when I saw that on internet. No need to beat babies or children for making them good people !!! Shame on that sell that product. God bless the Children."

1435) Akshay Bajaj, Delhi, INDIA

1436) Pat Hans, Casper, WY, USA, Parent
  "The people who sell these and or use them should be locked up and the thrown away. How low and mean can you g4ey"

1437) Elizabeth Olsson, Roswell, GA, USA
  "This is important and needed legislation!"

1438) Denis Tan, S'pore, Pasir Ris, S'PORE, TJC

1439) Susan Lewis, Luxembourg, LUXUMBOURG, Teacher, International School of Luxembourg
  "This hurts me. Please stop."

1440) Deleigh Lee, Ann Arbor, MI, USA
  "Please help to bring some enlightenment to our society."

1441) Remington Jones, Laguna Niguel, CA, USA, CEO, JefFX Designs

1442) N. Kegels, Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS

1443) Martina Barreca, Castrovillari, ITALY
  "This is a shame. I have no other words."

1444) Dermot Conner, Houston, TX, USA
  "Violence begets violence. We have sufficient in this world."

1445) Carmen Gomez, Houston, TX, USA
  "I believe that the child does not need to be 'whipped' to be raised to listen or be obedient, instead, talk to your child. But not just when he is in trouble or behaving badly, but at ALL times. I don't have any biological children of my own, but I have raised mine as young as four months, and all the child needs is attention. Positive attention, bonding, and its not necessary to spend $$$ to bond with your child, but just including them in your everyday chores (children love that), and I grow up to be responsible adults. Whipping can sometimes back fire and then you turn your child into a violent adult, which only repeats the cycle."

1446) Mrs. Elena Retfalvi, Barcelona, SPAIN
  "A disgrace, stop it"

1447) Helen Rees, Birmingham, UK
  "When Jesus said 'suffer the little children', this *so* wasn't what he had in mind...."

1448) SD Mocquet-McDonald, Fontainebleu, FRANCE
  "The fact that such a device is legal in a country which totes itself as being concerned about things such as 'family values' is ironically indicative as to what is 'valued'- brute force, instant gratification for the bigger and better armed party, inability to rationalize or exlain one's motivations...I wish I could say I'm surprised, but the United States is one of the only countries in the world where the death penalty is applied to children, so frankly who wins? The capitalist machine. It is legal because, well, what about the vendor's rights to sell his wares, make a profity, feed his famikly? As a mother and American citizen I am horrified, and disappointed, with and by my country's legislative irresponsibility."

1449) C. Powell, Rochester, NY, USA
  "There has to be a special place in xxxx for demon-controlled monsters like the Pearls & their followers!"

1550) Matthew Huntsinger, Riverton, NJ, USA
  "This product makes me sick!"

1551) Chris Maldon, San Lorenzo, CA, USA, Anime Club Arroyo
  "Truly disgusting, that's why I decide to stay a child. Most adults are pure evil."

1552) Ryan D. Larson, Brookings, SD, USA
  "This is yet another example of the bararsim produced by humanity's persistant error of religion."

1553) Paul Andrade, Mangalore, Karnataka, INDIA, Individual
1554) A.C., Lahore, PAKISTAN

1555) Olympia Scott, Los Angeles, CA, USA
  "Absurd! There is a psychology to parenting, and abuse is not a part of that. It's a parent's easy way out. Discipline is not abuse."

1556) Arthur Janzen, Kingston, ON, CANADA
  "It's very hard to find an alternative to beating, especially for some of us who were beaten (spanked) severely, because now that we are parents, hitting is our first response to child disobedience.  But find an alternative we must, and part of the solution is to emotionally heal ourselves so we won't have that urge to strike. Until then we must do our utmost to curb our own anger to strike our children.  Thank God, sometimes my wife would intervene and separate me and our child before I had a chance to inflict too much damage.  Eventually I learned to have a 'time out' for myself; when I felt my anger welling up I would remove myself from the house...took a long walk until I had calmed down. Good luck to all you parents out there who are struggling with this as I've had to." 

1557) Theresa Helen Hoch, Rome, GA, USA

1558) Liz Dory, Brooklyn, NY, USA
  "Marketing tools/devices used to explicitlyhit and harm children is not acceptable in a society which values Life."

1559) Barbara Abatti, Varese, ITALY
  "This is wrong on so many levels. Hitting and spanking don't teach anything but that the strongest person gets the upper hand. Is this something that we want to teach our children? I seriously doubt it. Also these methods give Christians and Christianity a bad name."

1560) Tecsi Aron, Targu Mures, Mures, ROMANIA, Lead prgramer Edu Soft RO
  "Though I doubt my opinion will be taken in consideration, as I'm not from the US, But i foiund my self shocked that things like this even exist. I find it a shame, even against basic human rights. Kids might be kids, but they are human as well! For those who use it, imagine your mother, father using this instrument on you, as a grownup, and as a human!"

1561) S. Rathna Pravin Kumar, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, INDIA

1562) Vera Trindade, Lisbon, PORTUGAL
  "i believe that not only the advertisements should be baned but the making of them aswell. it should start with that. for children's sake and our future aswell"

1563) Charles Visio, Springfield, MO, USA, Programmer
  "Violence is wrong."

1564) Anita Gagel, Lilburn, GA, USA

1565) Richard Lewis, Rhondda Valley, UNITED KINGDOM
  "That device is sick and obscene and the people who use it are evil"

1566) E. Watts, Toronto, ON, CANADA
  "Just thinking about these poor babies who are being beaten at this very moment makes me want to cry. This can't go on."

1567) Hana Kapon, Rehovot, ISRAEL, (Private Person)
  "As a mother, and a grandmother, I have always been against any abuse of helpless child. There is no excuse - not even education - that can justify these things!!"

1568) Pippa Gaubert, Austin, TX, USA
  "I am completely shocked to see that something like this is still legal. For the sake of all, the children who might be subjected to this this must be banned immediately. Disciplining children through physical harm is no longer appropriate in today's society."

1569) Patricia Salazar, San Francisco, CA, USA

1570) D. Woolham, Birmingham, BRITAIN, Student
  "This is truly sickening. The trade of these horrific devices simply CANNOT go on for any longer."

1571) David Bannister, Hobart, Tasmania, AUSTRALIA

1572) Sharon Irvine, London, UK
  "This kind of blatant child abuse, covered up by the most flimsy of religious excuses, it just abhorrent!  Weak people who prey on weak minds to abuse those who can't fight back - disgusting!"

1573) Maria, Kent, ENGLAND
  "i think hitting children is wrong. there are other forms of punishment that are equally effective but morally right"

1574) Neil Hardiman, Lancaster, UNITED KINGDOM

1575) Amanda Fontane, Flippin, AK, USA
  "Beating kids should be illegal."

1576) Alexander Torres Ramos, Caguas, PUERTO RICO
  "Just three letters for WTF?! Human has lived long enough and we have discovered a lot of things through milleniums, how do we come to sell whips and sticks to punish children at information age?"

1577) Judith Martin, Imperial Beach,CA, USA
  "Nothing else needs to be said."

1578) Pierre Potvin, Moncton, NB, CANADA

1579) Barbe Stamps, USA, Teen Advocates USA
  "Thank you for your efforts to expose child abuse in all it's insidious forms, including under the guise of 'Godly' discipline."

1580) Leah Darland, Royal Oak, MI, USA

1581) Ms. Aabha, NOIDA, UP, INDIA

1582) A. D'Errico, NYC, NY, USA (unfortunately)
  "This is nothing if not a justification for the entire world hating the US. It is not surprising. Just look at the crimes committed by this stupid excuse for a president. He has presided over more executions than any politician in history. And we have elected him, no once, but twice! QUESTION: Should you be surprised by the sale of devices that torture babies?"

1583) Ashley Beck Hickman, Fayetteville, AR, USA
  "I had no idea that such a thing was even made to hit babies.  This is insane!!!  I can not believe that we would allow something this awful to be sold and used on our children.  This is just terrible!!!!"

1584) Adreja Majcen, Ljubljana, SLOVENIJA/Europe
  "I was shocked and appaled to see that something like that even exist. You cannot be serious! To beat babies and children? In which century are we?"

1585) Elian, San Francisco, CA, USA
  "I'm in tears right now.  Make the child abuse end, please."

1586) Donald Gallegos, Austin, TX, USA
  "There are too many reasons not to hit children, but this device is nothing less than cruel and barbaric.  Simple empathy dictates that we teach our children with compassion."

1587) Sandesh, Bonn, GERMANY
  "kids are not dogs who can be beaten with newspapers occasionally to make them understand! I saw a mother yesterday who was twisting the ears of her 6 year old with such vengence and so tightly because he was upset and was punching her in anger! Guess who had taught him that beating or twisting ear was ok if you want someone to obey you! Parents! Stop it! There will be a day when this device will no more be effective against children and thats when your worry will start! Love conquers all!!"

1588) Kerrin Abromowitz, Newton, NH, USA
  "Since hitting is not acceptable among adults, why would we ever think it was ok to do this to children who are so looking to us for guidance and limits on how they should behave to others?"

1589) Sara L. Sosa, Blacklick, OH, USA

1590) Cynthia Kramps, Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA
  "It is completely wrong to beat children and to sell items to make it easier for people to beat their children is even more pathetic, those companies should be shut down and sue'd!"

1591) Mr. S. M. Parnell, Manchester, Lancashire, UK
  "Stunned.  I posted this review on I would recommend others do something similar.

'I would ask that Amazon remove this torture manual from sale. Children are not dogs and to sell a book that treats them to a violent "training technique" to gain obedience is tantamount to criminal negligence. The law makes it quite clear that such "techniques" used outside of a "consenting" relationship amounts to assault.

If you use such a "manual" you will be committing a criminal offence. Not to mention a very obvious moral and ethical one.'"

1592) Filip Kolev, Pernik, BULGARIA

1593) Shari E. Coveney, MSW, Chapel Hill, NC, USA, School Social Worker, Alamance Burlington Schools
  "I quote I just read that sums up my views, hitting a child does for a child what domestic violence does for a marriage."

1594) Tom Bell, Aurora, CO, USA, School Risk Control Specialist
  "I advise school districts against corporal punishment because of serious liability issues involving child abuse and sexual abuse.  This is even worse!  Spanking babies under 1 year old with a paddle is prima facie child abuse.  The Religious Reich have really gone off the deep end this time.  I hope anybody who buys and uses these products are arrested, imprisoned, and lose custody of their children forever.  Who Would Jesus Abuse?"

1595) Sue Evans, Suffolk, UK
  "I cried and cried when reading some of the excerpts of the books quoted here. This is absolutely disgusting. I can't believe it is legal to hit your child with a weapon, let alone sell weapons specially designed for such a purpose."

1596) Janet E. Smith, Edmonton, AB, CANADA, Developmental Psychologist
  "Children are miracles of life and love. The devices that are the topic of this petition are cruel and inhuman. Such devices do not help children of any age. Such devices harm children, destroy any ability to develop trust in their parents or guardians. As a Canadian, I do not like to see such devices in the U.S. for several reasons; I have U.S. relatives, so, I care personally about life in the U.S.; Canadians travel to the U.S. more than to any other country, bringing back what they cannot buy here. If the U.S. sells such torture devices, we do not know what Canadian children may be suffering from their use. PLEASE STOP THE SALE OF DEVICES TO TORTURE CHILDREN."

1597) Nora
  "Simply put, I think it is horrible, and must be stopped."

1598) Usma Baig, Karachi, PAKISTAN
  "It is sick and disgusting."

1599) Lenard A., Windsor, ON, CANADA
  "get rid of the bullshit, you don't need to beat your child for him/her to listen. before you beat your kid's, beat your xxxx self first."

1600) Ms. S. Linthorst, Leiden, NEDERLAND (The Netherlands)
  "just scandalous! i have 2 children and the idea someone could touch them and make them fill pain is giving me shivers! no no no no no nobody has this right"

1601) Mr. Hasim Syed, Karachi, Sindh, PAKISTAN
  "It is unbelievable that such a practice, and its abettors, exist in today's world. The people who advocate such things must be punished using their own inventions.....until they repent."

1602) Jacqueline, LEBANON

1603) Christopher, Totonto, ON, CANADA
  "Such a vivid image I have of the business offices, the warehouse, the people who work there.  I'd say it's sick, it's disgusting, it's wrong but we all know that.  Can we vow not to lay another hand on another person...forget it.  xxxx in a handbasket and this is perfect proof."

1604) Chay Donohoe, London, ENGLAND
  "I can't belive that such things are on sale in this day and age (these are not Victorian times!) Wouldn't be surprised if they began to start marketing the 'cat-o-nine-tails 200(r) - new and improved'"

1605) Piter Johny Chen, PT Garuda Indonesia, HONG KONG
  "Destroy this Rod. Don't sell this product, don't buy this product, Failure product. Maniac parent who will use this kind device to teach their kids."

1606) Claudia A. Munoz-Campos, Pittsburgh, PA, USA, Private
1607) (Name Withheld), Singapore, SINGAPORE, Journalist
  "I was an abused child and am vehemently against hurting children for any purpose. There is nothing you can teach a child which cannot be taught without physical abuse."

1608) Chris Moore, Columbus, OH, USA, America Votes

1609) Sue Cartledge, Sydney, NSW, AUSTRALIA
  "I was beaten by my mother as a small child. She used a hairbrush on my bare buttocks. I later came to understand that the beatings occurred each time after I was sexually abused by my father.   When I had my second baby and my son was a toddler I started hittinghim with my bare hand, but I became afraid that I would not be able to stop.  May husband also had been beaten regularly by his father with a belt or an extension cord.  We realised this was abuse, & we went to a child psychologist and learned how to bringup our children with love and respect.  They are now strong, healthy, confident adults.   There is no excuse for hitting a child, only the adult's weakness & perhaps what they learned from an abusive childhood. Please ban also such torture implements and teach all parents the meaning of true loving upbringing of their children."

1610) Anna Slyadneva, RUSSIAN FEDERATION, mother
  "This must be stopped and punished."

1611) Greg Harrison, Vancouver, BC, CANADA, Not Jesus
  "Jesus beat me as a child and I didn't like it... Stop the Rod!"

1612) Miriam Lugassi, USA
  "Using this devine xtian wisdom, a man should also beat his wife. Afterall he is the head of the household and her master. Therefore when she does not obey she should also be disciplined. Always loved that word because it seems to me like the adult needs some discipline and not the child!!! And these xtian fanatics believe they are inherently different from the evil muslims they are fighting in Iraq. What hypocrisy."

1613) Rachel Rothman, Los Angeles, CA, USA
  "Thhis idea of a baby beating device is absurd.  People are sick."

1614) Jorge Luis Boveri Navarro, Rosario, Santa Fe, REPUBLICA ARGENTINA
  "No to torture!!!!"

1615) Simon Joyner, Omaha, NE, USA, Business owner and parent
  "This is appalling. We must ban the promotion and sales of these products."

1616) Jennifer Wilkinson, Tucson, AZ, USA
  "I can't believe this DISGUSTING that abuseis ok'd for the sake of the almight dollar."

1617) Angela Austin, Aurora, CO, USA
  "Not only should the production and sale of products of this type be banned, but every person who purchased such a product should be investigated for child endangerment."

1618) Adrian Egan, IRELAND
  "I could not believe what I have just read. This is both cruel and harmful to childrens wellbeing. It must stop now"

1619) M. Chen, Macau, CHINA
  "I['ve been badly beaten as a child till one day when I was a teenager and I ran away from home and from all the torture.  It would work much better if my mom would just say, "I'm tired, don't ask me anything." or "You should not do xx." instead of beating me and I never know why I was beaten."

1620) & 1621) Lisa & Jeremy Douglas, Fort Bragg, NC, USA
  "To imagine that people hit babies, let alone children, with devices such as this, makes me ill to no end. They should be ashamed of themselves."

1622) Corina van Dun, Zeewolde, THE NETHERLANDS
  "This is TOO horibble for words, CHILDABUSE is the worst possible abuse there is!!!!"

1623) Terri H., momextraordinaire
  "I was beaten as a child and I think it's abusive.  I chose to stop the abuse with me, and I do not hit my kids.  I don't even yell at my kids, there's a better way to parent!"

1624) Becky Kochis, Hamilton, NJ, USA, Super Mommy
  "OMFG what sick mental xxxxxxx designed this? Obviously someone who does not have such a connection with his or her child like a real parent does! This person should be in prison for even having thoughts of this thing...and to think its ok? What the xxxx...gross disgusting...this man is pig vomit and should be beaten with his own device!"

1625) Tim Mcbay, New York, NY, USA, laborer
  "this device is wrong and only an immoral person hits a child!!! Thank you and God bless"

1626) Rebecca, Manchester, NH, USA, mom

1627) Elisa Rosado, Mayaguez, PUERTO RICO, MOM OF 4
  "I have never heard of anything more stupid than this! I have 4 children... And I raised them to become the best they can be without never even touching them not even now that the biggest is 14. This device comes from a psyco mind."

1628) Mr. Aaron H. Maines, Middletown, CT, USA
  "Please enact legislation to prevent the sale and/or distribution of child abuse devices!"

1629) Michelle Walls-Kö
ster, Hannover, GERMANY
  "I have an eight month old baby. I look at him and cannot imagine how or why any normal parent could use such a thing on a child, let alone a baby who has no concept of right and wrong. It is criminal, regardless of your religious beliefs, and contrary to my understanding of Christianity."

1630) Ina Baumann, Hannover, Lower Saxony, GERMANY
  "I can hardly believe that this is really true... I hope it's just a bad joke that such devices exist and are being sold, but if it's not, they MUST be banned quickly for the US to call themselves a 'civilized country'"

1631) Toby Sinclair, Central Coast, NSW, AUSTRALIA
  "people that use these sort of devices to abuse children need to have a long hard look at themselves. This is not the way to raise and develop children!"

1632) Megan, Sydney, NSW, AUSTRALIA
  "What century are we living in??? this just has to stop."

1633) Lynette Wright, Sacramento, CA, USA
  "I am just appaled to discover these even exist. What are they thinking?"

1634) Sarita Kaushal, Bangalore, Karnataka, INDIA, Core Publications
  "Horrible, vile abuse!!! How does the Law permit this cruelty towards children?"

1635) Lois Mock, Chandler, AZ, USA
  "they are totally unnecessary and completely barbaric!"

1636) Lira de Lima Robinson, Stratford, CT, USA
  "I think parents that do this to their childrenj should be punished...They deserve to go to Jail for a long time."

1637) Aina Constantinidi, Rhodes, Dodecaneses, GREECE, University researcher
  "This is sickening and sick. I honestly hope sellers and buyers find their way to  jail for violation of human rights. Babies and children have above all the right for safety and happiness. And parents are supposed to guarantee this. Not being the enemy. A huge disgrace. I am deeply shocked and sad."

1638) Markus Auditor, Hannover, Lower Saxony, GERMANY

1639) Taylan Barnett, Sandton, Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA

1640) A. Lloyd, Sandton, Jhb, SOUTH AFRICA
  "Children have feelings just the same as adults. They are not animals, you can reason with them and talk to them. Even babies understand reasoning."

1641) Betzi Bateman, Cleveland, OH, USA
  "Yes, the Bible says 'Spare the rod, spoil the child.' It also says parents should murder children that talk back to them, and everyone knows that's wrong! Quit using religion to justify hitting poor defenseless children and ban these disgusting 'tools.'"

1642) Nadine Denny, Durban, SOUTH AFRICA
  "I am shocked that a so called superior first world country would allow such devices.  My 'third world' so called 'ignorant' country does not even have devices such as these.  It makes me sick."

1643) Mary Ann Eisenbarth, Austin, TX, USA
  "People are not for hitting. . . and children are people too."

1644) April Howell, Smithville, MS, USA

1645) Carla Cameron, Sydney, NSW, AUSTRALIA
  "These devices are for people who are sick, twisted, deviant, and cruel. You have forgotten what Jesus Christ said was the most important of all the commandments, do unto others as you would like done to you. Do you not fear that you will meet your maker one day, and he will measure out to you accordingly?!!!!"

1646) John H. Marsh, Nashville, TN, USA
  "The sale of these devices needs to end. I'd like to thank all who took the effort to come forward about these devices.  Your responses took a lot of courage to write, and hopefully will make a positive difference in the lives of our children."

1647) Louise Walls, Gosford, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA
  "I can not believe that such things as this exist, and in the US of all places! The sooner these devices are banned the better!"

1648) M. Oliver, Lancashire, UNITED KINGDOM
  "As a committed Christian and Psychologist I truly am appalled with the sale of such an implement"

1649) Lora Klimkiewicz, Wentzville, MO, USA, St. Josephs Health Center
  "I'm a psychiatric nurse for children. I take care of children who have been beaten by some and/or left for someone else to take care of due to emotional abuse issues and lifetime anger the children are left with. If you feel out of control, lock YOURSELF in the bathroom to take a time out and get away from the child. I did it with my own when he drove me nuts and it works."

1650) Chen Yang, Rochester Hills, MI, USA
  "As a bible believing christian, I feel sick that parents use these devices on their chioldren, the very precious ones that they are supposed to love and protect. These devices must be banned. I did not understand the meanings of verses in Proverbs regarding child training. I thought the Bible supports spanking children. But after some research on the Internet, it became clear to me that the original Hebrew text doesn't support it."

1651) Noah Beaudette, Dallas, TX, USA, Student

1652) Britney, Wake Forest, NC, USA
  "my family is a foster family. and the children that enter my home that has been abused by 'the rod' have truelly shown the most disturbing behaviors. it is ridiculous. and we need to take a stand up against this, and make a difference"

1653) Christine Hoh, Bracknell, Berkshire, UNITED KINGDOM

1654) Imtiaz Ahmed Munshi, Mumbai, Maharashtra, INDIA
  "A child is like an angel, free of worries and is incapable of distinguising between good and bad. Set good examples before the children, rather than beat them."

1655) Phil C., Ottawa, ON, CANADA
  "tell me again where it's written that it's ok to assault other human beings? Now I'm not religious but I was raised Catholic and if I do remember correctly there's a lot of common sense in 'the good book'. 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you' was always my favorite one. I propose we use one of these on both the creators and promoters, every time one of these items are sold...oh wait...right...that's called assault with a weapon! So, tell me, how is it any different because it's a child? wouldn't promoting violence be considered a sin? no matter how you twist ideas up in your head? I had a friend who heard voices too, they used to suggest all sorts of interesting stuff. Luckily he's INTELLIGENT enough to know that there's medication to take care of stuff like that. Just because you can justify it to yourself doesn't make it right."

1656) Nancy Gwen, New York, NY, USA, Children's Non-Violence Alliance
  "I wonder if said seller of these devices is trying to work out his own anger issues?  Who knows.  Considering the fact that he is from PA, I'm not surprised.  I've met more nuts from there than any other state.  Something in the water?"

1657) Michelle Gohlan, Dubai, UAE, Individual
  "It's horrifying and sickening. It must be STOPPED! Anyone selling such devices is obviously mentally sick and needs help. However, normal human beings such as us, need to have the courage to stand up and fight this inhumane practice."

1658) Jake Terpstra, Grand Rapids, MI, USA, Child Welfare Specialist
  "Hitting children may have temporary value for parents, but it can be damaging to children. 'Discipline' is derived from the term 'disciple' meaning to teach, not to hit."

1659) Rhonda Van Hale, Mora, MN, USA
  "It is a disgrace to beat children in the name of God.  What a brutal hypocrisy!"

1660) Allister Cucksey, Brandon, MB, CANADA
  "Dr. Dobson's version of research is 'Well, in my limited group of contacts who are all right wing Christians 80% of the people I talk to feel that kids need to get spanked, so that means that 80% of the people in the world feel that kids need to get spanked.' Also, Dobson says that the parents who came to him caused him to change his number... umm... Dobson, 100% of people in jail are prisoners. So... using that logic 100% of the parents who complain that their kids are troubled have kids who might be strong willed."

Also, isn't having a strong will and being stubborn considered positive traits because they help us to persevere through hard times?

Furthermore, I have cats and I raised my sister from age 9 (thats me at age 7 and she was 2). I have only once EVER hit either of them and I felt so bad that I gave my cat a big bowl of soft cat food (a treat). I have also never raised my voice to either of them. I never felt the need.

My sister is downs syndrome and VERY stubborn, all I have to do to get her to comply (if it is really important enough to fight about) is to tell her how I feel, why I need her to do what ever it is, and how I will feel if she doesn't. Yes, this also works with cats, but they also require the judicious application of cat treats.

I have used the 'touchy-feely' approach with strangers kids, kids I have babysat, and other adults. Guess what... IT NEVER FAILS!!! I almost never have to repeat myself, and I never have had problems, even with the 'trouble kids'. My wife works with disabled persons for a living and using this method has caused a 'biter' (a person who bites you to say 'no') to become a boyscout 'thank you - no thank you - please'!!! It only took 6 months to convert him.

Kids just need to know you love them, and a battle of the wills is 'do you love me now? How about now? I just dumped my toys, do you still love me?' By spanking you say 'No my love is conditional, you have to obey me for me to love you.'

Anyone who thinks of reading anything by Dobson should do themselves and their kids a favour and DO NOT DO IT!!  Pretend that the book is covered with anthrax and that if you open the book a bomb will go off at the base of your childs skull because being the child of a Dobson fan I can safely say that beatings do not say 'I love you' and Dobson needs his licence (if he even has one) revoked."

1661) Catherine Beck, Ottawa, ON, CANADA, Mother
  "I cannot believe I have signed a petition about something like this day n age."

1662) Nance Cooper, Monte-Carlo, MONACO
  "A beating leaves a child none the wiser."

1663) Mariam Nazir, Hayward, CA, USA,
  "Please sign the petition too and let's get these evil instruments of death banned forever!
Beating children with wooden boards can result in serious injury, and lawsuits against schools. Research has shown that beating the pelvic area of children can lead to sexual and psychological problems as well. And states that have banned so-called 'paddling' of schoolchildren enjoy greater academic success in their schools, and lower crime rates.

Please start the New Year out right by voting against this cruel and outdated practice. Thank you immensely on behalf of all children everywhere."

1664) Carla Thompson, Astoria, OR, USA

1665) Tara Caza, Dollard-des-Ormeaux, QUEBEC, CANADA
  "These people should be disciplined with there own devices and see how they like it. Remember to not give up even if they plead. Sociopaths!  I have 2 children and have never raised a hand to either of them.  They have never thrown a tantrum or acted in any other so called 'terroristic' behavior.  They also hug me and tell me they love me at least once a day, all of this with no fear in their eyes.  Children are a gift from God and should be treated as such."

1666) Nathan Harding, USA
  "I became aware of a situation in which the rod was used to beat a child to the point it left welts for three days. The whipping was on the back, buttocks and thighs. I understand the rod is not the problem but it encourages abusive behavior. As a former police officer I encountered much abuse of children. This however is simply beyond imagination."

1667) Bobby Smith, Panora, IA, USA
  "It is true that violence against children is to be abhored, but you mindless whining about a non-existent deity does not help the debate."

1668) Shaun Rich, Seattle, WA, USA
  "I am a professional who works with children and families.  The vast majority of literature on child discipline states that corporal punishment is both ineffective and counterproductive."

1669) Khalil Reid, Charlottesville, VA, USA
  "It is sad that there is company that is promoting child abuse. I would avice you to take them to Court. this is rediculous. See what will happen to them and get the Pearl's involved and the people who sell them. The Pearl's are who came up with it and the businesses that sold it. They need to go down for it too. If you can sue them make sure of that or tell the Judge to have them shut the Factory down. Then give the articles about how the kids were killed."

1670) A. Crookes, South Africa
  "I don't think any company in a country should be selling or promoting devices such as this (regardless of whether or not you are a first or a third world country). There are ways of disciplining children, and babies shouldn't really need to be. And I'm not even a parent yet!"

1671) Michelle Korkut, Christiansted, St. Croix, U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS

1672) Lucy Sendewicz, Calgary, AB, CANADA
  "It is cruel and so very wrong."

1673) Anders Svenneby, NORWAY
  "In my country anyone selling such devices (not to mention using them, or hitting a child by any means) would be jailed for years. He would also have to be kept separate from the other inmates, for his own protection.  I thank God I live in a civilized country..."

1674) Elena Panteleeva, IN, USA
  "It is impossible to imagine that people in the modern times would use such an outdated instrument to punish and push their children into obedience. And what's even worse is the fact that the parents tell the children that they are their authorities in front of God--it makes the kids wonder what kind of god they're serving! Absolutely insulting to Christianity in general to put
Bible verses on the devices or even mention Christianity anywhere close in association with them!"

1675) Don Gilcrease, Vagamon, Kerala, INDIA, U.S. Citizen, Sanyassi (Hindu monk)
  "Torturing children for any purpose is a reprehensible offense before God and man. Children are people and have all the rights of any other person or living being - in this case, to not be harmed.  I have a degree in psychology and know that to the degree a child is mistreated, and corporal punishment IS in ALL cases mistreatment, that is the degree to which that child will be mentally troubled and/or a 'bad' person as an adult."

1676) Anonymous (15 years old), USA
  "I must say that I am ashamed to be part of the same species as these freaks.  Anyone who wants to hurt children like that, especially a BABY that has no way of understanding why they are being hit, needs to see a psychiatrist.  Children need be raised with love and guidance, and without violence.  My parents haven't hit me and I've turned out fine and I have a great relationship with them.  I can't imagine how traumatic it must be for the children who have to go through this.  Like many people have said, these 'Christians' clearly have no idea what they're talking about.  Jesus would never hurt a child!  The 'rod' in the bible is used to guide, not to beat!  I hope and pray every day that one day, it will be illegal to do such monsterous things to children and children will grow up in peaceful, loving homes."

1677) Mr. Anthony Ross, Dublin, Leinster, IRELAND
  "Absolutely disgraceful"

1678) Josh, Washington, DC, USA
  "Would you hit baby jesus? Would you spank your cat? I didn't think so."

1679) Deb Kelly, CA, USA
  "I can't believe this is allowedin our country.  These devices shold be banned immediately.  Also, normally, I'm opposed to any sort of censorship, but i have to draw the line with looks that tell people they need to beat their 8-month-old helpless infants in order to be good Christians.  Absolutely sickening.  What would Jesus, who loves the little children, say?"

1680) Carlee Trent, Springfield, OH, USA

1681) Cheryl Nugent, Petersburg, VA, USA
  "Unnecessary!  That is a child."

1682) Eve Taggart, USA
  "Beating helpless children is not a joke."

1683) Daniel Stevens, Daingerfield, TX, USA
  "Beating a child is just a legal way of adults acting out violene against children.  This is so wrong and a throwback to the days when African Americans were beaten.  To think that so many think this is normal brings into focus a clear view of how ignorant so many are."

1684) Ruth Cox, Columbus, OH, USA, abuse survivor
  "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you."

1685) Harned
  "This kind of thing is barbaric. Beating kids for Christianity? I thought I saw everything with the books on witch burning, but this IS MADNESS!!!!!!!!!!"

1686) Darla Brown, Palm Coast, FL, USA

1687) Austin Brown, Palm Coast, FL, USA

1688) Aaron Buechner, Vidor, TX, USA
  "This is the 21st century and it needs to stop. People who are victims of such devices will suffer long-term psychological consequences."

1689) Hrafnhildur G. Sigurdardottir, London/Akureyri, ENGLAND/ICELAND, MSc student
  "u r kidding me!!"

1690) Miss Joy Johnson, Nuneaton, ENGLAND
  "any one who hurts a child is evil even if its by the bible"

1691) Susan Smith, Portland, OR, USA

1692) Ninan MGowan, Mattapoisett, MA, USA
  "When people who use violence to 'raise' their children, it just shows how incompetent they are as parents, and how emotionally retarded they are. If they need to buy a 'rod' because they don't know how to deal with their children, they should not be parents. Also, it is really sad to see how people cannot stand for what they believe in. The way that they use God and the Bible as an excuse to beat their children is disgusting."

1693) Vidar F. Gudmundsson, Reykjavik, ICELAND
  "love god, ban the rod!"

1694) Amy Constans, Blaine, MN, USA, loving mother of two boys
  "With all the abuse that's happening in homes around the country, it's outrageous that someone would be selling yet another object for parents to hit their children with. This should certainly be illegal!!"

1695) Caris Costello, Drums PA, USA
  "I think that it is horrible that the rod could be sold my parents had bought it and used it on me when i was younger. i am very much against it"

1696) Jeannie Helmbright MD, Fairfax, OK, USA
  "I am beyond disbelief that child abuse continues as an advertised industry such as this. I spend my life helping wonderful adults, victimized as children and totally damaged as adults, and find this horrifying. Humans never cease in their ability to be cruel......especially to their innocent children."

1697) Amy Houghton, Chelsea, OK, USA, National Committee of Grandparents for Childrens Rights organisation
  "This is disgusting. It is a quirt for horse riders, and not tolerated even there much. It is wrong!"

1698) Melanie Bausch, Wiesbaden, Hessen, GERMANY
  "Unbelievable! Hitting a child should be forbidden in all countries! Nobody should be hurt... if there's a problem you can talk about it... if a adult person do a mistake you also think about hitting him or her?"

1699) Thomas Thorisch, Owasso, OK, USA
  "It is sad to observe how medieval attitudes are re-appearing inthis country. To 'manufacture' a rod -even with a rubber grip and safety tip- is the height of hyposcrisy. Shame on those who purchase such a thing. Anybody using this thing on a child is not fit to be a parent. Here's a sugestion: Any potential customer for this 'instrument' has to go through a trial and appraisal phase in which the effectiveness of the rod is tested - on the potential customer. To make sure it works, of course. I'd be happy to work in the customer demonstration department. I bet it would be very educational. WWJD"

1700) Asma, Student
  "They are not to be allowed... i still have marks from my yesterday belt 'spanking' because i forgot a test which i git 19 out of 20 on at school."

1701) Jason Waite, Carthage, IL, USA

1702) Laura C. Benedict, Eureka, CA, USA
  "Non violence begins at home.  Please do your part to make this a peaceful world by stopping production of your instruments of child abuse."

1703) Wally Phillips, M.A., MFTI, Berkeley, CA, USA, Psychotherapist
  "They cause morphological changes to the brain and alter DNA to make the individual more prone to violence. This corporal punishment is not only extremely old, abusive technology, it's insane."

1704) Matthew McGee, Warrington, Cheshire, UK
  "Children are human beings, and as such, are entitled to the same protection as anybody else.  The sale of devices designed to inflict pain on defenceless children has no place in a civilised society, and must be stopped."

1705) Jake Terpstra, Grand Rapids, MI, USA
  "Child abuse is a critical problem in our country. We don't need devices to make it easier. Violence in our society is almost endemic; it's time we stop it, or at least stop making tools to make it easy."

1706) Elizabeth Brown, WA, USA
  "This is totally appalling!!  It should be illegal to sell or manufacture such devices, and those who make and purchase them should be ashamed of themselves!!"

1707) Brandy Yell, Odessa, TX, USA
  "This is crazy, and to use Christianity as an excuse to beat kids is appaling."

1708) Mark Yell, Odessa, TX, USA
  "Please stop this."

1709) Kim King, Prince George, BC, CANADA
  "In Canada it is ILLEGAL to hit a child with an object.  Sadly, it is not illegal for a parent to spank his/her child on the bottom with your hand (which hopefully will also be illegal someday).  In Canada, if you beat your children, Social Services will come and take your children away and put them is a safe home.  I am shocked that this is not the case in the USA."

1710) April White, Smeaton, SK, CANADA
  "Just awful!!"

1711) Melissa Haug, Prince Albert, SK, CANADA

1712) Lisa Williams, Downey, CA, USA
  "I can only sum these devices up in two words: 'Sick' and 'Wrong.'"

1713) Emily Tufenkjian, Rowland Heights, CA, USA
  "The very idea of using such devices on a baby or child is sickening. Anyone who would sell such a thing is extremely sick and, sadly, no doubt incapable of recognizing the evil that is being done."

1714) Brooks A. Duplessis, New Orleans, LA, USA

1715) Dr. Greg Littmann, Edwardsville, IL, USA
  "Anybody who claims that beating children is not harmful has shown that they didn't care enough about children to even bother looking at the evidence.  Every sngle national pediatric, psychological and psychiatric organization in the entire western world has told us that it is harmful."

1716) Margaret Lau, AUSTRALIA

1717) Danni Sun, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

1718) Jill Leonard, Sandwich, MA, USA

1719) Anne, Welcome, NC, USA
  "Go ahead, beat your kids, if you want to raise the next Saddam Hussein!! I love these stupid arguments from the prohitters that say kids need to be hit or they will grow up to be undesciplined brats. That is just insane. Also, for you biblethumpers out there, try reading and see just how horrible Solomon's parenting 'advice' really is, and the way his kid turned out. Rehoboam would have made al-queda proud.
  Jesus Christ, on the other hand, never hit an animal, much less a child. Children loved him then and still do today when they are given the opoportunity to learn about his love for all of us. Jesus would never have thought of hitting a child. Think about that.
  Jesus or Saddam, who would you rather your child turn out to be?"

1720) Aimee Buxton, Sterling, VA, USA
  "It is disgusting that these instruments are even manufactured."

1721) Brandi Madden, Troy, AL, USA
  "Children are gifts from God. Why wo8uld you want to ruin such a wonderful and beautiful gift from the Creator? Children need to be loved, not broken. A peaceful world begins in the home."

1722) Colleen McKinney, Nunnelly TN, USA
  "It's not right that these devices should be sold."

1723) Frank Heasley, Marysville, WA, USA, Pres/CEO MedZilla Inc.
  "There is nothing moral, or religious, in the abuse of children.  These ignorant actions are holdovers from an unenlightened time.  Children are born in perfect innocence.  How shameful that those who claim to be moral, religious people are used in their ignorance by their religions to damage vulnerable young minds and bodies, and perpetuate this cruelty."

1724) Sean J. Bain, Wayne, MI, USA, FNS

1725) Linda Parker, West Dennis, MA, USA
  "Dobson long has had a penchant for beating infants and children. I believe it comes from his own child abuse at the hands of his mother. Far from giving advice to impressionable new parents, he needs to be evaluated at a psychiatric facility and treated for his mental illness. Before more children die at the hands of their parents who listened to Dobson't 'advice'."

1726)  Dr. Greg Littmann, Edwardsville, IL, USA, Professor/Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
  "It is a national shame that we allow wooden tools for beating children with to be advertised and sold in this country."

1727) Frances Poole, Silver Spring, MD, USA, work with kids

1728) Dana, WA, USA
  "They are wrong.  If such a phrase (Spare the Rod, Spoil the Child) is in the bible and is written with a comma between the two phrases, how do we know if it was not intended for us to view it as 'Spare the rod (do not use it), Spoil the Child (to love and etc - with LOVE) rather than the worst possible way."

1729) Andrea Wagner, Redding, CA, USA
  "It is heartbreaking and sadistic that one could say that they are doing God's will by beating innocent children. It is criminal to incite this behavior!"

1730) Krystal McCoy, Moon Township, PA, USA
  "I believe that hitting children only teaches them to fear their parents. I was spanked as a child then sent to my room. Most of the time I did not understand why what I did was wrong, and I would always do it again. I would have nightmare about my mom hitting me, I would cry out in my sleep. They blammed my sister for it and would smack her. Spanking does not solve the problem."

1731) Patty Corie, Red Oak, TX, USA, Mother / Private Citizen
  "I hate this! I am a Bible believing christian and I have never hit (spanked) my two children 25 & 20. They are wonderful & law abiding. The rod is the rod of discipline like the shepherd uses to teach and guide his sheep. He would never hit one of his sheep with the rod!! Thank you and God Bless you for doing this."

1732) Michele Gentile, New Kensington, PA, USA
  "These devices are an outrage. Using such a device is unthinkable on our children and definitely should be banned. These people that make these devices need to be stopped!!!!!!"

1733) Jennifer Petts, Harrison Township, MI, USA

1734) Kathryn Heagberg-Briggs, Grand Rapids, MI, USA
  "This makes my heart hurt.  In all things, ESPECIALLY concerning Children, love.  Violence is not love, and physically causing pain to children is violence."

1735) Linda Pee, Maben, MS, USA, Mother
  "My daughter has been severely bruised 2 different times by a paddle.  Please outlaw these type of instruments so children are not beaten and abused.  If we allow the sale, we are allowing this abuse to children of this country."

1736) David Cooperson, Cheltenham, PA, USA, MA, MSW, LCSW, Retired Public Agency Child Welfare Administrator
  "After 32 years working as an administrator, supervisor, and social worker with abused children I have seen many children severely abused and even killed after being hit with implements such as paddles as well as corporal punishment in general. I am totally opposed to corporal punishment."

1737) Robyn Harbour, Bendigo, Victoria, AUSTRALIA
  "My heart breaks when I see my small grandchildren disciplined Pearl style. They are so small and fragile. It can only be described as abuse of the worst kind."

1738) M. S. Welsh, Milwaukee, WI, USA
  "This is absolutely disgusting and needs to end."

1739) Eric Gmeinder, Sacramento, CA, USA
  "Hell holds a place - a very special place indeed - for the authors of the books discussed at Stop the Rod."

1740) Beth Borden, Birmingham, AL, USA, concerned parent
  "I am saddened that with all we have learned regarding the harmful effects of spanking through the reports and statements issued by the American Pediatric Association and others in the fields of psychiatry and psychology, there are those out there who continue to ignore the warnings and insist on bullying and beating up those in their care. People are not for hitting!!!!!"

1741) Jennifer Tardy, Monterey, CA, USA
  "I wouldn't even dare hit my dog if he could anyone hit a child??"

1742) Anna, Omaha, NE, USA
  "Hitting children is degrading, uncivilized and horrid.  The sale of these devices promotes child abuse, and it makes me utterly sick.  Not only does spanking not really teach a child anything but to obey in fear of receiving pain, but it is a form of sexual abuse.  No one I know that was spanked like these people are teaching have grown to be happy and healthy adults, including myself.  Quit using Jesus as an excuse to inflict pain."

1743) Joey, Norwalk, CT, USA

1744) Doug Lowe, Tulsa, OK, USA
  "I beat my father to death with the same rod he used on me!!!  FUCK YOU AND YOUR GOD IF YOU BELIEVE THAT TORTURE IS A METHOD OF [email protected]!!!!"

1745) Lauren Thompson, Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA

1746) Mike Cortois, Montreal, Quebec, CANADA
  "Oh my god this crap still exists? Understand though there is a problem in this world and it's been here for ever. Children's lives are now meaningless and many thousands upon thousand per year are killed senselessly... We must be militant to those that seek to corrupt, harm, or destroy these young lives.. Save our children we yell..  but we should do more than yell."

1747) Jeffrey Eyges, Brookline, MA, USA
  "In addition to the cruelty involved, our child-rearing practices give the other developed nations yet another reason to see us as backward. It's embarrassing."

1748) Ren Allen, Jonesborough, TN, USA
  "Hitting children is wrong...always. Selling devices to help brutalize children is sick. Nobody should profit from the pain of children."

1749) Pastor Naomi Jorgensen-Mcneil, Lincoln, NE, USA
  "Hitting a child is wrong is every way, God is loving and not evil"

1750) Angie Rodenkirch, WI, USA, Guidance Counselor and mom of 4
  "As a survivor of child abuse, I am horrified at the barbaric, unenlightened and downright dangerous stance the religious right takes on corporal punishment. God have mercy on our souls if we allow this to continue."

1751) Cynthia Hill, Pasadena, MD, USA
  "I still can't believe that someone would want to hit a child with anything like that. What is wrong with those people.  My children are from 4-17 and do not get beat, and they are turning out just fine. Respectful to others, not theives or anything bad, all without beatings. I simply never wanted to hurt my kids, I just can't get over all this, I am still so shocked."

1752) Jenna Kiser, Lakeland, FL, USA
  "These products are the instruments of abuse and sow the seeds of violence in society."

1753) Beth Rossman, Clawson, MI, USA

1754) Katherine Mancuso, College Station, TX, USA

1755) Samantha Nilsson, Anchorage, AK, USA

1756) Dwyn Cooke, Damascus, PA, USA

1757) Mary Samuel Reid, Tampa, FL, USA
  "For centuries stressed, anxious and fearful men and women have vented their frustration and anger on helpless children.  They justify this in the name of God!  We need to speak loudly and clearly that we see through this and that we insist that a civilized nation does not allow this pathological form of expression.  Jesus came to the world to invite people to grow up --- and that means immediately ceasing punitive physical or emotional violence toward little people. Wake up America!"

1758) Treat Adams, Jonesborough, TN, USA
  "please stop the selling of these devices specifically for childrearing...there is enough child abuse in our world today without the internet supplying the means by which to 'whip' our kids...thanks...Christian mom of four"

1759) Janice Stenger, Saugus, MA, USA
  "Children need to be treated tenderly, not hit.  There are plenty of ways to discipline without hitting."

1760) Julie Rose Cook, Long Beach, CA, USA
  "Hitting a child in anyway is abuse. PERIOD."

1761) Dawn Martin, Sacramento, CA, USA

1762) Mr. Abe Torkelton, Boston, MA, USA

1763) Mary A. Schumacher-Tiede, Madison, WI, USA, Preschool Teacher and Foster Mother
  "Absolutely heart-breaking!!! Children need love, kindness and guidance, not brutality."

1764) Dr. Judith L. Allen, USA, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist,
  "It's really distressing that there continues to be a market for boards to assault children.  I'd really like to see parents inour society use their minds to guide and counsel children.  Surely, adults can come up with more creative solutions for children's behavior than beating them into submission.  Beatings only instill fear and/or anger towards the parents.  Do your part to stop it."

1765) Dr. Steven Smith, Metairie, LA, USA, MD - Pediatrics and Internal medicine

1766) Mrs. Kristine Smith, Metairie, LA, USA, Wife of Pediatrician
  "100% pure child abuse! Destroying a child for life. How can US let this be legal? Shame on America!"

1767) Judith Falconer, Sydney, NSW, AUSTRALIA, Teacher
  "How cowardly to use the veil of pseudo-religious biblical interpretations to hide a self righteous, selfish and bullying nature. I am interested to know how much bible study of the many references that condemn violence has been done by anyone who has purchased this product. To anyone who is tempted to think the advertising behind such devices is godly, be warned. These people are nothing short of blasphemers to twist the basic christian message of love that Christ died to deliver to us."

1768) Hannah Grace, Lesington Park, MD, USA, children's author
  "I am an adult survivor of being a preacher's kid who was brutally 'spanked or beaten' as a child. I recieved at least 5 to 10 licks per spanking and after reading about this; it has triggered opff all those HORRIFIC memories...I am a Christian but I WONT spank my child....These parents should recieve twice as many 'spanks' from an elder in a church when they disobey or show disrespect to another human. It might change their belief..I have NOTHING to do with my biological parents as an adult...The BIBLE states that Children are a GIFT from GOD...Is this how you treat a gift??? I dont think so...Hannah Grace   CHILDREN NEED LOVE AND POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT!!!!"

1769) Dan Hammill, Joliette, QC, CANADA, Teacher
  "I was beat as a young child - and this has had an extremely negative effect on my adult life. Anyone who wants happy, confident children would never use beating devices on their children. It is the lowest form of cruelty in my opinion. Please stop this perpetuation of cruelty."

1770) Lynn Smith, Des Moines, IA, USA
  "Corporal Punishment or spanking is just wrong! We live in a modern world, but yet revert to an ancient form of discipline.  In fact discipline, according to Webster's Dictionary, diesn't ever reverence striking a someone.  It says that 'discipline' is training that produces self-control.  It sounds as if the person who reverts to spanking needs a little disciline on how to have self-control and to teach a child right from wrong, not hit."

1771) Peggy Camper, Houston, TX, USA
  "People who use the bible as a tool to defend child abuse are ignorant."

1772) Terry Rudd, Whitehaven, Cumbria, ENGLAND, Parent

1773) Amy Edwards, Birmingham, AL, USA, mother of 2
  "Physical abuse of children needs to stop and its up to our lawmakers to do something about it."

1774) Victoria White, Hampton, VA, USA
  "LOVE CONQUERED 'DEATH' ... THERE IS NO LOVE in beating, humiliating or driving one to tears of fear! THE PERVERTED TERM 'TOUGH-LOVE' has created a house of mirrors to deflect the mean-evil spiritedness behind such horrific acts of 'violence' it is what it is ... as does it breeds what it is! Discipline and correction are very much a part of loving and raising/shaping our children ... to define the 'ways' to disciple and correct our children, employees, animals, etc., is what divides the ignorant, the evil from the wise and most importantly those of true LOVE in heart. You don't have to have an education to LOVE ... do onto yourself that which you are doing, thinking and planning out towards all outside your self and see how 'that' defines your actions and motives. Our Hope is in Christ Jesus, HIS truth shall prevail and those who have been and are at the hand of such abuse will find healing and love through HIM. I pray always for GOD's people to rise in strength with their gift of voice, action and determination to reach out for those in need. Amen"

1775) Nick Rowland, Hastings, East Sussex, ENGLAND UK, Artist
  "I'd love to see the manufacturers of these evil instruments of torture try and open up branches in the UK. They wouldn't get very far I can assure you. It's horrific to think that such an instrument should be allowed to go on sale and even be used on children as young as two!! It also disgusts and sickens me to think that one can even easily find and buy them from off of the internet. Then you have the nerve to call your country civilised and the land of the free? Come off it!  The sooner such abhorrant practices are stopped and these wicked makers of such horrible instruments are thrown into jail the better. Are such atrocities really carried out in the name of Christianity? Yeh right, try pulling the other one!!!"

1776) Wendy Shinsky, Clemmons, NC, USA
  "This is unbelievable that this even needs a petition! How can these devices be legally sold - this MUST STOP NOW!"

1777) Lee Mobbs, ENGLAND
  "I feel as if I could say a lot, but it would only anger me.  So I will simplify it; this is disgusting."

1778) Alex Farley, Austin, TX, USA
  "Jesus beckoned the children unto Him. He did not hit, act cruel toward, or be harsh to children in any shape or form. If Jesus did not do it, Christian parents, why are you doing it? Why do you not have the attitude that Jesus had?"

1779) Camille Bergstrom, Kenosha, WI, USA
  "Implements are not needed to cause pain.  Even a woman's hand can leave marks.  Spare the rod and spare the child."

1780) April Terry, Hobart, IN, USA

1781) Eric Oppel, Sydney, NSW, AUSTRALIA
  "This is just horrible. Children need love, understanding and guidance, not to be beaten and abused!"

1782) Kathy Hansen, Elburn, IL, USA
  "Warped and twisted-period."

1783) Emme Hackney, St. George, KS, USA
  The use of this whip for 'chastening' a child is child abuse.  Anyone who uses it should be arrested.  It is illegal to take an adult, hold him or her down, and whip him with an instrument like this.  So, why is it not only legal, but widely encouraged in Christian circles to do this to a child?  Children are smaller, more fragile, and bear life long scars from being beaten (call it chastisement, or spanking, or biblical discipline, - it still means children are being beaten and abused).  Yet, it's what God says to do?  I don't think so.  Wake up!  Open your eyes.  Stop this cruel and perverted child abuse which is made to sound right and Godly when called biblical chastisement.  The use of corporal punishment only teaches that big people can hurt little people and big people have the power. When these small children who were whipped with the rod or beaten with a paddle become aduults and have children, they inflict the same torture on their own children.  It must stop."

1784) R.K. Newton, MA, USA
  "One more bad book advocating violent 'discipline' "

1785) Karen Gray, San Antonio, TX, USA
  "I support this ban!"

1786) Kate Gibbons, Adelaide, South Australia, AUSTRALIA, Australian Homeschooling Legal Advisory Service
  "This disgusting use of child abuse is being sold openly in Australia. In particular a Christian extremist Mr. John Angelico, on his homeschooling website.

1787) Bradley A. Harris, Fort Smith, AR, USA
  "No child should be beaten with any device

1788) Callie, Merritt Island, FL, USA

1789) Krissy Welch, Tarzana, CA, USA
  "They shame children. How can you tell a child not to hit when they are hit themselves?! Children DO NOT need to be hit for discipline!"

1790) Natalee Lamadrid, Mira Loma, CA, USA
  "Corporal punishment should be banned!"

1791) Kenda Sheridan, Kitchener, ON, CANADA, Age: 28, deaf Christian, Adoptee, Horse Lover bit nervous rider/handle
  "I was adopted in 16 weeks old by my negative adoptive father and adoptive mother, when I were a little girl I was beated and spanked about 5 or 10 times hard by my negative adoptive parents and I cried because it hurt me, they make me dislike them and in my age 12 and 13 I was beated/spanked by my adoptive mother and negative ex-stepfather. They beated/spanked me on my buttock hard, they beated/spanking about 5 or 10 times hard and I felt hurt, sad and have lots anxiety and emotionally nervous feel bad inside, then it make me hit my adoptive mother. I don't like that things (spanking, beating). So please ban and end all kind punishment."

1792) Trina Baggett, Killeen, TX, USA

  "Completely UNchristian! They are a shame to their faith. They're one of the reasons why people despise christianity."

1794) Leigh Rooker, USA
  "I just want to say that I'm a Christian and I take my religion seriously -- which is why I was sickened when I first learned of all of this. You want to know something funny? I'm actually a fan of 'The Facts of  Life'...and a very FORMER fan of Lisa Whelchel! I love the show dearly and I love the 'Blair Warner' character, and when I found Lisa Whelchel's web site and read her professing to be a Christian, I was thrilled.  But when I researched her further and learned of the hot-saucing and other bullying, abusive child-rearing techniques she actually advocates in the name of Christ, I was sickened, and FURIOUS!!! When it comes to the rod, there are no curse words in English or any language to describe my true feelings there. I am abhorred at the ignorance and abuse so many STUPID 'believers'...if you can call them that...advocate in the name of Christ. I agree with every single person here who's posted that hitting a child in any form is an act of cowardice and that it is nothing more than the act of a bullying, ignorant parent looking to vent his/her frustration on his/her defenseless child, and actually looking to Christ Himself to justify it.  I know other people have noticed that these 'Christian' parents DO NOT look to the words of Jesus when using the Bible to justify/advocate violent child-rearing, but to Solomon. Solomon may have been wise, but the last time I checked, our religion WAS NOT called 'Solomonanity' but 'CHRISTianity.' Since when did SOLOMON, a HUMAN man, become the Son of God??? I don't tell me! You want to know why people like Lisa Whelchel and James Dobson ALWAYS turn to SOLOMON and NOT JESUS to support themselves? Because they CANNOT turn to Jesus. WHY? BECAUSE HE DIDN'T SUPPORT THIS!!! I also want to add my opinion that throughout the entire course of Whelchel's 'Creative Correciton,' it becomes blatantly obvious that her abuse-filled book is screaming out to parents, especially frustrated stay-at-home moms like herself, to abuse your children and to take pleasure from it.  If you look a little further, especially in the beginning where she makes the comments 'I went from being a starlet to an unemployed mommy' that all 'Creative Correction' is about is her looking for excuses to take her frustration at her unhappiness at being a 'unemployed mommy' instead of a 'starlet' out on her poor children. That's all any of books like Whelchel's are about: 'Christian' leaders/parents trying to justify their horrible actions in the name of Jesus and trying to clear their consciences by getting other parents on the child abuse bandwagon with them."

1795) Joe Bronson, Arlington, WA, USA

1796) Dorothy Warren, Alliance, OH, USA
  "I think it is cruel punishment.  If we are not allowed to hit our children in our homes,then how does the school think that they can do it?  If we leave a mark, CPS is called, who calls on the school districts?"

1797) Renee, Avon, NY, USA, "mom"
  "Having the hard realization that my 'disciplinary' techniques were not effective on my disabled child; I've sought assistance and research on techniques that would be effective. I appoligise to God and to my son for the way I've treated him and pray that God give me the wisdom to help my son heal from the hurts I've inflicted upon his heart. My son is Autistic and has other various neurological impairments from oxygen deprivation at birth. He's made remarkable progress developmentally since we've sought help and ceased to use any type of corporal punishment. God is merciful and the human soul resiliant. May God give all of us who earnetly seek His wisdom a right relationship with our children."

1798) Sarah Valeri, Brooklyn, NY, USA, art therapist
  "Until we are able to recognize the inherent value of all people, large or small, this world will continue to be plagued with violence and disorder. First and foremost, we need to stop hurting our children."